1997 Vol. 14, No. 2

Forestation Techniques and First Results on Seed Orchard of Pinus taiwanensis.
Fan Yirong, Mao Yingchun, Fang Luming, Yu Qilong, Xi Xinji, Wang Guoying.
1997, 14(2): 111-119.
Summarized the seed orchard estabilishment techniques such as stockdecided and graft of Pinus taiwanensis located in Huading Forest Farm of Tiantai County, Zhejiang Province. Initially analysized the results of drug treatment test and fertilizer for promoting early-maturing and high harvest. Introduced a series of technica measures and methods such as soil fertility management and improvement, tree management, pollen management and proventiona and control of pests and plant diseases. Five years studies showed that the relatively high yield and good seed quality had been obtained in succession, with vigorous trees in growth, tidy stand in appearance.
A Primary Study on Genetic Improvement of Chinese Fir Seed Quality
Sun Hongyou, Fu Qiuhua, Cheng Yumin, Wang Yuxi, Feng Xiaoyang.
1997, 14(2): 120-126.
The genetic improvement of 1 000-seed weight, woody seed rate, germination percent, germination index and vigor index were systematically studied for the good provenance of Chinese fir, F1 seedorchard, F1. 5 seed orchard, F2 seed orchard and fine family. The results showed that the seed qualities of above 60% fine varieties were improved in varying degress, especially woody seed rate and 1000-seed weight. There was no fixed rule in the seed quality dif ferences of fine varieties and the change of genetic gains, with no increasing as selective classes rise. The seed quality of same family in different seed orchards had a extreme difference. The heritabilities of seed quality, from great to small order, were as follows: 1 000-seed weight, woody seed rate, germination percent, germination index and vigor index. Evaluating seed quality should take practical advance of genetic improvement as basis, not selective classes. Seleting fine family should notice difference among the seed orchards.
Cone Seed-extracting Percentage and Full Seed Percentage for Seed Orchard of Chinese Fir.
Guan Kanglin, Huang Jianqing, He Fuji
1997, 14(2): 127-133.
observed the cone-bearing number, cone biological traits of different clones and ef fect of environmental factors on seed-extracting percentage and full seed percentage. High seed-extracting percentage was not relation to cone type and size, but interrelated to fertile seed scale, seed numbers and thousand seed weight. Well sun light and full pollination could lift seed-extracting percentage and full seed percentage, reduce empty seed and woody seed. Harvest cone in the middle of Novermber had more seed-extracting percentage and thousand seed weight than one in the middle end of October, but had not noticeable difference in germination percentage. Hengfan seed orchard of 1. 5 off spring Chinese fir, 10 yeas old with intensive mangement, reaped a bumper harvest (243 kg hm- 2 ) in 1995, seed-extracting percentage was 6. 2% , and full seed percentage was 62% in cone.
Superiority of Camptotheca acuminata Seedlings.
Yao Jianxiang, Qia n Yincai, Shen Xiang lin, Jiang Xiaofan, Li Zhiqin, Yu Shuisheng, Xu Shaoyuan, Ying Yeqin.
1997, 14(2): 134-141.
[Abstract](1102) [PDF](88)
From October in 1995, seeds of 18 provenances of Camptotheca acuminata were collected from Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Anhui, Jiang xi, Hunan, Guizhou, Yunnan, Hubei and Jiangsu in southern China, and were sowed in the nursery of Forestry Research Institute of Huzhou City, Zhijiang. In 1996, an observation was carried out about freezing damage of the seedling sand an analysis was made with respect to superiority and high increment of annual seedlings. Results showed that the provenances in Wuchang Hubei and in Lishui Zhejiang demonst rated superiority.
Flora Study of Naturel Castanopsis carlesii Community and Planted Forest on the Cut and Burned Area.
Chen Meigao
1997, 14(2): 147-150.
Compares natural Castanopsis carlesii community with Castanopsis carlesii plantation ( 17 years old) planted on a cut and burned area in flo ristic composition by way of temporary sample area. The results indicate that the number of families, genera and species in the natural forest is larger than that in the planted forest; the common families, genera and species hold 75% , 94% and 93% by total respectively. Pteridophy tain the natural forest is less than that in the planted forest; dico tyledo nand monoco ty ledon in the former are more than those in the later. The dist ribution types of genera are mainly tropical elements, but the triopical elements in the natural fo rest are just more than those in the planted forest. There is a higher percentage of common speies between above two forests over the same types of flora in Guang dong and Guang xi.
Enzymatic Activity of Forestry Soils in Mt. West Tianmu.
Xu Qiufang, Zheng Xiaoping, Yu Wenzhong
1997, 14(2): 142-146.
[Abstract](695) [PDF](130)
Above the elevation of 560m, the enzyma ticactivity of forest soils increases with the altitude. Judging by the soil of subgroups, brown-yellow earth and black-yellow earth have more enzymatic activity than yellow earth and yellow-red earth, and the enzymatic activity of calcareous soil is higher than that of yellow-red earth at the same altitude.
Photosynthetic Characteristics of Chestnuts in High Density Planting Orchards.
Peng Fangren, Huang Baolong.
1997, 14(2): 151-154.
The photosynthetic characteristics of a eight-year-old chestnuts in high density orchards were studied. The results were mainly as follows: The light compensation point ant the light saturation point of photosynthesis was 40~50 and 800~900 mo l s- 1 m- 2 , respectively. The daily changes of net photo synthetic rate showed a single-peak curve during the early and late growth stages, but a double-peak curve during rapid growth stage. The seasonal changes in net photosynthetic rate also showed a double-peak curve, and the two peaks occurred in flowering stage and fast growth stage of fruits. The net photosynthetic rate of the leaves was not only affected by temperature and rlative humidity of air but also directly constrained by intensity of photosynthically active radiation.
Effect of Tea Cuifasu on Chemical Composition and Quality of Tea.
Liang Yuerong, Lu Jianliang, Shang Shuling
1997, 14(2): 155-158.
[Abstract](1055) [PDF](60)
Effect of Cuifasu on the chemical composition and quality of tea was investigated after foliage spray of Cuifasu in early spring. The results showed that the application of Cuifasu was benificial to green tea quality. Content of amino acids increased by 16. 8% and that of Vitamin c by 20. 4%. Content of caffeine, tea polyphenols and ratio of tea polyphenols to amino acids decreased by 17. 4%, 9. 5% and 19. 6% respectively. Tea catechins index increased by 14. 5%. Dif ferences of all the indica to rs were statistically significant. Tasting score of the treated leaf increased by 5. 8%.
Studies on Insecticide-resistance of Dendrolimus punctatus.
Wu Hong, Huang Guoyang, Lu Xiaoping, Zhao Pinlong
1997, 14(2): 159-164.
The contact toxicities of deltamethrin and trichlorphon to Dendrolimus punctatus in Zhejiang Province were tested by the method of dropping the pesticides on the part of the insect using microcapillary. The results were as follows: the resistance of Dendrol imus punctatus to deltamethrin and trichlorphon have appeared in some area. It was suggested that this province should not use trichlorphon and should reduce the application of deltamethrin. The standard for bioassay to resista nce of Dendrolimus punctatus is suggested finally.
Conidia Germination and Laboratory Infection of 8 Metarhi zium spp.
Song Zhang, Xu Leqin, Jiang Tao.
1997, 14(2): 165-168.
[Abstract](1055) [PDF](79)
The results showed that some strains of Metarhizium spp. were more to lerant to high temperature and drought than Beauveria bassiana. Of 8 strains of Metarhizium spp. , 2 strains ( M2 , M4 ) showed pathogenicity to 3rd~4th instar larvae of Dendrolimus punctatus in laboratory. The LD50 of M4 strain was 4. 75 107 spores L- 1 , and the LT50 6. 19~12. 20 dats for the concent ration of 1. 0107~1. 01011 spores L- 1 . The laboratory test indicated that the toxioity of M4 strain was almost the same with that of B . bassiana, and that some strains of Metarhiz ium spp. had great value in controlling D. punctatus.
Variation in Densities and Shrinkages of Chinese Fir Wood From Plantation.
Lin Qingfu
1997, 14(2): 169-173.
[Abstract](1131) [PDF](100)
By using orthoganal design, this paper systematically analysed the law of variation in densities and shrinkages of Chinese fir wood from plantations with different stand ages, different stand densities and different site conditions. The results showed that the factors to have affected the densities and shrinkages of Chinese fir wood were successively stand age, stand site and stand density.
Effectiveness of Chemical Weeding in the Lawn Nursery of Zoysia matrella
Jin Peiying, Tang Yinnan, Xu Jianxin.
1997, 14(2): 174-177.
The results of chemical weeding in the lawn nursery of Zoysia matrella showed that benthiocard 50EC applied in solution at the rate of 3. 24L per 525kg per hectare or Goal 23. 5EC 1. 24 L per 525 kg per hectare had a great control relult for weeds, with efficiency of 97. 0% and 98. 8%, and maked a reduction of 93. 45% and 93. 19% in the costs respectively. Meanwhile, the lawn grew well.
Research of Reservoir Landscape Design.
Ma Junshan
1997, 14(2): 178-181.
[Abstract](1274) [PDF](104)
This paper summarizes the landscape resources of reservoirs and their scenic features, and advances the necessity of being in accordance with the features of water and the actual conditions when doing reservoir lendscape design.
Applying of Landscape Paintings Theory in the Classic Gardens.
Hua Haijing, Jin Hexian.
1997, 14(2): 182-186.
[Abstract](1030) [PDF](107)
The landscape paintings and classic gardens in China both display natural mountains and waters, they are v ery similar in theories. The thesis emphatically compa res and analyses in the respect of conception, accepting or rejecting, false or true, perspective, piled up hills and rocks, the method of showing the shades and tex ture of rocks and mountains by light ink strokes, plant disposition and buildings.
Biological Diversity Protection and Sustainable Development of Forests.
Yu Shuquan, Zhou Guomo, Wei Xinliang, Cheng Hongbao, Fang Decai
1997, 14(2): 187-192.
[Abstract](1743) [PDF](97)
Discusses the crisis to the biological diversity in the world, and the significance of biological diversity protection in the development of forestry. The destroyed biological diversity leads to serial calamities in forestry.
Participating Mechanism and Benefit′s Analysis of Lei Bamboo Production.
Shen Yueqin, Zhou Guomu, Gu Lei, Lou Tao.
1997, 14(2): 193-198.
[Abstract](1019) [PDF](86)
The participating mechanismis of imprtant significance in the rural developing projects. Based on the thorough survey to the Lei bamboo production in Linan City, Zhejiang Province, This papergivs that the way and mechanism of peasants, governments and technicians participate in the development , points out that peasants are the main part of the participation, and the improvement of peasants participating level is the key to the development of the mechanism. It evaluates the economic, ecological and social benefits of Lei bamboo production.
Problems and Countermeasures in Development of Rural Forest Farms.
Chen Yongfu, Lin Xiazhen, Fang Daoyou, Liu Yong fu.
1997, 14(2): 199-203.
[Abstract](1011) [PDF](82)
As a result of the development in the past 30 years, rural forest farms have made great achievememts, and play a very important part in construction of collective forest region of Southen China. By making investigation and study into the rural forest farms in Zhejiang Province, the paper profoundly analyzes the problems in the development of rural forest farms, and put forwards that defining the main part of property right, enlarging the scope of management, adjusting the structure of property and improving the management are effectiveways to strengthen and develop forest farms.
On Guiding Ideology of Lifelong Physical Education in Ordinary Colleges and Universities.
Han Hongyi, Li Jinfen, Wang Xuee.
1997, 14(2): 204-207.
By analysing the present situation of physical education in ordinary colleges and universities of our country, the authors put forth the view point of lifelong physical education and its effective measures, which are to reform the condition, style and content of sports activities of our colleges and universities, to bring the conscious dynamic role of the students into full play, to improve the student s physical capacity in order to meet the social requirements for physical education of colleges and universities.
On Fostering the College Students′ Competitive Awareness.
Hu Zuji
1997, 14(2): 208-211.
[Abstract](2030) [PDF](85)
To meet the objective requirements of the system of the market-oriented economy and adapt themselves to the highly competitive social enviroment, college students should pay attention to the cultivation of the competitive awareness. In order to enhance the college students competitive awareness and increase their actual abilities for competition, the colleges and universities should strengthen the propaganda and education, perfect the competitive mechanism for encouragement, and carry out the principles of fair competition. College students themselves should renew their ideas and actively participate in the competition and develop themselves into the qualified persons who posses the fairly strong competitive awareness to accord with the social demands.