1994 Vol. 11, No. 4

A Investigation Report of Plant Resources in Taishun County.
Lou Luhuan, LiGenyou, Lü Zhengshui, Dong Zhixiao, Xu Liuyang, Yang Caijin, Zhou Hongqin
1994, 11(4): 327-334.
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Taishun County is situated south-west Zhejiang Province. There are favourable natural condition and rich plant resources in its flora. In 15 years and 14 times of investigation, coopereted with saveral universities or colleges and scientific reseach institutions, the authors collected specimens over 8900 marks. By identifing, there are 215 families, 1063 genera, 2436 species, 14 subspecies, 266 varieties and culti-varieties, and 32 forms in the vascular plants. Among which, Ferns are 45 families, 94 genera, 274 species, 16 varieties and one form, Gymnosperms are 9 families, 28 genera, 42 species and 8 varieties, Angiosperms are 161 families, 941 genera, 2120 species, 14 subspecies, 242 varieties and culti-varieties, and 31 forms, and cultivated plants are 17 families, 150 genera, 310 species, 82 culti-varieties and 2 forms. Fifty-seven species found in the investigations are new recorded for genera or species in Zhejiang and new taxon. There are approximatelly 2100 species which can be used in the one or saveral fields in the vascular plants. In the end, the authors analysed present situation of plant resources and put foward some proposals about exploitation of the rich plant resources.
A List of Vascular Plants in Taishun County
Lü Zhengshui, Dong Zhixiao, Xu Liuyang, Lou Luhuan, Li Genyou, Yang Caijin, Zhou Hongqing
1994, 11(4): 335-392.
This catalogue includes vascular plants 215 families, 1063 genera, 2436 species, 14 subspecies, 266 varieties and cultivarieties, and 32 forms. Among which 17 families, 150 genera, 310 species, 82 culti-varieties and 2 forms are cultivated.
Characteristics of Vascular Plant Flora of Taishun County
Lou Luhuan, Li Genyou, Lü Zhengshui, XuYaoling, Zhang Daogou.
1994, 11(4): 393-401.
Taishun County is situated the southwest of Zhejiang Province. There are 215 families, 1063 genera and 2748 species (including subspecies, varieties, culti-varieties and forms) in the flora of Taishun County. Among which, pteridophytes are 45 families, 94 genera and 291 species, gymnosperms 9 families, 28 genera and 50 species, angiosperms 161 families, 941 genera and 2407 species, and cultivated plants 17 families, 150 genera and 394 species. They amount to 93.1%of the total families of vascular plants of Zhejiang flora, 77.8% of the total genera and 70.8% of the total species, In this paper, based upon material of historical geology and natural conditions, analysising composition of vascular plant flora and the areal-types of genera of seed plants and comparing with the genera and species of neighbouring flora, author considered that the flora of Taishun County has rich species, and many endemic and rare plants, that the origin of the flora is from far ancientry, that the floristic elements are complex and varied, and that the relations with flora South China, South west China, CentreChina, Taiwen of China and Japan is more close. Taishun County is overlapping region of South China flora and East China flora.
Wild Ornamental Plants of Taishun County
Li Genyou, Lou Luhuan, Lǚ Zhengshui, Shen Shihua, Lu Jinxing
1994, 11(4): 402-418.
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Six- hundred- twelve species and varieties of ornamental plants are divided into 10 types; watch leaves plant, watch flowers plant, watch fruits plant, avenue tree, color leaves tree, maniature gardening tree, flower bed plant, ground plant, ornamental bamboo and ornamental fern. Their ornamental characteristics and main uses are enumerated separately. Their distributions of families and genera, colors of flowers and fruits, and stages of flowering and fruiting are analysed. The suggests of developing and utilizing major species are given.
Wild Fruit Tree Resources of Taishun County.
Xu Linjuan, Lou Luhaun, Qian Baisheng, Weng Guohang, Li Dongfang.
1994, 11(4): 419-428.
The authors reported 186 species (including subspecies and varieties) of the wild fruit trees of Taishun County in Zhejiang Province, which belong to 29 families and 46 genera. They were devided into 3 types: direct eat, indirect eat and breeding material. According to the classification of fruit culture, author devided them into 7 categories: kernel fruits (17 species), stone fruits (32 species), nut fruits (20 species), berry fruits (94 species), citrus fruits (3 species), polygynaecial and commpound fruits (10 species), persimmonjujube and the other fruits (10 species). Each category was described in unit of species according to Chinese name, Latin name, living environment, fructeseence and ultilize value of the wild fruit trees. In the end, some proposal about how to ultilize the wild fruit tree resources were raised.
Edible Wild Herbs Resources and Utilization of Taishun County
Li Genyou, Lou Luhuan, Lü Zhengshui, Gu Zhenqiang, Wu Lijun
1994, 11(4): 429-448.
Based on the wild investigation and material, here listed 362 species and varieties of the edible wild vascular herbs of Taishun County, sugg ested the method how to handle and eat, accounted for the meaning of the resources to be developed and utilized, analysised the edible part of the edible wild herbs, described the harvest stage, raised some proposals about how to develop and ultilize the resources.
Addendum Materials on the Flora of Zhejiang
Lou Luhuan, Li Genyou, Jin shuihu, Lü Zhengshui
1994, 11(4): 449-452.
This paper reports 3 genera (Bryophyllum Salisb., Pterospermum Schreber, Solena Lour.), 6 species〔Bryophyllum pinnatum (Linn. f.) Oken,Pterospermum heterophyllum Hance,Solena amplexicaulis (Lam.) Gandhi, Tripogon longe-aristatus Nakai, Alocasia macrorrhiza (Linn.) Schoot, Eriocaulon sexagulare Linn.〕and one variety〔Tetrastigma obtectum (Wall.) Planch. var. glabrum (Lvl. et Vant.) Gagnep.〕. They are new records in Zhejiang. Another new form is Lindera aggregata (Sims) Kosterm. form. rubra P. L. Chiu form. nov.