2007 Vol. 24, No. 5

Development of characteristic agriculture in mountainous area and construction of the supporting system
XUXiu-ying, FEI Xi-ming, SHAO Tong-yao
2007, 24(5): 517-523.
[Abstract](1194) [PDF](199)
Since the middle of 1990s, the supply of agricultural products in China has changed from long-term shortage to abundance.Accordingly, the structural conflicts of agricultural production are becoming more serious,and developing characteristic agriculture in some regions becomes important content and key tache of the strategic adjustment of agricultural structure.Meanwhile, characteristic agriculture development depends on the constructing and improvingof related supporting systems such as technique,organization,policy and etc.Takingorange industry in Taizhou City of Zhejiang Province as an example, the paper described the development of orange industry from aspects including planting area, yield, productivity level and status in local agriculture and analyzed how to establish the supportsystemto accelerate the developmentof orange industry.At last,this paperputforward further questions need to solve.[Ch, 7 tab. 8 ref.]
Photocatalytic degradation of 2,4-dichlorophenol using nanometer TiO2on modified bamboo charcoal
LUO Xi-ping, FUShen-yuan, ZHOUChun-hui
2007, 24(5): 524-527.
[Abstract](1360) [PDF](281)
In order to develop a new kind of bamboo charcoals, photocatalytic degradation with modified bamboo charcoal photocatalysts in an aqueous solutionof 2,4-dichlorophenol(DCP)was tested alongwith catalytic activity of the regenerated photocatalyst using different initial concentrations of 2,4-DCP and pH. A nanometer-sized TiO2 photocatalyst was modified for bamboo charcoal with tetrabutyl titanate using the sol-gel-dip method and then described with X-ray diffraction(XRD). Results showed thatin 75 min at an initial concentration 120 mgL- 1 and pH10, the rate of photocatalysis degradation for 2,4-DCPwas 96.4%.Thiswas more thanwith TiO2and bamboo charcoal that had a regenerated photocatalyst activity rate of 96.3%. Meanwhile, when pH was 6, the rate of photocatalysis degradation of 2,4-DCPwas only 61.7%.[Ch, 3 fig. 1 tab. 14 ref.]
Influence of temperature on physical and chemical properties of rice straw
LI Xiao-ping, ZHOUDing-guo
2007, 24(5): 528-532.
[Abstract](1058) [PDF](200)
With the wide-angle X-ray densitometer, the infrared spectrometry instrument, the Sigma 700 high-powered surface tension and tangency angle instrument and the thermo gravimetric analyzer, the research compared the different properties between the untreated rice strawand the rice strawtreated atthe temperaturesof 110 degrees centigrade and 160 degrees centigrade, including crystallinity, chemistry composing, soakage and pyrogenation character, to find outthe referential foundations forthe selection of drying temperature forthe production of artificial board. The result showed that after treated at the temperature of 160 degrees centigrade, straw had decreased crystallinity and changed lignin content, which caused the reduced mechanics intension, the change of chemistry composition andworseningof soakage.Therefore,160 degrees centigradewas notthe ideal drying temperature of the rawmaterials. The temperature of 110 degrees centigrade didn't affect the properties of the rice straw and therefore could be used as the drying temperature of rawmaterials.[Ch, 3 fig. 3 tab. 13 ref.]
Ultrastructures of petal surface of Osmanthus fragrans cultivars
CHANG Bing-hua, HUYong-hong, XUYe-gen, ZHANG Qiu-xing, ZHANG Wan-li
2007, 24(5): 533-537.
[Abstract](1175) [PDF](285)
To compare the mechanism causing the difference of the Osmanthus fragrans cultivars' fragrance, the petal's ultrastructure of eight cultivars, Zaoyingui', Wanyingui', Zaohuang', Jingui',Yingyedangui',Baiyudangui',Sijigui' andDayefodingzhugui' were observed by scanning electronic microscope. The results show that the upper surfaces of the petals are composed of regular project ridges.And stomas are distributed unevenly at the base of petals and close to the tubular corolla.Differences are also observed in the structure of upper surfaces,mainly in the shape of epidermal cells, the number of regular project ridges. These differences are related to the perfume of different cultivars.[Ch, 3 fig. 11 ref.]
Adaptability of Azadirachta indica in dry-hot valley
LINWen-jie, WUJian-rong, MAHuan-cheng
2007, 24(5): 538-543.
[Abstract](1313) [PDF](216)
After afforestationwith Azadirachta indica(Neem tree)in a dry-hotvalley of upriverof Jinshajiang, soil water dynamics, growth characteristics, and physiology during the rainy and dry seasonswere studied to explore the tree' s drought adaptation mechanisms by random test with three replication. Results showed an exponential relationship between soil water content and water potential.When soil water content decreased to 5.9% with a soil water potential of- 1.5MPa for3 months, A. indica still survived. A. indica grewvery slowly,peak buds died,and most leaves fell in the dry season; howerer, it grew quickly in the rainy season. The tree presented a bent growthpattern. Compared to the dry season, in the rainy seasons there was a decrease in stomatal conductance (76.2%), net photosynthetic rate(52.9%), and transpiration rate(35.1%); also water use efficiency increased. In addition, the photosynthetic physiology of A. indica decreased in the dry season, because drought damaged the photosynthetic system. Through growth and physiological changes, such as reduced transpiration to maintain water balance, A. indica was adaptable to dry-hot valley.[Ch, 7 fig. 1 tab. 16 ref.]
Quantification of phenolic compound in Magnolia officinalis herb by near infrared reflectance spectroscopy
YUChong-yan, TONG Zai-kang, HUANG Hua-hong, ZHUYu-qiu
2007, 24(5): 544-549.
[Abstract](959) [PDF](259)
To establish evaluating the quality of Magnolia officinalis quickly and efficiently, this paper determined the quantification method of phenolic compound by using near infrared reflectance spectroscopy. Under the full wavelength, different mathematics and statistics were compared in the calibration. The statistics methods include partial least squares(PLS), modified PLS and principal component regression(PCR). The best mathematic method was3, 6, 6, 1, scatter correction method was transformation of standard normal variate(SNV)+detrending(D)orSNV and statistic method was modified PLS.The correlation coefficientof calibrationwas above 0.97.The correlation coefficientof exteriorcalibrationwas above 0.95. This indicates thatnearinfrared reflectance spectorscopy(NIRS)is comparable to chemical methods in both accuracy and prediction and is reliable in practical application.[Ch, 2 fig. 5 tab. 11 ref.]
Evaluation of pollution-free Myrica rubra production in Zhejiang Province
WANG Bai-po, CHENG Xiao-jian, FU Qing-gong, YU Wei-wu, WANG Hui
2007, 24(5): 550-554.
[Abstract](1400) [PDF](251)
Soil condition (pesticide residue and heavy metals concentration )and heavy metals concentration in Myrica rubra (China bayberry )fruits were analyzed by atomic absorption spectrophotometer PE-5000 and atomic fluorescence spectrophotometer AFS-1201 to understand the actual production of pollution-free Myrica rubra fruits . 35 soil samples collected in Cixi , Huangyan , Wenzhou , Yuyao , Linhai , Xianju , Wencheng and Shangyu of Zhejiang Province , and the fruit samples were collected Ninghai , Yueqing , Xiaoshan , Lanxi of Zhejiang Province except of the above plots , including two batches .Most sample spots were at the side of a town industry region and highways .The pollution index equals to determined value divided by limited value .Results showed that in the soil , pesticide residue was undetected with six heavy-metals (Cd , Pb , As , Cr , Hg , and Cu)being discovered in most production regions .Average content of the heavy-metal in the soil was ranked in the order of Pb Cr As Cu Cd Hg , while the pollution index was Cd Cr Pb As Hg Cu .The percentage of 97.14 %of the samples in the production regions met the pollution-free soil quality standard .However , in all of the fruit samples , Cd , As , and Cu were detected ;in most Pb was found ;and in two-thirds Hg was present .In the research , 94.12 % and 90.70 %of the two batch samples accorded with the national fruit standard .The maximum heavy-metal in the soil samples that was above the standards was Cd followed by Pb .Planting site avoided pollution , normative fertilization and pesticide applications were necessary in the production of pollution-free M .rubra fruits . [ Ch , 3 tab .8 ref .]
Comparison of four intercropped tree-shrub (Adinandra millettii) comprehensive management models
WU Jia-sheng, YING Ye-qing, CHENG Xiao-jian, LI Zhang-ju
2007, 24(5): 555-558.
[Abstract](1157) [PDF](191)
Four different intercropped comprehensive management models of Adinandra millettii with (1)Taxodium ascendens , (2)Pinus elliottii , (3)Pseudolarix amabilis , and (4)moso bamboo (Phyllostachys pubescens)in Zhejiang were studied .The survival rate of A .millettii were determined by quadrat method with the area of 200 m2 , and the growth amount and branch amount and quality were also measured .Results showed that the survival rate of A .millettii was best when transplanted in the middle or the last ten days of February with a site having thick and fertile soil .The growth and leaf quality of A .millettii improved when it was cultivated under a forest with a canopy density of 0.5 ~ 0.6 on a site having thick and fertile soil .Ranking from best to worst for the four comprehensive management models was :A .millettii with T .ascendens Ps .amabilis Pi .elliottii Ph . pubescens .[ Ch , 7 ref .]
Regeneration characteristics for major tree species of a secondary Pinus tabulaeformis forest in the Ziwu Mountains
WANG Bin, WANG Hui, YANG Jun-long, SUN Dong-yuan
2007, 24(5): 559-563.
[Abstract](1131) [PDF](194)
Regeneration characteristics of major tree species are very important to forest regeneration and sustainable management of secondary Pinus tabulaeformis forests in the Ziwu Mountains , Gansu Province .The primary objective of this study was to examine the regeneration patterns of major trees in gaps and non-gaps of a secondary P . tabulaeformis forest .Major trees of the shrub layer in 25 gaps and 25 non-gaps were surveyed and classified into four ecological groups of species according to their importance value (IV).Results of regeneration in gaps showed that Group 1 :six tree species that had a strongly positive response ;Group 2 :two tree species that had a strongly negative response ;Group 3 :eight tree species that had a moderately negative response ;and Group 4 :15 tree species that had no response .For Group 1 the average density and average height of the seedlings in the gaps were superior to those in the non-gaps .For the four ecological groups of species , in gaps and non-gaps there were obvious differences , such as tree density , tree height , the major trees' IV in composition .Regeneration of major trees in gaps was also quicker than non-gaps .Thus , gaps provided favorable growth conditions for regeneration of major trees in secondary P .tabulaeformis forests of the Ziwu Mountains .[ Ch , 2 fig .1 tab .14 ref .]
Leaf quality of Ginkgo biloba at the late growing stage with different NO3- -N and NH4+ -N combinations
ZHENG Jun, CAO Fu-liang, YU Wan-wen
2007, 24(5): 564-568.
[Abstract](1095) [PDF](183)
To find how to improve the leaf quality of Ginkgo biloba (ginkgo) at the late growing stage by fertilization , leaf quality of ginkgo at the late growing stage with different combinations of NO3- -N and NH4+ -N was studied.The test resources were two-year-old ginkgo seedlings in the greenhouse of Nanjing Forestry University , transplanted and grown in pot cultures with 1.00 gpot-1 N .A CRD experimental design was established with 3 replications and treatments of NO3- -N and NH4+ -N ratios 0∶0 (the control), 0∶100 , 25∶75 , 50∶50 .75∶25 and 100∶0 .Results showed that root vigor (RV) , nitrate reductase activity (NR)and NO3- -N of the leaf , was significantly greater with NO3- -N (P 0.01).Also soluble protein (SP), free amino acid (AA) and total flavone (TF) with treatments of NO3- -N and NH4+ -N ratios 50∶50 and 75∶25 were significantly greater (P 0.01) than others, soluble sugar (SS) and reducing sugar (RS)with treatment of NO3- -N and NH4+ -N ratios 50∶50 were significantly greater (P 0.01) than others .As the proportion of NH4+ -N increased and NO3- -N decreased a little ,NO3- -N in the G.biloba leaf decreased with SP, free AA , SS , RS , and TF increasing .For NO3- -N , SP , free AA , SS , RS , and TF , the best NO3- -N∶NH4+ -N were 75∶25 and 50∶50 .[ Ch , 6 fig .2 tab .12 ref .]
Water conservation in a natural evergreen broadleaf forest and three plantations in southern Sichuan Province
WANG Jing-yan, GONG Wei, HU Ting-xing, GONG Yuan-bo, RAN Hua
2007, 24(5): 569-574.
[Abstract](924) [PDF](220)
How did the water conservation in the soil change when the natural evergreen broadleaf forests were regenerated to the plantations ?The aim was to provide a basis to protect the natural evergreen broadleaf forests and manage the plantations .This research studied water conservation in the soil of a natural evergreen broadleaf forest and three plantations , namely Sassafras tsumu , Cryptomeria fortunei , and Metasequoia glyptostroboides plantations , that were formed by artificial regeneration within the natural evergreen broadleaf forest in Muchuan County of Sichuan in July of 2004 and 2005 , by typical sample plots method , statistical analysis and correlation analysis . Results showed that compared with the natural evergreen broadleaf forest , soil organic matter in the three plantations significantly decreased (P 0.05) and bulk density significantly increased (P 0.05).For the C .fortunei plantation soil total porosity and capillary porosity , maximum and minimum water holding capacity , as well as the capillary porosity water holding capacity of the 20 -40 cm soil layer were significantly lower (P 0.05) than the natural evergreen broadleaf forest .S .tsumu and M .glyptostroboides plantations had fewer negative effects on original soil water conservation than the C .fortunei plantation .A close relationship (P 0.05) existed among soil organic matter , bulk density and porosity , water holding capacity , drainage capacity , and infiltration .Therefore , protecting and choosing appropriate tree species for artificial regeneration of a natural evergreen broadleaf forest are important for increasing water conservation in forest soils so as to decrease surface runoff losses .[ Ch , 4 tab .15 ref .]
Carbon fixation and oxygen release of landscaping trees along the Grand Canal in Yangzhou
XU Wei-wei, LI Xiao-chu, WANG Cheng-zhong, HE Xiao-di, LU Jian-fei, HUANG Li-bin
2007, 24(5): 575-580.
[Abstract](1192) [PDF](249)
It is six years from the completion of the Grand Canal in Yangzhou City .How about its ecological effects ? Carbon fixation and oxygen release of landscaping plants along the Grand Canal were studied from June to August of 2006 , and 19 typic plant species were chosen to determine with the aid of the LI-6400 portable photosynthesis system.The results showed that the 19 species were classified into three types according to their daily ability to fix carbon and release oxygen per unit area :those higher than 65 gm-2d-1 including Ligustrum quihoui , Robinia pseudoacacia and Salix babylonica ;those between 26 gm-2d-1 and 58 gm-2d-1 including Cinnamomum camphora , Citrus medica , Eriobotrya japonica , Ligustrum lucidum , Magnolia grandiflora , Viburnum awabuki , Ginkgo biloba , Prunus cerasifera , Sophora japonica , Amygdalus persica , Magnolia denudata , Nerium indicum , Forsythia viridissima , Jasminum nudiforum and Chimonanthus praecox ;and those lower than 8 gm-2d-1 , only Osmanthus fragnans .L .quihoui had highest daily ability to fix carbon (115.021 1 gm -2d-1)and release oxygen (83.638 0 gm-2d-1) .S .babylonica and A .persica , which are main species along the canal , have high ability to fix carbon and release oxygen , so it shows that the planting arrangement of the canal is ideal .[ Ch ,1 fig .4 tab .9 ref .]
Organic carbon storage in forest debris of seven vegetation cover types
LI Zheng-cai, XU De-ying, YANG Xiao-sheng, FU Mao-yi, SUN Xue-zhong, XI Jin-rong
2007, 24(5): 581-586.
[Abstract](991) [PDF](156)
This study considered organic carbon storage in fine forest debris ( 2 , 2 -5 , 5 -10 and 10 -25 mm in diameter)and coarse forest debris ( 25 mm in diameter) of different vegetation types , namely stands of Chinese fir (Cunninghamia lanceolata), extensively managed bamboo (Phyllostachys pubescens), masson pine (Pinus massoniana), natural secondary forest (hardwood stand), and intensively managed bamboo (Phyllostachys pubescens), as well as shrub land , and agricultural cropped land , in Fuyang City , Zhejiang Province .The forest debris includes falling leaves , twiggy branches , fruits , dead herb , half-decomposed products , and decomposed debris .Results showed that (1) organic carbon storage in fine forest debris from greatest to least was Chinese fir extensively managed bamboo masson pine natural secondary forest shrubs intensively managed bamboo agricultural cropped land .Total carbon of fine forest debris was mainly stored in the leaf , followed by the branch , and then the decomposed debris , while carbon storage in the dead herb was less than 10 %.In addition , (2) the underground carbon storage in fine debris , which for the different vegetation types was similar , accounted for more than 50 % of the total carbon storage .Meanwhile , for the coarse debris, underground carbon storage in both bamboo stands was higher (P 0.05) compared to other vegetation cover types .Also , (3) carbon storage in debris of the extensively managed bamboo (3.20 thm-2)and Chinese fir (3.19 thm-2) stands was 3.4 times more than agricultural cropped land (0.94 thm-2);whereas natural secondary forest masson pine , and intensively managed bamboo stands were between 2.7 to 1.6 t hm-2 , which was also higher than that of the agricultural cropped land .Overall , carbon storage in total debris was ranked :extensively managed bamboo Chinese fir masson pine natural secondary forest intensively managed bamboo shrubs agricultural cropped land . [ Ch , 6 tab .19 ref .]
Carbon stock change of harvested wood products in China
BAI Yan-feng, JIANG Chun-qian, LU De, ZHU Zhen
2007, 24(5): 587-592.
[Abstract](1347) [PDF](214)
Harvested wood products (HWP) are an important component of the carbon (C) cycle between the forest ecosystem and the atmosphere .Carbon stocks of HWP are also a part of the greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory .This research used the lifetime analysis method and step regression method based on the stock-change approach (SCA), production approach (PA), and atmospheric-flow approach (AFA), which were established in the HWP Conference in Dakar , 1998 .Results showed that 1)HWP was a carbon reservoir in China .In addition , 2)from 1961 -2000 the carbon stock estimations of HWP increased , but differed according to the approach used with SCA , 11.72 Tga-1 ;PA , 8.58 Tga-1 ;and AFA , 7.53 Tga-1 .Also , 3)between 1990 and 2000 , the average carbon stockchange increases in HWP were :10.27 Tga-1 with SCA , 4.75 Tga-1 with PA , and 2.16 Tga-1 with AFA ; whereas the carbon stock in 1990 was 364.0 Tg for SCA , 299.0 Tg for PA , and 285.1 Tg for AFA .Thus , from the accounting perspective , China should favor the stock-change approach .[ Ch , 3 fig .1 tab .30 ref .]
Influences of recreation activities on biomass and community structure of ground cover
ZHONG Yong-de, WANG Huai-cai, HUANG Jia-lan
2007, 24(5): 593-598.
[Abstract](1059) [PDF](170)
Six research sites (25 cm25 cm)in the Tianjiling National Forestry Park , Changsha City , are chosen to study the community structure and biomass of vegetation , namely , four footpaths , a barbecue site and a rest place .The results showed that recreation activities would influence the vegetation community structure and biomass to different degrees .At the same horizontal level , the coverage and biomass of ground cover was in the following order :far middle near in distance .The biomass of vegetation was positively related with its coverage , which could be expressed with the following equation :y = 5.039 2x + 8.882 4 (x is the biomass and y is the related coverage).[ Ch , 1 fig .3 tab .14 ref .]
Application of landscape ecology principle in urban green space system planning
XUAN Gong-qiao
2007, 24(5): 599-603.
[Abstract](2120) [PDF](485)
The purpose is to arrange the green land efficiently and make the green land put into full play .Based on landscape ecology principles , we analyzed the plaque -corridor -matrix pattern .The results show that the more green plaque the more ecological benefits .Moreover the tight and circle plaque has a high efficiency in conservation of inner resources .Corridor plays the role of continuity and integrity in landscape structure .According to the main function of the ecological corridor , it can be classified into four types , namely river protected , biology protected , environment protected and recreation used .Each type has its own width and vegetation according to its characteristics .[ Ch , 8 ref .]
Bacteriostasis and fungistasis with extracts from Carya cathayensis leaves
YIN Shu, MAO Sheng-feng, YANG Qiong-xia, HUANG Pei-long, ZHU Dong-kui, HU Jun-xiang
2007, 24(5): 604-607.
[Abstract](1121) [PDF](247)
Environmentally-safe pesticides extracted from plants are paid more attention .The plants of Juglandaceae have some antibiotic substances , as flavonoid , polyphenols and terpenoid .This research was to study the bacteriostasis and fungistasis from extracts of Carya cathayensis leaves .A filter paper method was used to determine whether alcohol (95 %) extract or water (sterilized) extract from the leaves of C .cathayensis , diluted with sterile water in different concentrations (0.25 , 0.05 , 0.01 , 0.002 kgL-1), had an inhibitory effect on Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli , Saccharomyces cerevisiae , Aspergillus niger , Aspergillus flavus , and Penicillium sp . Results indicated that after a 12 h culture inhibition with the alcohol extract on the six strains was significantly greater (P 0.05).After a 24 h culture , inhibition on A.flavus with both the alcohol extract and water extract was significantly greater (P 0.05) than on the other bacteria and fungi .Moreover , after 24 h culture , water extract nearly had no inhibitory effect on S .aureus and S .cerevisiae than at 12 h .After a 36 h culture , however , the alcohol extract still had a significant inhibitory effect (P 0.01) on S .aureus and S .cerevisiae .[ Ch , 2 tab . 9 ref .]
Study on multi-index based adaptability evaluation method of regional forest fire danger rating
TANG Li-hua, FANG Lu-ming, ZHENG Wen-da, CHEN Pei-jin
2007, 24(5): 608-613.
[Abstract](1499) [PDF](240)
Forest fire danger rating schemes underlie all contemporary fire management systems .Because of the difference of evaluated regional scale' s environment and objectives , the index system, weigh and quantitative values are all different in the various areas .This paper described the design of index system dynamically generated framework based on multi indexes , studied the dynamic process of the index system , established a method to calculate index weigh and index value .The paper also constructed the general model of the different regional forest fire danger rating evaluation and verified in lab region .[ Ch , 1 fig .2 tab .22 ref .]
Realization of a simulation model for forest fire spread
SONG Li-yan, ZHOU Guo-mo, TANG Meng-ping, YU Shu-quan, ZHENG Wen-da, LIU Xue-song
2007, 24(5): 614-618.
[Abstract](1180) [PDF](302)
For decision making when fighting forest fires , it is important to quantitatively describe the behavior of a forest fire .Therefore , the purpose of this study was to achieve a dynamic simulation model for the spread of forest fires .Using GIS software , the space background of a simulation for forest fire spread was established and the initial data were originated .The fire spread model contained factors , such as terrain , weather , types of combustible materials, and point to point mode of transmission , while using Visual Basic 6.0 .Results indicated that with a given terrain , varying the initial spread rate could cause different spread patterns ;also the area consumed by the fire increased with an increasing initial velocity .Different wind speeds resulted in dissimilar sizes for a fire scene .The size of a fire scene increased with wind speed , but the shapes of the scene were similar .The highly effective sample computations , balanced formula load , and perfect disposition increased simulation precision and efficiency .[ Ch , 5 fig .12 ref .]
Fauna of wetland birds in Wenzhou City
CHEN Yu-zhao, MA Ren-fan, LIUMing, ZHU Xian-chao
2007, 24(5): 619-626.
[Abstract](1327) [PDF](257)
The water birds in Wenzhou wetlands were investigated between December 2004 and July 2005 , and 116 species of birds were found in these lands .With the reference to both historical and current dada , 147 species of water birds were found in Wenzhou wetlands .They belonged to 12 orders and 25 families .The results showed that there were 105 species in Palearctic realm (71.43 %), 36 species in Oriental realm (24.49 %), and 6 species (4.08 %)widely distributed in Palearctic and Oriental realm .There were 76 winter migrants , 24 summer migrants , 17 residents and 30 travelers .In 41 breeding birds , there was 1 species in Palearctic realm , 34 species in Oriental realm, and 6 species distributed in Palearctic and Oriental realm , and the birds (82.93 %)in Oriental realm were significant dominant .Among them the wading birds were dominant .More than 118 birds were under the protection of various laws and pacts .[ Ch , 4 tab .13 ref .]
Relationship of carved ornaments' themes and positions on Ming and Qing furniture
YU Xiao-hong, LIN Xiu-zhen, WANG Li
2007, 24(5): 627-632.
[Abstract](1268) [PDF](185)
The 484 carved patterns on Ming and Qing furniture were analyzed by ANOVA to have a comparative study of the Ming and Qing furniture' s preference of different carved ornaments themes on various ornaments positions on Ming and Qing furniture .The paper also briefly explained reasons for these diversities from culture and aesthetics perspectives .The results showed that (1)carved ornaments themes used on Ming and Qing furniture were diverse ;(2)there was significant correlation between carved ornaments themes and positions ;and (3) the preferences that a specific position adopted carved ornaments theme were various between Ming and Qing Dynasties . [ Ch , 5 tab .17 ref .]
A review of land use and land cover changes in China
CAO Yin-gui, ZHOU Wei, CHENG Ye, XU Ning, HAO Yin
2007, 24(5): 633-637.
[Abstract](1960) [PDF](267)
To improve research on land use and land cover changes (LUCC)in China , the literature on LUCC research over the past two decades was reviewed , new theories and research methods were summarized , and further development was predicted .Results indicated that the science of LUCC has made great achievements in its quantitative study , study of the driving forces, and land use simulation .Two important accomplishments were noted .One was the diversity of the driving factors .The other was the interdisciplinary work with LUCC along with new modifications for land use change simulation , including from quantitative to spatial simulations , from singlemethod to a multiple-method simulations , and from models of biological and physical to models with socio-economic driving forces .However , to promote research development and ensure applicability of the research results, further LUCC research should have higher precision requirements .[ Ch , 46 ref .]
Question and countermeasure on constructing emergency system of paroxysmal forest pest affairs in China
CHAI Shou-quan, YOU De-kang, MEI Li-juan, WANG Yun-li
2007, 24(5): 638-642.
[Abstract](1225) [PDF](177)
The paroxysmal forest pest affairs happened frequently in China recently .How to control the emergency events has become a problem which needs to be solved quickly as soon as possible .The simply emergency system has also been established and it has obtained preliminary achievements.But lots of questions exit and must be paid attention to , such as lacking of emergency response procedures , laws and codes , concerted mechanisms , guarantee , emergency platforms and crisis sense .In order to improve the emergency management and reinforce emergency system construction , the correlative systems and mechanisms must be established .[ Ch , 14 ref .]
Scientific notes
Growth of Taxus chinensis var .mairei for container seedlings in different media mixtures and for bare-root versus container seedlings in a young stand
WANG Yue-sheng, ZHOU Zhi-chun, JIN Guo-qin, HONG Gui-mu, WANG Hui
2007, 24(5): 643-646.
[Abstract](1016) [PDF](211)
Media mixtures to determine the best growth , root development , and dry matter accumulation and allocation in container seedlings of Taxus chinensis var .mairei (Maire Yew) were tested , and quality and growth of container and bare-root seedling in the same year of being planted out were compared .In 2005 -2006 at Chun' an County , Zhejiang Province , four 1ight and half-light (the medium' s volume weight is light) medium mixtures (20 %-49 % peat , 0 -25 %fermented sawdust , 20 %-24 % loess , 0 -20 % coke plaster and 0 -1 % calciummagnesium phosphate fertilizer) were tested with three replications ;the container and bare-root comparison design with two replications was established .Results showed that compared to bare-root seedlings , container seedlings with all the four medium mixture improved seedling quality :taller height , larger diameter of basal stem , more branches , and more accumulation of organs and total dry matter , more developed fibrous roots , and higher root-shoot ratio . The container seedlings grown in the media of peat (39 %-49 %)had greater growth and better quality .After planting , container seedlings promoted the growth of tree height , root collar diameter , and branch number .Thus , the container seedlings were beneficial for high-yield cultivation of a short-rotation , medicinal plantation of T . chinensis var .mairei .[ Ch , 6 tab .10 ref .]
A newly escaped plant species in Zhejiang Province :Hypochaeris radicata
YE Xi-yang, LI Gen-you, MA Dan-dan, XIE Wen-yuan, WANG Yue-pei
2007, 24(5): 647-648.
[Abstract](1373) [PDF](188)
Hypochaeris radicata (Compositae)is a new record as escaped species in Zhejiang Province , which discovered in Zhejiang Forestry College in Lin' an City .Its morphological characteristics and purpose are introduced . [ Ch , 7 ref .]