1994 Vol. 11, No. 1

Genetic Variation and Selection for Wood properties in Pulpwood Hybrid poplar.
Liu Honge, Tong Zaikang, Liu Li, Mao Yingchun, Han Yifan.
1994, 11(1): 1-6.
The 12-year-old tree height (Ht),DBH(Dt) and volume(Vt) of 14 clones from Suihua poplar test plantation in Heilongjiang were examined.Diameter(Dr),specific gravity(Sg),fiber length(Lf),widness(Wf),ratio of Iength to widness(Lw),(double)wall thickness(Tf),lumen diameter (Df)and ratio of wall thickness to lumen diameter (Td) for each 2-year's growth ring of the cores which extracted from sampled trees at breast height from bark to pith were evaluated.Analysis of variance showed significant differences among clones for all traits.The best clone exceeds the worst one by 106%~20%.Reapitabilities calculated on plot mean basis(Rc) for Ht,Dt and Vt are 0.85,0.62 and 0.64 respectively,whereas reapitabilities on clone mean basis (Rc)for sg,Wf,Tr and Td are 0.91 or more,forDr,Df and Lw0.56 or more,for Lf 0.63.The high parameters indicate the strong inheritance of these traits.Dr,Lf and Lw were linearly regressed to age,Sg and Wf were curvely regressed to age.The gains from single trait selection based on 12-year-old's phenotypes were ranged from 25.2% for Vt to 3.4% for Lf.The gain from combined(Vt,sg,Lf,,Wf,and Tf)index selection was as high as 31.9% when the best 3 clones were selected. .............................................................................,fiberlength(LJ),widness(矶),ratio ofIengthtowidness(L。),(double)wallthiekness(T,),lumendiameter (Dz)andratioofwallthieknesstolumendiameter(Td)foreaehZ一year,s growthringoftheeoreswhiehextraetedfromsanlpledtreesatbreastheight frombarktopithwereevaluated.Analysisofvarianeeshowedsignifieant differeneesamongelonesforalltraits.Thebesteloneexceedstheworst oneby106%~20%.ReaPitabilitiesealeulatedonPlotmeanbasis(R`)forH,, D,andV,are0.55,0.62and0.64respeetively,whereasreapitabilitieson elonemeanbasis(R:)fors。,平,,TrandTdare0.91ormore,forDr,DI andL。0.56ormore,forL,0.63.Thehighparametersindieatethestrong inheritaneeofthesetraits.刀r,L,andL口werelinearlyregressedtoage,aS andw,wereeurvelyregressedtoage.Thegainsfromsingletraitseleetion absedon12一year一old,5phenotypeswererangedfrom25.2%forV,to3.4% forL,.Thegainfromeombined(F,,s。,石,,万,,石,andT,)indexseleetion wasashighas31.9%whenthebest3eloneswereseleeled.
Eucalypt Introduction and Tree Species Selection in East of Middle-Subtropics in China.
Tao Desheng, Gao Lin
1994, 11(1): 7-20.
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One hundred and eleven species of Eucalyptus were introduced sequently in Yueqing County,Zhejiang province.There were 11 species of Eucalyptus,Eu.camaldulensis,Eu.tereticornis,Eu.grandis,Eu.saligna,etc.which were selected by cold resistance ,fast growth and excellent wood in the past 13 years,and they could be planted and developed in east of middle-subtropics,especially in coastal areas.The results showed that the species from north Australia,which belonging to summer-raintype area in geographical distribution and to transversaria,exsertaria and dumaria of Symohyomyrtus in taxonomy could be easily introduced and growed well,but the winter-rain type species could be unsuccessfully introduced.
Dispersal of Pollen of Cryptomeria fortunei.
Zhang Zhuowen, Zhu Changle, Pan Jianrui, Liu Jiannan, Ye Zhenghuan
1994, 11(1): 21-25.
The male cone ofCryptomeria fortunei splits in longitude direction when pollination,with a function to protect pollen from rain.The sexual organs-male cone,female cone and pollen appear adaptive variation to wind as a pollination medium.Dispersal of Pollen is affected by the temperature,the wind speed,the relative humidity and the rainfall;and the vertical-horizontal distribution of pollen has its regular patterns.Some suggestions for establishment and management of the seed orchard are made.
An introduction of Taiwania flousiana into Zhoushan Island.
Yu Ciying
1994, 11(1): 26-32.
After fifteen year's introduction ofTaiwania flousiana into Zhoushan isle,it has been found that this is a fast-growing tree species resisting disease,pest,wind and saline-alkli soil.It's sueeessful introduction into Zhoushan demonstrated that this species is of high economic value for extend reforestation as well as forornamental planting in this area.
The time of transition from Juvenile Wood to Mature Wood and Juvenile-Mature Correlation for Pinus massoniana.
Li Huogen, Wang Zhangrong, Chen Tianhua
1994, 11(1): 33-37.
Wood relative density and tracheid length of 9 provenances for Pinus massoniana wereinvestigated.The time of transition from juwenile wood to mature wood in properties was independent of each other and had a difference among provenances.For the significant positively correlation exists between juvenile wood and mature wood in ralative density and tracheid length,early selection for wood properties of Pinus massoniana is possible.
Rooting Mechanism of Rooted Cutting of Cunninghamia lanceolata Clone
He Zhenxiang, Jiang Shu, Ye Zhihong, Shi Jisen
1994, 11(1): 38-44.
The adventitious roots of cuttings from Cunninghamia lanceolata belong to the type of root primodia after being induced.There are two types of rooting:adventitious roots originated from cortices and adventitious roots originated from calli,with give first places to the former.Formation of adventitious roots among the clone has a significant diffenrence in date.After cutting,clone No.119 emerged adventitious roots in 23 days,which is the earliest one among the clones.