1996 Vol. 13, No. 1

Change of Endohormone In Mixed Bud on Lei Bamboo Rhizome during Differentiation
Hu Chaozong, Jin Aiwu, Zhang Zhuowen
1996, 13(1): 1-4.
In the period of mixed bud differentiation , gibberellie aeid ( G A 3 )and zeatin ( Z T ) eontents were high at thefirst stage and low at the later stage , and higher in summer than in early spring , end autumn and early winter .It difered to the law , whatever season was.Abscisic acid ( A B A ) ,however ,was traced only in differentiated bud before winter dormancy.When mixed bud dif ferentiation ,GA3 rose and ZT fell with the growing of bamboo rhizome age .Indole acetic acid ( IA A ) increased with the deepgoing of differeltiation , and changed withbamboo rhizome age andseason , showing on difference to GA 3.
Mulching Materials on Phyllostachys praocox Forest of Protected Cultivation.
Hu Chaozong, Jin Aiwu, Li Zhangshun, Tian Guansen, Hu Zhengjian
1996, 13(1): 5-9.
Field experiments revealed that 6 kinds of mulching materials all were effective to move up the beginning Period of bamboo shoots,prolong the Production Period of bamboo shoots,and increase the yield and value.Bamboo leaves and chaff among them were good ferment materials.Raising temperature by ground cover is to use heat Produced from reproduvtion,decompsition and fermentation of microorganism.Ferment temPerature and sustained time depend mainly on carbon,nitrogen,oxygen and water of ferment materials.Soyben cake and cole cake belong to high-temperature ferment materials,rice straw and wheat straw low-temperature,and broad-leaf tree leaves including bamboo leaves,fresh farm manure,etc.middle types.Heating from ferment materials is normal and continued when20~30 of carbon-nitrogen ratio,70%of moisture content,moderate oxygen,and exuberant activity of mieroorganism.
Effect of Mineral Fertilzer on Biochemieal Properties of Root Region soil under Chinese Fir Seedling.
Jiang Peikun, Xu Qiufang, Qian Xinbiao, Shen Xikang, Yu huanqun
1996, 13(1): 10-14.
Mierobal number at the root region soil under Chinese fir seedling was greatly increased after applying mineral fertilizer。Under N,PK and NPK treatments,the total microbal number was 2.29,1.41 and 2.89 times that of cheek,respectively.Bacteria number increased was the most,and then fungi.On the contrary,mineral fertilizers not had a remarkable effect on the microbal number at the nonroot region soil as a whole.Mineral fertilizers were resPonsible for the complex changes of enzymitic activities of soil.For instance,urease and sucrase were not affected by fertilizers.Under PK and NPK treatments,Protease was greatly activited.Phosphatase could be Prominently activited only applying N.Under PK,espectively NPK,however,Phosphatase was not activited but unactivited。After using mineral fertilizers,Polyphenol oxidase at the root region soil became more unactive,and every kinds of enzyme was unaetivited at the nonroot region soil in some extent.
A New Model for Stand Density ’Effect of Chinese Fir Plantation in Norhtern Fujian.
Hong Wei, Wu Chengzhen
1996, 13(1): 15-20.
A new model for stand density effect was established by the data from Plots of Chinese fir Plantation in northern Fujian.The productive elasticity and the marginal yield for the model were analysed,and the values of the Productive elasticity and the marginal yield of Chinese fir Plantation were caleulated.
Phyllostachys pubescens Wood: Tensile Elastic modulus and Tensile Strength
Yang Yunfang, Liu Zhikun
1996, 13(1): 21-27.
[Abstract](1217) [PDF](58)
Natural bamboo is considered as a compound material formed by fiber and base.Mieromechanics Property is analysed to a vascular bundle and thin-walled tissue involved as a unit.The formula of macro elastiec reactance modulus and tensile maximum strength are expressed by component material Property.Analyses show that there is big variation of component amterial along the bamboo strunk and wall thickness.Component material (fiber and base)elastic reactance modulus are 27.60 and 6.06GPa,tensile strength are 547.68 and 74.60 MPa.There is a close relationship between bamboo macro elastic reactance modulus and number and distribution density of component material.
study on chormosomes,of 8 Species of Calyeathaeeae。
Liu Honge, Zhang Rouhui, Huang Shaofu, ZhaoZhifen
1996, 13(1): 28-33.
Detailed karyotype studies had been carried out for eight species from calyeanthaceae using the stem and root tips.The results showed that the basic number for all species was n=11.The absolute chromosome length ranged from7.02to~322m.The karyotype formulas were found:2n=22=22m for Calgcanthus floridus,2n=22=20m(2sat)+2sm for Chimonanthus campanulatus and2n=22=20m+2sm for C.occfdentalis,C.chfnensfs,Ch.praecox,Ch.nitens, Ch.grammatus and Ch.salicifolfus.A comparison of karyotypie symmetry among species indicates that genus Calycanthus is more Primitive than Chimonanthus in phylogeny,and C.floridus and Ch.salfcilolius are the most primitive species within their genus.
Ecological Characters and Roots’Anatomical Structure of 4 Speeies of sageretia
Qian Lianfang, Li Zhangju, Qian Yongtao, Gao Hong
1996, 13(1): 34-40.
[Abstract](1159) [PDF](46)
Sageretia are fine plants with medieal andornamental value.This Paper generalizes and reports the distribution morphological character, ecological habit,rootsanatomieal structure and fruit growth of 4 species of Sageretia(s.thea,s.melliana,s.Hhenryi,and s.hamosa)in Zhejiang Province.
on Navel Orange introduction by Cluster Analysis of Ecoclimate in Zhejiang.
Zhang Junqi, Lin Shaoshen
1996, 13(1): 41-47.
By 14 ecological factors related to growth of navel orange,the cluster analysis of 53 Plots was carried out in Zhejiangs citrus areas and in domestic and foreign navel orange areas.Difa,Shizuoka and Waka,yama in Japan and Florida in America.similar to Zhejiang in China in ecoelimate conditions,were seleeted as the Provenance Places for navel orange introductlon into Zhejiang.The navel orange varieties cultivated successfully in the places could be introdueted into Zhejiang.The introduction practice for more than ten years proved that breeding improved varieties by the cluster analysis of ecocliamte,with the charaeters of adverse resistance,high yield and high quality,accorded with the breeding objective.In the last Paragraph, this paper discussed the application values and the limitation of the cluster analysis method in the introduction,and emphasized the critieal function of selecting ecological factors and of determining the weight factors in the cluster analysis.
Flora of the Taizhou Islands
Shi Defa, Guo Liang, Lü Hongfei
1996, 13(1): 48-52.
[Abstract](1152) [PDF](54)
The Taizhou Islands are of important parts of island flora in China,with relatively many endemic plants and strand plants,less relie Plants.Among of the Plants,eurytopic species grow in number and secondary property is quite clear.There are 584 species of tracheophyta,belonging to 388 genera of 125 families,falling into China`Japan subforest region,east China flora in China flora.This flora is formed of holatropical Plants,mixed with the Plants of north warm zone and east Asia,showing an interim trend from tropical belt to warm zone and a close relation to continental flora distributed in same latitude,of the utmost resemblance in species and looks.
macromycetes from the Nature Reserve of mount west Tianmu
Su Liying
1996, 13(1): 53-74.
[Abstract](1071) [PDF](49)
About 530 pieces of macromycetes specimens were collected from the nature reserve of mount west tianmu during 1986 to 1994.preliminary classification revealed that there exist 258 species ,belonging to 90 genera,27 families and 10 orders,with 57 edible species,35 medicinal,48 both edible and medicinal,15 poisonous,43 resistant to cancer and tumour ,and 120 the first record in zhejiang.This paper reports their list,economic uses, distribution,with classification index.
Monochamus alternatus withered pine
Lai Yanxue, Zhang Shiyuan, Huang Huazheng, Lü Zhaotian, Shi Yingyin
1996, 13(1): 75-81.
[Abstract](1056) [PDF](64)
In the light of species nematode and vector insect in the xylem withered Pine in Ningbo could be divided into 4 types:monochamus alternatus xBursaphelenchus xylophilus,M.alternatus x B.mucronats,M.alternatus x the other nematodes,and M.alternatus x no neamtode.The number of withered Pine related to air temperature and rainfall in summer.Hot and dry weather could lead to increase wilt pine.M.alternatus was a main biofactor causing wilt.In the pine forest in adversity,if one M.alternatus (fernale,adult)invaded it,the number of withered Pine could be increased in geometric progression.B.xylophilus could speed up death of deaseased pine,but had nothing to do with the number of withered Pine.
Current Situation and Countermeasures of Bamboo In dustry in Anji County.
ZhuYongfa, ShengWenmin, HuZhengjian
1996, 13(1): 88-92.
[Abstract](1288) [PDF](60)
The Proeessing seale of Anjis bamboo in dustry has reaehed certain degree and Produecd imPressivee economic,social and ecologieal benefits.There are,however,the Present Problem such as backward in market con-struetion,lack in management of trades,slow Progress in new Produet develoP ment,small business in scale,and lower level in oPeration andI man-agement.For those,some counter-measures are described.
Statistics on Papers in 8 Academic Periodlcals of Forest Seience.
Zhang Xiaoguang, Hua Genqiu, Ling Shenkun
1996, 13(1): 93-97.
Statisties show that there exists a difference in distribution of papers among different branhces of forest science and the number of papers published each year on the same branch remains stable from 1990 to 1994.The number of papers on 1/3 of forestry branehes makes up about 2/3 of the total number.Each Periodical demonstrates charaeteristics of its own branch.
On Political Psychology of College Students.
Xu Genqing
1996, 13(1): 98-103.
This paper deals with the characteristics and causes of formation of Political Psychology for the present age students,and proposes theway to guide correct and stable political Psychology for the college students.The author holds that the guiding should be made from social environment and college education.
A Study on Wood plastic Composite.
Ma Lingfei, Yang Yunfang, Xu Yingchao
1996, 13(1): 104-108.
The wood of birch was treated with ST,MMA-AN-UPE and ST-AN-UPE to improve wood properties.The result showed that thedimensional stability andmechanical property of wood plastic composite were improved notably compared with untreated wood.The modified wood could be used instead of quality wood in making of high-grade product.
Relationship between Planting Density and Yield in Early stage of Hawthorn.
WangShoudong, QinYuliang, YaoXin′ai
1996, 13(1): 109-111.
Based on the results of planting density experiments for hawthorn, it was defined that for the high yield of hawthorn plantations the proper stand density was 833 plants or 3mX4m per hectare。Therefore,the planting density should be 1666 plants or 2mx3m per hectare with the thinning to provide the proper stand density,3mx4m.
Analysis on Research Literature of Forest Tree Breeding.
XuCuihua, HeFuji, XuErna
1996, 13(1): 112-115.
The research literature of forest tree breeding published on 384 species of journals in Chin afrom 1985 to 1994 was analyzed to approaeh the distribution of Periods,subjects and authors units of the literature,summarize main characteristics and present situations of forest tree breeding.
On Examnation Questions Library of Mechanical Drawing.
1996, 13(1): 116-120.
According to the characters,tasks and teaching practice of mechanical drawing,the types ofexamination questions,the basis of setting examination questions library,the structure of examination paper,and the resources of test questions are advanced。
Scenery Feature and LandseaPe Design of the Xianhua Peak Forest.
Ma Junshan
1996, 13(1): 82-87.
Secnery features of the Xianhua peak forest are wonderfull in view,perfect in strueture,and beautiful in all sides.The key Points of landseape design are how to open up tourpath reasonably,form a good landscape strueture,and show natural landscape as fine as possible.Building,stone carve and vegetation should be design according to the actual conditions,streessing landseap feeature of mountain ridge.
Effcets of Foreign Science and Techonlogy Periodicals in Forestry Research and Edcuation.
Li Boming, Zhao BaoPing
1996, 13(1): 121-122.
The authors probe into the cases of foreign literature used for reference by the personnel in forestry field of our country and the effects of foreign Periodicals on the forestry research and education.