1996 Vol. 13, No. 2

Branch Drawing Influence on Growth and Fruit Setting for Young Tree of Pear Varieties.
Dai Wensheng, Wang BaiPo, Qian Yincai, Ding Xiaozhang
1996, 13(2): 123-129.
For young tree of pear,branch drawing helps tree crown to expand,leaf curtain forming to speed up,long branch number to grow,branch length to reduce,and ratio of fruit and branch to increase.After branch drawing,cultivated varieties increase in general leaf area,decrease in light intensity inside tree crown and photosynthesis intensity,and increase in inflorescence and fruit setting.Cultivated varieties differ greatly in branch drawing reaction。Yellow flower varieties,In inflorescence,are the most remarkable,but No.4 that is strong and erect branch is bad;in number of fruit setting,No.7 and No.17 that are difficult in flower bud forming are the most remarkable,but yelower flower varieties that are easily in flower bud forming are bed.Major cultivated varieties have effect in flowering in the first year after branch drawing,with effectiveness for a given period of time.
Photosynthetic Characters of Seven New Tea Plant Varieties under different soil Moisture Levels.
Luo Yaoping, Pan Gensheng
1996, 13(2): 130-135.
Under the conditions of high,medium and low moisture,Photosynthetic characters of seven tea Plant varieties including six new varieties of Zhenong121,Pingyun,Longjingehangye,Zhenong113,Juhuachun,Biyun and one national improved tea variety Fuding-dabaicha were studied.The results indieated that:1.Under different soil moisture levels,the net Photosynthesis rate(Pn),transpiration rate(Tr)and stoamtal conduetacne(Gs)values of Zhenong121,Zhenong113 were high with excellent photosynthetic charaeters;Under high soil moisture level,photosynthetic characters of Pingyun and Longjingchangye were quite good:Under medium soil moisture level,Photosynthetic characters of Pingyun and Biyun were quite good;Under lower soil moisture level,photosynthetic characters of Fdingdabaicha were quite good.2.Tr was significant correlated with Gs.Under the high and lower soil moisturem levels,Pn was nagative correlated with Ci (carbon dioxide concentration among laeunae):Under medium soil moisture level,Tr was significant correlated withCi,and Gs was signifieont correlated with Pn:Tr was significant correlated with Pn,and Gs was highly significant correlated with Ci.
Tree Bark:An Indicator of Air pollution and Precipitation Acidity
1996, 13(2): 136-140.
The locating monitor of acidity and chemical components of rainfall,throughfall and stemflow was implemented for one year,and pH values and buffuring capacity were determined for bark samples of ten tree species in NanPing,Fujian.The acidification of tree barks closely related to the air Pollution.All tree bark samples in Xiqin Forest Farm showed more acidity and greater buffuring capacity against alkali than those in Experimental Forest of Fujian Forestry College.The acidified stemflow affected the soil acidity around the tree stem.Tree bark was recommended as a sensitive indicator of air pollution and precipitation acidity in Nanping.
scenic Resources and Development planning of the xianhuashan Scenic Resort
Ma Junshan, Wang Xiaode
1996, 13(2): 141-146.
The characteristics of the scenic resoureas of Xianhuashan scenic resort in Zhejiang were analsyed.The planning conception of the resort was made based on the appraisal of developing conditions.
Type and Art Style of Ancient Bridges in Zhejiang。
Yang Yunfang
1996, 13(2): 147-153.
Based on the exhaustive investigation and research on the ancient bridges in Zhejiang,the bridges are classified into 7 types by structure:arch bridge,beam bridge,towpath bridge,arch and beam bridge,rooflike bridge,metal strcutured bridge,and Bazi bridge.The distinguishing features and art style of the bridges are discussed。
New Data of Rhamnaceae from Yunnan
Fan Guosheng Li Xiangwang
1996, 13(2): 154-156.
A new species(Sageretia prunijolia C.Y.Wu exG.S.Fane et X.W.Li)and 3 new record species in Yunnan(Sagereria lucida Merr.,Rhamnus utilis Dcene.and Rhamnus rugulosa Hesml.)are described or illustrated。
Development of Forest Vegetable Resources in Huzhou。
Tian Guansen, Dong Yuanhua, Cheng Jiatai, Li Zhangshun, Hu Zhengjian, Yu Ping
1996, 13(2): 157-162.
Forest vegetables in Huzhou fall into 7 types,belonging to 62 famlies and 189 species.Local residents pick most species of them as food.only a few species are cultivated,such as Phyllosrachys,Toona sinensiss and Castanea mollissima,etc.Initial success has been achieved incultivation of Toona sinensis within plastic sheds and introduction of Lycium chinese.Starting periods of bamboo shoots on Phyllostachys propinqua forest land covered bamboo leaves,rice hull and bamboo leaves+rice hull are moved up for 64d,56d and 57d and shooting periods are prolonged for 47d,41d and 42d respectively。
Terrestrial Vertebrates in YongkangCity。
Chen Changqing, Zhu Xi, Ni Yingsheng, Chen Xiefu
1996, 13(2): 163-169.
There exist altogether 256 species,168genera,71familes and 28 orders of terrestrial vertebrates in Yongkang City of Zhejiang Province.Among them,there are 47 speiecs of malmmals,156birds,33reptiles and 20 amphibians.The fauna of Yongkang could be divided into 3geographical ranges and 5 commrunity types,12species in forest,48 in grassland thicket,72 in cropland,52 in swamp and waters,and 25 in cities and towns.
A Preliminary Survey of Mammals in Yongkang City.
ZiluXi, Ni Yingsheng, Yu Tianxi, Tong Zhusheng
1996, 13(2): 170-173.
There are 47 species of mammals in YongKang city of Zhejiang Province ,Insectivora 4,Chiroptera 11,Pholidota 1,Lagomorpha 1,Rodentia 9,Carnivora 16 and Artiodactyla 5,belonging to 17 families.
Studies on the Avifauna in Yongkang of Zhejiang
Zhuxi, Chen Changqi, Jiang youngjin, Yu tianxi
1996, 13(2): 174-193.
one hundred and fifty-six species of birds in youngkang fall into 40 families of 16 orders.The breeding birds(resident bieds and summmer visitors),64.74% of the total,are 101 species ,making up 83.17% of the oriental element,11.88% of the palaearctic element and 4.95%of the Eurytopic element .The elements of the avifauna in this region are strongly aimilar to those in south China region.At the end of this paper,190 specimens are described.
A Preliminary Survey of reptilies in Yongkang City.
Zi luXi, Jiang Yongjin, Yu Tianxi, Zhou Quanlou
1996, 13(2): 194-196.
The reptilies in Yongkang city of Zhejiang Province number 33 sPecies,belonging to 22 genera of 8 families of 3 orders,accounting for 40.24% of the total species of reptilies found in Zhejiang.Among them,there are 4 species of Testudoformes,6 sPecies of Lacertiformes and 24 sPecies of SerPentiformes.
A Prelilninary Survey of Amphibian Fauna in Yongkang of zhejiang.
Zhu Xi, Chen Changqing, Ni Yingsheng
1996, 13(2): 197-199.
There are 20 species of amphibians in Yongkang City,belonging to 8 genera,6 families of 2 orders,taking 50.00% and 41.86% of known genera and species in Zhejiang Province respectively。
Evaluatlon of Terrstrial Vertebrate Resouces in Yongkang City。
Zhu Xi, Jiang Yongjin, Chen Xiefu
1996, 13(2): 200-214.
The terrestrial vertebrates in Yongkang City are divided into 4 grades by using the grade method.Among them,32 species belong to dominant species,137 species common,76 species strange,and 11 species rare.In animal resource types,there are 23 species of fur-bearing animals,106 species medieal,90 species meat,140 species good for agriculture and forest,23 species harmful,198 species fancy,and 32 species feather.The methods about taming and using economic animals are given,and a decline in the esources and some protective measures are discussed.
Automatic Choice of” n Degrees Module Polyonmials over Finite Field GF(p).
Zhao Jun, Zhu Hongdong
1996, 13(2): 215-219.
[Abstract](1095) [PDF](63)
Let p be a prime number and n()2) be a positive integer.A crucial step lies in taking a n degrees irreducible polynomial over GF(p) as module Polynomial()when a new finite field GF(pn)is colistrueted from GF(p).A sequential measurement algorithm which can automatically choose () is given,making use of the shifting division for Polynomials.
Methods on Education of Situation and Poliey Course In Earnest
1996, 13(2): 220-224.
On the basis of detailed analying theimportance of situation and Pollcy course which is established in collegesand universities,the author puts forward the solutions and channels how tograsp the course conscientiously.
Tlme-lag of News Reports in College paper
Wang Changjin
1996, 13(2): 225-229.
[Abstract](1301) [PDF](55)
To counter the news reports delay in a college paper,the author analyses three things accounting for the oceurrence,and mostly proposes some measures from the aspects of college paper system,handling manuscript, quality of the editors,etc.
Study on Archive Utilization in Colleges and Universities.
Jin Ling, Hua Genqin
1996, 13(2): 230-234.
The functions of archive utilization in college and universities were clarified in various ways.Contents and Problems of the working were also expounded and analysed based on the characteristic of the archive utilization.The specific measures to improve the archive utilization were proposed finally.