1996 Vol. 13, No. 3

Biomass of Chinese Fir Planted Forest in Qinyuan of Zhejiang
Zhou Guomo, Yao Jianxiang, Qiao Weiyang, Yang Qihong, Zhu Guojun, adnXu Wenyou。
1996, 13(3): 235-242.
One hundred Chinese fir Plots(n=100) were measured in Qinyuan County of Zhejiang Province.One hundred average trees from each of the Plots were analysed.A series of regression equation were developted for (1)total biomass ,(2)stem biomass,(3)shoot biomass,(4)leave biomass and(5)root biomass with(1)DBH(D) and height(H)or(2)volume(V)as independent variables.The correlation coeffieients of biomass to stand age,density and site index were determined.discussion of all retults was presented。
Nutrient space difference of Chinese Fir Stands with Different Densities.
Lin Kaimin, Yu Xintuo, Qiu Erfa, He Zhiying, Lin Sizu
1996, 13(3): 243-247.
The overall research of five densities of 29-year-old Chinese fir stands shown that the crown length,crown range,individual leaf area and leaf area index decreased with the increase of stand densities.And root range and individual root quantity were in the same caseThe increase of stand density weakened the undergrowth viability and increaded root depth,root density and total root density.The stand has the most thin roots with density of 3750 Per hectare.The distribution tends to be noraml.
Function of Azotico Compounds and Phytohormones In Flower Bud Differentiation of Chinese Fir.
Guan Kanglin, Yan Yilun, Zheng Bingsong
1996, 13(3): 248-254.
In the early medium stage of differentiation,nucleic acid content in male buds is higher by 17% and 33% than that in female buds and leaf buds.In late stage,the content in male bud decreases while in female ones it increases.RNA/DNA ratio is 2~3 in early stage and 5~6 in Iate stage.There's no remarkable change in Protein Ievel.16 free amino acids can be found in various flower buds,among which Proline content is always very high and is closely related to flower bud in intiation and development.GA3 levels(FW)are as high as 50~90ugg-1 while ABA is as low as 1ugg-1 in the initiation of male buds。During the differentiation of female buds,GA3 and ABA are only a little.lower than those in leaf buds and their changes are mild.During flowering,feamle ABA notably decreases while male ABA greatly increases and GA3 decreases.
Effcet of PP333on Growth and Fruiting for 8 Spceies of Economie Trees.
Wang Baipo, Xu Linjuan, Lin Xia, Cheng Xiaojian, Wang Lizhong, Yao Jianxiang
1996, 13(3): 255-262.
PP333 at different concentrations was used in 8 economie species of treessuch as peach,plum,chestnut and ginkgo in different ways. Results showed that PP333, to various extents,had some retardant effect on elongation of new growth and enlargement of leaf area in these 8 species,especially in peach followed by plum,pear and chestnut trees.In chestnut,the effect was very obvious on new growth in the 2nd year of treatment.Floral bud formation was accelerated in peach and plum with the treatment of PP333,so was fruit set in adult peach trees,which was opposite to what was observed in young peach trees.In addition,appearance,disappearance and duration of retardant effect of PP333 Proceeded at the different time among species。ComPensating growth usualy followed disappearance of the retardant effect at the time of early growth。For some species,PP333 came to effect only by increasing concentration or by increasing time of treatment。
Effect of Borie Acid Treatment on the Ripening of Mango(Mangifera indica)cv.Sensation
ZengYanru, Srivastava G C Pandey M Prasad N K
1996, 13(3): 263-269.
An attempt has been made to treat Sensation mango fruits with 10mmolL-1 boric acid with the aim to see whether boric acid has some effect on delaying ripening proeess,especially those ripening associated changes.Results obtained during a 8-day ripening period have shown that ①in boric acid treatment fruits didnt lose fresh weight 50 drastieally as in control,so did the chlorophyll content in the skin,②boric acid treated fruits were higher in activity of Pectin methyl esterase(PME) and Polygalaeturonase(PG) than control with PME peak coming 2 days earlier than that of PG and ③boric acid lowered respiratory activity of the fruit as compared to control with no effect on total sugar content in the puIp.
A Model of the Adhesive Rate in Impregnation of Bamboo Strip.
Jiang Zhihong, MaLi, Ma Xue qing, Li Xiangfan, Kong Caiyuan
1996, 13(3): 270-275.
The adhesive rate was affected by both the solid rate(Z1) in the adhesive and soaking time(Z2).The former had a positive correlation with the adhesive rate when bamboo strip was soaked in 2122 PF resin.The relationship between the adhesive rate(Y) and above two factors was expressed by Y=2.15-0.1611Z1+0.2500Z2+0.0121Z12=2.90一0.1611Z1+0.0121 Z12 when the solid rate varied from 15% to 35% and soaking time from 1 to 5 min.
Ash and Lignin Contents for 76 Spceies of Bamboo Wood.
Ma Lingfei, Han Hong, Xu Zhenwang, Zhang Jingwen, Ma Naixun
1996, 13(3): 276-279.
The ash content and lignin content for 76 species of bamboo wood from Guangxi and Zhejiang were determined。The results showed that the ash content ranged from 0.88% to 7.23% ,averaged 2.65%,and the lignin content ranged from 2.36% to 30.04%,averaged 24.95%。
Growth Characteristies of Populus Constituting the Agricultural Protcetion Forest in the Northern Area of the Huaihe River.
Wan Fuxu, Hu HaibO, Zhang Jinchi, Jiang Furong, Sun Wenkang
1996, 13(3): 280-285.
(1)With the growth of Populus trees,the absolute variations of their height,breast-height diameter and crown breadth of different individuals in the same belt gradually increased whereas the relative variations gradually decreased.(2)After two or three years of Planting,the forest entered its rapid-growth period.(3)The growth of the height,breast-height diameter and volume could be fit by the Logistic Curve.(4)The growth speed order (from fast to low) of different clones was:NL-116,NL-121,W-46,NL-203=I-69,I-214.NL-105 and NL-106 in backbone forest belts had a faster growth speed than those in Protection forest network。(5)The crown breadth of NL-203 was Iess than the others,so it's suitful for NL-203 to be widely planted on the side of farmland.(6)The crown breadth in the direction of forest belts was less than that in its vertical direction.(7)In the forest belts with the same age,crown breadth was closely related with breast-height diameter but not with height.(s)There was a close relationship between beight and breast-heigbt diameter.Compared with populus trees in a tract of forests,those in the forest belts were obviously tapered.
On the Liriodendron chinense Communities in Mt.Longwang and Mt.Jiulong of Zhejiang.
Fang Yanming, Zhang Zhongzheng, Wang Wenjun
1996, 13(3): 286-292.
Two conununities of Liriodendron chinense in Mt.Longwang and Mt. Jiulong,Zhejiang,are included in this study.In Mt.Longwang,L.chinense- Cycolocarys paliurus-Carpinus cordata var.chinensis community is spatially composed of two storeys,i.e.canpy-and under-storey.The important value of L.chinens.reaches 36.0%and is the highest among tree species.The testing- values of several ecological traits are listed as follows:diversity indexes(D) 3.0232,ecological dominance(C)0.156,species evenness(J)40.11% and conununity evenness(15)79.29%.These indicate that the community is relatively stable.In Mt.Jiulong,L.chinense-Cycolobalanopsis multinervis-Camellia fraternacommunity is spatially composed of three storeys,i.e.canopy-,subcanopy- and under-storey.The important value of L.chinense 16.5%,and is the third among tree species.The results of ecological traits are as follows:D=3.0976, C==0.128,J=26.7%and Js=75.67%,which indicate that the community is relatively dynamical.The conservation and utilization on L.chinense forests and the germplasma is discussed.
Numerical Classification of Cyclobalanopsis Forests in Mt.Jiulong of zhejiang.
Zhang Fanggang
1996, 13(3): 293-300.
Six species of evergreen oaks(Cyclobalabnopsis)make up the typical broad-leaved forests which are evidently dominant communities in Mt.Jiulong.The forests are divided into 7 types by the group average method in hierarchical agglomerative classification.They are:evergreen broad-leaved forest of Cyclobalanopsis glauca,evergreen broad-leaved forest of C.nubium,evergreen broad-leaved forest of C.stewardiana,evergreen broad-leaved forest of C.gracilis,evergreen broad-leaved forest of C.mysfnaefolfa,evergreen broad-leaved forest of C.multfnervis and evergreen and deciduous broad-leaved mixed forest of C.multinervis.The components and distribution of these communities are also discussed。
pattern of Germination of Cedrus deodara Seeds in Fields.
Jin Wentong, Sun XiaoPing, Yu Zhonglu
1996, 13(3): 301-305.
Cedrus deodars seeds were soaked in cold water for 24h or 36h and then disinfected with 3.0gL-1 KMnO4 solution for 30s before seeding stage,and this would lead to an obvious increase in the germination rate.The higher seed germination rate would be reached if the seeds were soaked in cold water for 24h.The seed germination process was regressed and a model equation of the Proeess was set up.
Introduction of Sabina virginfana in Sea Islands of Zhoushan.
XuShuhua, Yu Ciying
1996, 13(3): 306-310.
Fourteen-year stduies with multi-plots culture in different site-type in the sea islands of Zhoushan City,Zhejiang Province,suggests that Sabina virginiana can be planted not only at the hilly area of the sea islands,but also at the coastal beach,especially in the shelter-belt for tangerine orchard of beach farm.Sabina virginiana is more adaptable to growth compared with Cupressus funebris ,Pinus in Zhoushan Islands.Introduction of Sabina virginiana has get a preliminary success.
Tourism Regionalization in County Level.
Ma Junshan, Wang Xing
1996, 13(3): 311-315.
The paper systemtically introdcues the procedure,content,method of the tourism regionalization,and states that its advisable to regionalize the tourist region in a county according to the tourist destination way to zone the tourist area,and that the key strategic policies of tourism development is to properly adjust the structure of tourist resources.
Summarization on Forest Landseape Geography in Zhejiang Provicne
Wei Xinliang, Liu Yongfu
1996, 13(3): 316-321.
A forest landscape class consists of three grades such as forest landscape group,forest landscape type and stand landseape.The nature geographical environment: of Zhejiang is advantageous,and forest landscape resources is rich:9 forest landscape groups and about 40 forest landscape types. There are different landscape characteristics and geographical distribution for each forest landscape type.
A Model of Annual Pocket Planting of Varied Strains of Lentinus edodes.
Huang Shuisheng, Liu Yuejun, Su Liying, Chen Xuehong
1996, 13(3): 322-327.
The Pocket Planting of Lentinus edodes in Songyang is introduced including the fine husband strains,varied strains in properpairs or groups throughout the year,production season arrangement and corresponding techniques.The annual production not only helps to make full use of production fecilities,spawn farms,cultivation lands and labour force,but also lowers the cost for production and attains top quality and high yield.In addition,it maitains an all-year-round supply,adjusts market and promotes economiec benefits.
Population Migration and Industry Development in Zhejiang Mountain Areas。
Shen Yueqin, Li Minghua
1996, 13(3): 328-332.
The authors analyse the trend and problems of population migration in Zhejiang mountain areas,and Put forward a viewpoint developing local industry,utilizing surplus labour force on the spot,and accomplishing internal population.While analysing the features of internal population migration in mountain areas and the effects of industrialization on this migration,the authors propose some improving counter measures.
Status and Countermeasures of Transforming Scientific and Technical Achievements in Foresty in Zhejiang.
Zhu Yongfa, Zhou Xiaoli, Ling Shenkun
1996, 13(3): 333-338.
The main problems of the transform of Zhejiangs scientific and technical achievements in forestry lie in both the lack of effectlve popularization mechanism and lower transform rate.On the basis of deepgoing analysis of their reasons,some countermeasures are made:the strengthening of transform consciousness of achievements,the adjustmnet of seientific research instruct,the formulation of preferential policies,the introducing of market mechanism and so on。
skills on plant pen-and-ink drawing
Han Hong
1996, 13(3): 339-345.
A plant pen-and-ink drawing which is a kind of biological science picture is specially made for articles and books on botany and phytotaxonomy.This paper discusses the skills of pen-and-ink drawing on all hands such as selection of plant specimen and drawing tool,draft and composition by use of the knowledge of biology and art with author's working experiences some years.
Study on the Sports Interest of College Students.
Zheng Jianyue
1996, 13(3): 350-353.
The investigative results to1170 college students show that only 71.7% of the students take an interest in sports and 25.3% of themneglect or comparatively neglect physical training,mainly because the seniors tudents have no physical education classes and then gradually lose their sports interest due to their unstable interest on sports.Therefore,it is necessary to strengthen the education of physical training what is important,to cultivate the students'keen interest on sports,and to carry out the body-buildiiig plan for all Chlnese people.To do this helps the students master one or two physical training means for training themseleves after gradustion and benefit all themseleves life。
Establishing Techniques on Eco-economics Type Protection Forest System in the Chuanjiang Valley:Layout for Key Shelterforests.
Yu Shuquan, Chen Linwu, Wang Jiang, Wang Peng
1996, 13(3): 354-358.
[Abstract](1162) [PDF](50)
The meaning,layout Principle and layout basis of key shelter-forests are made.The protection forest system in the Sichuan Basin divided into five key shelter-forest regions.The Iayout sections and establishing points for the key shelter-forests in the Chuanjiang valley are given.
Early Maturing Chinese Gooseberry :Nutrition Metabolism and Storage Characteristics at High
Liu shifang, Xu Shuhong, Wu Jiasen, Tong Zhuping, Chai Shimin
1996, 13(3): 359-363.
For Huang Pi variety of Chinese gooseberry,the best edible state of fruit could be achieved postharvest 7d at 20.0 to 33.3℃.In this period,the ratios of sugar/acids and solid/acids were 11.76 to 13.23 and 25.0 to 26.5 respcetively.There spiration peak value of fruit was 76.2512mgkg-1h-1 at 33.3℃.Here after,the increase content of soluble solid was faster than that of soluble sugar,and total content of organic acids deelined fast.The protein and vitaminC of fruit after picking declined fast at the temperature of 28 to 33cC。In the period of the best edible state,protein content was 1.58% and vitaminC was 525mgkg-1 Fresh-keeping effect of polysaccharide(PS) solution was better than that of monosaccharide(GS) solution at room temperature.The fruit walls began to wrinkle when the weightlessness rate of fruit was(5.50.5)%.Fruits treated with PS were fresh in 14days,and the control in 3days.The best method of fresh keeping was that spreading the fruits treated with PS or GS selution out to store in unsealed polyethylene pIastic bags at 1 to 3℃.
Collection and Freshness Retention of Bamboo Sap.
Mao Riyao, Lu Wenliu, Lü Longgen
1996, 13(3): 367-369.
Sap was collected from live bamboo(Phyllostachys pubescens)without damage to the ecosystem of bamboo stands.From each bamboo an average of 300ml of fresh sap was got and from thizome1 200 ml,which could be kept fresh at normal atmospherie temperaturefor about 1 month after pasteurization.The first ideal to get the sapfrom april to May each year by electrically drilling holes on the stem below 25 am above the ground.
effect of soil drainage on morphological structure and growth
Wu Zuying, Chu Jiamiao, Tang Mingrong, Chai Shimin, Tong Zhuping
1996, 13(3): 364-366.
Analyzing the effeets of soil drainage in the no-watering season on growth of stand,development of aerial root,distribution of root systems,and form-factors of Taxodium ascendens Planted in seasonal accumulated water Plots of the Qingshan Lake in Lin'an.The results showed that the effects of soil drainage on above all were great.