2000 Vol. 17, No. 4

Variations of paper pulpwood properties within individual of new Aigeiros clones of southern type
TONG Zai-kang, ZHENG Yong-ping, LUO Shi-yuan, YANG Hui-ping, ZHU Yu-qiu
2000, 17(4): 345-349.
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A systematic study made in a clonal test forest in Linhai on timber properties of paper pulpwood of 20 new aigeiros clones of southern type shows that the fiber length in the trunk of these new clones gradually increases from the top to bottom , the fiber of the branches in the upper part of the canopy being shorter than that of the branches in the middle or lower part of the canopy ;the specific gravity in the lower part of the trunk is high as compared with that in the upper part , the latter being slightly higher than that in the middle part ;and the specific gravity is the smallest for the branches in the lower part of the crown , which gradually increases upwards .The frequency of the wood fiber length in different parts of the trunk is in evenly normal distribution .The difference in average values of the fiber length of the trunk is mainly reflected by the difference in the quantity of the fiber that is either shorter than 0.7 mm , a mid-value of classes , or longer than 1.3 mm .For the trunk of the 20 clones , the fiber length is between 0.940 0 and 1.005 9 mm , which meets the standard laid down by the International Timber Society for the fiber of middle rank and the specific gravity ranges from 0.333 3 to 0.346 7 gcm-3 in different parts .For branches , the fiber length changes from 0.6861 to 0.725 2 mm and the specific gravity from 0.358 8 to 0.368 8 gcm-3 .Finally , some constructive suggestions on tending and utilization of these new clones as a kind of paper pulpwood are put forward .
Detection of genetic markers associated with growth traits in Chinese fir
HE Zhen-xiang, SHI Ji-sen, YIN Zeng-fang, CHEN Xiao-chou, YU Rong-zhuo
2000, 17(4): 350-354.
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The study of detection of the genetic markers (RAPDS) associated with the growth traits (height , diameter and volume)using ANOVA analysis for the first time .The results showed that 3 , 5 and 2 RAPD markers associated with height , diameter and volume respectively by single-marker ANOVA analysis ;and 286 pairs of markers were found to be associated with growth traits by two-marker ANOVA analysis and also showed interactions among them .
Nutrition elements contained in leafs of Phyllostachys praecox f .preveynalis and soil nutrients
JIANG Pei-kun, YU Yi-wu
2000, 17(4): 360-363.
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This paper studies the relations between nutritions in leaf of Phyllostachys praecox f .preveynalis and soil nutrients .Samples concerned are collected from different sites of bamboo forest in Gaohong town , Linan , Zhejiang .Nutrition elements are Si , N , K , Ca , P , Mg and Fe in order of the average content .They are respectively 18.45 , 15.14 , 14.71 , 2.92 , 2.33 , 1.30 and 0.13 g kg-1 .The variation coefficients of phosphous is among the least (5.83 %), and that of silicon is among the biggest (26.284 %).Nitrogen content in leaf has a good relation to the total nitrogen and hydrolysable nitrogen in soil , and correlation coefficients are 0.639* and 0.669* respectively .Potassium content in leaf is also good related to organic matter and rapid potassium of soil and correlation coefficients are 0.635* and 0.789** respectively .However , calcium content of leaf to soil available phosphous and magnesium content of leaf to soil rapid potassium are negative related (correlation coefficients are -0.657* and -0.638*).Nitrogen , phosphous , potassium and magnesium contents in 1-year-old bamboo leaf are more than that in 3-year-old bamboo leaf , and the times are 1.08 , 1.11 , 1.33 and 1.15 respectively .But calcium and silicon are quite the contrary , and times are 1.08 and 1.36 respectively .
Effects of fertilizing on biological properties of root region soil under Phyllostachys pubescens forest
XU Qiu-fang, JIANG Pei-kun
2000, 17(4): 364-368.
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To understand the effects of fertilizing on biological properties of root region soil under Phyllostachys pubescens forest , a trial was done in bamboo forest in Linan City of Zhejiang Province .Application of oil cake caused a significant increase in the number of bacteria and fungi in both root region and non-root region soil whether total amount (1 500 kghm-2 oil cake)or half the amount of oil cake (750 kghm-2 oil cake plus equal amount of mineral N , P , K)being applied .The bacteria numbers of soil applies with total amount and half the amount of oil cake are 2.02 and 1.72 times as that of the chesk soil in non-root region , 1.91 and 1.60 times in root region respectively .As to fungi numbers , the corresponding times are 1.98 and 1.62 in non-root region , 2.47 and 1.89 in root region , respectively .The same effect does not occur in actinomyces .Application of oil cake activates enzyme activity such as hydrogen peroxidase , urease , protease and sucrase in both non-root region and root region soil under bamboo forest .The above enzyme activities of soil applied with total amount of oil cake are 1.24 , 1.72 , 1.82 , 1.55 times as that of check soil in non-root region and 1.75 , 2.10 , 2.42 , 1.61 times in root region , respectively .The above enzyme activities of soil applied with half the amount of oil cake are 1.07 , 1.40 , 1.53 , 1.21 times as that of check soil in non-root region and 1.46 , 1.67 , 1.92 , 1.07 times in root region , respectively .The similar case does not appear to sucrase .Application of pure mineral fertilizer has no affirmative effect on enzyme activity in both non-root region and root region soil except urease and protease in root region soil.
On biomass and nutrient distribution of tree rotation of Chinese fir and slender-stalk altingia
CHEN Ai-ling, CHEN Guang-shui, XIE Jing-sheng, YANG Yu-sheng
2000, 17(4): 369-372.
[Abstract](1438) [PDF](142)
A study on biomass and nutrient elements distrbution of Altingia gracilipes planted on the site of Chinese fir sprouting forest which went through several asexual generations of the same species and reserved Chinese fir sprouting forest was made in Youxi County of Fujian Province .The results indicated that the average tree biomass , biomass of branches and leaves and its proportion , the proprtion of root systen and biomass of middle root and thin root making up the root system of Altingia gracilipes when 26-year-old were all higher than that of Chinese fir sprouting forest .Stand biomass , total nutrient elements and reservation of N , P, K in branches , leaves , root system were higher than that of the Chinese fir sprouting forest , too .Altingia gracilipes is a excellent tree species to ameliorate the degraded stand of Chinese fir and to form the mixed forest of Chinese fir and broad-levaved tree .
Plant resources in Forest Park of Dalushan Islet in Zhejiang and their exploitation and utilization
SUN Hai-ping
2000, 17(4): 373-377.
[Abstract](1257) [PDF](198)
Based on the investigations for Forest Park of Dalushan Islet in 1999 , the plant resources , including species , types of phytocommunity , forest area and growing stock , recommended trees are analyzed and appraised . According to the present situation of the resources , the characteristics of ecology envirinment in islets and the needs of developing tourism, some views on the protection , exploitation and utilization of the resources about forestry plants are advanced .
Medicinal plants from Mount Longwang Nature Reserve in Zhejiang
ZHOU Zhi-xiu, CHEN Liang, LOU Lu-huan, LI Gen-you
2000, 17(4): 378-383.
[Abstract](1288) [PDF](240)
A systematic survey had been conducted in Mount Longwang Nature Reserve , Anji County .There are 115 families , 353 genera and 614 species of vascular plants in the reserve .Among them, 107 families and 390species can be used as medicinal plants , including 9 families and 14 species of pteridophyte , 98 families and 376 species of spermatophyta .The medicinal plants are classified into 11 groups , such as antipyretics and diaphoretic . Suggestions are raised for valid preservation and reasonable utiliaztion of the wild medicinal plants .
Cutting propagation techniques for Quisqualis indica
CHEN Deng-xiong, CAI Bang-ping, DONG Jian-wen, CHENG Mu-lin
2000, 17(4): 384-388.
[Abstract](1823) [PDF](171)
This study was made in the Nursery of Fujian College of Forestry in 1998 .The research results indicated that there were significant and greatly significant effects of cutting age , cutting length , cuttage time , root growth helping maters and cuttage substrate on the rooting and growth ability of Quisqualis indica of 10-year-old .Cuttings could not grow the adventition roots until 65 d after cuttage .The cutting propagation techniques are as follow :the base ends of cuttings of 2-year-old with the length of 16 cm were infused in the NAA solution with the concentration of 10-4mgL-1for 24 h , and planted in the comprehensive cutting substrate (loess∶burned soil∶river sand∶ superphoshate =5∶3∶2∶1)in March .
Processing techniques of products of instant Patrinia villosa packed with soft materials
ZHONG Shan-min, LIN Hai-ping, LI Gen-you, SHI Yun-bo
2000, 17(4): 389-391.
[Abstract](1176) [PDF](159)
Young fresh stems and leaves of Patrinia villosa were used for processing with different formulas , and 4 kinks of instant products of different flavors packed with soft materials were produced which could meet the need of the consumers with different tastes.At the same time , some experiments in the effects of green protection were made .The results showed that the effect of green protection treating Patrinia villosa for 12 min with the copper acetate solution of 300 mgL-1 was ideal .
Investigation and analysis on urban sculpture in Ningbo
ZHANG Ren-zhao
2000, 17(4): 392-397.
[Abstract](1330) [PDF](165)
Urban sculpture is closely related with garden , and deals with architecture , art , environment and culture etc .One hundred and seven-three urban sculptures have been appeared in Ningbo City of Zhejiang Province .Analysis from shape , color , quality and environment effect of sculptures shows that some are good works, and the others are mediocre works .It is important to strengthen art , environment and unique style in sculpture , and make the works of excellent workmanship and modern flavor for raising Ningbos garden level .
How develop deeply about tourist trade at Putuoshan
LI Jian, ZHANG Xi-lin, FANG Gong-yong
2000, 17(4): 398-403.
[Abstract](2043) [PDF](198)
According to the investigation of tourism development at Putuoshan , which is the Holy Land of Buddhism around Avalokitesvara , the authors find that there are still many problems when tourism in this area is developing rapidly , such as the theme of tourism culture , tourism environment protection and management measures .The authors suggest that deepening tourism development at Putuoshan should concentrate on the core of Buddhist culture , which includes the theory of CIS (Corporate Identity System), particular training for tour guides , tours for one-day monks , and how to build buddhist culture at Putuoshan with characteristics of Chinas Buddhist culture .At the same time , there is some suggestions for tourist environmentprotection and tourism management .
First aid techniques and mechanism for dying pine trees damaged by pine wilt disease
LAI Yan-xue, YU Lin-xiang, ZHOU Yong-pin, WANG Liang-yan, SHEN You-lian
2000, 17(4): 404-409.
[Abstract](1310) [PDF](157)
This paper shows that the dying pine trees caused by Bursaphelenchus xylophilus will relive by the methods of first-aid with proper drugs .After mixed drug (nematocide insecticide)were injected into stem of dying pine trees , 83.3 % of dyingPinus massoniana and 75.0 % of dyingPinus thunbergii relived .On the practice of first-aid then relive , it proves that pine wilt is the result from the double factors of combining B . xylophilus with Monochamus alternatus .It is the basic reason of dying pine tree relive through killing larvae of M . alternatus with insecticide and killing B .xylophilus with nematocide .
Comparison on infection of Metarhizium anisopliae and Beauveria bassiana to Dendrolimus punctatus
JIANG Ying-cheng
2000, 17(4): 410-413.
[Abstract](1232) [PDF](190)
Metarhizium anisopliae and Beauveria bassiana had been used to control Dendrolimus punctatus in lab .The lab test showed that there were not much differences in the toxicity to 3rd ~ 4th instar larvae of D . punctatus between M .anisopliae and B .bassiana at 25 ℃.The median lethal concentration of M .anisopliae was 6.38 108 sporesL-1 , and the median lethal time was 8.60 ~ 15.19 days for the concentration of 1.0 1011 ~ 1.0 107 sporesL-1 .The median lethal concentration of B .bassiana was 5.06 108 sporesL-1 , and the median lethal timewas 7.80 ~ 14.79 days for the concentration of 1.0 1011 ~ 1.0 107 sporesL-1 .The strain of M .anisopliae was more tolerant to high temperature and drought than B .bassiana .At high temperature or low humidity , the pathogenicity on D .punctatus was superior to that by B .bassiana .The lab test indicated that M . anisopliae was of greater value in controlling D .punctatus .
Biological characteristics of Propachys nigrivena
ZOU Ji-fu
2000, 17(4): 414-416.
[Abstract](958) [PDF](165)
Propachys nigrivena is a new pest that damage the camphor tree (Cmnamomum camphora)in Fujian Province .It is three generations each year and overwinters as aged larva cocooning and pupating in the soil .The adult of the pest moults in early or middle April next year .The first generation of the larva hatches in late April to early May .The aged larva pupates into soil one after another in middle or late June .The adult of the first generation moults and ovulates in late June to early July .The second generation of the larva hatches in early July and pupates into the soil in middle August .The adult of pest moults in late August .The third generation of the larva hatches in middle September .The pest overwinters as aged larva pupating into the soil in late October . Control could be made at the larval prevailing stage by spraying tree crowns with 3 000-fold solution of 20 % decamefhrin or 1 000-fold 80 % dichlorovos or 1 000-fold 50 % methamidophos , resulting in 90 % of the larve being killed .
Biological characteristics of Xyleborus mutilatus and its control
TANG Wei-qiang
2000, 17(4): 417-420.
[Abstract](1198) [PDF](175)
Xyleborus mutilatus Blandford is one of major insect pest attacking the trunk and branches of Castanea mol lissima Blue .It is one generation a year in Xinchang County of Zhejiang Province , and overwinters with adults in the weed and litter .The adult harmful period is from April to June .It injures mainly the trunk and two to four yearss branches on ground from 40 cm to 150 cm .It has many female ones but a male .Female and male ratios is 16.25∶1 .The adults hibernate in mid-October .Eggs , larva and pupa always live in the social chamber made by adults .Control could be wiade by smearing side the trank with 5-fold omethoate 40EC , resulting in 95.7 % of the larva or the adults being killed .
Preliminary study on Win Help topic file of biological statistic analysis platform
WU Yan-xiong
2000, 17(4): 421-424.
[Abstract](1113) [PDF](157)
This paper introduces control coding of Win Help topic file , which are meaning and edit methods of page separate code , control code , underline and hidden text .Then , the paper uses biological statistic analysis platform as an example to illustrate writing skill of Win Help topic file and indicates two existing problems of topic file edit .
Editing and compiling Win Help project of biological statistic analysis platform
WU Yan-xiong, CHEN Mei-lan
2000, 17(4): 425-429.
[Abstract](1542) [PDF](164)
Project file is a kind of profile string files , which is used to organize and manage help source files and bases on sections .The paper introduces 14 kinds of sections and uses the project file of help system of biological statistic analysis platform as an example to illustrate method and skill of editing and compiling Win Help project file .
On conditioned probability matrix and channel theory and Marcov chains
2000, 17(4): 430-435.
[Abstract](1181) [PDF](175)
Regarding all dispersed stochastic variable's distribution as unit space and treating conditioned probability matrixes as a mapping between unit spaces , the author applies these to information theory and obtains a better algorithm of channel capacity , and proves that there must be a steady point if the state of transition probability matrix in Marcov Chains is limited .
Camptotheca acuminata :the law of growth and character correlation of young trees and sprouting branches
ZHOU Guo-mo, LI Xian-qing, CHU Jia-miao, CHEN Zu-an, XU Shao-yuan
2000, 17(4): 355-359.
[Abstract](1040) [PDF](151)
In order to provide the scientific basis for the practice of leaf-used Camptotheca acuminata , two treatment methods , i .e .plantation test on hills and cutting trunk test onmatted beds , were adopted for the annual sound seedling from 16 Camptotheca acuminata provenances .Increments of young trees and sprouting branches were measured .The test results indicated that the provenances in Changsha of Hunan , Pingnan of Fujian , Wuchang of Hubei , Lishui of Zhejiang and Linan of Zhejiang demonstrated a tree height increment ranking from first to fifth .The provenance in Quiyang of Quizhou had a maximum correlation coefficient between height and base diameter of young trees .The sprouting branches after cutting trunk had a total sprouting percentage of 69.3 %. The provenances in Linan of Zhejiang had the highest sprouting percentage , followed in order by those in Kaihua of Zhejiang , Lishui of Zhejiang , Nanjing Forestry University of Jiansu and Dongzhi of Anhui .A close relation was observed between height and base diameter increment of sprouting branches .
Considerations about some problems of mountain area modernization in Zhejiang
SHEN Yue-qin, GU Lei, SHEN Yue-di, YING Xin-yuan, WAN Gang
2000, 17(4): 445-449.
[Abstract](1252) [PDF](169)
The ecological environment in mountain areas is so weak that these areas are easy to suffer form natural calamities .The development of social economy in the areas and ecological safety of towns in lower-belt are based on forestry , which provides such functions as protecting ecological environment , preventing the loss of water and soil , and avoiding land-slide .So mountain modernization may touch on the problem of utilization and protect of natural resources, may deal with the balance of industrial structure regulation and town-formation , and may be connect with the problem of multi-participation of governor , researcher and farmer .
“6S” technological system and innovation of forestry science & technology
ZHOU Guo-hong, WANG Hai-zhen
2000, 17(4): 450-453.
[Abstract](1384) [PDF](190)
Forestry activity based on 6S technologies is a strategic thought of dynamic management system.The paper suggests that the integration of 6S technologies is not only need for new forestry science technology innovation , but also can bring informatization and scientific management to forestry activities , and promote the foundation of monitor system of timber resource in our country .Some proposals for the applied research of 6S technologies integration in the country are presented at last .
Strategies on wild vegetable resources and their exploitation and utilization in Zhejiang
GU Qing
2000, 17(4): 454-458.
[Abstract](1155) [PDF](211)
With rich wild vegetable resources , Zhejiang is in a favourable condition for developing wild vegetable industry .This paper gives a general review of actuality situation for the resources and exploitation of wild vegetable . Although the utilization of wild vegetable is long in Zhejiang , it has not formal a scale and there is lacking content in science and technology , blankness in variety of production , smallness in value of subjoin .It is necessary to carry out a series researches on introduction propagetion , process and exploitation to wild vegetable .Good exploitation prospects of wild vegetable are also discussed .Suggestions on how to protect and utilize rationally these resources are offered .
Current situation and prospects of study on artificial induction and reversion of bamboo flowering
XIE Yin-feng, ZHANG Chun-xia, DING Yu-long
2000, 17(4): 436-440.
[Abstract](1257) [PDF](182)
Bamboo is a versatile species with great economic value .But it normally has a long flowering cycle and the cycle is unpreditable , most species flower and produce seeds only once then die in its lifetime , this peculiarity has hampered the study of flowering behavior and many other aspects in bamboo .The study of artificial induction and reversion of bamboo flowering not only provides a possibility to acquire bamboo seeds annually , but also an attempt at the cross breeding , typology , and investigating of flowering mechanism in bamboo .So far , bamboo flowering in tissue culture has been induced successfully in more than eight species based on published reports from India , Belgium , China , Japan etc , and artificial reversion of bamboo flowering been reported .Based on the model systems of the induction and reversion of bamboo flowering , the actor of influencing induction and reversion of bamboo flowering in tissue culture has been studied , the attempt in hybridization , investigating of flowering mechanism are in progress .It is no doubt that the bamboo research will make great progress with the advance in the study of bamboo flowering .
Scientific notes
Design and building of online inquiring system of main cash tree species in Zhejiang
FANG Lu-ming, WU Da-sheng, TANG Li-hua
2000, 17(4): 441-444.
[Abstract](1543) [PDF](158)
There are many cash tree species in Zhejiang , which possess a very important standing in China .The blind development of cash forests results in a glut of their products in recent years , so a online inquiring system of cash tree species is necessary to development of cash forests in Zhejiang .The paper discusses simply the design of the system , and some work has done to fulfill the system adopting Internet technique and B/S structure in laboratory .