2005 Vol. 22, No. 3

Structure study and application of forestry resources management information system at county level
FANG Lu-ming, TANG Li-hua, XU Ai-jun
2005, 22(3): 249-254.
[Abstract](1134) [PDF](287)
The backward forestry informationization and the lack of software of forestry resource information management at the county level indicate that the construction of forestry resources management information systems at the county level is a difficult and important task for the forestry informationization .The actualities of forestry resources management information at the county level were investigated and the targets of constructing county-level forestry resources information system were put forward based on the application requirement and system structure .A system with five layers was created .It included basic data layer , common platform layer , subject data layer , function components and modules layer and application system layer .The roles and potentials of 3S (GIS , GPS , RS)technology and technology of integrating and detecting data were taken into full account .The reasonable application of components technology , database technology and integration technology in the development software system realized the unification of openness and safety , agility and universality .The targets , basic principles , characteristics , structure and functions of the forestry resources management information system at the county level were expatiated and the practical application of it in Lin'an City was briefly introduced .[ Ch , 2 fig .15 ref .]
Study on microclimates of different ecosystems in hilly red soil areas
WANG Qian-hua, YU Shu-quan, ZHOU Guo-mo
2005, 22(3): 255-258.
[Abstract](1207) [PDF](193)
Comparative analysis and correlation analysis of microclimates in 6 ecosystems of Phyllostachys praecox , Cunninghamia lanceolata , Pinus elliottii and Paspalum notatum , Cunninghamia lanceolata and Pinus elliottii , Citrus grandis `Changshanhuyou' , in hilly red soil areas of Jinhua-Quzhou Basin , Zhejiang Province , were conducted .The results of comparative analysis showed that Cunninghamia lanceolata and Pinus elliottii was most effective to regulate the soil humidity , air relative humidity and Phyllostachys praecox was the most effective to regulate air temperature .The correlations of 6 ecosystems were 0.781 6 , 0.738 4 , 0.823 4 , 0.759 5 , 0.712 2 and 0.741 8 respectively .As far as the regulation of all three factors including soil humidity , air relative humidity and air temperature was concerned , Cunninghamia lanceolata and Pinus elliottii functioned the best .[ Ch , 3 fig .1 tab .11 ref .]
Effect of reconstructed micro-slope on soil moisture dynamics in Yunnan dry-hot river valley
LI Yan-mei, WANG Ke-qin, LIU Zhi-qin, WANG Jian-ying
2005, 22(3): 259-265.
[Abstract](985) [PDF](228)
A preliminary research on the soil water dynamics of reconstructed micro-slope in typical slope in Yunnan dry-hot river valley was conducted by positioning observation and comparative tests .The results show that the seasonal dynamic changes of soil moisture were determined by the amount of rainfall and its distributions within the year .It was usually divided into four stages :evaporation stage before rainy season , wetting stage during rainy season, the stability stage in post-rainy season , and the stability stage in the winter .The soil moisture variety range of the contour trench and contour terrace in wetting stage during rainy stage was much greater than that of the natural slope .On the same high level , the yearly average soil moisture of all soil layers was much greater than that of the natural slope , and the coefficient of variation of soil moisture was smaller than that of the natural slope , the soil moisture variety range of micro-slope decreased with the increase in depth .The soil profile could be divided into three layers :active layer (cv 0.30), less active (0.16 cv 0.30)and stable layer (cv 0.16).Soil moisture lost very quickly on soil surface , it decreased with the increase in depth .Reconstructing micro-slope decreased the loss of soil moisture and increased the stagnation of moisture in soil , which was good for plants'absorption of water .Reconstructing micro-slope obviously improved the soil humidity environment in dry-hot river valley .[ Ch , 3 fig .4 tab .16 ref .]
Internal factors influencing Karst rocky desertification
WANG De-lu, ZHU Shou-qian, HUANG Bao-long
2005, 22(3): 266-271.
[Abstract](1300) [PDF](246)
Quantitative analysis of 14 factors influencing Karst rocky desertification were conducted with the methods of principal component analysis and gradient and multiple linearity analysis based on large number of sample data . The results showed that vegetation and soil circumstance were dominant internal factors for Karst rocky desertification , their variance contribution rates being 34.53 % and 29.28 % respectively .Vegetation factor was significantly related to the stages and process of rocky desertification and indicated the diachronic development of rocky desertification .Factor of soil circumstance was an index of rocky desertification type and indicated the spatial difference of lithology .[ Ch , 6 fig .2 tab .9 ref .]
Dynamic characteristics of the dominant populations in different succession stages of evergreen broad-leaved forest on Tiantai Mountain in Zhejiang Province
JIN Ze-xin, CAI Hui-hua
2005, 22(3): 272-276.
[Abstract](1221) [PDF](224)
Using the size class instead of age structure , the density dynamic and the distribution patterns of the dominant populations were studied , which were in the secondary sere community of evergreen broad-leaved forests on Tiantai Mountain in Zhejiang Province .The results showed that in the processes of succession from needle leaved forest to evergreen broad-leaved forest , the density of Pinus massoniana populations reduced gradually and the age structure of the populations was all decline pattern .The density sequences of Schima superba population in three communities were needle broad leaved mixed forest , needle leaved forest and evergreen broad-leaved forest .The age structure of the populations was all growing pattern .The Castanopsis eyrei population only appeared in needle broad leaved mixed forest and evergreen broad-leaved forest .The population density in needle broad leaved mixed forest was relatively greater and the age structure of the population was growing pattern , while the age structure of the population in evergreen broad-leayed forest was stable pattern .The distribution patterns of the populations changed with development of forest succession .The declined population was mostly randormly or uniformly distributed while the growing population or stable population was laryely aggregated distributed .[ Ch , 2 tab .10 ref .]
Effect of soil water content on net photosynthetic rate of Punica granatum
DENG Heng-fang, WANG Ke-qin
2005, 22(3): 277-281.
[Abstract](1172) [PDF](172)
The net photosynthetic rate (Pn)in Punica granatum leaves was measured under different soil water content (SWC).The results showed that the Pn and stomatal conductance (COND) declined with the decline of SWC , and the effects of SWC on COND was consistent with Pn changes .The curves of diurnal variation of Pn and COND were typical double-peaked , and both of Pn and COND decreased gradually with the decrease of SWC .It was also found that the changes of Pn was related mainly to stomatic factors when SWC was 19.14 % to 13.23 %. [ Ch , 4 fig .1 tab .19 ref .]
Seasonal changes of endogenetic hormones in leaves of Haloxylon ammodendron in Xinjiang
LI Jian-gui, HUANG Jun-hua, WANG Qiang, RUAN Xiao
2005, 22(3): 282-285.
[Abstract](1148) [PDF](178)
The contents of hormones in the leaves of Haloxylon ammodendron in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of China were tested every 15 days through May to August to study the seasonal change of endogenetic hormones under natural drought stress .The results showed that content of GA dropped fiuctuantly .In the early growing period , content of ABA was very small , but it accumulated quickly in summer , and it reached the highest level in the late growing period .Content of IAA decreased in the whole growing period .The change of CK content was similar to that of IAA .The ratio of CK and ABA kept on decreasing .[ Ch , 1 tab .14 ref .]
Native tree species and their application in the urban landscaping in Shanghai
YANG Yong-chuan, DA Liang-jun
2005, 22(3): 286-290.
[Abstract](1350) [PDF](307)
With the progress of Shanghai urban landscaping , the method of ecological landscaping was accepted and applied gradually .As the basis of ecological landscaping , native tree species would be planted more widely .The native tree species in Shanghai were analyzed on the basis of the fieldwork and research literature .There were 128 tree species belonging to 89 genera and 42 families .The trees could be classified into 6 types , namely , evergreen broad-leaved tree species , evergreen broad-leaved shrub species , semi-green broad-leaved shrub species , deciduous broad-leaved tree species , deciduous broad-leaved sub-tree species and deciduous broad-leaved shrub species .The significance and the application of native tree species in the landscaping of Shanghai were analyzed .[ Ch , 1 tab . 21 ref .]
Selection of superior trees of Betula alnoides
CHEN Qiang, ZHOU Yue-hua, CHANG En-fu, LI Pin-rong, BI Bo, ZHAO Yong-hong, GUAN Jin-shu
2005, 22(3): 291-295.
[Abstract](1166) [PDF](220)
The quantitative properties , qualitative properties and environmental factors of 261 candidate Betula alnoides trees in 25 counties were measured .The correlation analysis of 9 properties of these candidate trees showed that volume and straightness of stem could be used as the main indexes for selection of superior trees of B . alnoides .The indexes of tree-selection were defined by quantity regression .The multiple entry quantity model was established for different locality factors , stand types and ages of tree with volume .Its multiple correlation coefficient was 0.920 815 .There was a difference between theoretical and realistic volume ;the frequency of difference was in normal distribtuion .The difference was the selection index Ii for superior trees selection and I 0.5 was the foundation of classification .The superior tree selection standards were as follows :(1)Class Ⅰ superior tree :Class Ⅰ straightness of stem , Ii 0.381 257 .(2)Class Ⅱ superior tree :Class Ⅰ orⅡ straightness of stem, -0.381 257 Ii 0.381 257 .(3)Class Ⅲ superior tree (normal tree):Ii -0.381 257 .The 46 class Ⅰsuperior trees and 145 class Ⅱ superior trees were selected by the standards .They accounted for 17.62 % and 55.56 % in all candidate superior trees respectively .[ Ch , 2 fig .2 tab .11 ref .]
Circannual rhythm of young stands structure of Phyllostachys iridescens and Phyllostachys propinqua in red soil area
CHEN Shuang-lin, HONG You-you, ZHANG De-ming, WU Bo-lin
2005, 22(3): 296-299.
[Abstract](956) [PDF](189)
Aimed at vegetation resume and entironment improve , exert potential of production in red soil area , and objected to Phyllostachys iridescens and Phyllostachys propinqua .Through five years orientation study on the changing rule of young bamboo stands structure .The results showed that the ability of scourging and sprouting of Phyllostachys iridescens and Phyllostachys propinqua are strong , the ratio of new bamboo stand culms is highness , the changing of bamboo stand culms year by year is notability , reach to respectively 2 430 and 2 970 individual plants each hectare second year , and put into production third year after forestation .Average diameter in breast height (DBH)of new culm reach to 3.54 cm and 3.21 cm respectively at third year after forestation .Bamboo stand culms and DBH reach to level of fertility at fifth year after forestation .Bamboo rhizome of the two species mainly distributing the range of above 20 cm thick soil , length of rhizome exceed 10 m per spuare meter third year after forestation , and average diameter of rhizome are 1.75 cm and 1.32 cm respectively , amount of sprout is increasing along with forestation years , third year up to 119.4 % and 202.9 % than first year after forestation .The paper indicated the two bamboo species can be extend at large scale in red soil with characteristics of strong ecoadaptability and good economic profit .Standard seedling is one and two year age with 2.5 cm and 3.5 cm DBH, and first forestation density is 900 and 1 500 individual plants each heatare .Soil management and bamboo stands structure adjustment are mainly measures to young bamboo stands for ahead of put into production and higher profit . [ Ch , 6 tab .12 ref .]
Case analysis of bamboo industry current participation development in the mountainous region of southern Zhejiang
JIN Ai-wu, HUANG Bao-long, GUI Ren-yi, FU Qiu-hua
2005, 22(3): 300-305.
[Abstract](1055) [PDF](183)
A working procedure of participatory development research was established on the basis of systematically analyzing the behavior characteristics of rural community , which was conducted by the application of participatory development theory and method in Shuichang County of Zhejiang Province .The participatory development objects of bamboo industry were analyzed by investigating 839 farmers and interviewing 45 groups , with the rapid participation rural evaluation method .The main objects included the improvements of the willingness to develop participatory bamboo industry and of the forestry land and regional management of farmers .The main established research plans were to develop high-benefit bamboo cultivation technique , to strengthen forestry industry training and generalization , to establish new mechanism of encouraging farmers to participate in program implementation , and to improve the capability to program executive organization .[ Ch , 4 fig .2 tab .14 ref .]
RAPD analysis of DNA polymorphism of parasitic Beauveria bassiana in Monochamus alternatus
YANG Yi, ZHOU Zu-ji, ZHANG Li-qin, MA Liang-jin, LIN Xin-chun, GAO Jie
2005, 22(3): 306-309.
[Abstract](888) [PDF](219)
DNA amplified fingerprints of 21 parasitic Beauveria bassiana strains in Monochamus alternatus from different sources were tested by means of RAPD technique .Distinct genetic diversity among 21 strains of parasitic B .bassiana in M .alternatus was found .The results of clustering analysis showed that 21 strains can be divided into two groups :(1)B1 , B14 , B4 , B5 , B6 , B7 , B8 , B12 , B13 , B10 , F-263 , Bxs , B2 , B11 , Bf , Bz and B9 ;(2) B3 , B15 , By2 , By7 .DNA polymorphism of B .bassiana was correlated with geographic origins , but not with the virulence to M .alternatus larvae .[ Ch , 2 fig .2 tab .11 ref .]
Dynamics of densities of bacteria and nematode in the branches of Pinus thunbergii inoculated with Bursaphelenchus xylophilus
XIE Li-qun, JU Yun-wei, YANG Zhen-de, ZHAO Bo-guang
2005, 22(3): 310-314.
[Abstract](1242) [PDF](234)
Changes in densities of bacteria nematode in the branches of 3-year-old Pinus thunbergii inoculated with pine wood nematodes were observed .In the early days after inoculation , the nematodes moved slowly to other parts of the tree .Density of the nematode began to increase when the resins in the inoculated trunk decreased .The changing tendency in the percentage of the wood blocks containing bacteria was similar to the dynamics of the nematode.The densities of the nematodes and bacteria increased in accordance with pathogenic symptom development .The dominant genus of the bacterium complex was Pseudomonas .[ Ch , 3 tab .9 ref .]
Optimum period to use pesticide for prevention and control of Hoplocampa ninutominuto
ZHANG Jian-guo, CUI Hui-ping, HE Fang
2005, 22(3): 315-317.
[Abstract](1345) [PDF](202)
In the experiment on Prunus salicina `Friar' , the influence of the time of applying pesticid on the prevention and control of Hoplocampa ninutominuto was studied .The results of two-year research showed that applying pesticide once before the blossom and after the blossom respectively could decrease the percentage of motheaten fruits to 10.9 %and 10.6 %.Therefore , these two phases were optimum periods to apply pesticide to prevent and control H .ninutominuto .Applying pesticide before the blossom could stop the laying of imagoes and applying after the blossom could prevent fruit eating by larvae .Using phenological phase as an index to prevent and control H .ninutominuto was practical .[ Ch , 1 tab .9 ref .]
Current status analysis of forestland market in Zhejiang Province
WU Shi-lin, TAO Bao-shan, CHEN Xiu-mei
2005, 22(3): 318-321.
[Abstract](1252) [PDF](203)
The construction of forestland market is important to forestry production development .A lot of problems still exist now , such as the property rights of the forestland , the prices of the forestland , the management and standardization of the forestland market .According to the current status of the forestland market in Zhejiang Provine , the chief problems existing in the forestland market construction in Zhejiang Province were discussed .And some suggestions on how to develop the forestland market are put forward .[ Ch , 1 tab .8 ref .]
Sustainable management of commercial forest in China
XUAN Yu-fang, ZHOU Bo-huang
2005, 22(3): 322-325.
[Abstract](1233) [PDF](179)
Some problems in sustainable management of commercial forest are showed , the tight policy of restricting the sustainable management of commercial forest , a contradiction between the exsiting rationed logging and the rule of market economy , heavy taxation that forstry operators can not bear , management system of commercial forset not adaptive with the productivity , and so on .Some relevant countermeasures are made : (1)reinforcing financial support and creating favorable investment environment ;(2)innovating management system of logging to promote the construction of commercial forest ; (3) reforming exsiting taxation system and easing the burden of forest operators ;(4)establishing new management system of commercial forest .[ Ch , 10 ref .]
Preliminary exploration of financial management standardization of forestry industry associations
YANG Li-xia, FENG Ying-chun, WU Hui-jun, SUN Yu-jun
2005, 22(3): 326-329.
[Abstract](1220) [PDF](203)
Forestry industry association is an important organization in forestry social service system.Scientific and standard financial management can ensure that the forestry industry associations develop healthily and sustainablly . Based on the overview of forestry industry associations , the state of forestry industry associations in China was analyzed, and the purpose , financial characteristics , basic principles , main tasks and contents of financial management of forestry industry associations were discussed .The main content of the forestry industry association financial management should be the management of incomes and expenses , because the financial management purpose is to obtain and efficiently use funds to fulfill the associations' social obligations and the associations' financial features different from the profitable ones' .At last , some suggestions on strengthening forestry industry association financial management were put forward , including , establishing and perfecting rules of financial affairs , reinforcing internal audit , transforming ideas and improving the accountants quality .[ Ch , 10 ref .]
Analysis of the tourists' ecological footprint of Dinghushan Nature Reserve
LUO Yan-ju, WU Zhang-wen
2005, 22(3): 330-334.
[Abstract](1152) [PDF](258)
Ecological footprint analysis is widely used in the evaluation of the ecological effects caused by human activities and their sustainability .The tourists' ecological footprint in Dinghushan Nature Reserve was analyzed .The results showed that the total area of tourists' footprints in Dinghushan Nature Reserve was 11 313.47 hm2 in 2001 with an average tourist footprint of 0.017 hm2 per capita .For the tourists who traveled a longer travel distance , their transportation footprint accounted for the largest part of their total footprints .The farther a tourist traveled and the larger his footprint was , the heavier his ecological impact would be .[ Ch , 4 tab .13 ref .]
Causes of difference in styles between Suzhou gardens and Yangzhou gardens
LI Jin-yu
2005, 22(3): 335-339.
[Abstract](1283) [PDF](258)
Yangzhou gardens with bright colors and large structures are civilian inclined , while Suzhou gardens with elegant colors and ingenious structures are of literati .Yangzhou gardens are characterized by the openness and diversity.On the contrary , Suzhou gardens are characterized by tradition and singleness .The causes of the difference in style between Suzhou gardens and Yangzhou gardens are different garden owners , painting styles and study styles .Most owners of Yangzhou gardens were salt dealers and very successful businessmen while those of Suzhou gardens were officials and literati .Yangzhou gardens were influenced by Yangzhou School of Painting and Studies of Yangzhou .However , Suzhou gardens were influenced by Wu School of Painting and Studies of Wu . [ Ch , 15 ref .]
Analysis of Martin Luther King Jr . National Memorial
2005, 22(3): 340-344.
[Abstract](1166) [PDF](600)
To commemorate Martin Luther King Jr ., the famous civil rights leader , the American Congress proposed to set up a memorial in the National Mall .The process of the design competition and the chosen design scheme made by ROMA and its designing process are introduced .Based on the change of American memorial landscape style and the landscape style of the National Mall , the paper goes on with an analysis of the designing method of the scheme from four perspectives , i.e .the continuance of context , the combination of time and space , application of the materials humanistic meaning , and spirit of place .Furthermore , it sums up characteristics of modern American memorial design , discusses the significance in enlightening Chinese memorial landscape design , and explores the way of how to learn from the advanced culture of the world to form our national style in the new era .[ Ch , 2 fig .11 ref .]
The latest development and significance of EU environmental criminal legislation
ZHAO Chi, TIAN Xin-qiao
2005, 22(3): 345-349.
[Abstract](1118) [PDF](225)
The European commission (EU)legislation on environmental criminal law is developed rapidly in recent years .After the Council of Europe promulgated a Convention on the Protection of the Environment Through Criminal law in November 1998 , the European Commission and the EU Council of Ministers drafted a Directive and a Framework Decision of the same topic respectively in March 2001 and January 2003 .The development of the above environmental criminal laws presents some distinct features such as taking ecological benefits orientated standpoint , expanding criminal components and more reasonable punishments of environmental offenses .EU legislation on environmental criminal law is referential for the counterpart legislations in China .[ Ch , 11 ref .]
Actualities and expectation of techniques for accelerating Picea seedling growth
WANG Jun-hui, ZHANG Shou-gong, MA Chang-geng, LIU Jiao-mei, CHEN Yong-guo, CHEN Hai-qing
2005, 22(3): 350-354.
[Abstract](1263) [PDF](236)
Spruce is an important timber tree species for industrial use .The bottleneck for the cultivation of spruce is its slow growth , which affects the genetic evaluation process seriously .The domestic and overseas researches on accelerating spruce seedling growth by plastic sheds and greenhouses were expatiated .And the factors influencing fast growth of spruce seedlings such as light , temperature , humidity , moisture and fertilizers were analyzed . Increasing illumination had a significant effect on the growth of spruce seedlings .Light treatment could hinder from early dormancy of spruce .Temperature in the roots was also an important factor affecting spruce growth .The techniques for accelerating seedling growth could shorten the period of seedlings cultivation .Finally , further study in future was also put forward .[ Ch , 34 ref .]
Scientific notes
Mass fraction of borneol in 4 traditional Chinese medicines measured by gas chromatography
ZHOU Jian-zhong, LI Bing
2005, 22(3): 355-358.
[Abstract](1052) [PDF](222)
The mass fractions of borneol in 4 traditional Chinese medicines were quickly determined with capillary gas chromatography .Results were as follows:Analyzing time was 4minutes .When the proportion of concentrations of internal standard and bomeol was within 1∶0.25 -1∶1 , ratio of peak square and ratio of concentration had a linear relation and linear equation was y =0.517 8x +0.076 8 , the correlation coefficient r being 0.995 4 .The average correction factor was 1.562 5 ;the average recovery rate of the extract was 92.72 % and the RSD was 1.05 %-2.55 %.[ Ch , 1 fig .3 tab .9 ref .]