2005 Vol. 22, No. 2

Dynamics of Sabina vulgaris phytocoenosis landscape in Maowusu Sandland
WEN Guo-sheng
2005, 22(2): 129-132.
[Abstract](1207) [PDF](207)
Annual growth of shoots of 24 randomly selected shrubs of Sabina vulgaris in 4 directions was measured with the basic principles of landscape ecology .Plots were set up in the center and on the edge of the shrubs ;the shoot density , deed shoot length and gas exchanges characteristics of the plots were measured .And structures , functions and dynamics of S .vulgaris phytocoenosis landscape in Maowusu Sandland were studied .The results were as follows :(1)S .vulgaris phytocoenosis inMaowusu Sandland were expanding at the annual radial growth of 10.2 cm .Expanding rates of phytocoenosis were quite different in the different years .There was small difference in the directions of expansion .(2)Expanding rate of S .vulgaris phytocoenosis was reduced when water ground level fell .(3)Edges effect of phytocoenosis was distinct and the mass flow and energy flux on the edge were bigger than those in center .[ Ch , 3 fig .3 tab .15 ref .]
A preliminary study of phytocoenosis characteristic of Fokienia hodginsii in Fengyangshan Nature Reserve
AI Jian-guo, DING Bing-yang, YU Ming-jian
2005, 22(2): 133-138.
[Abstract](1146) [PDF](154)
Fokienia hodginsii phytocoenosis in Fengyangshan Nature Reserve was distributed in the Fokienia hodginsii-Rhododendron simiarum forests , Fokienia hodginsii-Castanopsis eyrie forests and Cyclobalanopsis stewardiana-Castanopsis eyrie forests .In the 3 phytocoenosis , phaenerophytes accounted for 80.6 %, 83.1 % and 87.8 % respectively ;hemicryptophytes accounted for 11.6 %, 10.1 % and 8.5 %;geophytes 5.3 %, 2.2 % and 1.2 %;and therophytes 1.9 %, 3.4 % and 2.4 %.As far as the leaf size was concerned , the leaves of the vegetation were mainly microphylla , accounting for 52.9 %, 66.3 % and 48.8 % respectively .As far as the leaf pattern was concerned , simple leaves accounted for 89.7 %, 91.0 % and 91.5 % respectively .The phytocoenosis could be structurally divided into arboreous layer , shrub layer , herbaceous layer and ground layer .[ Ch , 3 fig .4 tab .10 ref .]
Techniques for constructing protection forest on the quicksand in drought coastal area
XU Jun-sen
2005, 22(2): 139-143.
[Abstract](1058) [PDF](240)
According to the method of forest-ecosystem , the experiment on cultivating two-year old seedlings of Casuarina equisetifolia and constructing protection forest in drought areas was carried out in Longwantou and Yanxiapu of Pintan County two biggest sea islands in Fujian Province , which revealed the rules of change of strong wind and sandstorm in the coastal area .The results showed that the main factors affecting the afforestation in the drought area were strong northeast wind in autumn and winter , sandstorm and drought .Two-year old seedlings of C .equisetifolia were suitable for the afforestation in the drought areas .The survival rate and preserving rate reached 97.8 % and 92.2 % respectively .The plantation formed canopy in two years and its canopy density was more than 0.75 in the fifth year .The average height and DBH of the stand reached 1.2 m and 6.4 cm respectively . The stand could reduce wind speed by 87.5 % and was with good shelter effect .The results also indicated that it was a very practical technique to construct wind obstacle with small size C .equisetifolia and its branches .At the same time , densely planting tall seedlings of C .equtsetifolia to form wind obstacle had better effect and lower cost . [ Ch , 5 tab .8 ref .]
Division of regional types of natural forest in Jishui of Jiangxi
TAO Zheng-ming, GU Xue-ping, QIAN Qi-xia, ZHONG Quan-lin
2005, 22(2): 144-150.
[Abstract](1438) [PDF](204)
The basic index system of regionalization of types of natural forest was selected from correlative indexes of natural forest resource and environment in Jishui County of Jiangxi Province through variation coefficient process . Principal component analysis was adopted to reduce the dimensions of indexes of froest resource and environment to achieve from the first to the third principal component .Method of fuzzy clustering analysis was applied to divide regionalization of types of natural forest in 24 towns of Jishui into four regionalizations .Theoretic foundation was given to sutainable management and utilization of natural forest in Jishui by marking out different tree types of natural forest of every regionalization .[ Ch , 1 fig .3 tab .8 ref .]
Analysis of management and protection patterns of non-commercial forest in Chun’an County and its related questions
YU Guo-xin, CAI Liang-liang, YU Qi-guo, ZHANG Sheng-chao
2005, 22(2): 151-156.
[Abstract](1106) [PDF](251)
Whichmanagement and protection patterns of non-commercial forest would be carried out , how to manage and protect non-commercial forest after classify forestry management put into effect .These questions have been hot topics in forestry production .Based on non-commercial forest of Chunan County , the detail steps, the adaptation and the evaluations by the masses of 6 patterns including the pattern of management and protection by villagers committee , by more than one village , by the township , by family , by association of old villagers , and by state forest farm , were studied .The popular questions in todays management and protection were also analyzed .Some suggestions for how to improve its quality and comprehensive benefit were gotten .[ Ch , 1 tab .7 ref .]
Techniques of constructing the second generation clone-orchards of Pinus tabulaeformis
YANG Pei-hua, FAN Jun-feng, LIU Yong-hong, HAN Chuang-ju, DUAN Le, L Xiao-feng, XIAO Fei, GUO Hong-jie
2005, 22(2): 157-160.
[Abstract](1216) [PDF](281)
The criteria of selecting materials for the second generation orchards were determined on the basis of the study of the primary orchard of Pinus tabulaeformis .36 excellent stocks were selected by means of half-sib progeny test on 142 stocks belonging to 3 groups of materials .Furthermore , 263 plus tree were selected from 36 stocks , and their average height , breast diameter and timber volume increased by 27.2 %, 41.1 % and 125.9 % respectively , their expecting genetic gains in the average height , breast diameter and timber volume were 13.3 %, 11.7 % and 37.2 % respectively .The techniques of constructing the second generation clone-orchards were put forward .[ Ch , 12 ref .]
Growth and osmotic adjustment of Robinia pseudoacacia clones under drought stress
CAO Bang-hua, ZHANG Ming-ru, ZHAI Ming-pu, MAO Pei-li
2005, 22(2): 161-165.
[Abstract](1234) [PDF](212)
The growth and osmotic adjustment ability of four black locust clones were studied .The results showed that drought stress inhibited the growth of Robinia pseudoacacia clones , increased their soluble sugar as well as membrane permeability and content of proline , and decreased their water potential .Research found that R . pseudoacacia had strong ability to automatically adapt to drought stress , but the four clones had different pattern of adaptation .W1 and L1 protected cell membrane stability by increasing their activities of superoxiede dismutase (SOD), catalse (CAT)and peroxidase (POD), but L59 and L78 did so by improving their activities of SOD and CAT .W1 and L1 were more sensitive to drought stress than L59 and L78 .The osmotic adjustment ability of black locust clones was almost irrelative to its growth and injury of cell membrane .[ Ch , 5 fig .3 tab .20 ref .]
Dynamic changes of anti-oxidation system in new cultvars of Robinia pseudoacacia under gradual drought stress of soil
ZHANG Yi, LUO Xiao-fang, SHENG Ying-bai
2005, 22(2): 166-169.
[Abstract](2414) [PDF](223)
To find out the relationship between the physiological and biochemical characteristics and the resistance under gradual drought of soil in three cultivars of black locust seedlings , three indexes including malondehyde (MDA)content , superoxide dismutase (SOD)and catalase (CAT)activities of anti-oxidation system were tested , The results showed that the accumulation of MDA increased under drought stress , while the activities of SOD and CAT first decreased then increased .The anti-oxidation enzymes activities of tetraploid black locust seedlings were significantly higher than those of the control under serious stress .It is concluded that tetraploid black locusts with higher drought resistance maintained relatively lower MDA content and higher activity of anti-oxidation enzymes .The indexes of protecting system could be used to fast and conveniently evaluate the drought resistance of black locust . [ Ch , 3 tab .8 ref .]
Effect of water extract of Casuarina equisetifolia root on nutrient absorption and growth of the seedlings
LIN Wu-xing, HONG Wei, YE Gong-fu
2005, 22(2): 170-175.
[Abstract](3473) [PDF](220)
The study of effect of water extract of Casuarina equisetifolia root on nutrient absorption , growth and root vitality of C .equisetifolia seedlings was carried out with the method of water culture .The results showed that water extract of C .equisetifolia root obviously inhibited C .equisetifolia seedlings to absorb nutritious elements of Ca , Mg and Zn .Low mass fraction of water extract of C .equisetifolia root made the root of C .equisetifolia seedlings absorb more nutritious elements of K and Fe , and the stem accumulate more nutritious elements of K , Fe , Cu and Mn .But high mass fraction of water extract of C .equisetifolia root inhibited C .equisetifolia seedlings to absorb K , Fe , Cu and Mn .Water extract of C .equisetifolia root inhibited the growth and root vitality of C .equisetifolia seedlings .It could be concluded that water extract of C .equisetifolia root could have allelopathic effects on C . equisetifolia seedlings by decreasing activity of root system , resulting in inhibition of absorbency of nutritious elements and affection of the growth of C .equisetifolia seedlings .[ Ch , 7 fig .1 tab .25 ref .]
Photosynthetic characteristics and N, P, K contents of Cyclamen persicum during the summer dormancy stage
ZHAN Wei-jun, YU You-xiang, CHENG Xiao-jian, WU Jia-sheng, ZHENG Bing-song
2005, 22(2): 176-179.
[Abstract](1171) [PDF](226)
During the dormancy stage with high temperature and strong light in summer , the transpiration rate of Cyclamen persicum increased , which led to moisture decompensation , rise in stoma resistance , rise in illumination intensity and temperature , and fall in photosynthesis rate .At the same time , the massfraction of nitrogen increased slowly , that of phosphor decreased gradually , that of potassium first increased then decreased in the plant .The mass fractions of nitrogen , phosphor and potassium in the source leaves and roots decreased ;while in the corm , those of nitrogen and phosphor accumulated and that of phosphor unchanged .These changes were consistent with the behaviors of Cyclamen persicum in the dormancy caused by high temperature and strong light . [ Ch , 4 tab .17 ref .]
Study on chemical compositions of Bambusa wenchouensis wood
SU Wen-hui, GU Xiao-ping, MA Ling-fei, WU Xiao-li, YUE Jin-jun, ZHENG Ren-hong
2005, 22(2): 180-184.
[Abstract](1393) [PDF](220)
The chemical compositions of Bambusa wenchouensis wood in the southem area in Zhejiang Province were tested .Compared with those of three bamboo species :B .textilis , B .textilis var .fasca , Dendrocalamopsis oldhami , and other fibrous raw materials :tree wood and herbage , the results showed that the average content of holocellulose , lignin , 10 gkg-1 NaOH extractive and benzene-alcohol extractive was 721.9 , 226.4 , 251.3 and 46.3 gkg-1 respectively .With the respect to the criteria required for pulpwood , the holocellulose content of B . wenchouensis wood was high comparatively , and the lignin and extractives were average or low , so it was one of superior pulping materials .The contents of holocellulose and pentosan in 1-year-old wood were higher than those in 3-year-old , but the contents of lignin and ash were lower relatively .[ Ch , 2 tab .12 ref .]
Anthraquinones from the flower of Reynoutria sachalinensis
ZHANG Xin-feng, LI Cui-huan, BAE Ki-hwan
2005, 22(2): 185-187.
[Abstract](1337) [PDF](174)
Dried flower of Reynoutria sachalinensis was extracted withMeOH .The MeOH extract was concentrated , then suspended in water and separated with Hexane , EtOAc and BuOH , respectiveiy .The Hexane layer was subjected to silica gel column chromatography eluted with Hexane-EtOAc to give compound Ⅰ .The EtOAc layer was chromatographied using CH2Cl2-MeOH mixtures of increasing polarity to obtain compounds Ⅱ , Ⅲ , Ⅳ.These constituents were identified by their spectrum analysis (UV , IR , MS , H and 13C-NMR)as :-sitosterol (Ⅰ ), emodin (Ⅱ), emodin-g-O--D-glucopyrancoside (Ⅲ), physcion-8-O--D-glucopyrancoside (Ⅳ).Compounds Ⅱ , Ⅲ , and Ⅳ belong to anthraquionones .[ Ch , 20 ref .]
Quick detection of Bursaphelenchus xylophilus by the method of dissecting pine twigs
LAI Yan-xue
2005, 22(2): 188-192.
[Abstract](1393) [PDF](167)
Early diagnosis of pine wood nematode (PWN)is a key measure to prevent and control pine wood nematode .To detect PWN in the pine trees early and quickly , the technology of twig dissection with the aid of portable microscope was invented , which could diagnose pine wood nematode quickly .The method was as follows : cutting pine twigs with pruning shears , slicing the twigs up with scalpel , then examining them with the portable microscope .The results showed that the detection rate of nematode was 70 % in the infected twigs , 100 % in the dying twigs , 60 %in partial dead twigs and naught in healthy twigs .The average time for detecting a sample in pine forests was 2.5 minutes .Therefore , the technology of twig dissection with the aid of portable microscope could diagnose pine wood nematode quickly .[ Ch , 3 tab .25 ref .]
Effect of intensity and work time of electric field on moisture gradient of Pinus massoniana wood
QIAN Jun, JIN Yong-ming, SHEN Zhe-hong, YU You-ming, LOU Yong-sheng
2005, 22(2): 193-197.
[Abstract](1444) [PDF](248)
The moisture gradient along height of Pinus massoniana wood were tested and analyzed , which were treated by electric field for different intensity and work time , and were compared with the untreated wood .The results showed :(1)The intensity and work time of electric field had effect on the moisture gradient along height of the wood .(2)The moisture gradient alone height of the wood subsided with the increase of electric field intensity and work time .(3)But the direction of electric field had no effect on the moisture gradient along height of the wood .[ Ch , 5 fig .26 ref .]
Combustion properties of Phyllostachys pubescens wood at different ages
LU Feng-zhu, XU Yue-biao, QIAN Jun, XU Qun-fang, YAN Jian-min
2005, 22(2): 198-202.
[Abstract](1487) [PDF](192)
Combustion properties of wood of Phyllostachys pubescens aged between 1 year and 6 years were tested with cone calorimeter under the heat radiation of 50 kWm-2 .The results showed that with the increase in age , ignition time , total smoke release and extinction area of bamboo wood increased while the weightlessness rate and the first heat release peak decreased .There was no significant correlation between the second heat release peak and the age of wood , but the appearance of the second peak was delayed .The combustion properties of Phyllostachys pubescens wood tended to stabilize after the age of 4 years .[ Ch , 3 fig .2 tab .8 ref .]
Effects of production factors on formaldehyde emission of E1 humid resistant medium density fiberboard
SHEN Zhe-hong, JIANG Nian-chun, CHEN Li, LI Wen-zhu, YU You-ming
2005, 22(2): 203-206.
[Abstract](1479) [PDF](276)
Low toxin urea formaldehyde resin modified with melamine formaledhyde should be used in order to produce E1 humid resistant MDF .Resin load increasing can reduce formaldehyde emission .11 %~ 13 %resin load was fit .The increase of hot-pressing temperature and hot-pressing time also can reduce the formaldehyde emission . The formaldehyde emission of MDF decreased with the increase of MDF thickness .When thickness is 16 mm , the proper hot-press temperature was 190 ℃and hot-press time was 25 smm-1 the products would be satisfied .[ Ch , 4 fig .1 tab .7 ref .]
The rules of city biodiversity conservation planning
HU Shao-qing, ZHANG Hou-yong
2005, 22(2): 207-210.
[Abstract](1521) [PDF](222)
Biodiversity conservation planning plays an important role in the conservation of biodiversity , which can coordinate the relationship between human beings , nature and resources utilization .Future city planning will satisfy not only the natural ecological functions but also harmonious coexistance of human beings with nature .In order to offer reference for the city biodiversity conservation planning in the future , the extent , guidelines and principle etc . of city biodiversity conservation plans were discussed , and the relationship between city green system and city biodiversity conservation plans was studied .[ Ch , 7 ref .]
Image orientation and extension strategies of ecological tourist resorts
QIAN Hang-yuan, YAN Shao-jun, ZHU Quan, YIN Qi-kang
2005, 22(2): 211-215.
[Abstract](1224) [PDF](195)
In China , the investment and development of ecological tourist resort has become one of the most important practices in the tourism industry .The development of a tourist resort depends not only on natural resources , geographical conditions and market requirements but also on the image planning and extension strategies in a market with fierce competition .The image planning and extension strategies include the image orientation and design , the slogans design , concrete methods and skills for image extension and etc .A case study of Liangxi Agricultural Ecological Tourist Resort , Taizhou City , was conducted .[ Ch , 8 ref .]
An analysis of climate tourism resources of Baiyunyuan in Tonglu County
ZHANG Ying-jing, XU Ming, MENG Yong-jun, YE Chun
2005, 22(2): 216-220.
[Abstract](1154) [PDF](108)
The tourism resources and climate conditions in Baiyunyuan Scenic Spot of Zhejiang Province were investigated and analyzed .The results showed that the unique geographical environment of mountain area there resulted in a special microclimate .The annual average temperature was only 14.6 ℃ and the annual rainfall was 1 800 -2 000 mm.There were ample sunlight , warm winter and cool summer , pleasant spring and autnmn .There were rich tourism climate resources all the year round .The suitable period for tourism was about 215 days one year . The optimum months were April and May , September and October .June through August was also suitable for tourism.Moreover , there were particular climate resources and meteorological sights in each season .Especially , there were few high-temperature days in summer .[ Ch , 2 tab .9 ref .]
Study on non-public sectors of the forest in Shaoxing City
ZHI Gang-wei, HE Bin-lin, CAO Yang-sheng
2005, 22(2): 221-225.
[Abstract](1232) [PDF](187)
The problems and difficulties in the non-public sectors of the forest in Shaoxing included lack of knowledge and loose external environment , difficulties in financing and loan provision , restriction of farmers independent rights to operate the timber production by cutting quota , living trees being unable to be mortgaged as assets , small operating scale , low management level , and incomplete service systems .The above problems and difficulties could be solved through the following perspectives :attaching great importance to the development of the non-public sectors of the forest economy ;quickening the system innovation and forestry legislation ;cultivating market of living trees ;establishing organizations for evaluating forest resources ;improving the circulating services ; expanding channels of financing ;encouraging the qualified non-public sectors of the forest enterprise to become listed companies ;allowing forest to be mortgaged as assets , guiding the social investment in forestry with the economic leverage ;developing leading enterprises and implementing the operation model of companies , bases and farmer households ;and improving the socialized forestry service systems .[ Ch , 6 ref .]
Construction and development of stock and sale system of nursery
QI Tao, LIU Yong, WANG Chun-cheng, YUAN Gong-ying, LI Zhi-dan
2005, 22(2): 226-230.
[Abstract](1359) [PDF](180)
To solve the problems of the low management efficiency and the low informationization for the nurseries , the construction and development of the stock and sale system of nursery was studied based on the North National Base of Seedling Breeding .The factors hampering the management efficiency of the nurseries were found out through the careful investigation of the Base of Seedling Breeding .The operating procedures of the stock and sale system of nursery were planned scientifically and the software of the stock and sale was designed successfully with the model of C S .The designing idea of the system was introduced , and all components of the system , their main functions and the ways to realize these functions were also elaborated .[ Ch , 2 fig .7 ref .]
Impact of “literati painting” on the artistic ideology of Chinese classical garden design
WU Xue-feng
2005, 22(2): 231-234.
[Abstract](1344) [PDF](245)
Chinese traditional literati paintings and classical gardens are the essence of Chinese traditional art .The creators of them were all literati who shared the common aesthetics and artistic tastes .The creators of Chinese classical gardens usually applied the theories of literati painting to their design and construction .Therefore , such gardens were also called literati gardens .Both literati paintings and literati gardens tended to follow nature and expressed their ambition and emotion through concrete things and scenery .The creators of the classical gardens followed the principles that less is more , emphasized the comparison between loose and dense , abstract and concrete , and tried to be poetic in artistic conception .Although artificial , the gardens looked very natural.The cultural connotation of literati painting was also the spiritual core of the artistic ideology of Chinese classical garden . Such humanity spirit not only was reflected by each pavilion but also would be more prosperous in the development of the modem gardening .[ Ch , 6 ref .]
Scientific notes
Comparison of the rapid propagation techniques of Dendrocalamopsis oldhami
YU Xue-jun, LIN De-fang, WU Shou-guo, LIN Huan-zhong
2005, 22(2): 235-237.
[Abstract](1269) [PDF](169)
Through seedling by culming with bamboo stump and seedling-raising by cutting under difference medium , using ABT 6 and ABT 7 , rapid propagation techniques of Dendrocalamopsis oldhami were studied .The results showed that the best way was culming with bamboo stump with 15 mgkg-1 ABT 6.Its survival rate was 86.50 %.The secondary way was base-single-stanza cutting dipping in 70 mgkg-1 ABT 6 for 2 hours , and then cutting in substrate combined by land soil , peat and vermiculite .Its survival rate was 74.57 %.[ Ch , 2 tab .6 ref .]
Rapid propagation of Photinia glabra by tissue culture
ZHU Yu-qiu, HUANG Hua-hong, LU Hai-gen, TONG Zai-kang
2005, 22(2): 238-240.
[Abstract](1136) [PDF](196)
With sections of newly spouted shoots of Photinia glabra as explants , the influences of plant growth regulating substances on induction , proliferation and differentiation of axillary buds , growth and rooting were studied .The results showed that the medium of MS + 0.5 mgL-1 BA + 1.0 mgL-1 KT +0.1 mgL-1 NAA was optimum for induction of axillary buds , with 93.3 %buds induced ;The medium of MS + 1.0 mgL-1BA + 0.1 mgL-1 NAA was optimum for bud proliferation , and the number of buds obviously proliferated with the increase of the frequency of successive transfer culture in the scope of this test ;The medium of 1 2MS +0.1mg L-1 IBA and the medium of 1 2MS + 0.1 mgL-1 NAA were both optimum for rooting , with the rooting rate of 83.3 %and 93.0 % respectively .The survival rate of transplant of tube plantlets was high than 90 %. [ Ch , 3 tab .5 ref .]
In vitro rapid propagation of Hedera nepalensis var .sinensis
ZHANG Cun-xu, YANG Feng-li, YUAN Xiu-ping
2005, 22(2): 241-245.
[Abstract](1614) [PDF](217)
Using nodal segments as a source of initial explants , the effects of basal medium, plant growth substances as well as transplantation medium on rapid propagation of Hedera neplensis var .sinensis was studied . The results showed that the rich salt medium MS is more suitable for initial and multiplication culture than low salt media WPM and B5 .It is better to add 2.0mgL-16-BA and 1.0 mgL-1GA3 to multiplicationmedium , in which multiplication coefficient reached 4 .Although high rooting percentage was obtained with free growth regulators on 1/2 MS medium , root system development could be improved on medium by adding 0.10 mgL-1 NAA .The survival rate of transplanation was about 80 % in humus soil .Using tap water and edible white sugar instead of distilled water and sucrose have no significant effect on shoots multiplication and growth of H .nepalensis var . sinensis , so the culture cost could be reduced .[ Ch , 6 tab .9 ref .]
The application of new forestation materials in the islands of Daishan
FEI Yin-hai, GAO Da-hai
2005, 22(2): 246-248.
[Abstract](1100) [PDF](171)
The effects of 3 new forestation materials on the improvement of survival rates were observed by the application of them in the islands of Daishan .The results showed that the 3 materials almost had no effect on the improvement of the survival rate of Nerium indicum .Kehan 98 had rather small effect on the survival rates of Liquidambar formosana and Ginkgo biloba .Zhishubao , Kehan 98 and GGR could significantly improve the survival rates of Ligustrum lucidum , Bischofia javanica , Cinnamomum camphora and Schima superba . [ Ch , 1 fig .1 tab .6 ref .]