2005 Vol. 22, No. 1

Rhythm of growth and development of Pleioblastus amarus
FANG Wei, LIN Xin-chun, HONG Ping, SHEN Hong-jie, WU Hai-bo, HU Chao-zong
2005, 22(1): 1-5.
[Abstract](1228) [PDF](169)
The rhythm of growth and development of Pleioblastus amarus were studied .The main results were as follows: (1)The prosperous period of appeared bamboo shoot was in the middle ten days of May . (2) The percentage of shoot degradation was 41.21 %, mainly because of nutrient deficiency . (3) The height growth of young culm could be divided into four stages :initial stage , ascending stage , boosting stage and terminal stage . (4)The height growth of young culm followed logistic curve .(5)The increment of young culm of night was close to that of daytime , and three growth peaks appeared during 24 h .[ Ch , 3 fig .4 tab .9 ref .]
Comparative studies on light utilization characteristics and shade olerance of 14 ground cover plants
2005, 22(1): 6-11.
[Abstract](1226) [PDF](308)
Abstract :The light-light curve and CO2 curve of 14 potted ground cover plants , Paeonia lactifolia , Dendranthema grandif lorum , Senecio bicolor , Anemone hupehensis ,Hosta plantaginea , Trifolium repens , Viola phi llipica , Carex capillaries var .pohuashanensis , Iris lactea var .chinensis , Hemerocallis citrina , Hemerocallis fulva , Iris tectorum , Liriope platyphylla , and Matteuccia struthiopteris were determined by dysprosium light illumination.Light compensation point (LCP), light saturation point (LSP), net photosynthetic rate (Pn), apparent quanta efficiency (), CO2 compensation point and RuBisco relative activity of these plants were analyzed comparatively .The correlations of shade tolerance with Pn , and CO2 utilization ability were discussed by multifactor analyzing .The results showed that different ground cover plant had different light utilization characteristics . Viola phillipica ,Hemerocallis citrina , Hemerocallis fulva , Liriope platyphyllus , Matteuccia struthiopteris , Carex capillaries var .pohuashanensis , and Hosta plantaginea had lower LCP , meanwhile they had lower LSP .They can use low light quantum , and have strong shaded-tolerance .Iris tectorum , Iris lactea var .chinensis , Senecio bicolor ,Dendrenthema grandiflorum , Anemone hupehensis , Trifolium repen had higher LCP and LSP , and were sun ground cover plants .A significantly positive correlation was found between LCP and Pn , LCP and RuBisco relative cutivity .A negative correlation was found between LCP and .The order of ability to shade-tolerance of ground cover plants is Carex capi llaries var .pohuashanensis Matteuccia struthiopters Hemerocallis fulva Liriope platyphyllus Hemerocallis citrina Viola phillipica Iris tectorum Hosta plantaginea .[ Ch , 3 tab .23 ref .]
Effect of temperature on breaking dormancy of peach cultivars
SU Ming-shen, YE Zheng-wen, WU Yu-liang, LI Sheng-yuan, QIAN Jin, ZHANG Jun-qiang
2005, 22(1): 12-15.
[Abstract](1293) [PDF](220)
The effects of changing temperatures within 25 -15 ℃ and constant temperature of 20 ℃ on breaking dormancy of 23 peach cultivars were studied .The germination indexes of 9 peach cultivars were higherwithin 25 -15 ℃than at 20 ℃.The dormancy of flower buds of 2 peach cultivars were much more affected within 25 -15 ℃ than at 20 ℃;the dormancy of leaf buds of 2 peach cultivars were muchmore affected within 25 -15 ℃ than at 20℃.The dormancy of 14 peach cultivars had been partly broken ;the temperature setting had different effects on 16 peach cultivars still under trials .The dormancy of Daguanshan No.1 was much more affected within 25 -15 ℃ than at 20 ℃;the dormancy of Annongshuimi and Yulu were less affected within 25 -15 ℃ than at 20 ℃.The dormancy of leaf buds of most peach cultivars were much more affected within 25 -15 ℃ than at 20 ℃;the dormancy of flower buds of most peach cultivars were less affected within 25 -15 ℃ than at 20 ℃.Temperature had effects on the order of flower buds germination of peach cultivars .Some early-germination cultivars germinated early in all three setting conditions .[ Ch , 2 tab .11 ref .]
Bulb development and metabolism of carbohydrates of Tulipa gesneriana in Hangzhou
XIA Yi-ping, TANG Xiao-min, HUANG Yue-hua, LI Fang
2005, 22(1): 16-19.
[Abstract](1105) [PDF](201)
Through the observation of the open cultivated tulips in Hangzhou for successive years , it was found out that the high temperature between the last ten days of April and May shortened the bulb expanding period , which was a main cause of degeneration of bulb .The distinct decrease in bulbs weight (less than 10 g)of bulb was the major sign of the regeneration of bulb .The changes in the contents of carbohydrates in the bulbs showed that the contents of sucrose and total soluble sugar increased greatly after the blossom .The starch accumulated quickly after the withering of leaves , especially , the outermost scales of daughter bulbs were the main locations for the accumulation of starch .[ Ch , 3 fig .2 tab .6 ref .]
A comparative study of total flavone contents in Ku bamboos
YANG Ping, QIAN Jun-qing, HU Yong-ping
2005, 22(1): 24-27.
[Abstract](1071) [PDF](261)
Techniques for extraction of total flavones from leaves of Ku bamboos were studied .The best alcohol-UW extracting method was as follows :leaves extraction liquid (75 % alcohol) =1∶15 ;UW extracting for three times and 20 minutes each time .Toal flavones contents of Ku bamboo relative species were measured with the colorimetric method .The results indicated that Ku bamboo relative species were rich in total flavones , of which Oligostachyum fujinensis was highest in the content of flavones (13.54 mgg-1) and Semiarundinaria densiflora was the lowest (7.24 mgg-1).[ Ch , 5 tab .12 ref .]
Effects of low temperature stress at night on chlorophyll fluorescence characteristics in leaves of Ficus microcarpa growing under two levels of irradiance
HU Wen-hai, HUANG Li-feng, XIAO Yi-an, WU Yang
2005, 22(1): 20-23.
[Abstract](1180) [PDF](190)
The effects of low temperature at night on chlorophyll fluorescence characteristics in leaves of Ficus microcarpa growing in full sunlight (high light)and in shade (low light)site were examined .The results showed that low temperature induced photoinhibition in leaves of Ficus microcarpa , but didnot damage photosynthetic apparatus .And the plant under low light after low temperature at night can protect the photosynthetic apparatus by higher photochemical and non-photochemical pathway .The plant under high light after low temperature at night can ot dissipated excess energy by photochemical and non photochemical pathway , so high light after low temperature at night damage photosynthetic apparatus deeply .[ Ch , 3 fig .1 tab .14 ref .]
Mass fraction of fluorine in some tea gardens of Hunan and Zhejiang
MA Li-feng, SHI Yuan-zhi, HAN Wen-yan, RUAN Jian-yun
2005, 22(1): 28-32.
[Abstract](1298) [PDF](217)
The contents of water-soluble F , total F in the soils of tea gardens and the corresponding tea samples in Hunan Province and Zhejiang Province were determined .The results showed that the soil contained total F of (383.83 79.24)mgkg-1 in 0 -20 cm depth , and (347.44 115.95)mgkg-1 in 20 -40 cm depth in Hunan Province , which was a bit lower than the average F level in China (440 mgkg-1), but obviously higher than the F level in the world (200 mg kg-1).The available F content approximately accounted for 0.03 %-0.06 % of the total F .The F content in 0 -20cm depth were higher than that in 20 -40 cm depth .The content of F in tea soil was also low in Zhejiang Province .It was clear from the results that a high correlation was found between F contents (y)in the leaves and water-soluble F content (x)in tea soil , expressed as :y =306.94 x + 139.31 (n =35 , r =0.34* , P 0.05), and between F content (y )in mature leaves and new shoots (z),described by the equation :y =4.91z +371.38 (n =35 , r =0.72** , P 0.01), so F could be accumulated within the tea plants .The contents of F in the new shoots in Hunan and Zhejiang Provinces were (168.26 83.73)mgkg-1 and (81.58 27.20)mgkg-1 respectively , which were at a low level ;the contents of F in mature leaves were (1 197.09 569.95)mgkg-1 and (1 212.72 342.28)mg kg-1 respectively , which were high . The content of water-soluble F in tea soil was a bit lower than that in untilled soil , there being no significant difference (P 0.05).[ Ch , 6 tab .19 ref .]
Effect of salt content in soil and groundwater on soluble salt ions content in Populus simonii ×(Populus pyramidalis +Salix matsudana)cv .Poplaris
LIU Jing, WANG Lin-he, WANG Xing
2005, 22(1): 33-39.
[Abstract](1001) [PDF](212)
The contents of soluble salt ions in different parts of Populus simonii (Populus pyramidalis +Salix matsudana)cv .Poplaris in the soils with different salt contents in natural habitats and the effect of soluble salt ions in the soil and groundwater on the salt content of Populus simonii (P .pyramidalis + Salix matsudana)cv . Poplaris were studied .The experiment on the contents of soluble ions in different parts of the tree was conducted with the water solution method .CO32 -and HCO3-were measured with dual-indicator titration method ;Cl -with AgNO3 titration method ;SO42 - , Ca2+ and Mg2+ with EDTA capacity method ;Na+and K+with flame photometer . The salt content in soil was determined according to Soil and Agricultural Chemistry Analysis .The results showed that there was significant difference in the total salt contents in soils under two forest belts , but there was no difference in soluble salt ions contents (=0.01)of corresponding parts (leaves , roots , heartwoods and sapwoods)under two forest belts .And there were some common characters :the sequence of total salinity of positive ions in each part was K+ Ca2+ Mg2+ Na+ , negative ionswas HCO3- SO42- Cl- .In the whole growth period , ions contents in leaves were higher than in other parts and changed within the largest range ;ions contents in heartwoods and sapwoods were lower and changed within a rather small range .Ions contents in roots were between leaves , heartwoods and sapwoods .The study showed that without salt stress ,Populus simonii (P. pyramidalis +Salix matsudana)cv .Poplaris absorption of the soluble salt ions and the distribution and accumulation of salt ions in it depended on its physiological characteristic and biological characteristic .The effect of salt content in soil was small.But the salt content in the water absorbed byPopulus simonii (P. pyramidalis +Salix matsudana)cv .Poplaris had remarkable effect on the salt ions contents in every part .In the non-irrigation reasons , the correlation between salt ions contents in different parts ofPopulus simonii (P. pyramidalis +Salix matsudana)cv .Poplaris and that in groundwaterwas significant .In the irrigation seasons or rainy , seasons , there was no correlation between salt ions contents in different parts of Populus simonii (P. pyramidalis +Salix matsudana)cv .Poplaris and that in groundwater .[ Ch , 3 fig .5 tab .10 ref .]
A preliminary study of diagnosis of foliar microelement nutrients in two clones of Eucalyptus
LI Shu-yi, LAN Pei-ling, LIAO Xin-rong, YANG Guo-qin, JIAN Ming, XU Sheng-guang
2005, 22(1): 40-45.
[Abstract](965) [PDF](214)
To improve the output of Eucalyptus , the leaves of Eucalyptus in the testing plots where the trees are applied microelement fertilizers were analyzed .The method of diagnosing foliar nutrients with critical value concentration was used to study the microelement nutrients of E .ABL 12W5 and E . urophylla U6 .The diagnosed indexes of some microelement nutrients were further evaluated and tested in medium-expanded experiment plots . The results showed that the concentrations of Mo , Zn , Cu and Mn in Eucalyptus differed from other plants .The critical concentrations of B , Zn , Cu and Fe in E .ABL 12W5 were 27.90mgkg-1 , 45.00 mgkg-1 , 1.08mgkg-1 , 288.00 mgkg-1 and the critical concentrations of B , Zn , Mo , Mn and Fe in E .urophylla U6 were 13.5mgkg-1 , 10.80 mgkg-1 , 0.15mgkg-1 , 216.00mgkg-1 and 117.00mgkg-1 .The concentrations of B in both clones of Eucalyptus , Mo in E .urophylla U6 and Cu in E .ABL 12W5 tallied with the foliar nutrients diagnoses standards .But the data of foliar analysis of Zn , Fe and Mn in medium-expanded experiment plots didn,t tally with the diagnosing standards .Therefore the critical values of the concentrations of Zn , Fe and Mn cannot be used for the instruction to fertilization .[ Ch , 6 tab .22 ref .]
Application of the wild ornamental plants in Zhoushan Archipelago
WANG Guo-ming, XU Bin-feng, WANG Mei-qin, LI Ding-sheng
2005, 22(1): 46-49.
[Abstract](1368) [PDF](204)
The species and characteristics of the wild ornamental plant resources in Zhoushan Archipelago were studied , including saline-alkali tolerant plants , shade-tolerant plants , heliophilic plants having tolerance to drought and barren and color-leafed plants etc .The applied prospects and concrete methods on building the beach scenic forests , islands plant communities and greening landscape were discussed .For the current situation of lacking the utilization of the wild ornamental plants and lacking local characteristics , the suggestions were proposed on developing the wild ornamental plants reasonably , selecting the tree species of the beach scenic forest , and planning and building the island plants community landscapes .It was emphasized especially on using the characteristic plants of Zhoushan Archipelago to show the style of island city .[ Ch , 10 ref .]
Gap characteristics in the natural forests of Pinus yunnanensis alone the Jinshajiang Basin in Yunnan Province
PENG Jian-song, CHAI Yong, MENG Guang-tao, FANG Xiang-jing, LI Gui-xiang, HE Li-ping
2005, 22(1): 50-55.
[Abstract](1270) [PDF](256)
The gap characteristics and natural disturbance regimes of 45 gaps in the natural forests of Pinus yunnanensis were studied , in Baimahe Forest Farm and Xiangshuihe Forest Farm of Yongren County , in Yunnan Province .The results showed that these gaps were elliptic in horizontal form .The average area of expand gap (EG) and canopy gap (CG)were 469.42 m2 and 181.90 m2 respectively , the area percentage of both in the forest landscape were 28.23 % and 10.49 % respectively , and annual natural disturbance frequency of both were 0.672 1 % and 0.247 9 % respectively .So the return interval of the gap was gotten , about 400.48 a .These gaps mostly formed 40 a ago , and made by 1 to 3 gap makers (mainly by one).The diameter of gapmakers was mainly from 30 to 50 cm, and the height of which was mainly from 20 to 30 m .The manners of gap formation in the percentage order from high to low were :uprooting (33.7 %), breakage at trunk base (27.9 %), breakage on trunk (18.6 %), standing die (17.4 %), and breakage on branch (2.4 %).The combination of the different manners can be found often .Finally , based on the theory of gap dynamics , some suggestions on the natural forest of Pinus yunnanensis management were provided .[ Ch , 5 tab .10 ref .]
Community characteristics and growth of natural forest and plantation of Cyclobalanopsis chungii LIU Chun-hua
LIU Chun-hua
2005, 22(1): 56-60.
[Abstract](1012) [PDF](262)
Through investigation , a comparison between the natural forest and the plantation of Cyclobalanopsis chungii was made .The results showed that there were significant differences in both community characteristics and growth process .Its plantation was even-aged stand , with regular simple form and high canopy density .The litter of the plantation had 3 layers obviously including L , F , and Y .Its natural forest is uneven-aged and secondary stand with irregular form, large biomass of understorey .Besides , the highest diameter growth of the plantation was at the age of 25 , and that of the natural forest was at the age of 24 .The height growth of both increased slowly before 10 years old .The fast height growing period of the plantation was earlier than that of the natural forest .The volume growth of the natural forest increased remarkably after 27 years old .The curves of its annual and average volume growth still didnt meet at the age of 48 .And the volume growth of the plantation increased slowly at the age of 15 . The curves of its annual and average volume growth remained separated yet at the age of 35 .So the conclusion can be gotten that the stand productivity of Cyclobalanopsis chungii could be improved by building the plantation .[ Ch , 3 fig .10 ref .]
Seed quality character variation and seed genetic parameters of Cunninghamia lanceolata in seed orchard
SUN Hong-you, ZHENG Yong-ping, WENG Chun-mei, LUO Xiao-hua, TU Wu-tai, CAI Ke-xiao
2005, 22(1): 61-65.
[Abstract](1086) [PDF](205)
For knowing further about the genetic variation regularity of seed quality of Cunninghamia lanceolata , 22 seed orchards in different generations and different types were studied .After seed collecting , sampling , measuring for successive 4 years , the variation , heritability and genetic correlation of 6 quality characters , including thousand-grain weight , precentage of woody , germination percentage , germination index , seedling length , and vigor index were systemically analyzed .The results revealed that the level of phenetic and genetic variation of vigor index was the highest , that of sterile seed rate was the second , and that of seedling length was the lowest .Those seed quality characters from high to low in heritability order were as follows :thousand-grain weight , percentage of woody seed , seedling length , germination percentage , vigor index and germination index . There were light correlations between thousand-grain weight and other quality characters .There were light correlations between thousand-grain weight and other quality characters .There were no correlations between percentage of woody seed in heredity and others , except thousand-grain weight which relationship is lightly negatively correlated .But there were close correlations between germination percentoge and germination index , also between vigor index and germination index , seedling length .[ Ch , 4 tab .12 ref .]
Pathogeny of leaf rust of Dendrocalamopsis oldhami and selection of its control chemicals
MA Liang-jin, CHI Wan-yin, HUANG De-ren, ZHENG Wen-jie, XU Yue-biao
2005, 22(1): 66-69.
[Abstract](1243) [PDF](234)
The leaf rust of Dendrocalamopsis oldhami is a new bamboo disease which has badly harmed the growth and quality of D .oldhami .The careful study of etiology and pathogeny of this disease showed that the pathogeny of it was Uredo ignava which belonged to Basidiomycotina Teliomycetes Uredinales .On the basis of the study , the selection of control chemicals and field control tests was conducted .The tests showed that the fungicides of Triadimefon and Kejunning could satisfactorily control the germination of the urediniospore of Uredo ignava , their effective rates being 70.01 %and 66.45 % respectively .[ Ch , 2 fig .2 tab .5 ref .]
Experiment on three biological pesticides preventing and controlling Dendrolimus houi
LIN Qing-lan
2005, 22(1): 70-72.
[Abstract](1141) [PDF](183)
Experiment on three biological pesticides preventing and controlling 3 -4 instar larva of Dendrolimus houi including Ludebao , Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt)and Aveyjunsu was conducted .The results indicated that the effective rate of the Ludebao at the proportion of 1∶10 , 1∶15 and 1∶20 all reached over 84.97 %.Ludebao at the proportion of 1∶15 was suitable for preventing and controlling D .houi within the vast area of the forest .The effective rate of Aveyjunsu at the proportion of 1∶4 000 was up to 93.23 %, which was suitable for preventing and controlling D .houi within a small area with sufficient water source and short trees or around houses .[ Ch , 1 tab . 7 ref .]
Last stage larval description of two species of Noctuidae from Korea (Lepidootera)
PIAO Mei-hua, LEE Chan-young, FANG Zhi-gang
2005, 22(1): 73-76.
[Abstract](1260) [PDF](225)
The mature larval external morphologies of Herminia tarsicrinalis (Knoch)and Pseudoips sylpha (Butler)of Noctuidae were observed .All specimens are deposited in the Insect Collection of Department of Forest Resources Protection , Kangwon National University , Korea .[ En , 2 fig .5 ref .]
Framework of component GIS-based afforestation decision support system
TAN Wei, FENG Zhong-ke, HU Yong, WU Da-sheng
2005, 22(1): 77-81.
[Abstract](1889) [PDF](218)
A framework of component GIS-based afforestation decision support system (ADSS)was put forward .In the environment of MicrosoftWindows , a man-machine-interface system , used as a tool for managing forest resource in a forestry center , was established with component GIS , database technique and expert system based on Visual Basic or Visual C .Through various inquiries , calculations , logic judgments and spatial analysis provided by GIS , an afforesting decision could be made and forest planning map of the working team could be obtained .In such a map the growth of a piece of forest at a certain age could be estimated and used as the foundation to evaluate and adjust the original plan , and finally an optimized decision making on afforesttion could be obtained .[ Ch , 2 fig .14 ref .]
Studies on goals of forestry modernization establishment in Zhejiang Province
ZHENG Si-wei, TANG Zhi, JI Ya-lan, LI Wen-chuan
2005, 22(1): 87-92.
[Abstract](1679) [PDF](413)
Making the goals of Zhejiang forestry modernization has vital and positive significance in boosting Zhejiang forestry construction .Based on the background of forestry development at home-abroad and Zhejiang , and the basis and principle formaking the goals of Zhejiang forestry modernization , the framework of the qualitative goals and the quantitative goals by the year 2005 , 2010 and 2020 of the establishment of Zhejiang forestry modernization were made , among which forest coverage rate to 65 percent , the per capita public green area of cities and towns reaches 25 m2 , the crop forest storage capacity of per hectare reach 100 m3 , the mechanization of bamboo-wood adopting and transporting to 80 percent , the per capita forestry GDP to 3.25 million Yuan , peasant households participate in the proportion of the professional cooperative association of the forestry to 65 percent , forestry,s scientific and technological progress contribution rate index to 162.5 percent , forestry at the basic level employee receive an education for 16 years , forestry,s information-based index to 300 percent by 2020 .In order to guarantee the realization of forestry modernization goals , the establishment of Zhejiang forestry modernization should emphasize particularly on the organization and implements of the Eight Projects , which are the ecological function of forest promoted , beautified that in urban and rural areas , forestrys industrialization moved forward , forestry scientific and technical innovation , forestry informationization , forestrys manpower capital expanded , and the forestry organizing sound .[ Ch , 1 tab .10 ref .]
An analysis of actualities of bio-landscape tourism resources and development of tourism projects in Zhejiang
YU Yi-wu, LI Jian, XIAO Sheng-he, CHEN Zhan-feng
2005, 22(1): 93-97.
[Abstract](1495) [PDF](229)
Based on the first general survey of tourism resources in Zhejiang conducted from July 2003 to May 2004 , the bio-landscape tourism resources and their characteristics were analyzed .The results showed that the biolandscape tourism resources in Zhejiang were rich in types , high in quality but insufficient in quantity , and the advantage of constitution of resources types was significant , the spatial distribution of resources was not even .So some problems needed more attention and some developing tourism projects such as health care , sightseeing , recreation , scientific education and so on were put forward .[ Ch , 4 tab .8 ref .]
Types and embodiments of educational functions in landscape design
ZHANG Yi-chuan, QIAO Li-fang, CHEN Liang-ming, YAO Lian-fang
2005, 22(1): 98-103.
[Abstract](1382) [PDF](215)
The educational function is one of the important functions that the landscape architecture should possess . Through literature survey and practice , this text described the consistency of the educational objective and the landscape design objective .Through analyzing the concrete respects of ignoring the educational functions existing in the landscape construction in China and the reasons of the phenomenon negative influence of landscape design , it pointed out that strengthen the education functions of the landscape design was extremely urgent .This thesis expounded the different types of the educational functions and enumerated the concrete embodiments of different kinds of the educational functions in landscape design , and pointed out the crowds and places of the educational funcations in landscape design that should especially be paid attention .Paying more attention to the educational functions in landscape design is one of the important embodiments of building high-quality landscape design .[ Ch , 6 tab .16 ref .]
Influence of traditional culture on the Chinese classic gardens
PENG Qiao, FU De-liang, XU Jian-feng
2005, 22(1): 104-108.
[Abstract](1547) [PDF](497)
To some extent , Chinese classic gardens reveal the Chinese philosophy towards their life and the whole world, and also their artistic spirit and special characters , all of them are embodied on the style , overall arrangement and artistic taste of these gardens .Traditional Chinese culture including the philosophy of Confucianism , Taoism , Buddhism and Feng Shui play the uppermost role in all the elements of building gardens .Based on the essence of all these ideological factions in traditional Chinese culture , the text explored its influence on the Chinese classic gardens .[ Ch , 20 ref .]
Legal issues of development of non-public owned forestry in Zhejiang
ZHOU Bo-huang, XUAN Yu-fang, XU Jin-feng
2005, 22(1): 109-113.
[Abstract](1081) [PDF](169)
Non-public owned forestry is a necessary trend of moden forestry development and a feasible approach to the realization of developing forestry industry through social investment .Several legal issues such as the improper definition of private-owned forestrys legal status , the insufficient legal protection of the subject of forest real right , the unsettled ownership of mountain forest , and the frequent occurrence of disputes on mountain forest ownership , etc .were pointed out .A series of legal solutions including clarifying the legal status of non-public forestry , strengthening the real right system, settling the ownership of mountains and forests , investigating and solving the disputes on mountain-forest ownership were put forward to facilitate non-public forestry development in Zhejiang Province .[ Ch , 10 ref .]
The history of forest legislation in China and amendment of Forest Law
2005, 22(1): 114-118.
[Abstract](1372) [PDF](265)
The history of forest legislation shows that attaching more importance to ecology and commonweal is a general tendency of Forest Law .One orientation of amending Forest Law is to improve the forest ecological system and realize the combination of forestry market regulation and government management , market and commonweal. When exploring the new ways of developing forestry , innovation of forestry operation should take the sustainable development and legal management as the guidelines .[ Ch , 7 ref .]
Computation of repeat number of tests comparing mean difference
HUANG Bi-heng, GUAN Yu, WU Zhi-song
2005, 22(1): 119-122.
[Abstract](1088) [PDF](208)
Determining the optimum repeat number is always a great concern of field test .The computer stochastic simulation test was used to study repeat number for controlling the probability of Type Ⅱ errors and establish a formula calculating sample size in the case of known historical data .And repeat number in one section in first test had better more than 10 .[ Ch , 2 tab .13 ref .]
Design and development of GIS-based county-level ecological public forest management system
XU Ai-jun, FANG Lu-ming, TANG Li-hua, LU Yi-ping
2005, 22(1): 82-86.
[Abstract](1683) [PDF](236)
A GIS-based ecological public forest management system was designed to conduct the management of the ecological public forest at the county level .The functions of the system included the management , statistic analysis and structure analysis of the ecological public forest .The system realized the integrated management and connection of spatial data and attribute data .Taking the county , townships (towns , forestry centers), villages and teams as multi-level units to organize data could avoid the complex processing procedures and spoiled integrity of small teams as well as the artificial segmentation caused by the map management .The ecological public forest management system could be divided into five modules according to its functional structure :data management , special maps management , structure analysis , form statistic and map print [ Ch , 3 fig .15 ref .]
Scientific notes
RNA-mediated gene silence in plants and its application
AI Jian-guo, YANG Yong
2005, 22(1): 123-128.
[Abstract](1037) [PDF](308)
Gene silencing , commonly occurring in a variety of organisms , is one of the important regulatory mechanisms for gene expression .Recent studies have revealed that in plants siRNA (small interference RNA)are associated with gene silencing which includes PTGS (post-transcriptional gene silencing)and TGS (transcriptional gene silencing).The biotechnology of the RNA-mediated gene silencing has provided new avenues for highthroughput reverse genetic approaches to determine the biochemical metabolism pathways and gene functions in plants .This paper briefly introduces the molecular mechanisms of RdDM (RNA-dependent DNA methylation)and RNAi (RNA interference)and the applications in plant genetic engineering .[ Ch , 1 fig .31 ref .]