2004 Vol. 21, No. 4

Gas exchanges and chlorophyll fluorescence characteristics of Sabina vulgaris under drought stress
WEN Guo-sheng, WANG Lin-he, ZHANG Guo-sheng
2004, 21(4): 361-365.
[Abstract](980) [PDF](234)
To study the mechanism of drought resistance of Sabina vulgaris , three treatments (the penetration potentials of water cultures were 0.0 , -0.1 , -0.3 MPa respectively ) of control , weak drought stress , strong drought stress were set up in water culture system in greenhouse .The gas exchanges and chlorophyll fluorescence parameters of S .vulgaris were measured under drought stress .The results were as follows :(1) The photosynthesis , transpiration , stomatal conductance of S .vulgaris decreased 46 %, 52 %, 62 % and 24 %, 40 %, and 41 % respectively , while water use efficiency increased 55 %and 31 %under strong drought stress and weak drought stress . (2)When diurnal changing laws of rates of photosynthesis and transpiration were compared , photosynthetic rate reached peak in the morning , while transpiration rate reached peak in the afternoon .In the morning when relative humidity was high , water use efficiency increased through maximum CO2 assimilation .It favored the adaptation to drought stress .(3) Diurnal change laws of Fv / Fm were V-shaped .Under the drought stress , differences of treatments were big in the day .[ Ch , 2 fig .1 tab .12 ref .]
Photosynthetic characteristics of Eurya muricata at seedling stage
YINGYe-qing, WU Jia-sheng, DAI Wen-sheng, LI Zhang-ju
2004, 21(4): 366-370.
[Abstract](1945) [PDF](214)
The Li-6400 Portable Photosynthesis System made by American Li-COR Company was used to study the photosynthetic characteristics of Eurya muricata at seedling stage .The results showed that the daily variation of net photosynthetic rate in leaves presented a bimodal curve and an obvious midday depression' phenomenon .The first peak valuewas the highest , which occurred at about 9 :00 a.m ., the net photosynthetic rate was 7.35 molm-2 s-1 ;the second peak value occurred at 16 :00 p.m ., the net photosynthetic rate was 2.64 mol m-2 s-1 . The main reason for the midday depression was stomatal factors .At midday , the largest light intensity , the maximum vapor pressure deficit between leaves and air and the minimum air relative humidity , stomatal conductance and intercellular CO2 caused photosynthetic midday depression .The CO2 compensation point was 53.8 molmol-1 and CO2 saturation point was 1 621.4 mol mol-1 .The light compensation point was 42 molm-2 s-1 and light saturation point was about 1 000 molm-2 s-1 .[ Ch , 5 fig .11 ref .]
Determination of content of secondary metabolites in Rhododendron fortunei
2004, 21(4): 371-375.
[Abstract](1033) [PDF](179)
The contents of 6 secondary metabolites such as tannin , saponin , alkaloid , lignin , emodin and chlorogenic acid in different organs of Rhododendron fortunei different class size were determined .The results showed that there were certain differences among the content of 6 secondary metabolites in different organs of Rhododendron fortunei .The toal content of 6 secondary metabolites was highest in stem .It was 447.5 gkg-1 in middle sized tree , 319.3 gkg-1 in the little tree and 247.5 gkg-1 in young tree , respectively .The total content in the little tree and young tree , took the second place with 256.4 gkg-1 and 207.7 g kg-1 respectively , while it in root was the lowest with 234.8 gkg-1 and 174.7 gkg-1respectively .The total content in the root of the middle-sized tree took the second place 344.5 g kg-1 while that in leaves was the lowest (317.0 g kg-1).The rank of contents of lignin was as follows :stem root leaves .The rank of chlorogenic acid was root leaves stem . The rank of the contents of the other 4 secondary metabolites was leaves stem root while the content of emodin in stem was as much as that in root .In three organs , the total content of 6 secondary metabolites in the middle-sized tree was highest , that in little tree took the secondary place while that in young tree was the lowest .In different organs , there were also certain differences among the contents of 6 secondary metabolites in Rhododendron fortunei with different sizes .[ Ch , 2 tab .18 ref .]
Genetic variation of new clones of Populus deltoids (I-69) ×Populus euramericana (I-45)
GUAN Lan-hua, PAN Hui-xin, HUANGMin-ren, SHI Ji-sen
2004, 21(4): 376-381.
[Abstract](1078) [PDF](196)
The traits of DBH , height , volume , wood density , wet heartwood ratio , round degree , utilization ratio , and crooked degree were studied through variance analysis to learn about the genetic variation of all traits based on the 12th year' data. All traits except crooked degree were significantly different among the clones of Populus deltoides (I-69)Populus euremericana (I-45).The narrow-sense heritabilities of all these traits except crooked degree were 0.65 , 0.75 , 0.50 , 0.81 , 0.51 , 0.71 , 0.63 respectively , which indicated that all traits were genetically from medium to high. That is to say that all traits were more strongly controlled by genes than by environments and that high genetic gain could be gotten through selection.The 895 , 797 , 312 , 139 and 194 were the fastest clones of growth ;1271 , 410 , 187 , 748 and 1317 were the heaviest clones of wood density ;561 , 748 , 1150 , 1317 and 1381 were superior clones according to the round degree and utilization ratio.The traits of growth , wood quality and stem form had their own elite clones.In order to evaluate all these clones appropriately , all traits should be joint analyzed based on the breeding objective.[ Ch , 3 tab .13 ref .]
Carbon sequestration of 5 ecological reestablishment vegetation types in Muchuan County of Sichuan
LI Zheng-cai, FU Mao-yi, XIE Jin-zhong, ZHOU Ben-zhi, XIAO Ti-quan, WU Ming
2004, 21(4): 382-387.
[Abstract](1600) [PDF](230)
The study of the carbon reserves in vegetation and litter , and the reserve of soil organic carbon in the ecological system covered with several different vegetation types inMuchuan County , Sichuan Province , showed that there were some differences of carbon reserves among different vegetation types.The reserve of carbon in vegetation of Metasequoia glyptostroboides forest was the highest among them.The rank of carbon reserves in them was as follows :Metasequoia glyptostroboides forest natural secondary forest Neosinocalamus affinity forest arable land tea land.The carbon reserve in the litter of natural secondary forest was higher than other vegetation types.The decomposed litter could facilitate the increase in the organic carbon reserve in soil.The reserve of organic carbon in the soil of natural secondary forest was apparently higher than other vegetation types.The rank of organic carbon in the soil was as follows :natural secondary forest Neosinocalamus affinity forest Metasequoia glyptostroboides forest tea land and arable land.The rank of total carbon reserves among different ecosystem types was as follows : natural secondary forest Neosinocalamus affinity forest Metasequoia glyptostroboides forest tea land and arable land.Strengthening the protection of tropical , sub-tropical and temperate forests , enlarging the planting area of plantation and increasing the sequestration of organic carbon in the forest ecological system are important measures to slow down the increase in the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere.[ Ch , 5 tab .16 ref .]
A study of the interannual succession rule and influential factors of young stands structures of Phyllostachys pubescens
CHEN Shuang-lin, WU Bo-lin, WU Ming, ZHANGDe-ming, CAO Yong-hui, YANG Qing-ping
2004, 21(4): 393-397.
[Abstract](1104) [PDF](213)
Long-term fixed site observation was conducted based on the large-scale planting of bamboos in the hilly areas of western Zhejiang to study the succession rule and main factors affecting the components of young stands of Phyllostachys pubescens .The results showed that density and DBH were the dominating factors for the interannual changes of component ;LH was the subordinating factor .After one-to-five-year planting , the subterranean stems of bamboo were mainly distributed in 10 -20 cm deep soil layer .With the prolonging of the planting years , the 20 - 30 cm deep soil layer became the main distributing layer for the subterranean stems .The diameters of the subterranean stems were becoming larger and larger until they were stabilized in the fourth year .The average length of a stem joint was relatively stable .The number of living sprouts and the total length of subterranean stem were significantly relative to the average length of a stem joint , which took on a tendency of linear increase .The land types , afforestation modes , cultivating measures , quality of mother bamboos and the original planting density were the main influential factors for the components of the bamboo forest .It is suggested that the mixed planting mode should be adopted and the original planting density should be increased .[ Ch , 2 fig .6 tab .11 ref .]
Biomass and distribution of stands mixed Pinus massoniana with broad leaved species
LI Yan-yan, FAN Hou-bao, LIN De-xi, SU Bing-qiang, LIU Chun-hua, SUN Xin
2004, 21(4): 388-392.
[Abstract](988) [PDF](192)
Seedlings of five broad leaved tree species including Castanopsis lamontii , Cyclobalanopsis myrsinaefalia ,Castanopsis fissa ,Castanopsis kawakmii and Castanopsis sclerophylla were separately interplanted in mature Pinus massoniana plantation to form uneven-age mixed stands .The analysis of data on the biomass showed that arbor biomasses in the five communities were 259.882 , 221.745 , 221.652 , 245.941 and 200.875 t hm-2 respectively .The biomass in the pure Pinus massoniana stand was 172.90 thm-2 .Trunk biomass was the highest in the arbor biomass and root , branch and leaf came to the next .In the mixed forests , thick roots of Pinus massoniana were mainly distributed in the 0 -20 cm layer and the layer under 60 cm , and fine roots of broad leaved trees and Pinus massoniana were distributed in the 0 -20 cm layer .Vegetation biomass in Pinus massoniana stand was 3.678 t hm-2 , the highest among the six communities .The vegetation biomasses in the five mixted communities were 0.937 , 1.816 , 1.625 , 0.987 and 0.801 t hm-2 respectively .Except for the mixed community of Pinus massoniana and Castanopsis lamontii , biomasses of vegetation in other communities were concentrated in the parts above ground .[ Ch , 2 fig .2 tab .11 ref .]
Technologies of drought-resistant afforestation and moisture management in the hilly region of Taihang Mountains
FAN Wei, , TIAN Chao-yang
2004, 21(4): 398-403.
[Abstract](1241) [PDF](223)
According to the characteristics of dry and barren soil , severe soil erosion , low survival rate of planted forests in the hilly region of Taihang Mountains , studies on technologies of drought-resistant afforestation and moisture management were conducted .The results showed that :(1)From 6 experiments of techniques for droughtresistant afforestation , the optimum model was selected , the survival rate of which was more than 96 %.(2)The suitable method and time of grafting between wild spine date and Chinese data (Ziziphus jujuba var .inermis)were determined.(3)Two kinds of the optimum moisture management models for agroforestry systems in lands with or without irrigation system were put forward .(4)A new fertilize application technique for apple (Malus pumila)and crops intercropping systems , combined with ditching , root pruning and fertilize deep placement , could increase soil water moisture by 30 % and increase fruit yields by 28 %.(5)The optimum shape of crown of apple tree in the intercropping system was slender spindle .[ Ch , 12 tab .8 ref .]
Hydrogel’s role in retention of nutrients in soil
MA Huan-cheng, LUO Zhi-bin, CHEN Yi-qun, LIN Wen-jie
2004, 21(4): 404-407.
[Abstract](1167) [PDF](209)
The hydrogel is a super absorbent macromolecule compound that can absorb pure water up to hundred or thousand times of its dead weight .Since the hydrogel can absorb water in the rainy season and slowly release water for plant use in dry season , it can help plants to survive under dry condition and increase the survival rate of afforestation .So far , most studies of hydrogel are on the properties of water retention , there are few reports on its nutrients retention properties .Data in the field trials and greenhouse experiments showed the hydrogel could significantly decrease the loss of nitrogen and potassium.The loss of nitrogen of Sequoia sempervirens and Alnus ferdinandi var .coburgii decreased by 23.8 %-65.2 % and that of potassium aecreased by 19.8 % -86.2 % compared to the controlled group .When the added nutrients were kept in a fixed quantity , the loss of nutrients decreased with the increase of hydrogel .The field trials showed the hydrogel application increased the contents of potential nitrogen by 133.1 %-295.8 %, phosphorus by 10.4 %-43.2 % and potassium by 124.2 %-220.3 % in the forest soil .Thus , we can conclude that application of hydrogel improves not only the soil moisture condition but also the nutrients status through decreased nutrient leaching .[ Ch , 2 tab .11 ref .]
Application of herbicides to afforestation in barren hills suitable for forest
LI Jian-rong
2004, 21(4): 408-412.
[Abstract](1471) [PDF](216)
In order to study the effects of applying herbicides to afforestation in barren hills , the random and orthogonal tests of applying a sort of single and mixed herbicides were carried out in Fuan City of Fujian Province . The results indicated that the single use of Hexazinone could eradicate the perennial noxious weeds mainly consisting of Miscanthus f loridulus , Pleioblastus amarus , Phyllostachys viridis and Dicranopteris pedata and etc .in barren hills suitable for forest and the mixed use of Glyphosate as principle agents , Sulfometuron methyl and Oxyfluorfen as adjuvants could eradicate Miscanthus f loridulus , Miscanthus sinensis and etc .With the effective dose , the effects of weeding could reach over 92 % and 96 % respectively .Chemical weeding could reduce labor by 61.5 % to 87.7 %, decrease weeding cost by 40.2 % to 70.9 %.Compared with manual weeding , it could also reduce water and soil losses and surface water evaporation , which created a good ecological environment for afforestation and growth of young trees .[ Ch , 6 tab .8 ref .]
Nutrition analysis of various kinds of flower plants and its application to compounding nutritive liquid
WANG Yue-ying, GUO Xiu-zhu, HUANG Ping-hu, CHEN Yi-zeng, ZENG Ai-ping
2004, 21(4): 413-417.
[Abstract](1042) [PDF](237)
Not only to comprehend the nutritive elements content and their law of variation of flower plants but also to supply evidences to compound nutritive liquid scientifically , the authors have measured the annually periodical variation of nutritive elements content of eight flower plants such as Rosa chinensis , Pachira aquatica and Anthurium andreanum in different seasons .The effect of the research indicates that the content of many elements in plants varies in different seasons and the difference among kinds is big .The proper order from high to low is woody flower-watching flower , woody leaf-watching flower , herbaceous flower-watching flower and herbaceous leafwatching flower .According to which the authors put forward the fundamental proportion of nutritive elements formula of eight flowers .According to the analysis effect , the authers also have launched the growth test of special purpose nutritive liquid on Chamaedorea elegas and the hastening flower test of nutritive liquid on Clivia miniata , the tests show that the content of a part of nutritive elements in some flowers has big difference compared to the same kinds , and these elements will restrain or affect their growth and development , so we should take these factors into account when we apply fertilizer and compound nutritive liquid and an adjustment idea of compounding nutritive liquid of cultivation without soil is put forward .[ Ch , 4 tab .9 ref .]
Vertical distribution of soil organic carbon in Cunninghamia lanceolata plantation
FANGXi, TIAN Da-lun, XIANG Wen-hua, LEI Pi-feng
2004, 21(4): 418-423.
[Abstract](1146) [PDF](257)
Taking Chinese fir plantation as the research objective , vertical distribution of soil organic carbon (SOC) and its relationship with soil pH value , total nitrogen content and soil C/N ratio in Chinese fir plantation were studied .In addition , different land use types of Chinese fir plantation were compared .The results showed that the vertical distribution of SOC in Chinese fir plantation varied with soil depth .The differences of SOC concentration in different layers were as follows :0 -15cm soil layer (20.6 gkg-1) 15 -30 cm soil layer (17.1 gkg-1) 30 -45 cm soil layer (12.4 gkg-1) 45 -60 cm soil layer (9.8 gkg-1) 60 -75 cm soil layer (8.2 g kg-1).Average SOC concentration with three kinds land use types was ranked as follows :the closed Chinese fir forest lands (13.6 g kg-1) the economic forest lands (12.3 g kg-1) the fallow lands after farming (11.0 gkg-1).SOC concentration of different layers in Chinese fir plantation had a positive linear correlation with the soil pH value (r 0.40), and a significant positive relationship with the contents of total nitrogen (r 0.81) and C N ratio (r 0.87).[ Ch , 2 fig .2 tab .14 ref .]
Changes in heavy metal amount of bamboo shoots of Phyllostachys praecox responsive to nitrogen rate
JIANGPei-kun, XU Qiu-fang, LUO Xu-qin, WANGJun-qi
2004, 21(4): 424-427.
[Abstract](1240) [PDF](228)
The objective of this paper is to get some information on heavy metal general status in bamboo shoots produced from Phyllostachys praecox and the relationship between heavy metal accumulation in shoots and fertilizer application in soil .Either 70 soil or bamboo shoot samples were collected in the main cropping area of Phyllostachys praecox and analyzed for their heavy metal amount .Heavy metal amount (mg kg-1)on average were respective 0.009 , 0.093 , 8.780 , 0.026 and 0.083 for Cd , Pb , Zn , Cr and Cu , they are not exceed the pollution level according to China hygiene standard for vegetable .It was found that heavy metal amount in bamboo shoots was not correlated with the total heavy metal amount in soil , but well or even great well related with available heavy metal amount in soil .It was shown from fertilizer trial that no difference in heavy metal in bamboo shoots was detected among the treatments with various fertilizer rate , but more abundance of Pb and Cu in bamboo shoots were discovered at the treatment with mixture of manure and mineral fertilizer than at the treatment with pure mineral fertilizer . Winter mulching practice did not make any change in heavy metal in bamboo shoots .[ Ch , 3 tab .18 ref .]
Survey and utilization of wild woody ornamental plant resources in Songyang County
HONG Zhen, LOU Jian-qiang
2004, 21(4): 428-432.
[Abstract](1302) [PDF](211)
Songyang County is rich in wild woody ornamental plants , which is of great value to develop .The 312 kinds of wild woody ornamental plants are screened out by the survey and analysis .And they are classified according to ornamental characters and landscaping use .The ornamental characters , habitat distribution , landscaping use and reproduction methods of 31 wild woody omamental plants worth promoting are introduced .Suggestions on the protection and development of the wild woody ornamental plants in the county are put forward .[ Ch , 2 tab .9 ref .]
Structure of rodent community in farmland-fruit areas of loess plateau in the east of Shaanxi
2004, 21(4): 433-436.
[Abstract](919) [PDF](146)
A preliminary study of the structure of the rodent community was conducted in the farmland-fruit areas of loess plateau in the east of Shaanxi Province .Results were as follows :(1)The rodent communities in the loess plateau belonged to seven species under 2 families and 5 genera .Microtus mandarinus and Cricetulus triton were dominant in this area .There were different species compositions and different spatial constitutions of the 7 species of rodents in different habitats .The diversity of the rodent community was closely related with the number of species and degree of evenness .In the final analysis , the diversity was affected by the factors such as food resources , condition of concealment , mans economic activities and so on .The diversity of the rodent community represented the complexity and stability of the different habitats .[ Ch , 3 tab .10 ref .]
A study of the technology of finishing fiberboard surface with powder coating
MEN Quan-sheng, ZHANG Wen-biao, LI Wen-zhu, FAN Zeng-xia
2004, 21(4): 437-441.
[Abstract](1072) [PDF](187)
A new technology of finishing the fiberboard surface with powder coating and transfer printing .The raw fiberboard was preheated dry and then treated by sanding .The moisture rate of the fiberboard was 6 %-8 %;the quantity of coating powder was 333.33 -388.89 gm-2 ;the solidifying conditions was 180 ℃, 15 -25 min ;the mode of heat transfer was conducted in the drying box ;the temperature for transfer printing was (160 10) ℃; time was 15 - 20 min .The properties of the coating were tested according to GB/T 4893-85 and GB/T 1733-79 . The results showed that the coating adhesive force reached grade one ;wear resistance and liquid resistance reached grade one ;water resistance was up to grade .[ Ch , 1 fig .4 tab .9 ref .]
Study of information model of agricultural co-operative organization
ZHANG Xin-hua, TANG Zhi, YANG Xue-yan
2004, 21(4): 442-445.
[Abstract](1133) [PDF](267)
Agricultural co-operative organization is an effective method for agricultural industralization and the best mode for peasants to attend market competition .The development of agricultural co-operative organization is helpful to increase the peasants'income , the stability and development of the rural areas .The informationlization of agricultural co-operative organization , which is familiar with that in industrial company , has its personality because of its particular characteristics .It is feasible and necessary to set up the model of informationlization of agricultural co-operative organization using modem IT , which is the necessary condition to attend market competition under the WTO frame .The informationlization of agricultural co-operative organization is a systematic program , which needs cooperation from government , society , peasants etc ..Finally the basic information frame is provided for agricultural co-operative organization in China .[ Ch , 1 fig .14 ref .]
Study of green farm produces trade development and monetary policies support
YU Jian-ping, JIN Xiao-wen
2004, 21(4): 446-450.
[Abstract](1169) [PDF](200)
There is a huge potential market for Chinese green farm produces .However , the international competitiveness of green farm produces is weak due to the insufficient support of policies .The solution to this problem was studied from the perspective of the support of the monetary policies .The influence of monetary policies on the prices of green farm produces in an open economy model under fixed exchange rates was studied .It is suggested that the government should adopt economic policies including strengthening financial support , innovating rural monetary system , setting up reasonable interests compensationmechanism and keeping the exchange rate policy stable to further improve the international competition power of Chinese green farm produces and increase export . [ Ch , 14 ref .]
Mutual penetration of science and art and its application in Chinese landscape
LI Guo-xin, YANG Xu-fei
2004, 21(4): 451-455.
[Abstract](1243) [PDF](191)
Science and art are the two interweaving and competing forces in the development of human civilization . The prominent advantage of coordination between science and art is due to the deep inner connections between them .Both of them need genius and instinct ;both are pursuing and creating beauty .Chinese landscape is a typical comprehensive discipline combining science and art .In this field , they cooperate harmoniously and act like two wings of a bird .On one hand , landscaping artists need scientific research spirit and methods ;on the other hand , the technical skills should not be predominant over the artistic expression .The future Chinese landscaping will be a perfect combination of high technology and artistic design .[ Ch , 7 ref .]
Citation analysis for Journal of Zhejiang Forestry College during 1999 to 2003
WANG Jing-er, XU Yi-zhong, ZHENGYan-hong
2004, 21(4): 456-460.
[Abstract](1135) [PDF](106)
By applying of the method of bibliographic metrology , a statistical of reference for Journal of Zhejiang Forestry College from 1999 -2003 is conducted .The number , distribution , kindsand languages of references are presented .The results showed that 4 123 were quoted in 488 theme with an average of 8.45 paper per thesis , among which journal , books , the PLYS index accounted for 67.28 %, 24.71 %, 45.36 % [ Ch , 7 tab .9 ref .]
Study and practice of promoting reconstruction of forestry specialities in colleges and universities
ZHOU Guo-mo, HONG Shi-mei, MEI Ya-ming, WANG Ya-wei
2004, 21(4): 461-465.
[Abstract](877) [PDF](185)
After analyzing the essentiality of reconstruction of forestry specialities , the authors roundly introduce successful experience which Zhejiang Forestry College faced agriculture , countryside and farmers and carried out these reconstructions .The authors can educe four enlightenment from it , like the results of reconstruction directly influencing continuous development of school , fully allowing for schools conditions and seeking for breakthrough points of these reforms to bring it's trait into play , regarding these reconstructions as work's core which is beneficial to promote other work , combining inside with outside and highlighting emphases , and so on .[ Ch , 4 ref .]
Relations between ecological province construction in Zhejiang and developing ecotourism
YU Yi-wu, YU You
2004, 21(4): 466-470.
[Abstract](1166) [PDF](213)
The basic purpose of ecological province construction is to set up a mode of sustainable development , which accord with the purpose of ecotourism.There are many indexes of ecological province , city and county .The direct index that is related to tourism or ecotourism includes target hitting rate of tourism environment .The indirect indexes cover species diversity , protection rate of rare precious species in imminent danger , proportion of the third industry in GDP , energy consumption perGDP , water consumption per GDP , water quality target hitting rate of city and public satisfaction with environment .Ecotourism plays an important role in realizing these targets .Ecotourism criterion is also an important means to carry out the indexes of establishing ecological province and develop circulating economy .Ecotourism enhances peoples awareness of ecological environment protection , which cant be replaced by other forms of education .Establishing ecological province forces tourism industry to pay more attention to environmental protection , which is beneficial to ecotourism .In the course of developing ecotourism , we should regulate current ecoutourism products , absorb experience of advanced countries and promote ecological environment education .Although Zhejiang includes all kinds of ecological systems that are located in latitude 30 degrees north , resources and environments are just carriers , therefore we must make them become products so as to spread the image of ecotourism effectively .Establishing the brand of ecotourism demands high service quality , a lot of ecotourism products according with international high standard and all tourism elements meeting the need of sustainable tourism .[ Ch , 14 ref .]
History and status and development of Torreya grandis in Zhejiang Province
LI Zhang-ju, CHENGXiao-jian, DAI Wen-sheng, JING Bao-hua, WANG An-guo
2004, 21(4): 471-474.
[Abstract](1195) [PDF](251)
Studies on the kinds and distribution of Torreya grandis , the cultivated history and the production of Torreya grandis were summarized in Zhejiang .The problem of cultivation techniques , forest management and processing was analyzed emphatically such as low technique and coefficient of breeding , low survival rate of afforestation , slow growth of young seedlings , late harvest , lacking of pollination trees , bad management , declined quality and abnormal processing technology etc .Then the methods were discussed with the aspects of improving grafting method , enhancing utilization rate for scions , increasing breeding coefficient , advocating container seedlings to increase survival rate of forestation and expand culture area , strengthening selection of excellent clones , popularizing water and fertilizer management , artificial pollinate , and prevention and control of diseases and pests , and improving on processing technology etc .[ Ch , 1 tab .10 ref .]
Forest management in Canada and its inspiration to China
2004, 21(4): 475-479.
[Abstract](1271) [PDF](208)
Canada is abundant in its forest resources .For a long time , the forest resources have been managed under the guideline of sustainable development .The guiding principle of forest management in Canada has been shifted from timber production to multi-dimensional economic , environmental and social objectives .The actualities and characteristics of forest resources in Canada were summarized ;the studies of the Canadian forest management theories, development process and tendency were analyzed ;the process of sustainable forest management and specific management technologies , regulations and measures of the country were introduced ;its inspiration to the forest management in China was put forward .[ Ch , 1 tab .8 ref .]
International certification of non-timber forest products and forest food production in China
ZENG Yan-ru, PAN Ji-jin, YU Wei-wu
2004, 21(4): 480-485.
[Abstract](1011) [PDF](192)
Forest certification is a widely accepted criterion-based process of assessing forest management , the purpose of which is to protect forest and maintain the sustainable management of forest .This paper briefly introduces forest certification with emphasis on non-timber forest products including forest food , a branch of forest certification , its progress at home and abroad , and the strategy for international certification .In our country , non-timber species involved in the production of forest food (mostly referred to as economic species)play an important role in increasing farmers' income and developing economy of the rural area .In such a situation that work on forest certification has just started in our country and so far there has been no forest certifier accredited by international community , we proposed from the perspective in line with international practice that popularization of forest certification , nurturing of specialists familiar with the certification , and formulation of production criteria for forest food-related non-timber species should be strengthened and research on group certification should be started .[ Ch , 1 tab .9 ref .]
Review of methods of measuring community biodiversity in temperate forests
WANG Gui-xia, LI Chuan-rong, XU Jing-wei, XIA Jiang-bao
2004, 21(4): 486-491.
[Abstract](1127) [PDF](283)
An important task of biodiversity research is to evaluate the diversities of previous and existent species . Many measure indexes and methods are put forward in the study of evaluating the diversities of forest communities in the temperate zone .Different measure methods imply different ecological significances .To choose the appropriate measure indexes for the study of the diversities of communities in the temperate zone , measure methods of - diversity , -diversity and -diversity were systematically summarized and expatiated .The most appropriate measure indexes and methods for the evaluation of the community diversities in the temperate forest were found out by the comparison of different measure indexes and methods .Species richness index , Simpson index , Shannon-Wiener index , Alatalo evenness index , PIE and ecological dominance index were optimum measure indexes for evaluating - diversity of communities in the temperate forest ;Whittaker index and Bray-Curtis index were suitable for the measure of -diversity ;-diversity could be substituted by -diversity and -diversity .The findings provide powerful proofs for the further study and evaluation of the community diversities in the temperate forest .[ Ch , 38 ref .]