2004 Vol. 21, No. 3

Genetic analysis of RAPDs in Chamaecyparis obtusa using partial diallel test
TANG Ding-qin, , INOUE Makoto, KONDO Akira, IDE Yuji
2004, 21(3): 235-242.
[Abstract](1077) [PDF](193)
To develop molecular markers for Chamaecyparis obtusa , the inheritance of RAPD fragments was studied in diploid tissues of 5 parents and 30 diploid controlled F1 progenies in each partial diallel crosses of these parents .Of 46 primers tested , 18 primers yielded 135 reproducible fragments , of which 42 fragments (31 %)were polymorphic among the parents .Fourteen fragments amplified from 7 primers were selected to test the segregation among controlled F1 progenies .All fragments observed in the parents were found in the progeny .Segregation of all variable fragments observed in diploid materials fitted the proportions expected for a dominant Mendelian trait .The segregating fragments were either present or absent confirming the dominant character of RAPD variation .The usefulness of RAPD fragments as genetic markers for estimating genetic diversity was also discussed .[ En , 1 fig .2 tab .18 ref .]
Rd29A gene cloning and plant expression vector constructed
ZHUO Ren-ying, SUN Zong-xiu
2004, 21(3): 243-246.
[Abstract](1337) [PDF](202)
It was global problem that effected of saline on forest and agriculture soil , about 20 % plowlands and half of irrigated soils had been affected by saline .It's important to speeded salt-tolerance breeding course . Transgenic breeding can fasted the salt-tolerance pace , and shorten breeding cycle significantly .So we designed the primer and cloning Rd 29A promoter by PCR , constucted pBinRdMCS plasmid that BADH gene can be induced by salt and drought , then it was transit to chloroplast .The results analysis by PCR and restriction show that the plasmid include aim gene .The plasmid will be used for tree transgenic breeding .[ Ch , 5 fig .8 ref .]
Photosynthetic responses of Quercus fabri leaves to increase in CO2 concentration and temperature
XIANG Wen-hua, TIAN Da-lun, YAN Wen-de, LUO Yong
2004, 21(3): 247-253.
[Abstract](1265) [PDF](212)
Li-Cor 6400 Photosynthesis Measure System was used to measure the responses of photosynthetic rate , transpiration rate and stomatal conductance of Quercus fabri to increase in CO2 concentration and temperature .The findings showed that net photosynthetic rate of Quercus fabri increased when the CO2 concentration was increased in a very short time .When CO2 concentration was 290 -450 molmol-1 , the light compensation point (PLC), light saturation point (PLS), and maximun net photosynthetic rate (Amax)were 90 -100 , 1 500 -1 700 and 5.5 -8.2 molm-2s-1 , respectively .When CO2 was increased to 700 molmol-1 , PLC and PLS decreased to 10 molm-2s-1 and 1 300 molm-2s-1 , but Amax increased to 10.6 molm-2s-1 .The optimum temperature for the photosynthesis of Quercus fabri in spring was 24 ℃ and the corresponding PLS and Amax were 800 molm-2s-1 and 9.9 molm-2s-1 respectively .The optimum temperature in summer was 28 ℃ and the corresponding PLS and Amax were 1 700 molm-2s-1 and 12.8 molm-2s-1 .The change of CO2 curve at 24 ℃ was similar to that at 28 ℃.When the temperature was increased to 32 ℃, the compensatio point , saturation point and net photosynthetic rate decreased .The changes of CO2 curve at 32 ℃, 36 ℃ an 40 ℃ were similar .When the temperature was changed in a wide range , the interaction between it and CO2 concentration was significant . Transpiration rate and stomatal conductance of leaves showed the same changing rules .They increased with the increase in the effective photosynthetic radiation and decreased with the increase in CO2 concentration .The effect of light intensity on transpiration rate and stomatal conductance at low CO2 concentration were greater than those at high concentration .Temperature was the main factor effecting the transpiration rate .The transpiration rate of Quercus fabri in spring was closely related to the stomata regulated by photosynthesis .In summer , however , the transpiration response to temperature greatly reflected the energy balance .Temperature and CO2 interacted with each other .At the temperature of 24 ℃, the range of transpiration rate and stomatal conductance responded to CO2 concentration was rather small.At 28 ℃, transpiration rate and stomatal conductance decreased with the increase in CO2 concentration .At 32 ℃, 36 ℃ and 40 ℃, the responses of transpiration rate and stomatal conductance took on shapes of parabolas .[ Ch , 4 fig .20 ref .]
Effects of N and P fertilizers on photosynthesis and transpiration of Eucommia ulmoides
GAO Jian-she, FU Jun, LIU Yong-hong, CHEN Zhu-jun
2004, 21(3): 254-257.
[Abstract](1203) [PDF](214)
The rates of photosynthesis and transpiration of leaves of Eucommia ulmoides applied with nitrogenous and phosphatic fertilizers were measured for the analysis of variance .The findings showed that (1)the optimum temperature for the photosynthesis of Eucommia ulmoides was 28 ℃. (2)The daily changes in the net photosynthesis rate took a shape of dual-peak curve ;the high peak appeared around 9 ∶00 am and the secondary peak appeared around 12 :00 am .(3)The daily changes in the transpiration took the shape of single-peak curve ;the peak value appeared around 11 :00 am. (4)The average rate of daily photosynthesis of Eucommia ulmoides treated with N and P fertilizers (mN ∶mP2O5 =1.0∶1.2 )was 174.3 % higher than that in the control group . Therefore , this formula of N and P fertilizers was worth recommending .[ Ch , 1 tab .8 ref .]
Changes in species diversity of plants in Cyclobalanopsis chungii forest during the course of restoration
CHEN Shi-pin
2004, 21(3): 258-262.
[Abstract](1434) [PDF](181)
The species diversity of plants in Cyclobalanopsis chungii forests at 5 different restoration phases was studied in Huangchulin Natural Reserve in Fujian .The results show that species at arbor and shrub layers change rather sharply .The intolerant trees have a rather weak status in the community .diversity index increases , the community becomes more stable and the common species among communities increases with the prolonging restoration period , which indicate that all the communities evolve into the most stable stage , and increase in species diversity will facilitate the restoration of C .chungii forest .[ Ch , 5 tab .11 ref .]
On protection of rare and endangered plants in Changbai mountains
2004, 21(3): 263-268.
[Abstract](1586) [PDF](301)
Located in the southeast of Jilin Province , Changbai mountains are an important plant germplasm resources treasury in the Eurasia in theNorthern Hemisphere , where many ancient endangered plants are conserved . A three-year research found out that there were 28 species of rare and endangered plants belonging to 19 families and 26 genera in Changbai mountains .There are 1 family of fungi belonging to 1 genus and 1 species , 2 families of fern belonging to 2 genera and 2 species , 3 families of gymnosperm belonging to 3 genera and 4 species , and 13 families of angiosperm belonging to 20 genera and 21 species .Some proposals for protecting the resources of these rare and endangered plants are put forward on the basis of analyzing the living type , geographical distribution , present conditions of natural protection and causes of being endangered .[ Ch , 4 tab .17 ref .]
Resources of precious and ancient trees in Mount Tianmu
LOU Tao, ZHAO Ming-shui, YANG Shu-zhen, PANG Chun-mei, WANG Zu-liang, LIU Liang
2004, 21(3): 269-274.
[Abstract](1829) [PDF](268)
National Nature Preserve of Mount Tianmu is a place where there are many precious and ancient trees . In order to know the conditions of the resource of ancient trees in this area and the dynamic development tendency , an investigation about the resources of ancient trees in the nature preserve was conducted during 2002 -2003 .The results showed that are 5 511 ancient and precious trees belonging to 100 species , 74 genera and 43 families in the preserve .The precious and ancient trees are among rare resources , of significant features of vertical distribution , with important ecological , scientific , economic and cultural values.However , the growth potentials of some ancient trees are on the decline .Protective measures are necessary and urgent .[ Ch , 2 tab .16 ref .]
Characteristics analysis on plant resources of Mila mountains in Tibet
LUO Jian, ZHENG Wei-lie, XING Zhen, BIANBA Dorgyi
2004, 21(3): 275-280.
[Abstract](1407) [PDF](160)
A systematic survey was conducted in the Mila mountains in Tibet .There are 86 families , 324 genera and 765 species in Tracheophyta flora of Mila mountains .Among them there are 15 families , 20 genera and 37 species of Pteridophyta and 3 families , 7 genera and 12 species of Gymnospermae .The composition of species tending to centralize in few families and obvious advantage of region reflect the environment particularity and region transition in Mila mountians .The plant resouces in Mila mountains were divided into 11 categories according to its usefulness .Also , the strategies and measurements on the conservation and sustainable usefulness of the plant resources were put forward .[ Ch , 1 fig .2 tab .12 ref .]
Standard of classification and application of sweet Osmanthus
WU Guang-hong, HU Shao-qing, XUAN Zi-can, XIANG Qi-bai
2004, 21(3): 281-284.
[Abstract](1548) [PDF](246)
The plantation and breeds classfication of Osmanthus in China can date back to some thousand years ago .But from the ancient time to now , whether at home or abroad , there is no unification or accordance .The paper begins with relatives of evolution of sweet Osmanthus cultivars combined with landscape producing and traditional breeds of Osmanthus .Basing on three grades :division , group and breed , the authors select stability herediary properties and easily-operated formal characteristics as the classified basis and establish a classified standard and applies it to the researc into the investigation and classification of breeds Osmanthus in Hangzhou City of Zhejiang Province , China .[ Ch , 14 ref .]
Study of pollen germination characteristic of Paeonia lutea
LI Zong-yan, WAN Xiao-min, TANG Dai, WANG Jing
2004, 21(3): 285-289.
[Abstract](1295) [PDF](217)
The findings of the conditions for the pollen germination of Paeonia lutea showed that pH values needed by four different Paeonia lutea populations took on two level differentiation .There was no much difference among four samples in the concentrations of boric acids , which were about 0.07 ~ 0.08 g L-1 .There was significant difference in the concentrations of cane sugars in different samples .There was a positive correlation between the values of sugar concentrations and the altitudinal distribution .The concentration of sugar needed by the pollen germination of population in high altitudinal zone was 140 gL-1 .The study also showed that in the dry and lowtemperature (about 2 ℃)conditions , the pollen of Paeonia lutea could survive for about 140 d , which was longer than its variation .However , its pollen germinability was lower than its variation .[ Ch , 4 fig .2 tab .16 ref .]
Effect of density and heading height on leaf-use Ginkgo biloba forest
JIANG Yue-zhong, WANG Kai-fang, LIU Yuan-qian, WU De-jun, CHEN Bao-quan, LIU Wei-guo, WANG Hua-tian
2004, 21(3): 290-294.
[Abstract](1206) [PDF](196)
By double-factor randomized block field test , shoot growth , leaf yield , and the contents of main medicine components flavonoid and terpin of 3 densities and 4 heading heights in leaf-use Ginkgo biloba forest were tested .The results showed that the suitable density and heading height treatment could improve the illumination conditions for the crowns , promote the germination and growth of branches , increase the number , area and yield of leaf in each tree .The contents of leaf flavonoid and terpin content decreased with the increase in the heading height.Denser forest (60 ~ 40 cm 20 cm)at early stage would make a higher yield of leaf .The heading height can be shortened properly on the precondition that it will not affect the yield of leaves .The stem can be cut at 30 - 50 cm from the ground .[ Ch , 10 tab .5 ref .]
Analysis of nutrients of Prunus persica cv .Heitao fruit
ZHONG Shan-min, HE Zhao-bin
2004, 21(3): 295-298.
[Abstract](1285) [PDF](188)
The nutrients of Prunus persica cv .Heitao fruits was determined and analyzed .The findings showed that black peach was a juicy fruit whose moisture was as high as 88 % regardless of its size .The fruit of black peach contained 4 sugars and 5 organic acids .The contents of these sugars and acids were ranked as follows :saccharose fructose glucose raffinose ;malic acid citric acid acetic acid oxalic acid succinic acid .And it also contained 4 vitamins and various minerals .The big fruit and small fruit contained respectively 14 and 9 free amino acids, of which the threonine and histidine were the major components .The sum of these two acids took up 72.63 %of amino acid in big fruit and 70.63 % in small fruit .There were 15 hydrolysis amino acids in both big and small fruits , 8 of which were essential to human body , with 33.51 %in big fruit and 28.36 %in small fruit .In addition , most of hydrolysis amino acid was acidic amino acid , which accounted for 52.58 % in big fruit and 49.19 % in small fruit .[ Ch , 5 tab .12 ref .]
Biological characteristics of endophytic fungus Fusarium sp. GI024 from Ginkgo biloba
JIANG Ji-hong, CHEN Feng-mei, CAO Xiao-ying, SUN Yong, ZHU Hong-mei
2004, 21(3): 299-302.
[Abstract](1472) [PDF](210)
Fusarium sp .GI024 could grow at temperature between 20 -37 ℃, with the optimal growth at 25 ℃, while it could not grow at 4 ℃.The fungus could fit a wide pH value range .Conidia germinated well between pH 5.5 -7.5 , with the optimal growh at pH 5.5 and between pH 4.0 -7.5 was the best range for sporulation . Treatments of darkness or with daylight lamp or darkness with alternative daylight lamp did not show significant effects on the mycelium growth of the fungus .The treatment of ultraviolet light had no significant reduction on mycelium growth .When cultured in artificial media , the fungus could utilize monosaccharids as well as alcohols as carbon sources and many kinds of inorganic and organic nitrogen .The proper nitrogen for the growth and sporulation were dextrine , maltose , DL-alaine and L--alanine .[ Ch , 4 tab .14 ref .]
Economization of ecotype resource :choice of natural forest conservation strategy in China
SHEN Yue-qin, LIU Jun-chang, LI Lan-ying, ZHENG Zhen-hua
2004, 21(3): 303-308.
[Abstract](1234) [PDF](188)
Natural forest conservation plays a very important role at the background of the ecology-based economy development .Based on the overview of natural forest conservation , the authors analyzed the interrelation of natural forest conservation and ecology-based economy development , and pointed out that they are the commons requires achieving economy development and environment protection at one time .Referring the experience of natural forest conservation abroad , the authors thought that economization of ecotype resource was a appropriate strategy for natural forest conservation , and took the Sichuan Province as the case , deeply analyzed its essentiality and possibility , and then pointed out the keys to achieve the goal of natural forest resource economization :changed the humans thinking and action manner , established the partnership cooperation mechanism , carried out relevant policies that benefits to economization of natural forest resource , etc .[ Ch , 4 tab .13 ref .]
Forecast of land use pattern change in Anji County of Zhejiang : an application of Markov process
JIANG Wen-wei, GUAN Yu, LIU Tong, ZHOU Guo-mo, SHEN Zhen-ming
2004, 21(3): 309-312.
[Abstract](1479) [PDF](199)
Based on thd data obtained from fixed plots for continuously surveying mountainous resources during two different perods , thd transition probability of land use pattern in Anji district of Zhejiang was defined , and the tendency of its change was forecasted with application of Markov process .The results show that over a long period of time , the barren moutain area , the arable land area , water area and the area occupied by residence will be decreased gradually and forest land area and orchard area will be increased day by day .Finally , the land use pattern will be lied in a stable state .At that time , a new land pattern will be formed by dominance of forest land area of 78.4 %while wet land areas decrease more than ever .[ Ch , 3 tab .11 ref .]
Status and strategic choices of forestry human capital development in Yunnan Province
2004, 21(3): 313-318.
[Abstract](1324) [PDF](190)
The sustainable development has drawn great attention in the world .The development and management of human capital is the center of sustainable development research .The main problems existed in the development and management of Yunnan forestry human capital were discussed and analyzed after data collection and field survey in Yunnan Provincial Forestry Department and a typical forestry region Simao Prefecture of Yunnan Province .On this basis , the strategic measures of the forestry human capital development such as building up the man-oriented ideas, implementing the strategy of priority of education , enhancing the macro-management and micromanagement of human capital , attaching great importance to human capital were put forward to promote the sustainable development of forestry economy in Yunnan Provinced and provide the foundations for and references to government's decision-making .[ Ch , 2 tab .10 ref .]
Research on landscape and greening design of Wenzhou section in Yong-tai-wen Highway
XU Wen-hui, FAN Yi-rong, TAO Yi-zhou
2004, 21(3): 319-323.
[Abstract](1337) [PDF](187)
In order to construct Wenzhou section in Yong-tai-wen highway into the ecological , afforested greening passage , from current phenomena analysis of highway landscape design which emphasizes on beautification , pattern and form and neglects the speciality and characteristics , the paper elaborated on the design content and the particularity of the spot , line , surface landscape along the route and carried on an attempting exploration on creating the characterized landscape and restoring the ecology by the combination of the domestic and foreign highways landscape design ideas .Furthermore it proposes that the highway greening and landscape design should pay attention to the ecology and the local specialty , correspondingly it put forward some improvement measures and the methods . [ Ch , 2 fig .12 ref .]
Design and realization of database system of main timber tree species in Zhejiang
LI Wen-zhu, SHEN Zhe-hong, ZHANG Wen-biao, DONG Li-ming, QI You-ping
2004, 21(3): 324-327.
[Abstract](2781) [PDF](176)
Based on the characteristics of large volume of information and data of tree species , database system was established with the computer intelligent management software to conduct the automatic , digitalized and scientific management of characteristics information of timber tree species .Based on C/S structure and oriented object , Delphi 7.0 and InterBase 6.0 were used to design and establish the database system with friendly user interface and easy operation .The system realized the functions of editing , browsing , indexing and maintaining , facilitated teaching , scientific research and social services , and promoted the construction of wood sample management software .[ Ch , 2 fig .14 ref .]
Forest tourism of Zhejiang in Weijinnanbei Dynasty
HU Jian-qiang, ZHANG Pei-cheng, WU Yong
2004, 21(3): 328-332.
[Abstract](1248) [PDF](212)
As a mighty province of tourism , early in the Weijinnanbei Dynasty , Zhejiang had formed various forest tourism tradition of long standing .Its long history had brought a deep culture to the tourism sights , so many tourism sights combined nature with culture had been formed .The article intended to discuss the development venation of Zhejiang's forest tourism as detailed as possible from ancient times to Weijinnanbei Dynasty by using historical document and field work of multidisciplinary , and comment on the tourism ideas of the ancient , analyzing the reasons of its present situation at the same time .In the end , the article tried to convince people to carry on the fine tradition and demonstrate the possibility of the combination of forest tourism and cultural tourism and ecological tourism and its sustainable development .[ Ch , 9 ref .]
Selection and development of forest tourism in Kaihua
ZHENG Jian-min, , QIAN Wen-rong, HE Li-ping
2004, 21(3): 333-338.
[Abstract](1405) [PDF](180)
Based on the overall plan of constructing ecologic county in Kaihua , Zhejiang , and its strategy of developing Kaihua with ecologic construction , an analysis of natural resources , economic layout and industry structure is conducted .With the principles of industry economy and rules of evolution of industry structures in the order of secondary-primary-tertiary , secondary-tertiary-primary and tertiary-secondary-primary , and on the basis of the tertiary industry embodying the highly industrialized structure and economic modernization , the actuality and development of the tertiary industry in Zhejiang is discussed .The result shows that it is practical to choose forest tourism as one of most important industries in Kaihua .In line with the characteristics of forest tourism and actuality of Kaihua , suggestions on how to develop forest tourism in Kaihua are put forward .[ Ch , 3 tab .9 ref .]
Status and sustainable development of peach industry in Lishui
ZHENG Xiao-mao, ZHU Zhi-jun, WANG Bai-po, CHENG Xiao-jian, QUE Jian-hua
2004, 21(3): 339-343.
[Abstract](1351) [PDF](174)
By investigating and analyzing the status of the peach industry in Lishui , it was found that the peach industry had become a key industry and played an important role in the economy of mountainous area .It had an optimized regional distribution , a set of effective cultivating techniques and high quality fruits .Most producers were medium and small ones and the market was still at the primary stage .With the support of government and technological force , it had a bright future .There were also many problems such as the prevalence of peach tree gummosis , lower quality of fruits , extensive management , destruction of ecological environment in some areas , decrease in the area of land for peach planting and scientific techniques needing improvement .Some suggestions including strengthening the introduction and selection of the species , attaching importance to the prevention and cure of peach tree gummosis and protection of ecological environment , perfection of industry organization , development of economic potential with the technology progress and etc .were put forward .[ Ch , 2 tab .11 ref .]
Scientific notes
Research progress of gibberellin biosynthesis and its key enzymes in higher plants
ZHOU Ming-bing, TANG Ding-qin
2004, 21(3): 344-348.
[Abstract](1570) [PDF](290)
In recent years , with the development of research methods and technology , great progresses have been made in the study of gibberellins biosynthesis and its mechanism of regulation .The formation of precursor of gibberellin biosynthesis and evolution of various gibberellins were included .The research progress in the key enzymes such as copalyl pyrophosphate synthase , ent-kaurene synthase , GA20-oxidase , GA3-hydroxylase were summarized .The research progress in the regulation mechanism of GA 20-oxidase , GA 3-hydroxylase in the process of gibberellins biosynthesis was summarized especially .[ Ch , 1 fig .29 ref .]
Study of growth rhythm of reserved seedlings of Phoebe chekiangensis
LI Dong-lin, JIN Ya-qin, XIANG Qi-bai
2004, 21(3): 349-352.
[Abstract](1601) [PDF](185)
The growth rhythm of reserved seedlings of Phoebe chekiangensis was studied .The seedlings sprouted in March , stopped growing at the end of November .The growth period was about 250 days .The growth rhythm of reserved seedlings in one year was not even .It belonged to full-time growth type .The seedlings had 4 growth peaks.According to the growth characteristics of the above-ground part of reserved seedlings of Phoebe chekiangnsis , the growth process could be divided into 3 periods :early growth period , fast-growing period and induration period .The duration of 3 periods were 20 days , 180 days and 60 days respectively .And the seedlings grew very fast in the fast-growing period .The growth volume in the period accounted for 97.65 %of the total growth volume .[ Ch , 2 fig .2 tab .9 ref .]
Rooting experiment of hardwood cuttings of Euonymus maackii
XU Xing-you, , GUO Xue-min, CAI Jian-guo, YIN Wei-lun, WANG Hua-fang
2004, 21(3): 353-356.
[Abstract](1599) [PDF](198)
The effects of three exogenous hormones on the rooting of cuttings of Euonymus maackii were studied to provide references to its rapid propagation in large volume .The results showed that (1)the rooting of E .maackii belonged to comprehensive rooting type which was mainly bark rooting ;(2)3 exogenous hormones could all contribute to rooting of cuttings , IBA having the best effect , NAA better and ABT worst ;but they were better than control groups ;(3)as for the effects of different concentrations of hormones on the rooting rate , 100 mgL-1 IBA had the best effect , 200mgL-1 better , 200 mgL-1 ABT worst ;(4)the effects of different concentrations foreign hormones on the survival rate of its transplanted seedlings after 60 dayscutting were not significant .[ Ch , 6 tab .17 ref .]
Analysis on factors influencing living-rate of Taxus media
WANG Jian-jun, ZHOU Dan, SONG Xiao-ying
2004, 21(3): 357-360.
[Abstract](1267) [PDF](261)
The experiment was made in Ningbo City of Zhejiang Province .Using series comparison tests to compare cuttage living-rate of Taxus media with different diameters and length spikes , different cutting time and mediums , wire or without plastic-sheet-covered practice , then come to a conclusion that Taxus media had the best living-rate when using 5 -7 cm length strong spike cuttage in spring and winter , while rooting speed of was the fastest in hot seasons (summer and autumn), but living-rate was lower .[ Ch , 4 tab .6 ref .]