2000 Vol. 17, No. 2

NaCl stress of new Aigeiros clones seedlings from water cultures
ZHANG Li-qin, ZHENG Yong-ping, WU Ji-liang, SUN Pin-lei, YANG Tong
2000, 17(2): 121-125.
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The study was made for the NaCl stress of 6 poplar clones , which were five F1 clones of I-69 Simon poplar and I-69 .The seedlings for test were cultured by Hoagland-Snhyder solution (1933) with NaCl .NaCl concentrations were designed for 1 gL-1 , 2 gL-1 , 3 gL-1 , 0 gL-1 and randomized block experiment for triduplication.The result showed that biomass , leaf area and seedling height were susceptible to NaCl .By integrative coordinate assessment , resistant-NaCl sequence of 6 clones were 80117 80105 80106 I-69 80108 80121 .
Relation between size of planting hole and parent rock and soil texture for Pinus massoniana plantation
WEN Zuo-wu
2000, 17(2): 126-131.
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Experiment stands of different size of planting hole for masson pine were established in Guizhou ,Jiangxi , Fujian and Guangxi Province .The results of preliminary analysis to the experiment data showed that there was rather close correlation between size of planting hole and parent rocks and soil textures .When sizes of plating hole were decided , the parent rocks and soil textures should be considered .In mountainous districts of south China , when spot soil preparation was adopted , planting hole of 40 cm 40 cm 25 cm was appropriate for masson pine plantation in the area where the parent rocks were slate and metamorphic malmstone , and the soil texture was loamy clay .The hole of 30 cm30 cm 20 cm was appropriate in the area where the parent rocks were granite and quartz sandstone , and the soil texture was sandy clay loam .
Study on enzyme activities of soil under Phyllostachys praecox f .prevelnalis forest
JIANG Pei-kun, YU Yi-wu, ZHANG Li-qin, XU Xiao-wan
2000, 17(2): 132-136.
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The study was conduced by sampling and analyzing 23 soils under Phyllostachys praecox f .prevelnalis forests which located across 4 villages and towns in Lin'an City in spring 1999 .The results show that the variation coefficients of enzyme activities are 33.37 %, 71.00 %, 49.60 %, 39.90 % and 28.08 % of hydrogen peroxidase , sucrase , phosphatase , urease and protease respectively .Protease activity has a good relation to soil organic matter , hydrolytic nitrogen , avaiable phosphorous , rapid potassium , sucrase and urease , and the correlation coefficients are 0.801 , 0.962 , 0.783 , 0.049 , 0.441 and 0.845 respectively .Protease activity could be a good index of soil fertility .Correlation coefficient between phosphatase and soil avaiable phosphorous is - 0.875 , indicating an excess of soil phosphorous .All enzyme activities except phosphatase has a negative relation to blossoming percentage of bamboo and sooty mould susceptibility index , among them peroxidase and sucrase are significant negative-related to blossoming percentage .Therefore , enzyme activities , especially peroxidase and sucrase activities , could be regard as an index of bamboo forest deterioration .
Studies on morphology and biological characteristics of pollen from Phyllostachys praecox
WANG Kui-hong, HE Qi-jiang, WU Rong
2000, 17(2): 137-141.
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The cause of flower abortion of Phyllostachys praecox was studied by observation and determination of pollen morphology , vigour , germination rate , pollination capability of stigma and growth of pollen tube .The results are as follows :①Pollen of Ph .praecox is ellipsoidal , with single germination aperture and granular exospore .②Low germination rate of pollen and weak natural pollination capability of stigma are main factors causing flower abortion of Ph .praecox .③Its pollen tube has rapid growth speed and the maximum speed is 3.44 m per minute .This paper offered reference basis for artificial pollination and cross breeding of Ph .praecox.
Chinese fir :genetic variation and combination selection in DBH growth and wood volume weight for filial generation
LIN Tong-long
2000, 17(2): 142-145.
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This study was made in 10-year-old Chinese fir plantation of filial generation in Fujian Province .The result shows that there is a great difference in DBH and wood volume weight among filial generations .The genetic variation coefficient of DBH is 7.39 %, and wood volume weight is 4.45 %only .The broad heritability of DBH is 0.77 , and wood volume weight 0.86 .There is a negative correlation in heredity between DBH and wood volume weight , and correlation coefficient is -0.604 9 .Four superior cross combinations are selected by simple index method .Their genetic gain of DBH is 9.18 %, and wood volume weight approximates to the ck (Weimin F1 seed orchard).
Extracting flavonoid compounds from Toona sinensis leaves
BI Li-jun
2000, 17(2): 146-149.
[Abstract](1148) [PDF](137)
Using a method applying alcohol soltion as extraction solvent in cooperation with ultrasonic wave in extraction techniques of flavonoid compounds in Toona sinensis leaves , discussing the primary factors which influences extraction ratio , and analyzing preferable extraction techniques by variance analysis and orthogonal design , the results show that a general extraction ratio reaches 96.47 % after soaking 1.00 g sample in 50 mL 50 % alcoholsolution for 24 h with application of ultrasonic wave for 45 min and repeating again .The extracting ratio of flavonoids is 7.45 %in the leaves and 5.40 % in the leafstalk .The volume percentage of alcohol is a predominant factor for extraction ratio .Application time of ultrasonic wave have certain influence while solvent quantity shows little influence on extraction ratio .
Study on characteristics of urban landscape greenery
WANG Xiao-de, LU Shan, FANG Jin-feng2, KONG Qiang
2000, 17(2): 150-154.
[Abstract](1133) [PDF](252)
A chief indicator of the standard of urban landscape green would be its characteristic , which not only requires such quantity indexes as urban green coverage , rate of green land in constructed districts , per capita public green area and abundant plants species, but also it should satisfy the needs required by ecology , natural bearty , humanity , scientific and artistic property .An effective way to realize such characteristic is to imitate natural plant groups and to increase urban green coverage .Further efforts are to be made in scientific research on garden plants , consciousness in characteristic design , as well as meticulous cultivation , construction , conservation and management.
Ecological characteristics and eco-tourism development of scenic resource for mount Lingfeng
WEI Xin-liang, GUI Zu-yun, FANG Gong-yong, FANG Jian
2000, 17(2): 155-158.
[Abstract](1735) [PDF](136)
In the paper , the authors analyse ecologically the main characteristies of scenic resource for Mount Lingfeng , devide its tourist market into four sections by using the spatial layer method , then decides its eco-tourism exploitation and management direction and basic principle according to the trend of world tourism market , finally , suppose the ensure system of eco-tourism sustainable development .
The toxicity base lines of Dendrolimus punctatus to several insecticides
HUANG Guo-yang, FANG Zhi-gang
2000, 17(2): 159-161.
[Abstract](1086) [PDF](87)
This paper deals with the toxicity base lines of Dendrolimus punctatus to two insecticides , i .g . trichlorphon and deltamethrin .The results showed that the slopes of the log dosage probit mortality lines of Dendrolimus punctatus to trichlorphon and deltamethrin were 4.8 and 4.9 respectively , much larger than 1 , which explained that the populations with less heterogeneity .It is concluded that the results of toxicity test of trichlorphon and deltamethrin to Dendrolimus punctatus can be used as toxicity base lines .
A List of Lepidoptera pests found on bamboo from China
FANG Zhi-gang, WANG Yi-ping, YANG Tong
2000, 17(2): 162-165.
[Abstract](1223) [PDF](130)
This paper generalizes and reports the damage , biology and control of the important Lepidopterous pests found on bamboo from China .Forty-nine species under 12 families of Lepidopterous insects found on bamboo are collected and arranged , moreover the distribution of every species and most of the parasitical plant are recorded.
Biological characteristics of Micadina zhejiangensis
BAO Qi-min, BAO Wen-bing, JIN Jue-yuan, CAI Hu-min, ZHOU You-qing, LIN Qing-lan
2000, 17(2): 166-169.
[Abstract](1082) [PDF](137)
Micadina Zhejiangensis injures Castanopsis eyrei and C .carlesii .It occurs one generation in a year and overwinters with eggs in the forest-litter under trees in Taishun County , Zhejiang .It is parthenogenesis .Its nymphs and adults feed on a large leave of its hosts , which result in the hosts being bad growth or dead .The paper deals with its life history , habits , and its natural enemies .The proposals for control are also given.
A tactic for controlling pine wilt disease based on its distribution and spread
LAI Yan-xue
2000, 17(2): 170-175.
[Abstract](1067) [PDF](123)
In order to study and establish a tactic for controlling pine wilt disease based on its distribution and spread in a state of nature , the paper describes the static and dynamic distribution of this disease with c =s2/ x in the range from city to village in 1992 -1998 , decides on its growth rate using N t =N0e rt m , comments on the effect of two practicing tactics , that is first controlling outside then center and first controlling center then outside , according to the number of wilt pine trees next year applying the standard of D =[ (N n-1 -N n)/N n-1 ] 100 %. The results show that c?1 means there are some obvious cores in the distribution of pine wilt disease , the growth rate in area is N t =N0e 0.43 t , the number of wilt pine trees is N t =N0e 0.19 t , the relationship between the number of wilt pine trees in center areas and the distance of the outer wilt pine trees is y =10 1.990 7+0.447 5 logx , the tactic of first controlling outside then center leads to overall increasing of pine wilt disease , and the tactic of first controlling center then outside leads to its overall decreasing .The tactic of first controlling center then outside can effectively control the development of pine wilt disease.
Cone life table of Cunninghamia lanceolata
LAI Zhen-liang, XU Yi-zhong, WANG Wei-an
2000, 17(2): 176-178.
[Abstract](1095) [PDF](109)
The study was made at Laoshan Forest Farm of Chun'an County from 1991 to 1994 .The results showed that during the growth and development period of Cunninghamia lanceolata cone , an average loss of 23 % per year resulted from frost , disease , pest and so on .Among which Botrytis cinerea , Sinorsillus piliferus and gall midges were key factors lost cone , resulting in mean annual loss of 13 % and 8 % respectively .
Resources of wild macrofungi from Yuhang City
LIU Jun, XU Yue-chong
2000, 17(2): 179-184.
[Abstract](1031) [PDF](122)
Results of field investigation indicate that there are 95 species of wild macrofungi in Yuhang City , belonging to 3 subphyla , 31 families and 73 genera .Among them , 36 species are edible , 44 medicinal , 7 poisonous, 21 both edible and medicinal , and 5 timber-rotting .Yuhang City has rich resources of wild macrofungi .
A survey on the heronries in Zhejiang Province , China
ZHU Xi, CHEN Qin-juan, WANG Zheng-dong
2000, 17(2): 185-190.
[Abstract](1082) [PDF](129)
Twenty-two heronries were found in Zhejiang Province from 1983 to 1999 .Among them , 15 heronries were in northern Zhejiang , 6 heronries in the middle of Zhejiang , and 1 heronry in an island .There are only 12 heronries in existence , which are located in different parts of Zhejiang Province (8 heronries in northern Zhejiang , 3 in the middle and 1 in Zhoushan Islands).The inhabited life of heronries varies from 1 to 16 years , and 72.72 % of them is less than 5 years .Destruction of habitants , human disturbance and environment pollution are main factors of unsteady heronries .Heron activities bring about some effects on the growth of trees .
Correcting and complementing for bird items in great dictionaries
LI Hai-xia
2000, 17(2): 191-195.
[Abstract](1185) [PDF](96)
The interpreting to some bird items in The Great Chinese Dictionary and The Great Chinese Characters Dictionary are wrong or vague .This thesis makes a textual research to 21 animal names , finding out what a name infers to exactly , in order to correct and complement relative bird items in the two great dictionaries .
Application of contrastive analysis between Chinese and English word order to translating forestry sci-tech articles from Chinese into English
Yu Jin-fang
2000, 17(2): 196-200.
According to linguistic typology , Chinese is classified as an analytic language while English as synthetic-analytic language .In word order Chinese and English favor SVO order , but have differences , which mainly lie in the postitions of attribute , adverbial and object .The paper analyzes the differences from the three aspects and introduces the methods most in use for dealing with the translation of forestry sci-tech articles from Chinese to English .
Citation analysis for Journal of Zhejiang Forestry College during 1994-1998
WANG Xue-qin SHI Bi-qing YAN Wu-lin
2000, 17(2): 201-204.
[Abstract](1056) [PDF](103)
Citation from Journal of Zhejiang Forestry College published in 1984-1988 were statistically analyzed on five aspects, such as citation quantity, document type, language coverage, time coverage and main cited periodicals. The results showed that each article averaged 4.90 citations, in which periodicals accounted for 59.20%, books for 39.38%; Chinese document published in the last 10 years accounted for 73.14%, and foreign document for 43.59% in the last 15 years. Such data were also compared with te results 5 years before and other related journals.
Status and countermeasures on fire retardant plywood
ZHANG Wen-biao, LU Xiao-bao, LIU Xian-yi, ZHOU Wei-qing, YU Xiao-hong
2000, 17(2): 208-214.
[Abstract](1045) [PDF](190)
The paper describes the combustion theory of plywood and retardant theory , thermal theory and thinned theory of uninflamable gas in the mechanism of fire retardants of wood .A primary explanation is offered on the mechanism of fire retardants of plywood .A series of studies on fire retardant plywood at home and abroad are expounded comprehensively , such 3 fire retardants as inorganic salts , organic salts and organic treatment salts , the methods of fire retardation treatment , 3 technological processes of the fire retardant plywood , the 4 test methods measuring fire retardnt effects such as combustion method , research method , smoke generation method and toxicity method , and the utility of wood based material .Moreover , the counter measures developing fire retardant plywood are put forward .
Scientific notes
Study on diversity of tea germplasm by RAPD method
LIANG Yue-rong, TANAKA Juni-chi, TAKEDA Yoshi-yuki
2000, 17(2): 215-218.
[Abstract](772) [PDF](107)
An RAPD method was used to investigate the possibility of classification and consanquinity identification of Camellia sinensis and its close consanquineous species .The results showed that species and variety specificity could be identified by RAPD method .Camellia sinensis var .assamica and C .sinensis had the specific band WKA-24a with 1 200 bp and band WKA-24b with 610bp , respectively .Japanese tea varieties were more close to Chinese tea varieties .Part of tea varieties from Vietnam was hybrid of Camellia sinensis var .assamica and C . sinensis .
High yield techniques for gingkgoes with low yield
XU Wei-nan, ZHOU Cheng, LANG Chong-wei
2000, 17(2): 219-221.
Dozens of years of investigation showed that the low and unstable yield of gingkoes was caused mainly by the poor site condition , careless management , insufficient male stalks , and improper pollination .Since the 1970,s , via such techniques as delivery of fertilizer-applying , pruning and regeneration of old trees , aftificial pollination , and graft of male -flower twigs high up on the tree , the gingko yield has increased from 44.4 t in 1970,s to 85.2 t in 1980' s .The variation coefficients have likewise decreased , demonstrating a yield both high and stable .
Iutroduction and reproduction of some molding plants in Hangzhou
SUN Xiao-ping
2000, 17(2): 222-224.
[Abstract](1154) [PDF](101)
This study was made in Hangzhou from the 1989s to the 1990s .On the basis of introduction , reproduction and observation of biological characteristics for introduced plants , six new and outstanding molding plants were selected .They have more beautiful flowers , leaves and fruits .They are Ternstroemia gymnanthera , Berberis lempergiana , Cassia corymbosa , Spiraea bumalda `Dold Flame' , spiraea bumalda `Goldmould' and Spiraea bumalda `Bus' .
Ornamental value and application study of woody climbing plants in northwestern Fujian
BAO Qi-wei
2000, 17(2): 225-228.
[Abstract](1016) [PDF](145)
There are 42 families , 84 genera and 278 species of woody climbing plants in northwestern Fujian Province , and 30 families , 48 genera and 101 species of them have higher ornamental value , such as Akebia trifoliata , Rourea microphylla , Lonicera macrantha , Sargentodxa cuneata , Wisteria sinensis , Actinidia lallifalia ,Kadsura longipedunculata , Caesalpinia decapetala , Parthenocissus tricuspidata , Ficus pumila , Campsis grandiflora , etc .Those plants are better vertical greening materials for flower garden , park , scenic area and so on .
Biological characteristic and chemical control of Pseudalbara parvula
LOU Jun-fang, XU Bing-chao, CHEN Xiao-zhong, WU Ji-lai, ZHONG Zhi-hua
2000, 17(2): 229-231.
Pseudalbara parvula , at the larval stage seriously damaged the leaves of Carya cathayensis in Lin,an City of Zhejiang Province , overwinters in pupae on earth surface under grass in the last ten days of September , emerging of the 1st ~ 3rd generation adults in June , July and august respectively , emerging of the overwintering adults in the last ten days of May the following year .The pest reproduces 4 generations with overlapping during a year in Lin,an .Its control could be made at the larval stage by spraying tree crowns with 1 500 ~ 2000 fold solution of fenzalerate 20EC or decamethrin 2.5EC , resulting in more than 95 % of the larvae being killed .The natural enemies such as Cissa erythrohyncha and Apanteles can play a good control role to the larvae after the 3rd generation in outbreak year .
Analysis of methamidophos residual dose absorbed in bamboo leaves
WU Li-dong, LIAO Li-hong, HUA Wen-li, MAO Jun-hua, HU Jin-gen
2000, 17(2): 232-233.
Methamidophos residual dose in Phyllostachys pubescens leaves was tested after injecting methamidophos 50EC into the bamboo cavity on the sixth day .The results showed that the content of methamidophos from the cavity into the leaves increased with growth of injection dose but decreased with growth of DBH .Control effect injecting at the new hole was better than the old hole .In practice , methamidophos 50EC could be injected at the rate of 1.0 mL per plant to bamboo 12 cm or over 12 cm of DBH, and 0.5 mL to under 12 cm of DBH .