2002 Vol. 19, No. 1

Hydration characteristics of Phyllostachys prominens wood-cement-water mixtures
YE Liang-ming, YU Xue-jun, HAN Hong, LI Yan-jun
2002, 19(1): 1-4.
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The evaluations were made on the compatibility between cement and Phyllostachys prominens wood by studying and compatible inhibitory coefficients based on temperature-time curve of Phyllostachys prominens woodcement- water mixture .The results showed thatPhyllostachys promonens inhibitory coefficients to two kinds of cement were .Comptatible coefficient to 425# cement was 23 % and to 525# was 28 %.Phyllostachys prominens inhibitory coefficients to 425# cement were , 259.0 , 236.0 and 26.0 with each additive such as Na2SiO3 , NaCl , BaCl2 and CaCl2 ;to 525# cement were 326.0 , 240.0 , 106.0 and 22.0 .Compatible coefficients to 425# cement were 27 %, 40 %, 51 % and 78 %;to 525# cement were 34 %, 46 %, 60 % and 85 % with above each additive .Addedg with CaCl2 after pretreatments of cold water , hot watter and 10 gkg-1 NaOH, inhibitorycoefficients to 425# cement were 12.0 , 11.0 and 9.4 ;to 525# cement were 10.5 , 8.4 and 7.2 .So conclusions could be drawed that Phyllostachy prominens wood could not be used directly in cement particle board because of its high inhibition .Additives could improve its compatablity to cement .Additives' effects in turn were :CaCl2 BaCl2 NaCl Na2SiO3 .Phyllostachy prominens wood compatabillty to 525# cement was higher than to 425# cement .Pretreatments could also improve bamboo wood compatability to cement .The effects were 10 g kg-1 NaOH hot water cold water .Only when it was used together with additives then could Phyllostachys prominens be used in half-dry cement particle board production .
Selection of chemical additives with function of fast curing for cement particle board
YE Liang-ming, JIN Yong-ming, FU Shen-Yuan, LI Yan-jun
2002, 19(1): 5-8.
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The effect of 7 additives such as CaCl2 , Na2SiO3 and so on are studied through hot pressing cement particle board with 3 addition amount .The results showed :①The best additive is CaCl2 .The next is Na2SiO3 in mat-forming , and has no erosive effect on metal .So it is a suitable fast curing additive for cement particle board . ②Addition amount influences cement particle board properties differently according to additive kinds .A further study is needed on appropriate Na2SiO3 amount .③Post-treatments influenced cement particle board properties differently according to additive kinds .It can improve performances of cement particle board added with CaCl2 after it is soaked in water .
Wood shaping measures of fast-growing Cunninghamia lanceolata
QIAN Jun, YU You-ming, JIN Yong-ming, LOU Yong-sheng
2002, 19(1): 9-11.
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Side compress-shaping equipment , which was self-designed and self-made , and press machine were used to study on shaping technology of smallCunniughamia lanceolata wood which on cutting .Compressed and shaped wood with rectangle section were made in the test .And by testing its bending strength , elastic modulus and dimensional stability , ideal shaping technology were chosen :shaping temperature was 160 ℃, rate of shaping was 10 mmmin-1 , and compression ratio was 60 %.
Synthesis of copolymer acrylates-vinyl emulsion and wood cold pressing adhesive
FU Shen-yuan, LU Jian-quan, YU Hong-wei, HUAI Min
2002, 19(1): 12-16.
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By synthesis process of copolymer acrylates-vinyl emulsion adhesive , the effects of influencing of the emulsion adhesive quality were analyzed and investigated .Both optimun synthesis process (polymerization temperature is 85 ℃, ploymerization time 4 h , initiator 0.4 % ~ 0.6 %) and wood cold pressing adhesive conditions were selected .It was proved that it was easy of manipulating for the bonding , was good at forming film for the emulsion , and could be used every where .The bonding strength could meet requirements speeified in standard GB/T17657-1999 (Ⅰ)plywood (bonding strength 0.965 MPa) for cold pressing adhesive of the emulsion .
Microbial biomass carbon as an indicator for evaluation of soil fertility
JIANG Pei-kun, XU Qiu-fang, YU Yi-wu
2002, 19(1): 17-19.
[Abstract](1220) [PDF](298)
To find out a new and effective indicator for evaluation of soil fertility , microbial biomass C and nutrients in soil under Chinese fir , evergreen broadleaked and bush forest were analyzed .It was shown that the amount of both microbial biomass C and nutrients followed the order of bush evergreen broadleaved Chinese fir . Significant orrelation was found between microbial biomass C and soil organic matter , total N , total P , hydrolazable N and exchangeable cation under bush and Chinese fir forest .Microbiol biomass C could be considere an indicator for soil fertility assessment .
Quantitative distribution and forestry features of Disantus cercidifolius in Zhejiang
LI Gen-you, CHEN Zheng-hai, QIU Yao-de, HONG Jing-liang, ZHUGE Gang, FANG Teng, CHEN Sheng-wen
2002, 19(1): 20-23.
[Abstract](1072) [PDF](160)
Disantus cercidifolius , belonging to the second-level of rare protected plant , is the native species of China , distributed in Zhejiang , Guangxi and Hunan Provinces .It is firstly reported that the distribution numbers of the species in Zhejiang , totally 36 720 clumps , are larger than that in other two provinces .Some mistakes in references are corrected .①It was said that this species has become extinct in Kaihua County of Zhejiang Province . However, there are large areas where the species distributed .②It was recorded that the lowest height of distribution spot was 1 000m above sea level .In fact , the height is 650 ~ 800 m .③It was also recorded that this species belonged to shade species .After observed on spots , it is concerned that the species belonges to indeterminated plant .Compared with other two provinces , the species has some differeces in distribution in Zhejiang .Firstly , the height of distribution spots is lower .Secondly , the habitat of the species is mainly in cheuch .This paper has elaborately recorded the geographical distribution of the species in Zhejiang , the biotopes and features of community ;have analysised the succession trend of communities ;and have also put forward some concrete proposals for exploiting and protecting the species .
New records to the spermatophyte taxa of Zhejiang
CHEN Zheng-hai, LIU An-xin, SUN Meng-jun, LI Gen-you, HU Shao-qing
2002, 19(1): 24-26.
[Abstract](1204) [PDF](195)
Ten new records to the seedplant taxa from Zhejiang are reported .Among those , Eucommiaceae is a new recorded family in Zhejiang ;Sabina Mill ., Eucommia Oliv .and Prenanthes L .are new recorded genera in Zhejiang ;Sabina chinensis (L .)Ant .,Eucommia ulmoides Oliv ., Gaura parviflora Dougl ., Prenanthes tatarinowii Maxim .,Pennisetum americarum (L .) Leeke and Oenanthe dielsii de Boiss .var .stenophylla de Boiss .are new recorded species (variety)in Zhejiang .
Resources and communal characteristics of national conservation wild plant Torreya jackii in Zhejiang
JIN Shui-hu, DING Bing-yang, YU Ming-jian
2002, 19(1): 27-30.
[Abstract](1184) [PDF](209)
Based on the investigation for resources and communal characteristics of Torreya jackii in Zhejiang , the distribution , population and characteristics of community are analyzed .Torreya jackii , growing in polymorphic commanitg types , is distributed mainly in Tonglu , Jiande , Fuyang and Xianju etc .Its area reaches 2 581.6 hm2 and the total number is 643 000 in Zhejiang .In addition , Torreya jackii is rare and unique in China .Zhejiang is not only its origin of holotype but also the distribution center in the world .
Resources of national key conservation wild plants in Zhejiang
LIN Xia-zhen, LOU Lu-huan
2002, 19(1): 31-35.
[Abstract](1239) [PDF](198)
This article analyzes the resources of 50 species of national key conservation wild plants in Zhejiang and their values .These plants belong to 28 families and 42 genera and include 5 species of pteridophyte , 10 species of gymnospermae and 35 species of angiospetmae .Among them, there are 10 species of grade Ⅰ national key conservation wild plants and 40 of grade Ⅱ .Most of them distribute in the southwest , southeast and northwest of Zhejiang .The value is appraised from scientific research , decoration and economy .Finally , the authors recommendes several proposals on preserving these plants .
On the birds of Hangzhou City , East China
ZHU Xi, CHEN Qing-juan, ZHAN Wei-jun, WANG Mei-rong
2002, 19(1): 36-47.
[Abstract](1360) [PDF](205)
In Hangzhou City , there are 306 species of birds , belonging to 17 orders 49 families , accounting for 69.23 % of birds in Zhejiang .Among them 124 species are residents , 45 species summer visitors 96 species winter vistors , 40 species travellers and 1 species straggler bird .Analysis showed that bird migration and environmental change have a great influence on the compostion of bird communities .The avifauna of Hangzhou City , which belongs to central China region of Oriental realm , near the south border of Palaearctic realm , has mixed features of transiting from Oriental relam to palaearctic realm in bird composition .
Ecological climatic change during construction of tourism infrastructure in forest park
ZHOU Lei-zhi, ZHOU Shu-hong, QIAN Xin-biao
2002, 19(1): 48-52.
[Abstract](1073) [PDF](168)
By the example of Xiaoheshan Forest Park in Hangzhou , the article analyzes the changeable characters under the change condition about primitive forest mat quality and also test significant influence degree at tourist convenience by variance analysis with help of observation about several factors such as temperature , humidity , irradiance , and wind speed on the mat of different tourism site (such as wooden house , Mongolic canopy , lake sand , horse running site).The result shows that soil and air temperature of tourism site rise obvious in contrast with forest land and soil surface temperature rise most significant during beginning of summer .As same time , the air temperature drops , the irradiance increases , and the wind speed near that of forest land .When distance of convenience index rank 1 , and 6 in forest land , visitors feel comfortable at moment ;7 in tourism site , most of them feel comfortable either .During the hot summer , the change of temperature , humidity and convenience will be more obvious .
Sustainable management for nature reserves of Fujian Province in China
TANG Li-zhi
2002, 19(1): 53-57.
[Abstract](1159) [PDF](163)
Rapid development of nature reserves in Fujian Province has raised the most important current issue on how to manage the nature reserves in an effective and sustainable manner .The present status of the effective management of nature reserves in Fujian is systematically evaluated from the aspects of management conditions , management measures , scientific research basis and management effects in the paper .Furthermore , the paper puts forward some proposals as follows:enhance sustainable management consciousness among supervisors , harmonize management and resources exploitation , construct the reciprocal mechanism between management and community participation , strengthen scientific research basis and vitality , and quicken the pace of legislation and institution reform .References 8
Landscape ecological city :the ldeal model of sustainable development of city
WANG Ke-qin, ZHAO Jing, FAN Guo-sheng
2002, 19(1): 58-62.
[Abstract](1411) [PDF](196)
To solve the problems of developing in the present city , the main models and characteristics of cities developing were analyzed .Base on these , the landscape ecological city was put forward , and its conception and traits were expatiated .The landscape ecological city is similar to the ecological landscape city on the formally , but they are different in meaning .The landscape ecological city is an ecological city primarily .It is a landscape city with abundant civilization also , which put aesthetic feeling into the ecological city .In this way , landscape and ecology would be fused in a whole system .The building of landscape ecological city is materially to protect environment and resource , improve productivity and develop the green economy , achieve the clean production and control environmental pollution , accelerate the building of city civilization .It is the mean of sustainable development of city .
Effect and mechanism of forest resource utilization innovation
LOU Tao, WEI Xin-liang, LIN Xiang-jian, TANG Mei-qin, YE Zhu-hui
2002, 19(1): 63-67.
[Abstract](1329) [PDF](199)
It is a problem to deal with the relationship between protecting forest resource and getting income in rural area , and the authors thought that the innovation of forest resource utilization is the effective way to solve the difficulty .In Baisha Villege , the practice of innovating on forest resource utilization pattern , mainly by developing non-timber resource and eco-tourism , have increased the rural income , optimized the estate structure , and protected effectively the forest resource and ecology environment .The results showed that the key of innovation is to respectively , repeatedly and protectedly utilize forest resource , to manage mainly the forest by-product , to shorten the management period , and to effectively solve the outer problem in forest resource usage , so that the public can develop coordinately the ecology , economy and social effect of forest resource .
The karyotype of Orius chinensis (Hemiptera :Anthocoridae)
WANG Yi-ping, WU Hong, BU Wen-jun
2002, 19(1): 68-71.
[Abstract](1127) [PDF](173)
The karyotype ofOrius chinensis with male germ cell in the genus Orius belonging to the family of Anthocoridae is described based on the Giemsa squashing slides air dried method in detail .The result indicates that its haploid chromosome constitution is n =11A +XY .Moreover , according to sexal chromosome behavior it is thought that Orius chinensis is likely to be evolutionary in terms of phylogenetic relationship within Anthocoridae .
Environment ethic supporting resource environment protection
HU Yun-jiang
2002, 19(1): 72-75.
[Abstract](1145) [PDF](200)
Man attaches much importance to the environment problems originated from the two interrelated reasons . One is that excessive resource consumption leads to worsen the environment the development during the development of economy , the other is that people require a higher environment consumption at the certain level of economy .To the sharp contradiction of the two reasons , this article uses a philosophical method to discover the third relation (man and nature)to the environment with the reasonable option of standards , design and developing patterns , and conclude that environment ethic can support the resource environment protection , which is quite significant both theoretically and practically to deal with the relations to resource environment protection , man and natural environment , and to realize the sustainable development of economic society .
Real meaning of interest rate marketisation
JI Ya-lan, GU Lei
2002, 19(1): 76-80.
[Abstract](1136) [PDF](177)
As China officially entered WTO , the reform of interest rate marketisation seems to be inevitable . Before the entry of WTO , Peoples Bank of China (central bank)had worked out a general framework of interest rate marketisation and carried it out by stage .Some currently widespread ideas about interest rate marketisation are inexact .Those prevalent ideas base on new and old liberalism , stress on the importance of equilibrium interest rate and neglect the importance of interest rate structure .But equilibrium interest rate does not exist .So the real meaning of interest rate marketisation should be that central bank determines the basic interest rate level and market makes the interest rate structure .For this aim , it is necessary for China to introduce competition mechanism to the bank industry .
Inheritance and creation on Chinese folk arts
HE Zheng
2002, 19(1): 81-85.
[Abstract](1142) [PDF](276)
Folk arts originate on life soil , which is the source of artistic creation .Accumulation and connotation of outstanding Chinese culture manifest peculiar beauty of Chinese culture both in ideological and artistic form , so that plays a positive pushing role in reality .Nowadays , the main theme in Chinese folk arts is to seek for heatedness and happiness , deep understanding on how the artists to inherit and make use of outstanding folk arts , balance the tradition and contemporary , hold aloft the banner of national culture .It is imperative to elevate Chinese folk arts among the world culture forest .
Application of layer 3 switching and VLAN technology in campus network
TANG Li-hua, FANG Lu-ming
2002, 19(1): 86-89.
[Abstract](1131) [PDF](205)
Layer 3 switching is integrated by the layer 2 switching and routing technology .Base on layer 3 switching to configure VLAN , the-transfer speed will be improved by the wire-speed switching in a VLAN-subnet and the wire-speed routing between VLAN-subnets .In present , layer 3 switching and VLAN technology make optimal use of building medium or small campus network .In this paper , bosed on multilayer switching model and VLAN technology , a campus network of scalability and intelligence is presented .The availability of the technologies is showed in the process of building and management of the campus network .
On sequential sample test
2002, 19(1): 90-94.
[Abstract](938) [PDF](192)
Using sequential probability ratio test  n1 *(0 , c11), n2 *(1 , c12), , nk *(k -1 , c1k), , design an ameliorate sequential test (if c1t s , assume c1t = c1t ;if c1t s , assume c1t* = s):n1 *(0 , c11 *), n2 *(1 ,c12*), , ns *(s -1 , s).If p p0 , average sample number of ameliorate sepuential test and sequential probability ratio test is proved little deference , but the test time is less .
Scientific notes
Plant selection , layout and planting measures on hill section
LI Gen-you, TU Juan-li, AI Jian-guo, ZHOU Wen-sheng, CHEN Chao-long
2002, 19(1): 95-99.
[Abstract](1250) [PDF](221)
How to green hill section , formed by highway building , is a knotty problem .More than 20 species of wonderful vertical-greening plants which are suitable for east area of China are selected , such as Parthenocissus tricuspidata ,Trachelospermum jasminoides ,Mucuna sempervirens ,Campsis grandif lora , and so on .And Their growth characteristics , meirt and demerit , and greening effects are evaluated objectively .According to different slope , height , plane degree , ground substance and plant property , habital , this paper expounds different principle of plant layout , points out concrete species and offeres some supplementary measures necessary in planting .
Degeneration of soil fertility in pure Chinese fir succession
HE Guang-xun
2002, 19(1): 100-103.
[Abstract](1066) [PDF](238)
Pure Chinese fir succession can result in the degeneration of soil fertility .Because the mechanism of degeneration of soil fertility in pure fir Chinese succession is unknown , there is not a conclusion about it yet . According to the theory that humus content is the important index to measure the soil fertility , the formation theory of humus biochemistry , and the present research on the situation of the forest land .The lack of amino acid is crucial point of degeneration of soil fertility in pure Chinese fir succession .The broad-leaved tree in mixed forest can add nitrogen and adjust the ration of carbon to nitrogen .The broad-leaved tree in mixed forest of Chinese fir and broad-leaved tree can help to increase amino acid and make up for the degeneration of soil fertility .
Effects of potassium on Rubisco , RCA and photosynthetic rate of plant
ZHENG Bing-song, CHENG Xiao-jian, JIANG De-an, WENG Xiao-yan
2002, 19(1): 104-108.
[Abstract](1218) [PDF](212)
Potassium resulted in high osmotic potential and water potential , low stomatal resistance , increasing chloroplast grana , activities of electron transport and photophosphorylation , activities and contents of Rubisco and Rubisco activase , and net photosynthetic rate .Rubisco is the key enzyme of photosynthesis , and RCA regulates the activities of Rubisco .The contents of Rubisco and RCA in plant leaves sharply decreased with decreasing potassium nutrition , as a results , the initial Rubisco activity , total Rubisco activity and RCA activity decreased . Potassium ion on the activity of pure Rubisco and RCA in vitro was unavailable .The reseach progress about the effect of potassium on photosynthesis and its key enzymes of plant is discussed .
Microcapsule technology and application prospects of microbial pesticide
ZHU Li-yun, SUN Pei-long, ZHANG Li-qin
2002, 19(1): 109-112.
[Abstract](1134) [PDF](235)
This paper outlines the present situation , preparation and application problems of microbial pesticides at home and abroad , summarizes the signficance of microencapsulated microbial pesticide and superority of its controlled release , It comments that microcapsule of microbial pesticide may be processed by means of coacervation and interfacial poly merization , and predicts its development prospect in pesticide .