2003 Vol. 20, No. 1

Attaching importance to science and innovation in the processing and utilization of bamboo timber in China
ZHANG Qi-sheng
2003, 20(1): 1-4.
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On the basis of analyzing the actuality of processing and utilizing bamboo resource and timber in China , the paper explores the existed problems in the development of bamboo timber industry in China .The main problem is that the utilization of bamboo timber lacks in science and innovation .There are four suggestions on the utilization of bamboo timber :①The products of imitation bamboo boards should be continuously consolidated , improved and developed .Imitation bamboo board is not the only product of utilizing bamboo timber .Too many factories producing the same product will cause the competition of price .②Taking bamboo timber and small caliber raw bamboo as major materials to produce various living products and bamboo products , which conforms to peoples life ideas to adorn and return to nature .③Bamboo chemistry is a rising industry and worth further exploration and development .④Emphasize and exert the role of bamboo associations , organize related enterprises , strengthen information and technology exchange to adapt to the new situations after Chinas entry into WTO .
Study on manufacturing joiner core by PSL method
JIN Yong-ming, QIAN Jun, LOU Jian-qiang, YU You-ming, YE Liang-ming
2003, 20(1): 5-7.
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To promote the industrialized utilization of processing remains of Chinese fir , the feasibility of manufacturing board in cleaved bark slat of Chinese fir is analyzed .Conduct board manufacturing experiments on cleaved bark slat of Chinese fir by PSL method to test its mechanical properties , analyze board manufacturing parameters and choose better techniques .The findings show that it is feasible to heat-press and glue cleaved bark slat of Chinese fir .UF with 49 % solid content and 0.12 Pas glutinosity is used .When the content of glue is 4 %, heat-press temperature is 110 and heat-press lasts 10 min , medium and top grades requirements for elasticity module , water absorption depth and dilatability can all be met .
Relationship between water soluble organic carbon and heavy metal elements in the soil under Phyllostachy praecox stands
JIANG Pei-kun, XU Qiu-fang, YANG Fang
2003, 20(1): 8-11.
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In order to understand the conditions of water soluble organic carbon (WSOC), 27 soil samples under Phyllostachys praecox stands in Linan were analyzed .The findings of analysis show that the content of 25 ℃water soluble organic carbon (25 ℃-WSOC )in the soil under Phyllostachys praecox stands is within (0.155 0 0.005 3)gkg-1 and that of 100 ℃water soluble organic carbon (100 ℃-WSOC)within (0.222 0 0.006 3)gkg-1 . The content and percent of WSOC in the soil under Phyllostachys praecox stands are both higher than those in the soil under tea and Chinese chestnut .The coverage measure to increase the temperature of the soil under Phyllostachys praecox stands increases the content of WSOC in the soil .The content of WSOC in the soil having been covered for 5 years in succession is double compared to that in the soil covered for only 1 year .WSOC in the soil under Phyllostachys praecox stands has obvious (P 0.05)very obvious (P 0.01)effects on the content of TOC , toal N , hydrolyzed N , available-P and rapid-K , activities of urease and surcease , Cd , Co , Ni , Pb and Zn in the soil , which indicates that WSOC organic substances have close relationship with the quality of soil .
Techniques of early bearing , high yielding and ecological culture for pear with prematurity and high quality in the north of Zhejiang
WANG Bai-po, QIAN Yin-cai, PAN Wen-xian, JIANG Xiao-fan, ZHU Wei, CHENG Xiao-jian
2003, 20(1): 12-16.
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The findings of researches show that cv .Cuiguan , Qingxiang and Cuilu are premature and high grade pear with properties of vigorous adaptability , early bearing and high yielding .At the first stage of establishing a new orchard , increasing number of plants in unit-area and urging the blossom of plants are main neasures to achieve early fruits.In the third year , the output of the pear is 10.4 t hm-2 .84.6 %investment can be retrieved , and investment retrievable rate is 363.4 %.The natural grass in the orchard can feed sheep and the dejection of sheep can be used as fertilizer , which forms a favorable recycle .Organic fertilizer is preferred to chemical fertilizer .The fruits should be packed with bags and given less pesticide .The production of green food can reduce chemical fertilizer and pesticides pollution of environment .
Illumination domino effect and its influence on height growth of medicinal plant in intercropping system of Populus tomentosa and medicinal plants
WANG Ji-yong, WANG Wen-quan, WU Hui-xiao
2003, 20(1): 17-22.
[Abstract](1921) [PDF](212)
To provide the essential theoretic bases for applying the planting pattern of intercropping trees with medicinal plant in the west part of China , This paper carried through a more embedded study on the illumination characters and its effect on the growth of medicinal plants in trees and medicinal plants intercropping system by setting different popular row spacing grads .The results were as follows:the light intensity daily change on the middle measure spot between the popular rows was a curve with one peak , it was same as the contrast , but the value of light intensity on the peak was lower than the contrast .The light intensity daily change on the measure spot east to the popular rows and west to the popular rows were symmetrical , the former appeared peak in the morning , the latter in the afternoon .The daily average light intensity on the middle measure spot was higher than that on the other measure spots .The daily average light intensity between popular rows decreased with the popular row spacing decreasing .The height growth of Glycyrrhiza uralensis , Platycodon grandiflorum and Pinellia pedatisecta were different when they intercropped with Populus tomentosa .With the popular row spacing decreasing , the fast height growth rate of Glycyrrhiza uralensis decreased from 1.11 cmd-1 on the contrast to 0.45 cmd-1 on the row spacing 3m , the growth rate change of Platycodon grandiflorum was not serious , on the contrary , the fast height growth rate of Pinelliapedatisecta increased from 0.2 cmd-1 on the contrast to 0.37 cmd-1 on the row spacing 3 m .These results indicated that Platycodon grandiflorum .and Pinellia pedatisecta can adapt to environment of intercropping , these two species can be used to intercrop with trees .
Analysis of the genetic diversity of Pinus taiwanensis populations
TANG Juan-juan, FAN Yi-rong, ZHU Mu-yuan
2003, 20(1): 23-26.
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The genetic diversity of 10 Pinus taiwanensis families are analyzed by RAPD molecular markers .17 primers and 38 polymorphic loci are screened from 206 random oligonucleotide primers .The mean ShannonWevieis diversity index is 4.525 1 , which ranges within 0.010 2 ~ 0.050 4 .The genetic diversity level of the family (Yuyao Wenshi) is the highest and its Shannon Wevieis index is 7.965 8 .Genetic distance is calculated according to 38 polymorphic loci and clustering analysis is carried out .10 clustering families can be divided into 3 groups at the point of the genetic distance 0.42 .
Characteristics of Tacamachaca genes in the Western Sichuan Plateau
YU Shu-quan, LIU Jun, FU Da-rong, LIU Da-jian, LIU You-quan
2003, 20(1): 27-31.
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Located in the southeast of the Qinghai-Xizang Plateau , the Western Sichuan Plateau has unique geographical and historical conditions , complicated geological physiognomy , diversified climate environments , which bear abundant and rich plant resources .The findings show :①The Western Sichuan Plateau is abundant in poplar gene resources .With 11 species of poplar , 8 varieties and 10 hybrids accounting for 45.8 % of 24 poplar species special in China , it is the natural distribution and variation center for poplar in China .②The distribution of poplar is substitutive vertically and with regional features horizontally .③Poplar have good adaptability to climate environments and distributed in vast areas ranging from dry and hot valley to moist-climate , cold and warm-climate areas.④Poplar grow very fast .Within the range of 1 600 ~ 4 000 m, poplar can grow 0.77 ~ 2.40 m in length and 1.0 ~ 3.9 cm in diameter .⑤Various floristic elements including China-Japan Flora , China-Himalayas Flora and approximate ancient tropical zone flora are coexisting in the area .⑥The area is rich in ancient trees .Poplar trees with diameter over 1.00 m are spread throughout all counties in the area .The longest diameter of poplar is 3.05 m .
Study of systemic status of Mycetophilidae
WANG Yi-ping, WU Hong, XU Hua-chao
2003, 20(1): 32-36.
[Abstract](1594) [PDF](173)
The actuality of Mycetophilidae family research has been illustrated in detail .The research includes biology , classification and idenfication , geographical distribution , status of systemic classification and system development .The existed problems and expectation are also explored in the paper .According to the latest information , Mycetophilidae family is composed of 5 subfamilies , i .e , Mycomyinae , Sciophilinae , Gnoristinae , Leiinae and Mycetophilinae .Mycetophilinae includes 2 tribes :Exechiini and Mycetophilini .References 28
Two new species of Mecoptera from Jiulongshan , China
JU Jin-shui, ZHOU Wen-bao
2003, 20(1): 37-40.
[Abstract](1128) [PDF](165)
The present paper deals with two new species of Mecoptera collected from Naturel Reserve of Jiulongshan , Zhejiang , China .They are Neopanorpa circulars sp .nov .and Panorpa anfracta sp .nov .All the type specimens are kept in the Zhejiang Museum of Natural History .
An investigation on macaque resource in south region of Jinhua City in Zhejiang
ZHENG Rong-quan, CHEN Qian-jin, HU Yi-zhong
2003, 20(1): 41-43.
[Abstract](1290) [PDF](169)
Wide macaque resource in south mountain of Jinhua City was investigated with the methods of fixed-spot observation , trace identification and visiting during 2000 and 2001 .There are about 55 ~ 57 wide macaques in the border of Jinhua , Suichang and Wuyi .The age structure of macaque is as follows :27 ~ 28 grown-ups , accounting for 47.4 %~ 50.9 %;20 ~ 21 juveniles , accounting for 35.1 %~ 38.2 %;7 baby macaques , accounting for 12.3 %~ 12.7 %.About 1 km2 distribution area of wide macaque is determined and corresponding protective measures are put forward .
Phyllostachys prominens plum shoot wilt pathogenic fungoid and its biological characteristics
MA Gui-lian, HU Guo-liang, YU Cai-zhu, WU Ji-lai, XU Bing-chao
2003, 20(1): 44-48.
[Abstract](1245) [PDF](158)
Phyllostachys prominens plum shoot wilt is a new disease first discovered in Lin,an , Zhejiang .There are no concerned reports domestically and abroad .After years repeated separating culture , Arthrinium phaeospermum (Corda)M .B .Ellis , a fungoid is separated from sick Phyllostachys prominens tissue .By repeated inoculation and re-separation in different conditions , Arthrinium phaeospermum (Corda)M.B .Ellis is proved to have a rather strong pathogenic ability , which can cause the same symptoms as those caused by natural disease .The suitable temperature for the growth of pathogenic fungoid is 15 ~ 30 ℃ and the best temperature is 25 ℃.The suitable pH value is 5 ~ 10 , and the best pH value is 6 ~ 8 .The suitable temperature for the sprouting of conidia is 20 ~ 30 ℃, and the best temperature is 28 ℃.The best pH value is 6 .Its suitable for conidia to sprout in the bamboo juice .Lighting can promote the sprouting of conidia .
Techniques of forecasting and predicating Dendrolimus houi
ZHAO Ren-you, XU Zhen-wang, LUO Song-gen, YANG Shao-li
2003, 20(1): 49-53.
[Abstract](918) [PDF](252)
By raising and observing the larva of Dendrolimus houi , it is known that the larva is 7 instars .Their average appetite is 104.4 g and increases distinctly after 4 instars .Therefore , the prevention and control of the insect shall be carried out before 4 instars .The 1 ~ 2 instar larva has a high death rate , accounting for 30 %~40 %.The death rate decreases after 3 instars and their population is stable .It is the best opportunity to carry out forecast and investigation .The formula to calculate the leave quatity by the diameter of Cryptomeria fortuneicrown is lgW =a +blgD .The formula establishes the grade of Cryptomeria fortunei crown and insect pest .The formula of the distribution pattern of the insect is *m =14.275 7 +1.124 0m .The formula for the predication of population of insect number in a tree by the average insect number in two lower branches is y =9.754 4x1.157 4 .These formulas conform to the requirement for precision and promote the working efficiency .
Adaptability of introduced cool-season lawny grass varieties in Hangzhou
MA Jin, ZHANG Wan-rong, WANG Xiao-de, MENG Jin
2003, 20(1): 54-57.
[Abstract](1038) [PDF](178)
The adaptability of 19 introduced cool-season lawny grass varieties abroad has been studied for 2 years .The findings show that 6 tall fescue Festuca arundinacea varieties and 2 white clover Trifolium repens varieties perform better adaptability .Of tall fescue , Montauck , Houndog 5 , Bonsai and Vegas have the best adaptability . Tahora of white clover varieties is the best .Lolium perenne and Agrostis stonlonifer are with poor heat resistance but good materials for warm lawn in winter in Hangzhou .Poa pratensis is better than other lawny grass in its appearance .It is suitable for mixed planting for it has yellow and green period .
Conception and practice of Zhejiang “Zhi Garden”
QIAN Hai-yan
2003, 20(1): 58-62.
[Abstract](998) [PDF](156)
The conception and practice of Zhejiang Zhi Garden , Zhejiang outdoor exhibition area in the 5 th ChinaFlower Exposition , is introduced .The paper discusses about how to create a beautiful garden space in a small and long space with modern designing skills .The guideline of conception , creation of space and distinct national culture is discussed .Creating a large space within a small area and importance of garden buildings are illustrated .In a new age , only with new shape and content , a creative conception can be created .It also illustrates Zhi Gardens organic space , outstanding themes and distinct plants setting .
Variation of the main nutrition constituents in Pleioblastus amarus tea
YU Xue-jun, LIU Li, JIN Ai-wu, FANG Wei, HE You-zheng
2003, 20(1): 63-66.
[Abstract](941) [PDF](164)
Based on the studies of the ferment techniques , the comparison of the main nutrition constituents in the leaves of Pleioblastus amarus fermented in different time is conducted .The findings show thatPleioblastus amarus tea fermented for 48 h is at its best for its taste and retention of effective nutrient content .Pleioblastus amarus tea made with the best techniques has 14.00 mgg-1 soluble sugar , 0.91 mgg-1 polyphenols , 126.4 mgg-1 free amino acid , 21.6 mgg-1 flavonoid content and 60.4 mgg-1 ash .
Quality of monascus wine in She village of Zhejiang
ZHOU Jian-zhong, LIU Li, GUO Jian-zhong, L Jian-quan, LIN Hai-ping
2003, 20(1): 67-70.
[Abstract](1020) [PDF](156)
Conventional physical and chemical index , bacteriological index , aminophenol components , microelements of the monascus wine , yellow rice wine , white wine and beer are analyzed by the methods of high performance liquid chromatogram , atom absorption and spectrophotometer .The monascus wine of She village of Zhejiang is brewed with monascus , sticky rice and fountain .The color of the wine is peach .Its chroma is 12.23 EBC unit , ethanol volume fraction 15.2 %, total saccharin 12.5 gL-1 (calculated by dextrose), total acid 5.25gL-1 (calculated by tartaric acid), total number of bacteria 52 000 L-1 , coliform 20 L-1 and total aminophenol 1.403 52 g L-1 .The contents of all indexes and microelements in monascus wine are modest .The wine is suitable for the majority of drinkers .The wine has to be heated to kill bacteria before drinking .
Non-standardized decoration,s influences on house structure
YANG Yun-fang, LOU Hong-qi, HE Li-ping, TONG Xiao-hang
2003, 20(1): 71-74.
[Abstract](1191) [PDF](182)
Investigation and researches show that the problems of non-standardized decoration are existed .The most common disadvantageous influences caused by non-standardized decoration include lowering anti-seismic ability and reliability of house structure .Corresponding measures are put forward to deal with these problems .
Approaches to environment protection in development of small town in Zhejiang
ZHOU Bo-huang, CHEN Yong-fu, ZHANG Wen-long, TANG Zhi
2003, 20(1): 75-79.
[Abstract](1003) [PDF](177)
Small towns in Zhejiang are developing rapidly and their environment protection is being strengthened . Due to the small scale of small towns and unreasonable industrial structure , there are pollutions of water , gas and noise .These pollutions influence people,s normal life , do harm to people,s health and hinder the development of society and economy .Therefore , sustainable development strategies must be carried out .Promoting the further development of environment protection and coordinating the relationship between econmoic development and environment protection by perfecting environment protection mechanism and strengthening government,s functions
Fundamental policy of sustainable development of beneficial agriculture in mountainous district
ZHANG Ben-xiao
2003, 20(1): 80-83.
[Abstract](1339) [PDF](153)
The present mode of beneficial agriculture in mountainous district exists the motivation and mechanism of exploiting the peasant labor in a real or a disguised form potentially , which is impossible to educe the fundamental policy to make rural areas prosperous , agriculture efficient and peasants rich .The joint-stock system is the key to the prosperous development of beneficial agriculture in mountainous district .The most important part to protect separate peasants, rights and interests is to make it sure that the able leaders among the peasants become the absolute representatives .
Ecotourism image design of Jincheng Town , Lin,an City
XIAO Sheng-he, YU Yi-wu, LI Jian, NI Hui-li
2003, 20(1): 84-89.
[Abstract](1245) [PDF](187)
By analyzing natural and cultural ecology , ecotourism resources , ecotourism market in Lin,an and Jincheng,s position in Lin,an tourism image , the necessity of establishing Jinchengs ecotourism image and existed problems in it are put forward .The ecotourism image of Jincheng Town should be :MI landscape city and origin of Wu and Yue ;BI being friendly and civilized , efficient and high quality ;VI being green and elegant , clean and harmonized .
Strategies to Chinese tourism industry after China,s accession to WTO
CHEN Yong-fu, ZHANG Wan-rong
2003, 20(1): 90-94.
[Abstract](1090) [PDF](195)
The paper analyses the advantage and disadvantage of Chinese tourism after the WTO entry .On one hand , it is beneficial to enlarge the tourist market , improve the development environment of Chinese tourism, increase the managerial level , and enforce the international competitiveness .On another hand , it is challenge to the potential interests of Chinese tourism , professional talent competitiveness , building up legal system of tourism service , technology method and operation mechanism of tourism .In order to meet the great challenge , some measures are put forward :①to change the governments function and enforce macro-control ;②to build up and perfect the law system of tourism service trade ;③to speed up the pace of training tourism men for profession by education ;④to bring into full play the function of trade organization and increase the organizational level of tourism enterprises
Transformations of dispersionless partial differential equations and exact solutions
YE Cai-er
2003, 20(1): 95-97.
[Abstract](1094) [PDF](190)
By approximate reduction , three nonlinear physical equations are changed into a kind of dispersionlesspartial differential equations which are converted into the first order quasilinear hyperbolic equation via transformations .The exact solutions of dispersionless partial differential equations can be obtained by using the solutions of quasilinear hyperbolic equation .
Design of college human resource management information system
JIANG Zhen-jie, CHENG Jun
2003, 20(1): 98-101.
[Abstract](1310) [PDF](267)
The existence of problems including low openness , expensive maintenance , little information and lack of humanity and so on in the traditional human resource management system makes it difficult to adapt to new management mode .The paper illustrates the necessity and corresponding conditions for college to develop HRMIS and puts forward a new college HRMIS operationmode by using ODBC technology , adopting mixed structures of C/S and B/S and fully utilizing college network environments .The system has been improved in information sharing , centralized management of data , safety , expansion and feasibility .The functions of corresponding module and advantages of new system are also analyzed with figures .
Scientific notes
Physical and chemical property difference in soil under bamboo-shoot and bamboo-timber forests in Huzhou
XU Qiu-fang, YU Yi-wu, QIAN Xin-biao, WU Jia-sen
2003, 20(1): 102-105.
[Abstract](1189) [PDF](163)
In order to find out the influences of different land use of Phyllostachys pubescens on properties of soil , physical and chemical properties of soil under bamboo-shoot forest and bamboo-timber forest in Huzhou are analyzed .The findings show that the contents of organic matter and hydrolgsable nitrogen in the soil under bambootimber forest are higher than those under bamboo-shoot forest , the differences between those two kinds of soil being significant (P 0.01).Soil under bamboo-timber forest has lower volume density and bigger porosity , the difference being significant (P 0.01).There is no apparent discrepancy in total N , total P , total K and acidity between soil under bamboo-shoot forest and bamboo-timber forest .
A new record of Centropus toulou bengalensis in Zhejiang
2003, 20(1): 106-107.
[Abstract](1361) [PDF](205)
A new record of Centropus toulou bengalensis has been made in Hangzhou City of Zhejiang , China .The bird is male and 142.6 g in weight .It is 364.0 mm long in body , 20.2 mm in neb , 182.0 mm in wing , 205.0 mm in tail and 41.1 mm in tarsometatarsus .
Cultivation experiments on several kinds of herbaceous flowers
ZHONG Tai-lin, SHI Bai-lin, QIAN Qi-xia, JIE Ren-juan
2003, 20(1): 108-110.
[Abstract](1189) [PDF](198)
To improve survival rate and cultivation cost of herbaceous flowers , a comparative study of planting Tagetes erecta , Dahlia pinnata , Zinnia elegans and Coleus blumei are carried out in nursery , big shallow flowerpots and 72 24-hole flowerpots with different combination of the base materials .The findings show that the gemmation rate and survival rate of seedings are over 90 %when seedings are planted in the base material of turf and vermiculite (3∶1) in hole flowerpots .Picking off the top can prolong florescence for 20 ~ 30 days , lower the height of the plant , increase the size of crown and number of flower branches .NAA has positive effect on the rooting of herbaceous flowers .The mean survival rate can be improved by over 20 %.