2012 Vol. 29, No. 2

Expression and activity analysis of mouse mdm2
WANG Xiao-du, ZHAO A-yong, DENG Xu-fang, MA Zhi-yong
2012, 29(2): 155-160. doi: 10.11833/j.issn.2095-0756.2012.02.001
[Abstract](3492) [PDF](1601)
The mdm2 (murine double minute 2) is one of the factors inhibiting p53 activity,and their interaction is important to hold cell survival. In this paper,mouse mdm2 gene was cloned from mouse 3T3 cell strain,and the recombinant plasmid p3xFLAG-CMV-7.1-mdm2 was constructed and confirmed by restriction enzyme digestion and DNA sequencing. Western blotting analysis and indirect immune-fluorescent analysis showed that FLAG-mdm2 expressed in p3xFLAG-CMV-7.1-mdm2-transfected H1299 cells,which was 60 kDa in size and dominantly localized in nucleus. The activity of FLAG-mdm2 protein was confirmed by p53 ubiquitination assay and luciferase assay. The result showed that mdm2 cell model inhibiting p53 activity is established. Our results would be useful for studying the mdm2 biological fuction in regulating p53 activity and interaction between mdm2 and p53.[Ch,5 fig. 15 ref.]
Endogenous hormone changes during floral bud morphological differentiation of Phyllostachys violascens
LU Ya-ting, YUAN Xiao-liang, LIN Xin-chun, FANG Wei
2012, 29(2): 161-165. doi: 10.11833/j.issn.2095-0756.2012.02.002
[Abstract](2762) [PDF](1285)
Endogenous hormones that occurred during flower bud morphological differentiation of the bamboo Phyllostachys violascens were determined by indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). Results showed that with development of flower bud morphological differentiation, the concentration of indoleacetic acid (IAA) and isopentenyladenosine (iPA) initially declined rapidly and then recovered gradually to a relatively stable value. Meanwhile,the concentration of abscisic acid (ABA) and gibberellin (GA) fluctuated but overall showed an updownup curve. The ABA/IAA,GA/IAA,and iPA/IAA values increased then decreased. In addition,the concentrations of iPA and ABA,as well as the ABA/IAA and iPA/IAA values for flowering bamboo were higher than vegetative bamboo with the concentrations of IAA and GA for flowering bamboo being lower than vegetative bamboo. Thus,flower bud morphological differentiation of Ph. violascens could be accelerated or inhibited by appropriate hormones.[Ch,6 fig. 15 ref.]
Drought resistance of Guoqing chrysanthemum with small inflorescences
ZHAI Li-li, FANG Wei-min, CHEN Fa-di, WANG Xiao-shuai, WU Hong-mi, ZHANG Lin
2012, 29(2): 166-172. doi: 10.11833/j.issn.2095-0756.2012.02.003
[Abstract](3194) [PDF](1127)
In this study,11 indexes closely related to the growth potential and ornamental value of 20 Guoqing chrysanthemums with small inflorescences in their growth stage were measured and their drought resistance was evaluated by an analysis of variance,a principal components analysis,and a subordinate function analysis. Results of the principal components analysis showed the indexes could be classified into 3 component parts with 7 indexes closely related to drought-resistance; namely,stress indexes of root-shoot ratio,underground biomass,number of branches after topping,flowering phase of population,flowering quantity,flower diameter,and the number of ligulate flowers. Using the average of subordinate function,drought resistance was also divided into three classes.[Ch,1 fig. 5 tab. 20 ref.]
Photosynthetic characteristics for fifteen potted seedlings common to Zhejiang Province
LIU Xin-xin, ZHANG Ming-ru, WEN Guo-sheng, ZHANG Jun, ZOU Lin-li, WU Gang
2012, 29(2): 173-179. doi: 10.11833/j.issn.2095-0756.2012.02.004
[Abstract](5428) [PDF](1273)
To compare the light adaptation and shade tolerance of 15 different tree species,and to provide development bases for tree species in the vegetative recovery process,diurnal changes of photosynthesis and light response characteristics for Castanopsis sclerophylla,Schima superba,Elaeocarpus decipiens,Sapium sebiferum,Lithocarpus harlandii,Lithocarpus glaber,Phoebe chekiangensis,Quercus phillyraeoides, Podocarpus nagi,Pinus massoniana,Metasequoia glyptostroboides,Taxus chinensis,Photinia fraseri,Lespedeza formosa,and Loropetalum chinense var. rubrum were measured by Li-6400 portable photosynthesis system in the autumn of 2010. Then,light use efficiency of the 15 potted seedlings was determined. Results showed that:1) the diurnal process of the net photosynthetic rate (Pn) for the 15 potted seedlings had a single-peak with no midday depression. 2) Peak light use efficiency,by tree type,was higher for Lithocarpus harlandii (in broadleaf),T. chinensis (in coniferous),and Lespedeza formosa (in shrubs). 3) C. sclerophylla had the highest light saturation point (LSP),whereas Phoebe chekiangensis had the lowest;Pinus massoniana had the highest light compensation point (LCP),and T. chinensis had the lowest. 4) The cluster analysis for LSP and LCP showed that Quercus phillyraeoides and Pinus massoniana were strong positive species;C. sclerophylla,Lespedeza formosa,M. glyptostroboides,and Lithocarpus harlandii belonged to the positive species; and the remaining nine species were classified as shade-tolerant tree species. These results provided development bases for tree species in the vegetative recovery process and community structure optimization for the hilly area of Zhejiang Province.[Ch,5 fig. 1 tab. 16 ref.]
Comparison of eight Toona sinensis provenances for seed properties,sprouting vegetable yield,and sprout nutritional components
HAO Ming-zhuo, CHEN De-gen, PENG Fang-ren, LIANG You-wang, LI Qun, ZHAO Jun, YUAN Jue, WANG Kun-rong, ZHU Wei-hong
2012, 29(2): 180-184. doi: 10.11833/j.issn.2095-0756.2012.02.005
[Abstract](2964) [PDF](1178)
Seed physical properties,seed germination rate,sprouting vegetable yield,and sprout nutritional components of eight provenances of Toona sinensis seeds were tested using indoor experiment. Results showed:(1) significant differences among provenances for seed length (P = 0.036 8),seed width (P = 0.025 8),seed water content (P = 0.002 9),thousand kernel weight (P = 0.020 0),and seed germination rate (P < 0.000 1). Significant differences were also found for sprout yield (P < 0.000 1),soluble protein content of sprouts (P = 0.002 6),amino acid content of sprouts (P = 0.003 7),and Vitamin C content of sprouts (P = 0.034 0). (2) Seed germination rate have significant positive correlation with sprout yield (r = 0.692 8,P <0.000 1) and Vitamin C content of sprouts (r = 0.480 9,P = 0.000 6);thousand kernel weight had a significant positive correlation with amino acid content of sprouts (r = 0.434 8,P = 0.002 3),sprout length (r = 0.531 3,P = 0.000 1),and weight per sprout (r =0.473 5,P = 0.000 8);and content of soluble protein of sprout had a significant negative correlation with content of amino acid of sprout (r = -0.705 6,P<0.000 1). (3)For high sprout yield,the best provenance was Xunyang with an average of 1 g of seed producing 9.23 g of sprouts. The best provenances were Chengdu for high soluble protein content,Shijiazhuang for amino acid content,and Sui-ning for sprout vitamin C content.[Ch,1 fig. 3 tab. 9 ref.]
Influence of phosphorus on growth and wood basic density of Pinus massoniana provenances
LIU Qing-hua, ZHOU Zhi-chun, ZHANG Kai-ming, LAN Yong-zhao, WU Ji-fu, NIE Guo-qin
2012, 29(2): 185-191. doi: 10.11833/j.issn.2095-0756.2012.02.006
[Abstract](3247) [PDF](1106)
In order to select optimal combination of provenance and phosphorus level for pulp wood and saw timber,a 12-year-old Pinus massoniana (masson pine) trial was used to reveal the main effect and interaction of three phosphorus levels (0,100 and 400 gtree-1) and five provenances (Wuping of Fujian,Gaozhou of Guangdong,Xinyi of Guangdong,Cenxi of Guangxi,and Chongyi of Jiangxi) on growth,stem-form qualities,and wood basic density (WBD). A randomized complete design with four blocks of twenty-eight trees per plot was used and selected 6 to 8 trees inside every plot. Variance analysis was done using GLM program in SAS sofeware. Results indicated that growth and WBD were not significant difference (P>0.01) for Wuping between three phosphorus levels,suggesting Wuping an excellent provenance with tolerance to low phosphorus. Gaozhou was significant increasing for growth with phosphorus level higher,and had a long duration to phosphorus. In the condition of phosphorus not supplied,Wuping had the significant largest (P<0.05) diameter at breast height (DBH) and height and was superior to the other provenances,whereas Chongyi was the worst,lower 19.8% and 12.7% for DBH and height than Wuping. Provenances from Gaozhou,Xinyi,Cenxi,and Chongyi had the best fertilizer efficiency;however,with Wuping differences decreased when phosphorus level were 100 and 400 gtree-1. For WBD Chongyi was considerabley lower (P<0.05) than the other provenances under 0 gtree-1 phosphorus level. The experiment also showed that provenance by phosphorus interaction was significant for height (P<0.01) and WBD (P<0.05). Based on the main effects and interactions,optimal combinations of Wuping under 0 gtree-1 phosphorus level,and Gaozhou under 100 gtree-1 phosphorus level were selected for pulpwood and sawtimber,repectively.[Ch,1 fig. 4 tab. 21 ref.]
Shear creep properties for the bond layer at the wood-CFRP interface
YANG Xiao-jun, SUN You-fu
2012, 29(2): 192-196. doi: 10.11833/j.issn.2095-0756.2012.02.007
[Abstract](2730) [PDF](1116)
To know more about the bond layers long term properties between carbon fiber reinforced polymer(CFRP) sheets and the wood member as well as its connecting point,shear creep performance was studied using a consistent load with the Burger model. And samples were placed in dry conditions (temperature 60 ℃,relative humidity 90%) and wet conditions (temperature 24 ℃,relative humidity 45%). Results showed that the Burger model precisely simulated the bond layers short-term shear performance (correlative coefficient R2 98%). Compared to dry conditions,with wet conditions,the amount of creep was larger. Also,with an increase in thickness of the bond layer,creep deformation and stress relaxation increased. For high stress levels,a high creep rate,which could lead to a fracture of the bond layer,should be contained. Under the consideration of safety,a pressure (above 0.05 MPa) should be placed on the connection process between CFRP and wood to reduce the thickness of the bond layer. Also,in application,the shear stress level of the bond layer should be maintained within 50% of the maximum stress level.[Ch,3 fig. 12 ref.]
Outdoor mold-resistance and flame retardance of Pinus massoniana treated with nano-ZnO
YANG You-you, BAO Bin-fu, SHEN Zhe?-hong
2012, 29(2): 197-202. doi: 10.11833/j.issn.2095-0756.2012.02.008
[Abstract](3255) [PDF](1132)
The effect of nano-ZnO,at concentrations of 2.0,10.0,20.0,and 40.0 gkg-1,on mold resistance and flame retardance of Pinus massoniana was studied. Results showed that both drug loading and mold resistance improved as the concentration of nano-ZnO increased with the time to mold initiation for the treated P. massoniana being 3-4 weeks longer than the untreated. The time to ignition (TTI) of P. massoniana treated by nano-ZnO at 2.0 gkg-1 was 7 s later than the untreated sample,and the total smoke release (TSR) with 20.0 gkg-1 was lower than the untreated. The treated P. massoniana differed slightly from the untreated in heat release rate (HRR),total heat release (THR),mass loss rate (MLR),and effective heat of combustion (EHC).[Ch,4 fig. 3 tab. 12 ref.]
Preparation,characterization,and properties of lignin based,rigid polyurethane foam materials
HE Kai, CHEN Ke-ke, GUO Ming
2012, 29(2): 203-209. doi: 10.11833/j.issn.2095-0756.2012.02.009
[Abstract](2497) [PDF](1404)
The product structure was characterized by infrared spectroscopy (IR);the influence factors on alkali lignin based rigid polyurethane foam (RPUF) productivity were analyzed using the isocyanate index with the amount of foam,catalyst,and foam stabilizer as indicators;and the thermal RPUF properties were determined. Refined alkali lignin was obtained after chemical treatment of raw alkali lignin. RPUF was synthesized by the foam method using refined alkali lignin as the alcohol hydroxyl material and isophorone diisocyanate as the reactant. Results showed that RPUF was successfully synthesized with the amount of polyethylene glycol 400 (PEG 400),isophorone diisocyanate,methyl silicone oil,stannous octoate,and n-pentane as well as the isocyanate index all affecting ultimate productivity. Different composition ratios of alternative polyethyleneglycol alkali lignin affected the water absorption rate and thermal properties of RPUF. When the alkali lignin additive was in the 10% - 15% range,the synthesized lignin-polyurethane foam material parameters met industrial production requirements. Thus,this research could provide a helpful method for complete usage of unused raw alkali lignin.[Ch,5 fig. 3 tab. 19 ref.]
High-resolution remote sensing of textural images for tree species classification
WANG Ni, PENG Shi-kui, LI Ming-shi
2012, 29(2): 210-217. doi: 10.11833/j.issn.2095-0756.2012.02.010
[Abstract](3011) [PDF](1513)
Remote sensing images show a very promising perspective for distinguishing tree species,especially those with the very high resolution ranging from 1 to 4 m. However,the traditional methodology for classifying land cover types,solely depending on spectral features,while texture and other spatial information are neglected,has the weakness such as inadequately utilization of information,low accuracies of classification etc. Considering to the texture differences among forest species,it is more important for spatial information discription of high-resolution remote sensing image to improve the precision of textural features choosing. In this study,the factors to influence the nine textural features choosing were analyzed and the results showed that the moving window size was the main factor to affect the obtaining processes of textural features based on the gray level co-occurrence matrix (GLCM) method,and the imagery was then classified combining the maximum likelihood classification (MLC) method with the original spectral values and texture features. First,this study utilized a correlation analysis of the images from a principal component analysis. Second,through multiple information sources,including textual features derived from the data. For the high-resolution remote sensing image,the most proper moving window size was determined from 3 3 to 31 31. Classification of the major tree species throughout the study area (the SunYat-Sen Mausoleum in Nanjing) was undertaken using the MLC. Third,to aid forest research,classification accuracy was improved using the GLCM. According to correlations among textures and richness of the data,GLCM provided the best window size and textural parameters. Results indicated that the texture characteristics were add in the spectral characteristics to improve the precision of the results of the classification,19 19 window for best window. The total precision can reach 66.322 6%,Kappa coefficient is 0.5840. Each tree species has greatly improved accuracies of the classification. By the calculation of R2 values,the textural features of mean,homogeneity and correlation were chosen to be best combination for the size of 19 19 and the combination of skewness,homogeneity and mean was considered the most properly for the moving window size 19 19. Precision assessment of different textural combinations showed that VA,HO,CR combination with optimal moving window size (from 3 3 to 31 31) could evidently improve the classification precision for high-resolution remote sensing image. And the combination of mean,homogeneity,skewness,and contrast texture factors correlation can effectively reduce data redundancy,which obtained the similiar results. In the texture features,the mean is the most important factor and impacts the classification of the tree species. This method could solve problems of forestry type classification,tree species classification etc. It is much better than traditional method of based on pixel values. This procedure effectively reduced data redundancy and could assist in tree species classification.[Ch,4 fig. 3 tab. 19 ref.]
Soil respiration with precipitation and litter treatments in Schima superba and Pinus massoniana mixed forest
HUANG Shi-de
2012, 29(2): 218-225. doi: 10.11833/j.issn.2095-0756.2012.02.011
[Abstract](2704) [PDF](1147)
Extremely dry climatic events could occur more frequently with future climate changes which,in turn,could exert a strong influence on the terrestrial ecosystem and its carbon budget. Soil respiration of a Schima superba-Pinus massoniana mixed forest was measured in Fuzhou National Forest Park,Fujian,China using an infrared gas exchange analyzer. Characteristics of soil respiration and environmental factors after a prolonged drought followed by precipitation were analyzed and soil respiration response mechanism leading to possible changes in environmental factors also was discussed to help us to understand the response mechanism of soil respiration to future extremely climatic events. The research designed four treatments:(1) no-precipitation and no-litter (NPNL);(2) no-precipitation and conserved litter (NPCL);(3) natural precipitation and no-litter (CPNL);(4) natural precipitation and conserved litter (CPCL). Results showed that litter contributions to soil respiration with no-precipitation treatments were significantly lower than with natural precipitation treatments (P<0.05). In natural precipitation,temperature sensitivity Q10 values had ratios of 2.10 for soil respiration to no-litter (CPNL) and 2.01 for soil respiration to conserved litter (CPCL);however,after no-precipitation,ratios were 2.59 for CPNL and 2.72 for CPCL,which depicted significant increase(P<0.05). With the no-precipitation treatment,soil respiration accumulation for no-litter (NPNL) and conserved litter (NPCL) was significantly less than with the natural precipitation treatment (P<0.05) in no-precipitation experimental process. After removing closed transparent roofs,with the no-precipitation treatment of soil respiration accumulation for NPNL and NPCL was significantly more than with the natural precipitation treatment (P<0.05). Our results suggest that prolonged drought decrease releases of soil respiration,how ever,only partly released as increased respiration during regain precipitation,which show prolonged drought perhaps was help to increase soil carbon storage[Ch,2 fig. 1 tab. 26 ref.]
Primary insect pest occurrence and tree diversity in stands of Pinus kesiya var. langbianensis
YAN Zheng-liang, LIU Yun-cai, HU Guang-hui, LIU Yong-gang, MENG Meng
2012, 29(2): 226-231. doi: 10.11833/j.issn.2095-0756.2012.02.012
[Abstract](3068) [PDF](1034)
In order to understand the impact of increasing woodland plant diversity on degrees of insect pest occurrence,plant diversities of different deposition models for Pinus kesiya var. langbianensis plantations and the occurrence degrees of the three primary pests:Dendrolimus kikuchii,Retinia cristata and Dioryctria rubella were investigated from 2009 to 2010 in Simao County and Jinggu County,Yunnan Province. Plant diversities in different plantations were denoted by Shannon index,and the species evenness were denoted by Pielou index. Insect occurrence degree were denoted by percentage of insect-infesting trees. Results showed that the Shannon index for mixed stands of P. kesiya var. langbianensis versus Schima wallichii,Betula alnoides,Altingia chinensis,or stands of pine mixed with hardwoods was higher than monoculture pine stands. However,tree stands of higher Shannon index dose not necessarily have a higher Pielou indices. The occurrence degrees of the three main insect pests decreased with the increased of Shannon indices. In Qingshuihe of Simao County,the occurrence degree of Dendrolimus kikuchii (y = -29.929x + 70.61,R2 = 0.966 7;y = -14.57 8x + 34.213,R2 = 0.974 9) and Dioryctria rubella(y = -8.872 7x + 20.627,R2 = 0.994 6;y = -8.652 9x + 20.215,R2 = 0.935 1) showed good linear relationship with the Shannon indices of tree layer,whereas that of Retinia crstata showed good linear relationship with the Shannon indices of shrub layer. (y = -5.672 7x + 14.964,R2 = 0.835 8;y = -4.4756x + 12.27,R2 = 0.838 1). In Wenlang of Jinggu County,there were also good linear relationship between occurrence degree of Dendrolimus kikuchii(y = -55.454x + 135.16,R2 = 0.954 1) or Dioryctria rubella (y = -23.895x + 57.907,R2 = 0.983 1) with Shannon index of tree layer. Appropriately increasing tree species diversity in plantations can reduce the incidence of insect pests.[Ch,5 fig. 3 tab. 8 ref.]
Insect pests of Camellia oleifera and their natural enemies in Quzhou,China
HUA Zheng-yuan, WANG Jing-tian, LIU Jian, WANG Hao-jie, SHU Jin-ping, XU Tian-sen
2012, 29(2): 232-243. doi: 10.11833/j.issn.2095-0756.2012.02.013
[Abstract](3158) [PDF](1202)
Camellia oleifera,which has been widely planted in eastern China,is one of the most important economic trees in subtropical areas of China. In this work,pests of C. oleifera and their natural enemies in Quzhou City of Zhejiang Province were surveyed in the field,collected,and then analyzed. Results revealed 225 pest insects belonging to nine orders in 55 families with seven major insect species:Casmara patrona,Curculio chinensis,Dichocrocis punctiferalis,Dasychira dudgeoni,Chrenoma atritarsis,Macrotermes barneyi,and Odontotermes fomosanus. Among the insect pests that damaged C. oleifera trees,Lepidoptera were predominant. Also found were 49 natural enemies belonging to 4 orders and 11 families.[Ch,5 tab. 23 ref.]
Selection of strains used to degrade organic mulching materials from Phyllostachys violascens forest and optimization of its enzyme production
KE Xiao, CHEN Shuang-lin, ZHANG Xiao-ping, GUO Zi-wu
2012, 29(2): 244-250. doi: 10.11833/j.issn.2095-0756.2012.02.014
[Abstract](2718) [PDF](1125)
Severe degradation of a Phyllostachys violascens forest has occurred from organic mulch residues for years. To artificially promote decomposition of organic mulching material and promote regeneration of bamboo forest,seven cellulase-producing strains,including 4 fungi and 3 actinomycetes,from organic matter and soil of a Ph. violascens forest were chosen using a Congo red cellulose identification culture medium. A filter paper enzyme activity (FPA) as well as colony morphology and biological characteristics were used for the analysis. Results showed that among all selected strains,the FPA of Penicillium spp. (Strain 2.1) was highest. Optimal fermentation conditions were as follows: an initial pH 5.0,a cultivation temperature of 30 ℃,and a fermentation time of 5 d. The optimal cultivation medium for Strain 2.1 was chosen as:straw powder (25.00 gL-1) for the C source,beef extract (2.50 gL-1) for the N source,and FeCl3 (0.01 gL-1) and KH2PO4 (1.50 gL-1) for important inorganic salts.[Ch,4 fig. 3 tab. 20 ref.]
Springtime DNJ yield in mulberry leaves with NPK fertilizer treatments
YIN Hao, WANG Li, TONG Wan-hong, HUANG Gai-qun, WEI Ling, ZHENG Ji-chuan, LIU Gang
2012, 29(2): 251-256. doi: 10.11833/j.issn.2095-0756.2012.02.015
[Abstract](3098) [PDF](1108)
To scientifically increase the 1-deoxynojimycin (DNJ) yield of mulberry leaves in spring,a 3414 fertilizer experimental design with the DNJ yield of mulberry leaves as the objective function and fertilizer levels of N,P,and K as treatments was established. N,P,and K treatment levels were utilized and simulated with a regression applying to SPSS 11.5. The variance analysis between fertilizer rate and DNJ contents in mulberry leaves were treated by statistical analysis applying to SAS 9.0 DA software. Results showed,that the DNJ content significantly increased (P <0.05) with the level 240.0 kghm-2 (N),84.0 kghm-2 (P2O5),120.0 kghm-2 (K2O) fertilizer treatment. The optimum recommended fertilizer was 286.1 kghm-2 (N),95.2 kghm-2 (P2O5),and 159.6 kghm-2 (K2O) with an optimum economic yield of 23.23 kghm-2. After confirmation in actual conditions,this optimum fertilizer design could increase the high yield and quality of mulberry leaves in the hilly areas of Sichuan Province.[Ch,1 fig. 2 tab. 20 ref.]
Biomass and carbon fixation with oxygen release benefits in an ecological service forest of Jinyun County,China
QIAN Yi-fan, Yilita, DOU Pei-min, ZHU Guo-liang, YING Bao-gen, YU Shu-quan
2012, 29(2): 257-264. doi: 10.11833/j.issn.2095-0756.2012.02.016
[Abstract](3726) [PDF](1182)
A detailed investigation of biomass in six types of forest communities (pine,Chinese fir,broadleaf,coniferous and broadleaf mixed,Phyllostachys edulis,and scrub growth forests) for 117 permanent sample plots was conducted. Carbon storage and density,carbon fixation,and oxygen release and benefit of the public service forest vegetation for the carbon tax of Jinyun County were evaluated and estimated using the Industrial Oxygen Generation Method. Results showed that the total existing biomass for the public service forests was 282.73 104 t with an average biomass of 93.21 thm-2. The Chinese fir forest had the highest community biomass (102.61 thm-2) followed by the broadleaf forest (100.93 thm-2),whereas the scrub growth had the lowest with 21.76 thm-2. The average carbon density for public service forest vegetation was 47.37 thm-2,and carbon fixation and oxygen release totaled 38.59 104 ta-1 for a total value of 407 million yuana-1. Opinions and suggestions for the construction of public service forests in Jinyun County.[Ch,3 fig. 6 tab. 25 ref.]
Analysis on the public carbon footprint of Zhejiang Province
WENG Zhi-xiong, SHEN Yue-qin, Lü Qiu-ju, ZHAO Sheng-jun, MA Yin-fang
2012, 29(2): 265-271. doi: 10.11833/j.issn.2095-0756.2012.02.017
[Abstract](3477) [PDF](1101)
Development of low carbon economy and building low carbon society is a strategic choice for regional socio-economic development under the global warming conditions,and the public is important impetus of it. The publics cognition of low carbon and carbon footprint directly reflects the condition of public low carbon life. In this study,Zhejiang Province was chose as research object,Hangzhou,Jiaxing,Cixi,and Linan as survey sites,481 public were randomly chose to do the investigation,and 473 copies valid questionnaires were obtained. The public carbon footprint among the four places was analyzed through analysis of statistical description and multivariate regression model,and the results showed as follows:(1)Carbon footprint is deeply related to the development of economic and population;(2)Carbon footprint is quite different from every area,for transportation takes relatively major proportion in the structure of carbon footprint;(3)Meanwhile,multivariate regression model shows that: factors influence public carbon footprint mainly are gender,education degree,monthly income,household energy usage,and transportation. Finally,the conclusion are get and suggestions are proposed according to the results,in order to achieve low carbon life of public. [Ch,6 tab. 11 ref.]
Application and prospect of organic biocides in timber preservation
SUN Fang-li, BAO Bin-fu, CHEN An-liang, ZHOU Yue-ying, YU Hong-wei, DU Chun-gui
2012, 29(2): 272-278. doi: 10.11833/j.issn.2095-0756.2012.02.018
[Abstract](4725) [PDF](2485)
Organic biocides as timber preservatives have aroused more and more attentions,because metal salts especially arsenic,chrome and so on,have been suspected to be poisonous to the soil and aquatic animals,as well as the disposal of preserved timber wastes. Therefore,a number of effective organic biocides have been selected to prevent wood or bamboo from decay,mildew,stain and so on. Most of these products have entered into the market. With peoples increasing awareness of the environmental protection,organic biocides will eventually play important roles in timber preservation in the future. This paper summarized the studies on application of organic biocides as wood or bamboo preservatives,including resistant mechanisms,commonly applied types and effects against wood or bamboo fungi,approaches to detecting the amount of organic biocides in timber and their influences on the environment. Based on the discussion above,the authors predicted the developing prospect of organic biocides in timber preservation.[Ch,62 ref.]
A review of advances in plant thaumatin-like proteins
JIANG Xiao-ling, HUANG Qiu-xian, LI Hong, ZHAO Jia-ping
2012, 29(2): 279-287. doi: 10.11833/j.issn.2095-0756.2012.02.019
[Abstract](4269) [PDF](1692)
Thaumatin-like proteins (TLPs) are a pathogenesis-related protein associated with many biotic or abiotic stresses that can be expressed in plants,animals,and even fungi. This study reviewed phylogenetic origin,three-dimensional structure,physiological function,as well as expression and evolution patterns of plant TLPs. The prospect of trans-TLP genes for antifungal genetic engineering of plants was also discussed. Finally,selected future research issues and perspectives related to plant TLPs were mentioned.[Ch,81 ref.]
Research progress on speciation of selenium compounds in plants
CHENG Jian-zhong, YANG Ping, GUI Ren-yi
2012, 29(2): 288-395. doi: 10.11833/j.issn.2095-0756.2012.02.020
[Abstract](4081) [PDF](1708)
Selenium (Se) is an essential trace element,which humans and animals take directly or indirectly from plants. This paper reviewed the recent research progress on speciation of selenium compounds in plants,including the kinds of selenium compounds and their metabolic pathways,and the technology for sample treatment,separation,and determination. Organic selenium compounds are the major parts of the selenium speciation in plants. The technology of ultrasonic-microwave synergistic extraction combined with enzymatic hydrolysis is useful in sample preparation. HPLC-ICP-MS is widely used in determining selenium speciation. It is important to develop more standard selenium compounds and pay more attention to selenoprotein in plants. ES-MS,ES-MS-MS and MALDI-TOF can be applied to identifying the unknown selenium compounds. The application of IDA in determining both the metabolic pathways and the structure of large selenium molecules will be a major aspect for the future research.[Ch,1 fig. 3 tab. 39 ref.]
Scientific notes
Fertilizer treatments for growth and physiology of Dalbergia odorifera seedlings
WU Guo-xin, WANG Ling-hui, LIANG Hui-ping, LI Yuan-fa, HAO Jian
2012, 29(2): 296-300. doi: 10.11833/j.issn.2095-0756.2012.02.021
[Abstract](3887) [PDF](1415)
Fertilization with different ratios of nitrogen(N),phosphorus (P),and potassium (K),for growth physiology of Dalbergia odorifera seedlings was tested using an L9(34)orthogonal design and regression analysis. Results among the nine combinations,showed that for growth of height and diameter as well as biomass accumulation,0.45 gpot-1 N,0.30 gpot-1 P2O5 (N2P3K1) was best;for increases of chlorophyll content in leaves, N2P3K1 and 1.80 gpot-1N,0.15 gpot-1P2O5 (N3P2K1) were best;and for increases of soluble sugar content in leaves,N2P3K1 and 0.45 gpot-1 N,0.15 gpot-1 P2O5,0.6 gpot-1 K2O (N2P2K3) were best. For growth and physiology,P was most important,then K,and then N. Quadratic regression models of growth and physiology for two-year-old D. odorifera seedlings were established for N,P,and K showing suitable application amounts of N as 1.74~2.15 gpot-1,P2O5 as 2.40~2.60 gpot-1,and K2O as 0.35~0.75 gpot-1.[Ch,4 tab. 12 ref.]
Analysis on the characteristics of the dominant community of rare and endangered plant Actinidia chrysantha
GONG Hong-juan, LI Jie-wei, JIANG Qiao-sheng, ZHANG Jing-chi, YE Kai-yu
2012, 29(2): 301-306. doi: 10.11833/j.issn.2095-0756.2012.02.022
[Abstract](3750) [PDF](1418)
Actinidia chrysantha is a rare germ plasm resource of genetic breeding,which is the one and only species having golden yellow flowers in Actinidia genus. On the basis of the community investigation,the species component,vertical structure,life-form,important value and age structure of the Actinidia chrysantha community are analyzed in this article. The results indicated that there are 77 vascular plant species,belonging to 56 genera and 34 families in 600 m2 plots;the vertical structure of the community is composed of tree layer, shrub layer,herb layer and vines,and the tree layer can be divided into three sublayers,the life-form is consisted mainly of phanerophytes,which account for 76.7% of total species. Analysis on the important value of the tree layer showed that the dominance degree of Actinidia chrysantha is the highest. Age structure of the population appears with stable type,but the population will tend to decline,which means it should be reasonable protected.[Ch,2 fig. 1 tab. 19 ref.]
Chemical components of essential oils from leaves of six Magnoliaceae species using GC-MS
FAN Er-qi, WANG Yun-hua, GUO Ye, YU Chun-lian, LIN Xin-chun
2012, 29(2): 307-312. doi: 10.11833/j.issn.2095-0756.2012.02.023
[Abstract](3579) [PDF](1645)
To better utilize plants in the Magnoliaceae family,constituents of essential oils extracted by hydro-distillation from leaves of six Magnoliaceae species:Sinomanglietia glauca,Manglietia fordiana,Magnolia denudata,Parakmeria lotungensis,Liriodendron chinense,and Tsoongiodendron odorum,were analyzed qualitatively and quantitatively by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC-MS). Results showed that 44 compounds were identified with the main components being monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes. The common components were caryophyllene,terpinen-4-ol,and -eudesmol,but the main components and unique components differed for different species. The cluster analysis for the chemical composition of essential oils showed obvious differences from traditional taxonomic classifications. Many constituents of essential oils from these six species could have a high value when used as spices or medicines.[Ch,1 fig. 1 tab. 18 ref.]
Organic compounds in exotic Coreopsis grandiflora using GC-MS
DU Ming-li, GAO Qun-ying, GAO Yan, ZHANG Ru-min
2012, 29(2): 313-318. doi: 10.11833/j.issn.2095-0756.2012.02.024
[Abstract](3493) [PDF](1661)
To further clarify the allelopathic effects of the exotic Coreopsis grandiflora. plant and to determine its allelopathic components,chemical components of the leaf, root, and flower were analyzed by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC-MS). Results showed 56 compounds in different organs of C. grandiflora. with phenols and terpenes being the main components. In leaves,37 compounds were identified; the main compounds were 2-Tolualdehyde(13.0%),aromadendrene oxide (10.1%),and eugenol (5.7%). In the roots,38 compounds were identified;the primary compounds were homovanillic acid methyl ester (13.6%),gingerol (8.0%),and aromadendrene oxide (6.5%). In the flower,35 compounds were identified;the main compounds were aromadendrene oxide (13.6%),longifolenaldehyde (9.4%),and eugenol(7.9%).[Ch,1 tab. 24 ref.]
A new record of Styrax from Zhejiang Province:Styrax tonkinensis
LIU Xin-hong, LEI Zu-pei, CHEN Zheng-hai, BAO Qi-min, LI Yin-gang, ZHU Guang-quan, LIN Rui-feng, LI Gen-you
2012, 29(2): 319-320. doi: 10.11833/j.issn.2095-0756.2012.02.025
[Abstract](3845) [PDF](1412)
Styrax tonkinensis (Pierre) Craib ex Hartw. (Styracaceae and Styrax L.) was firstly collected in Zhejiang Province,which was found in National Natural Reserve of Wuyanling,Zhejiang. Its values on economy and way of use was reviewed.[Ch,10 ref.]