2006 Vol. 23, No. 4

Minimum sampling area and species diversity of evergreen broadleaved forest community in Mount Tianmu
TANG Meng-ping, ZHOU Guo-mo, SHI Yong-jun, CHEN Yong-gang, WU Ya-qi, ZHAO Ming-shui
2006, 23(4): 357-361.
[Abstract](1014) [PDF](301)
In order to study plant species diversity based on one-off investigation, one typical plot with size of 100 m 100 m was surveyed in National Nature Reserve of Mount Tianmu in Zhejiang Province .Total station was used to measure tree coordinates .Populations of evergreen broadleaved forest community was divided into five size classes :seedling , sapling , small tree , middle tree and big tree class by tree's boot diameter and diameter at breast height .Species diversity analysis adopts species richness and Shannon-Wiener Index .Minimum sampling area was determined by species-area curve .The result shows that there are 127 tree species , 76 arbor tree species and 51 shrub tree species , in sampling plot .The maximum species richness is in small tree class which contains 99 species or 78 percent of total tree species number .Species diversity index Hand dominant species number tends toward increasing tendency from seedling class to big tree class except sapling class .In order to get 80 percent of total tree species number, minimum sampling area is 4 048 m2 , corresponds to a square plot with 64 m length of one side , and can be a reference of species diversity one-off investigation plot .[ Ch , 2 fig .2 tab .26 ref .]
Characteristics of Alnus cremastogyne plantation community and its biomass in central Yunnan Plateau
LI Gui-xiang, MENG Guang-tao, FANG Xiang-jing, LANG Nan-jun, YUAN Chun-ming, WEN Shao-long
2006, 23(4): 362-366.
[Abstract](1611) [PDF](218)
A study of the Alnus cremastogyne plantation showed that it was characterized by fast-growing , flourishing root system , quick undergrowth restoration , higher biodiversity , soil improving and water holding capacity .The biomass of tree organs were in order trunk root branch bark leaf .The roots in the soil layer of 0 -40cm accounted for 96.14 %of the total roots .The biomass in the arbor layerwas the largest , accounting for 84.93 % of the total biomass of the plantation .The biomass of leaf litter layer , herbage layer and shrub layer were less than the arbor layer .Finally regression models of the biomass of different Alnus cremastogyne organs were established to provide the reference for the management of the Alnus cremastogyne plantation . [ Ch , 5 tab .16 ref .]
Preliminary study on flora of seed plants in Xianggelila County , Yunnan Province
LI Pin-rong, ZENG Jue-min
2006, 23(4): 367-372.
[Abstract](1209) [PDF](246)
There are 159 families , 705 genera , and 2 267 species (including varieties , subspecies and cultivated species)in Xianggelila County , including 28 genera which are endemic to China .In the floristic composition of the forest , the temperate families make up 48.5 %of the total families , the temperate genera take up 66.05 % of total genera .So the flora has some obviously temperate characteristics , and is a part of Hengduan Mountains region of Sino-Himalaya flora , occurred at the northern margin of subtropics .[ Ch , 4 tab .16 ref .]
A new species of Diospyros L .from Zhejiang , China
LI Gen-you, CHEN Zheng-hai, QIU Bao-lin
2006, 23(4): 378-381.
[Abstract](1464) [PDF](215)
A new species of the Diospyros L .(Ebenaceae), D .zhejiangensis G .Y .Li , Z .H .Chen P .L. Chiu , is described from Zhejiang , China .This species is closely related to D .kaki Thunb .and D .kaki Thunb . var .sylvestris Makino , but differs by having branches, buds and pedicels all glabrous , young leaves sparsely puberulous , leaf edges revolute , two outer bud scales caduceus , the present years branches cylindrical , purple brown , style glabrous , fruit obovoid , smaller 2.0 -3.5 cm in diameter , calyx smaller , outside glabrous .The new species is also close to D .japonica Sieb .Zucc ., but differs by having buds glabrous , leaf edges , revolute , corolla yellow or whites , fruit bigger , 2.0 -3.5 cm in diameter , obovoid , calyx glabrous outside .[ Ch , 1 fig .3 ref .]
Characteristics of seed plants flora in Wenling City , Zhejiang Province
MA Dan-dan, LI Gen-you, YAN Fu-bin, LIN Xue-feng
2006, 23(4): 373-377.
[Abstract](1163) [PDF](214)
Wenling City is situated in the southeast of Zhejiang Province .There are 162 families , 806 genera and 1 632 species (including subspecies , varieties , forms and cultivars) in the flora , amounting to 88.04 % of the total families of seed plants from Zhejiang flora , 59.97 % of the total genera and 37.69 % of the total species . Among which , gymnosperms are 9 families , 21 genera and 38 species , angiosperms are 153 families , 785 genera and 1 594 species , and cultivated plants are 402 species , belonging to 265 genera .Based upon the natural conditions in Wenling , analysising composition of seed plants flora and the areal-types of genera , and comparing with the genera and species of neighbouring floras of Taishun County and Mount Tianmu .It is considered that the flora of Wenling City is rich in plant species ;there are many small families and genera , but the major species fasten on minority big families and genera ;the dominating life-form is herb plants ;the geographical components of the flora is complex and varied , so that the flora is widely spread and locality and has many ancient and primitive plants ;seashore plants and rock plants are abundant .[ Ch , 4 tab .14 ref .]
Introduction of ten Carya illionoensis cultivars
XI Xue-liang, FAN Zhi-yuan, ZOU Wei-lie, LIAO Yong-jian, DONG Run-quan
2006, 23(4): 382-387.
[Abstract](941) [PDF](332)
Carya illionoensis is an important species for dry fruits and oil in the world .To enrich resource of good cultivars in China , the cions of 10 cultivars were introduced from America and grafted on five-year-old trees in 1999 .Through systematic observation and analysis of the yield , seed content of the nut , resistibility of the leaves to diseases , 7 cultivars were selected .All the trees fruited in the third year after grafted .The yield in the 5th year was 3.8 -6.2 kg per tree .The whole kernel was easy to be taken out from the seed , and kernel content of the seed being 55 %-60 %.Fattiness content of the kernel was 719.4 -761.3 gkg -1 ;amino acid (including 17 kinds) content was 69.4 -106.8 gkg-1 .The fruit also contained abundant mineral elements .The unsaturated fattiness content was over 90 %.The odd unsaturated fattiness content was 3.0 -5.3 times more than multi unsaturated fattiness content (similar to olive oil).These 7 cultivars were suggested to be planted in the low altitude mountains in warm sub-tropical region of Yunnan .[ Ch , 6 tab .13 ref .]
Chemical composition and ash characteristics of several straw stalks and residues
LIU Li, GUO Jian-zhong, LU Feng-zhu
2006, 23(4): 388-392.
[Abstract](987) [PDF](338)
The chemical compositions of straw stalks of Bochmeria nivea , Phyllostachys pubescens , Oryza sativa and Phyllostachys praecox and residues of Carya cathayensis and Cunninghamia lanceolata were studied .Their ash characteristics were also studied with XRD-6000 .The results of chemical analysis showed that the content of cellulose was between 378.8 gkg-1 and 462.5 gkg-1 and lignin was between 16.40 gkg-1 and 253.0 gkg-1 in the straw stalk , which was close to that of wood timber .The content of cellulose in the carya crust was lower but its lignin content was higher .The ash content in the carya inner shell was only 8.2 gkg-1 .The chemical components of the quick-growing Chinese fir scrap were the same as those of natural forests .The XRD results indicated that the main crystalline phases of gramineae straw ashes were KCl and K2SO4 while thoseof hemp straw were NaCl and KCl .The component of carya crust was comparatively complicated .CaCO3 and albite were main crystalline phases in the inner shell of carya .The main crystalline phase of quick-growing Chinese fir scrap was K2SO4 .[ Ch , 2 fig .1 tab .7 ref .]
Mineral elements in Torreya grandis 'Merrillii' seeds and their forest soils
DAI Wen-sheng, LI Zhang-ju, CHENG Xiao-jian, YU Wei-wu, FU Qing-gong
2006, 23(4): 393-399.
[Abstract](1237) [PDF](257)
Studies were carried out onmineral elements in Torreya grandis 'Merrillii' seeds and their forest soils . The results are the following .(1)In the soils , total nitrogen , total phosphorus and hydrolytic nitrogen are rich , while available potassium insufficient .Ferrum , boron , manganese are rich and coefficients of variation are small. Cadmium and hydragyrum are undetectable , coefficients of variation of arsenic , chromium , cuprum are big while those of zinc and plumbum small , and in some soil samples , the contents of arsenic , chromium, cuprum and plumbum exceed the standard .(2)In the seeds , nitrogen , phosphorus , potassium, calcium and magnesium are abundant and their coefficients of variation are under 16 %.Manganese , cuprum and zinc are plentiful , and the coefficients of variation are small , while those of ferrum and boron are between 147.69 % and 112.99 %, respectively .Among the heavy metals , cuprum , zinc and hydragerum contents are under the safe line , and plumbum and chromium are undetectable .Only arsenic content excesses the standard in some samples .(3)Of most mineral element contents , there are no correlations between the soils and the seeds , except those of calcium and ferrum and nitrogen .[ Ch , 8 tab .19 ref .]
Characteristics of Phytolacca acinosa accumulating Cd
NIE Fa-hui, WU Cai-bin, WU Shuang-tao
2006, 23(4): 400-405.
[Abstract](1174) [PDF](231)
Identification of new hyperaccumulators is of great importance to successful phytoremediation of the environment contaminated with heavy metal .A series of field investigations was conducted in the vicinity of Zhuzhou Pb-Zn Smelting Factory to search for new Cd hyperaccumulators .The results showed that Phytolacca acinosa could highly accumulate Cd .With the maximum Cd mass fraction in the leaf and stem reaching 63.8 mg kg-1 , the plant grew well in the vicinity of Smelting Factory with Cd mass fraction being as high as 106.0 mg kg-1 .An outdoor pot-culture experiment was conducted to further study metal tolerance and accumulation by Phytolacca acinosa and its potential for phytoremediation .As a result , this species had not only remarkable tolerance to Cd , but also an extraordinary capacity for this element , P .acinosa could grow quite well with Cd supplied at a level of 5 mgkg-1 and its biomass was more than that of plant in control with Cd supplied .With the Cd concentration in the media increasing , the Cd concentration in its overground parts and in the roots increased , but the bioaccumulation coefficient gradually decreased , although its biomass was less than that of plant in control with Cd supplied .As the Cd mass fraction in the soil reached 200 mg kg-1 , P .acinosa still grew well. Furthermore , P .acinosa was judged whether it was hyperaccumulator with coefficient absorption capacity .It further proved that P .acinosa had the great capacity of transporting Cd from the roots to the aerial parts .[ Ch , 3 fig .5 tab .12 ref .]
Detection methods of pollen viability of Dendranthema
ZHAO Hong-bo, CHEN Fa-di, FANG Wei-min
2006, 23(4): 406-409.
[Abstract](1299) [PDF](1103)
The pollen viability of Dendranthema indicum , D .vestitum , D .nankingense and three cultivars of chrysanthemum with small inflorescences (rm43-2 , rm46-1 , rm48-2)were detected by methods of iodine-iodide kalium, triphenyltetrazolium chloride (TTC)or modified TTC , FDA , mineral acid , germination in vitro and in vivo .The results showed that the methods of iodine-iodide kalium , TTC or modified TTC , FDA , mineral acid were not able to detect the pollen viability of chrysanthemum .The method of germination in vivo can not test the pollen viability but describe the pollen vigor .The method of germination in vitro was fit for detection of pollen viability of chrysanthemum .[ Ch , 1 fig .11 ref .]
Effects of plant growth regulators on vegetative growth of Castanea henryi
XU Feng-lan, YANG Lun-zeng
2006, 23(4): 410-413.
[Abstract](1180) [PDF](199)
Excessive growth of Castanea henryi is a serious problem, which will result in poor harvest .Through spraying different plant growth regulators solutions on the leaves of Castanea henryi , the effect of the regulator growth on the vegetative growth was investigated .The results showed that the size , the length , the burl number and the burl length of the stem under different treatments were different in some degree .The differences of the protein and chlorophyll contents in the leaves were rather obvious .Paclobutrazol was the key factor and had the dominant function for the vegetative growth of Castanea henryi .The best economic and effective disposal was the water solution of Paclobutrazol 4.95 gL-1 +rare earth 2.64 mLL-1 +Crow more 1.00 gL-1 +daminozide 2.00 gL-1 borax 2.00 g L-1 for folia application .It could effectively inhibit the excessive growth of the new branches of Castanea henryi .[ Ch , 3 tab .18 ref .]
Effects of three hydrogels on stem water potential and growth of pine seedlings
ZHU Yun-feng, YE Jian-ren, HUANG Lin
2006, 23(4): 414-419.
[Abstract](1096) [PDF](213)
The effect of Kehan 98 hydrogel on the stem water potential and growth of Pinus elliottii under water stressed and the effects of Kehan 98 hydrogel , Black Gold hydrogel and Stockosorb 400k hydrogel on the growth of Pinus taeda were studied .The results showed that Kehan 98 hydrogel could significantly reduce the water stress by increasing stem water potential of Pinus elliottii .Under the stress , the stem water potential of the pine seedlings treated with the hydrogel was 0.27 -0.87 MPa higher than the control group .Higher the stress was , more significantly the difference between the two groups was .The height and stem growth of Pinus elliottii were improved after it was treated with the hydrogel .The dry matter contents of the roots and above-ground parts , root-top ratio of Pinus elliottii were all higher than the control group .Pinus elliottii seedlings treated with hydrogel grew very well. The height , diameter at ground height , water contents of stems and leaves of Pinus taeda were a bit higher than the control group after them had been treated with Kehan 98 hydrogel , Black Gold hydrogel and Stockosorb 400k hydrogel for nearly three months .However , the effects of the three hydrogel were not fully played and there was no significant difference between the two groups because of the limited experimental environment .[ Ch , 1 fig .3 tab . 11 ref .]
Factors influencing vitreous shoots of fine Melia azedarach clones in vitro
JIANG Ze-ping, LIANG Zhen-hai, WANG You-liang, HAN Jie-feng
2006, 23(4): 420-423.
[Abstract](872) [PDF](215)
With the nodal segments and apical buds from fine mother stocks of Melia azedarach clones as explants , the effects of such factors as BA and NAA concentration ratio , sugar and agar concentration , culture vessel and sealing materials on the vitreous shoots of Melia azedarach in vitro were studied .The results indicated that BA had an evident effect on the vitrification of shoots .When BA was at the concentrations between 0.5 -1.0 mgL-1 , vitreous shoots increased significantly with the increasing concentration of BA .The shoots in the culture media supplemented with 0.75 mgL-1BA +0.15 mgL-1 NAA could get a considerable multiplication coefficient (about 4.95), and also grew robustly .Mass fraction of sugar also had an evident effect on the vitrification of shoots .40 g L-1 sugar helped control the shoot vitrification , vitreous shoots only accounting for 18.33 %.Agar concentration had no evident effect .The containers or sealing materials with good air-permeability could significantly reduce the vitreous shoots and promote robust growth of the shoots .[ Ch , 3 tab .9 ref .]
Hot pressing technology for Dendrocalamus giganteus bamboo wood
SUN Zhao-bin, CHEN Tai-an, DENG Qi-ping
2006, 23(4): 424-428.
[Abstract](1086) [PDF](189)
The drying properties of Dendrocalamus giganteus , a typical sympodial bamboo in Yunnan Province , were studied with hot pressing technology .The results showed that the hot pressing temperature and the steaming temperature had comparatively significant effects on the drying rate and the quality of bamboo timber ;the hot compression rate had vital effects on strength properties of bamboo wood .With the guaranteed drying rate and drying quality , it was suggested that the compression rate of bamboo timber should be lowered to reduce the volume loss of bamboo wood .The optimum hot pressing conditions for the bamboo wood were as follows :steaming the timberwith 60 ℃ water for 1 hour , 150 ℃ hot pressing temperature , 0.2MPa hot pressing pressure , 5 minutes breath interval and 10 % compression rate .[ Ch , 3 tab .11 ref .]
Construction of a multi-layered distributed forestry information service platform
TIAN Bo, DING Li-xia, ZHOU Yun-xuan, TANG Chen-dong
2006, 23(4): 429-434.
[Abstract](1071) [PDF](191)
Forestry information management and service involves administrative departments and business units at different levels .At present , state-level forestry information management and service system based on Web and LAN is not yet established .In order to effectively integrate the information infrastructure , system development , system application as well as spatial data within the forestry departments , and to realize the seamless combination of information services among various departments at each level in the forestry sector , a framework for the design of a multi-layered distributed forestry information service system was put forward based on the concept that software was service .The platform was a three-layer structure , namely database layer , service layer and information presentation layer .Methodology and implementation procedures for the construction of the forestry service system based on XML web service were initiated .And the application approaches of the system for multi-level and multi-user service patterns combining B S with C S were also elaborated .[ Ch , 1 fig .11 ref .]
Integration of distributed data of timber transportation licence
WU Da-sheng, HUANG Mei-li, CHEN Fei
2006, 23(4): 435-438.
[Abstract](925) [PDF](187)
The storage and integration of distributed data , an important way of safety management , has an optimistic application prospect in the area of monitoring and flowing management of forest resources which involves management of a great deal of distributed data .Meanwhile , Data Mining , the advanced technology in data management , is the requirement with which the departments of the forest administration are about to be faced . Therefore , research on the application of data mining technology in the management of transportation licence is representative .Furthermore , the integration of distributed data is the bases of data mining of distributed mass data . In this paper , the process of building the simulate system of the timber transportation licenceis discussed , which in cludes setting-up of the basic experimental data .Logical model design of the data warehouse , data preprocessing before integration , the integration of the data warehouse of timber transportation licence .[ Ch , 1 fig .10 ref .]
Response models on the moisture change of surface fuel to fire environment in Cunninghamia lanceolata young plantation
ZHANG Si-yu, CAI Jin-bang, CHEN Xi-mu
2006, 23(4): 439-444.
[Abstract](991) [PDF](212)
In the springs of 2003 and 2004 , the main fire environment and the moisture content (y)of surface fuel in Cunninghamia lanceolata young plantation at southwest near to Fujian Forestry College , Nanping were continuously inspected and determined in order to illuminate their interrelation .In this paper , the independent variables of wind speed (x1), air relative humidity (x2), air temperature (x3)and the land surface temperature (x4), and the moisture content of surface fuel (y)are presented with the polynomial approximation .And the multivariate linear models of x1 , x2 , x3 , x4 are established by the multivariate linear regression .After that , the authors tested the significant of multiple correlation coefficients and partial correlation coefficients with t-test , and calculated also the simulation precision of the selected three models .The results show that wind speed is not proper to construct regression models with the moisture content , on the contrary , the model with x2 , x3 , x4 , is best (y =42.345 +0.736x2 -1.011 x3 -0.981x4).y =33.406 +0.541x1 -1.538x3 and y =19.049 +0.630x2 -1.147x4 are also more precision .Lastly , the authors suggest that the response models with x2 and x3 should have been more studied in order to find a fast , accurate index to replace the moisture content .[ Ch , 3 tab .16 ref .]
Effects of Sendebao and Bacillus thuringiensis on controlling Algedonia coclesalis
LI Ke-en
2006, 23(4): 445-448.
[Abstract](1034) [PDF](263)
Experiment on preventing and controlling 2 -3 instar larva of Algedonia coclesalis by two biological pesticides including Sendebao and Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt)was conducted .The results indicated that Sendebao and light calcium carbonate mixed at the proportion of 1∶20 , 1∶15 and 1∶10 could kill 90.96 % of pests .Sendebao and light calcium carbonate mixed at the proportion of 1∶15 was suitable for preventing and controlling Algedonia coclesalis within the vast area of the forest .Easily volatilizing wettable Bacillus thuringiensis in hot weather couldnt be sprayed onto the larva in the curly leaves , which resulted in bad preventing and controlling effects .[ Ch , 1 tab . 10 ref .]
Avifauna of Jiulongshan National Forest Park in Zhejiang Province
MA Shui-long, SHI Yu-ming, ZHONG Yue-liang, ZHU Xi, ZHU Jun-wen
2006, 23(4): 449-454.
[Abstract](1065) [PDF](212)
Based upon the investigation of the birds in Jiulongshan National Forest Park of Pinghu City , Zhejiang Province , from November .1998 to February .2000 and the previously published literature , it is concluded that there are 14 orders , 38 families and 108 species , including 52 species belonging to resident type (48.15 % of the total), 15 species of summer type (13.98 %), 35 species of winter type (32.41 %)and 6 species of travel type (5.56 %).The avian fauna is composed of Palaearctic species (40.37 %of the total), Oriental species (28.70 %) and Eurytopic species (30.56 %).So this area has mixed features of both Palaearctic realm and Oriental realm. [ Ch , 4 tab .17 ref .]
Evaluation of social goals of sustainable forest management at community level
JIANG Chun-qian, SHEN Yue-qin, LIU De-di, LI Lan-ying
2006, 23(4): 455-459.
[Abstract](924) [PDF](186)
Social sustainability is one of important components for evaluation of sustainable forest management . Through field survey and participatory approach , 11 indicators of 3 criteria on the evaluation of the social sustainability of forest management under the hierarchical structure were built in 9 villages of 3 townships in Linan City of Zhejiang , China .The forest management was surveyed and quantified with the criteria and indicators .The results showed that social sustainability scores in the townships of Changhua , Gaohong and Linmu in 1999 and 2004 were 6.00 and 6.05 , 5.77 and 5.46 , 5.79 and 5.94 respectively , which increased by 0.83 %, -5.37 % and 2.59 % respectively .[ Ch , 3 tab .10 ref .]
Case study of income analysis and the policies of improving income for farmers in mountainous area
ZHU Zhen, SHEN Yue-qin, WANG Jin-lian, WANG Zheng-rong
2006, 23(4): 460-464.
[Abstract](1056) [PDF](209)
Taking Jiande City as an example and with the method of the cluster analysis , the paper had a quantitative analysis of farm householdsforestry income based on the analysis of the developing process of the forestry .The results of the cluster analysis were further analyzed in three aspects , namely , type of farm households' income , type of benefits from farm households' forest management , difference among farmers' residential areas .The farm households' income was divided into five types :high income , upper middle income , medium income , lower middle income and low income .The problems existed in the development of the local forestry included the dispersed forest lands , narrow financing channels , lack of planting techniques , outflow of labor force , imperfect marketing channels .The paper also discusses the solutions to promoting the development of the local forestry and increasing farmersincome .The government should increase income of farmers in the mountainous areas by making favorable policies to increase the financial input in forestry and strengthen the technological extension , improve marketing network , encourage individuals to contract mountainous forest land and develop forestry projects and develop highbenefits forests .[ Ch , 1 fig .1 tab .12 ref .]
Protection and exploition of scenic resources of Tonglingshan National Forest Park
WANG Xiao-de, XU Bin, DONG Hai-yan, LIU Wan-bin, WU Xi-long, WU Xue-min
2006, 23(4): 465-467.
[Abstract](1310) [PDF](196)
Tonglingshan National Forest Park is noted for its dense forest , deep ravines , green ponds , elegant lakes and strange caves .Alleys were planed and designed , original landforms and buildings were rationally utilized and plant landscape was designed protectively , based on the current situation and the distributional feature of resources and functions of scenic spots , and the principle of respecting and protecting nature and sustainable developing of nature resources was prerequisite .[ Ch , 10 ref .]
Scientific notes
Effects of grooved veneer on the quality of multilayer parquet's lacquer film
LU Ze-guang, SHEN Li-ming, HUANG He-lang, YANG Qi-yong, XUE Li-dan, LI Yi
2006, 23(4): 468-471.
[Abstract](1051) [PDF](194)
The effects of grooved veneers of three tree species in the structure of the parquet on improving the lacquer film quality was studied .The veneer was cut into five parts in the lengthen direction and the stress coming from moisture content was dissolved , therefore , the shrinkage of dimension was from whole to part .So the quality of lacquer film was improved , the initial time of surface flaw being postponed and the rate of surface flaw being reduced .[ Ch , 2 fig .1 tab .8 ref .]
Two newly recorded species from Zhejiang wetland vegetation
SHI Bai-lin, LI Gen-you, JIN Zu-da, ZHONG Tai-lin
2006, 23(4): 472-474.
[Abstract](1251) [PDF](233)
Vitex sampsoni Hance .and Merremia hederacea (Burro .f .)Hall .f .are reported as new records to Zhejiang wetland vegetation , which were found during the investigation from 2004 to 2005 .Their habitats , morphological characters , accompanying vegetation and utilization are introduced .[ Ch , 15 ref .]
New record of plants in Zhejiang :Primula merrilliana Schltr .
SU Xiao-ling
2006, 23(4): 475-476.
[Abstract](1036) [PDF](270)
Primula merrilliana Schltr .is reported as a new record of Primula from Zhejiang Province , which is found in Jiande .This report describes its morphological characters , living surrounding and utilization . [ Ch , 9 ref .]