2006 Vol. 23, No. 5

Mechanical properties of juvenile and mature wood of Pinus densiflora from plantations
JIN Chun-de, ZHANG Mei-shu, WEN Gui-feng, TANG Yan-ping, XU Ce
2006, 23(5): 477-481.
[Abstract](992) [PDF](281)
Based on the variation pattern of wood properties obtained from the analysis results of measurement of tracheid length , microfibril angle , ratio of tracheid length to width , basic density and late wood percentage , the boundary of juvenile and mature wood of Pinus densiflora plantation was demarcated by using optimum method of classification , and the differences of mechanical properties of juvenile wood and mature wood from Pinus densiflora plantation were analyzed , from which we can conclude that the properties of mature wood at the age of 12 years old such as modulus of rupture (MOR), modulus of elasticity (MOE), tensile strength parallel to grain , compressive strength parallel to grain and tangential strength in compression perpendicular to grain are higher than those of juvenile wood .The properties such as radical compressive strength perpendicular to grain , tangential face shearing strength , radial face shearing strength , tangential cleavage strength , radial cleavage strength of juvenile wood are higher than those of mature wood .The difference of MOR, MOE radical compressive strength perpendicular to grain , and tangential face shearing strength of juvenile and mature wood from plantation reaches 0.01 level of significance , and tensile strength parallel to grain reach 0.05 level of significance .[ Ch , 1 fig .6 tab .6 ref
Microwave drying properties of Pinus massoniana lumber
LIU Zhi-jun, LI Yan-jun, ZHANG Bi-guang, LIU Zhi
2006, 23(5): 482-485.
[Abstract](1174) [PDF](214)
The variational regularity of drying rate , temperature and moisturedistribution with time during wood microwave drying was studied.The objective is to provide the theoretic accordance for microwave drying technology.The results show that the continuous microwave drying process can be divided into three stages :accelerating (speed-up) stage , constant-speed stage and speed-down stage .The constant-speed stage occupied the largest proportion .In the microwave drying process , temperature change process can be divided into coming-up stage ,isothermal stage , and late coming-up stage .The temperature inside of the lumber was even both in coming-up stage and isothermal stage , and in the latter coming-up stage , the wood temperature was increased , and so as the temperature difference .The original moisture content gradient was not raised but was averaged in the whole cross section , and the surface moisture content was increased .[ Ch , 6 fig .10 ref .
Countermeasures and environmental influence analysis of forest diseases
LI Lan-ying, , GAO Lan, WEN Ya-li, HUANG Shui-ling
2006, 23(5): 491-496.
[Abstract](1263) [PDF](237)
Forest diseases damage forestry resource and environmental safety .Based on a scientific exploration ,this paper analyzes the environmental impact of forest disease .It includes 13 facets in the impact of stand , function of forest ecological environment and human social environment .The count measures are :guiding forest disease management by forest health theory ;performing quarantine system strictly and strengthening dynamic inspect ;actualizing classified management and adopting different strategies in different areaes .(Ch , 2 fig .15 ref .)
Soil fertility improvement in mixed forests of Liquidambar formosana with other tree species
HUANG Yong-lai
2006, 23(5): 497-500.
[Abstract](1149) [PDF](246)
Comparing the soil fertility in mixed forests of Liquidambar formosana and other tree species with pure forest of Chinese fir (Cunninghamia lanceolata) through the method of sample plot investigation , the results showed that the soil structure and water physical properties were improved in the mixed forests of Liquidambar formosana and other species compared with pure Chinese fir forest .Since the litter production and its decomposition rate of broad leaved tree forests were higher than those of Chinese fir forest , the soil nutrient in mixed forests was improved significantly .The organic matters in 0 -20 cm soil layer in the mixed forests of Liquidambar formosana and Cunninghamia lanceolata , Liquidambar formosana and Pinus massoniana , Liquidambar formosana and Liriodendron chinense were increased by 5.19 %, 27.71 % and 17.75 % respectively compared with that of pure Chinese fir forest .[ Ch , 4 tab .9 ref .
Effects of humic acid as special organic fertilizer for Eucalyptus on cold resistance and growth stimulation of Eucalyptus dunnii
LU Mei
2006, 23(5): 501-506.
[Abstract](1125) [PDF](228)
To scientifically manage the short-period industry-use forest of cold-resistant Eucalyptus and eradicate the conflicts among instant growth of Eucalyptus , degraded forestland and freezing injury , fast-growing and highyield forest base of Eucalyptus dunnii was built in Xudun Town of Jianou City in Fujian Province in 2004 to test the humic acid as special organic fertilizer for Eucalyptus .Results showed that frostbite rate and grade , and freezing injury index of Eucalyptus applied with the special fertilizer decreased by 23.9 %-43.5 %, 25.0 %-50.5 %and 32.4 %-49.7 % respectively .Tree height , DBH, crown and timeber volume of forest applied with the fertilizer increased by 6.3 %-26.6 %, 14.7 %-37.2 %, 6.5 %-18.8 % and 42.9 %-136.7 % respectively .Among them , compound fertilizerwith 500 g special humic acid for Eucalyptus and 10 g compoundmicrobial agent as basal fertilizer and 500 g No.2 special humic acid for Eucalyptus dressing as dressing had the best effects on cold resistance and growth stimulation .It was an ideal fertilizer for Eucalyptus dunnii in the north of Fujian .[ Ch , 5 tab .11 ref .]
Influence of chemical fertilizer content in compound fertilizeron survival rates of three species of fertilizer microbes
TAO Shu-xing
2006, 23(5): 507-511.
[Abstract](1098) [PDF](205)
After putting the preparation of Azotobacter chroococcum Accc 8011 , Bacillus megathrium Accc 1001 and B .mucilaginosus Accc 10013 directly or indirectly (sealing up the preparation in the polypropylene membrane bag)in the organic-inorganic compound fertilizer at 25 ℃constant temperature for 30 days , bacteriums survival rate was determined with the standard colony counting method .The result indicated that the survival rate of the bacterium evidently reduced when content of chemical fertilizer in the organic-inorganic compound fertilizer reached 0.066 gg-1 (N +P2O5 +K2O total weight), but the survival rate of the bacterium in the bag evidently reduced when content of chemical fertilizer in the organic-inorganic compound fertilizer reached 0.122 g g-1 .Therefore , these three kinds of fertilizer bacterium preparations couldnt be mixed with organic-inorganic compound fertilizer with high content of chemical fertilizer .They should be separately wrapped up and placed .[ Ch , 2 tab .16 ref .]
Establishment of plant regeneration system in matured Liriodendron hybrids
LI Ji-yuan, TIAN Min, LI Xin-lei, FAN Zheng-qi, NI Sui
2006, 23(5): 512-515.
[Abstract](1327) [PDF](202)
The in vitro plant regeneration system of Liriodendron hybrids planted in 1967 at the yard of Research Institute of Subtropical Forestry was established by using the leaves and petioles as explants .The results showed that callus could be induced from these explants on the media supplemented with different concentrations of plant growth regulators .The adventitious buds could be generated from the calli induced on the media MS +0.5 mgL-1 NAA +2.0 -4.0 mg L-1 6-BA .On the medium MS +0.5 mgL-1 NAA +4.0 mgL-1 6-BA , the adventitious buds could be directly differentiated from the explants without inducing calli .The best medium for rooting was 1/2MS +1.5 mgL-1 NAA .[ Ch , 2 fig .2 tab .13 ref .]
Optimization of ISSR-PCR reaction system of Castanopsis eyrei by orthogonal design
ZHANG Wen-biao, JIN Ze-xin, LI Jun-min, PAN Guan-qiong
2006, 23(5): 516-520.
[Abstract](1231) [PDF](243)
Obtaining the stable and repeatable ISSR-PCR amplification result is the basic work to study genetic diversity of Castanopsis eyrei .The ISSR-PCR amplification system was optimized by using orthogonal design in six factors and five levels (Mg2 + , dNTP , primer , Taq DNA polymerase , bovine serum albumin and template DNA).The suitable reaction conditions of ISSR-PCR were shown as follows :1 Taq buffer (10 mmolL-1 Tris-HCl , pH 9.0 , 50 mmolL-1 KCl , 10 gL-1 TritonX-100), 1.7 mmolL-1 Mg 2+ , 0.25 mmolL-1 dNTP , 8.34 nkat Taq DNA polymerase , 1.5 gL-1 bovine serum albumin , 6 pmol primer , 12 ng template DNA in 10 L reaction volume .The optimal annealing temperature for primer UBC 846 was 56.3 ℃.[ Ch , 2 fig .1 tab .23 ref .]
Effects of simulated acid rain on phytomorphology
FU Xiao-ping, TIAN Da-lun, HUANG Zhi-yong
2006, 23(5): 521-526.
[Abstract](1047) [PDF](290)
The morphological effects of acid rain on the leaf area , the weight per leaf , and the root/crown of plants were studied by using different pH solutions to simulate acid rain and treating 6 species of common green plants in the southern cities .Results showed that all of the 3 morphological indexes of 6 species of trees had been affected to some extent .(1)The simulated acid rain of pH 5.0 , 4.0 and 3.0 reduced the leaf area of Magnolia grandiflora , Cinnamomum camphora and Osmanthus fragrans ;(2)The simulated acid rain of pH 5.0 , 4.0 and 3.0 reduced the weight per leaf of Magnolia grandiflora , Cinnamomum camphora and Osmanthus fragrans , but increased the weight per leaf of Rhododendron simsii ; (3)Simulated acid rain promoted the growth of the underground parts of Cinnamomum camphora and Loropetalum chinense var .rubrum , and increased their roots/crowns ;the simulated acid rain reduced the roots/crowns of Rhododendron indicum ; (4)Seen from the perspective of phytomorphology , Magnolia grandiflora and Osmanthus fragrans were not suitable for growing in an environment with natural rainfall pH 4 , and Rhododendron indicum was not suitable for growing in an environment with natural rainfall pH 3 .[ Ch , 1 fig .2 tab .13 ref .]
In vitro antioxidant activity of polyphenols extracted from apple pomace
QIU Nong-xue, WANG Hong, LI Yan, HAO Shao-li
2006, 23(5): 527-531.
[Abstract](1279) [PDF](256)
The antioxidant activity of the apple pomace polyphenols (APPs)was evaluated employing various established in vitro model systems , such as reducing power method , scavenging hydroxyl radical method ,scavenging , 1 , 1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl radical (DPPH)method , peroxidation of polyunsaturated fatty acid from yelk lipoprotein induced by Fe2+ method , and -carotene linoleic acid assay system .APPs showed better reducing power than butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) and tert-Butyl hydroquinone (TBHQ).APPs showed more scavenging hydroxyl radical activity compared with BHT and TBHQ , the I C50 (inhibitory concentration 50 %) being 522.4 mgL-1 .APPs showed more effective scavenging DPPHactivity than BHT and TBHQ , the IC50was15.8 mgL1 .Furthermore , APPs showed powerful inhibitory effects on peroxidation of polyunsaturated fatty acid from yelk lipoprotein induced by Fe2 + at all the tested concentrations, theIC50 being 126.4 mgL-1 .Besides , APPs also showed very good inhibitory effects on -carotene/linoleic acid assay system at all the tested concentration levels , theIC50being 25.2 mgL-1 [ Ch , 5 fig .11 ref .]
Changes of endogenous hormones , carbohydrate and mineral nutrition during the differentiation of female flower buds of Ginkgo biloba
LUO Ping-yuan, SHI Ji-kong, ZHANG Wan-ping
2006, 23(5): 532-537.
[Abstract](1286) [PDF](297)
In order to find out the physiological mechanism of female flower buds differentiation in Ginkgo biloba , the changes of endongenous hormones , carbohydrate and mineral nutritions during the differentiation of female flower buds were studied with the methods of ELISA and et al .Results showed that the contents of GA 1 +3 and ABA in female flower buds of Ginkgo biloba at the physiological differentiation stage decreased , the contents of ZRs and iPAs , the ratio of ZRs to GA 1+3 , the ratio of ABA to GA 1 +3 and the ratio of iPAs to GA 1 +3 were at peak values .At morphological differentiation stage , the contents of ZRs and iPAs , the ratio of ZRs to GA 1 +3 and the ratio of iPAs to GA 1 +3 were low , but the contents of ABA and the ratio of ABA to GA 1+3 in flower buds were higher than those in leaf buds .The contents of K and total carbohydrate in bud leaves of female flowers were higher than those in bud leaves of female shoots during the whole period ;while the content of total N in bud leaves of female flowers was lower than that of bud leaves of female shoots .The content of P in bud leaves of female flowers was higher than that in bud leaves of female shoots at physiological differentiation stage .Results indicated that the contents of ABA , ZRs , iPAs and K were associated with inducement and differentiation of female flower buds of Ginkgo biloba . [ Ch , 11 fig .16 ref .]
GC-MS analysis of volatile oil components of Artemisia anomala
CAO Hua-ru, MAO Yan, WANG Xue-li
2006, 23(5): 538-541.
[Abstract](1022) [PDF](232)
With hydrodistillation and GC-MS , the volatile oil was extracted from Artemisia anomala and 115 chromatographic peaks were seperated .46 identified components accounted for 62.60 % of the total mass of volatiole oil .The most abundant component was borneol , accounting for 7.44 %;caryophyllene oxide and camphor accounted for 7.15 % and 7.01 % respectively .Of the 46 components , monoterpenoid accounted for 28.57 % and sesquitpenoid accounted for 17.40 %.[ Ch , 1 fig .1 tab .11 ref .]
Mass fraction and bioavailability of macronutrients of 21 ex-situ conservation rare plants in Wuhan Botanical Garden
ZHONG Zhi-xiang, XU You-ming, CHEN Fang, WAN Kai-yuan
2006, 23(5): 542-548.
[Abstract](1238) [PDF](237)
Based upon the plant nutrient conservation strategy ecogical similarity of ex-situ conservation , the nutrient status and the soil condition of 21 kinds of ex-situ conservation rare plants of Magnoliaceae and Lauraceae in Wuhan Botanical Garden were studied .The results showed that the sequence of average content of macronutrients in the soil was Ca Mg N K S P .The sequence and the average content of macronutrients indicated that the contents of available nitrogen , phosphor and potassium were low in the soil .And through the analysis of the average contents , background content and the ratio of N P , it was found that the contents of phosphorus , sulphur and nitrogen were low in the plant leaves too .The bioavailability sequence of the 6 elements was N PK S Ca Mg , which could reflect the damand sequence of plant in some way .Based upon the analysis of the nutrient status of plant leaves and soil , it was suggested that more N , P and K should be added inthe soil to assure the success growth of rare plant from seed to seed .[ Ch , 1 fig .6 tab .17 ref .]
Improved survey method of ancient and famous trees
WANG Yi-xiang, DAI Wen-sheng, BAI Shang-bin, JIANG Feng, JIN Zu-da
2006, 23(5): 549-553.
[Abstract](1274) [PDF](292)
Aimed to make up for the deficiency in current survey method of ancient and famous trees , this paper discusses the improvement of method by introducing total station , GPS and cross-dating technique to complement the traditional survey method .Based on the comparison and discussion of two survey methods , it was found that the improvedmethod could increase the accuracy of key data such as tree age , height , DBH and crown .With the method , geographic coordinates and multimedia information were collected .[ Ch , 3 fig .18 ref .]
Exploration and utilization of medicinal plant resources in Wenling City
GAO Hong-di, LI Gen-you, YAN Fu-bin, LIN Xue-feng, LI Jun
2006, 23(5): 554-559.
[Abstract](1320) [PDF](289)
Based on the grasped materials and the investigation , it is found that there are 967 species of medicina plants belonging to 179 families .It concludes 69 species (29 families)of pteridophyta 12 species (7 families)of gymnosperm, and 886 species (143 families)of angiosperm.Wenling Citys medicinal plants are characterized by richness and endemicity .They are classified into 21 groups by medicine function characteristic and main effect , such as diaphoretic , antipyretic and eliminate and so on .The suggestions of protection and exploration are put foreward .[ Ch , 2 tab .24 ref .]
Diet and sexual dimorphism of Rana chaochiaoensis
YANG Ying, ZHOU Wei, LI Xu, PAN Xiao-fu
2006, 23(5): 560-564.
[Abstract](1191) [PDF](231)
The 428 specimens of Rana chaochiaoensis collected from May 1998 to October 2003 were anatomized (♀202 , ♂184 , subadults 42)for diet analysis ;151 adult frogs whose body lengths were larger than 40 mm were measured (♂81 , ♀70)for sexual dimorphism study .The diet analysis showed that R .chaochiaoensis gave priority to animality food and there was no significant discrepancy in cliet between male and female frogs .The food habits didnt lead to their sexual dimorphism polarization .The results of t-test indicated that there was significant discrepancy in width and length of forearm between male and female adult R .chaochiaoensis .The results of univariate analysis of variance showed that there was significant discrepancy in head width , snout length , tympanum diameter , eye diameter , forearm length , forearm width , hand length , length of hindlimb , tibia length and foot length between male and female adult frogs .Sexual dimorphism was primarily determined by the ultimate sexual selection .There was no significant difference in body size between male and female R .chaochiaoensis .Forearm in adult male R .chaochiaoensis was stronger than females .The first finger base in adult male frog had nuptial pad with fine and dense cutin tubercles , which could increase embrace friction , strengthen embrace ability and avoid female frog escaping .Male R .chaochiaoensis had no vocal sac .However , its longer hindlimb andmore developed web than females were helpful to improve its capacity of chasing female , which could successfully increase mating rate .Developed hindlimb of female could enhance its ability to jump , which was useful for female keeping away rapidly from disturbance and threat .[ Ch , 2 tab .29 ref .]
Correlation between stand factors and arthropod community in Phyllostachys pubescens forest
2006, 23(5): 565-569.
[Abstract](1122) [PDF](204)
Through systematic surveys in 14 selected sampling Phyllostachys pubescens forests in Sanming , Fujian from 2001 to 2002 , the canonical correlativity between stand factors and arthropod community was analyzed .The results indicated that the correlation between the diameter of new bamboo and evenness of the arthropods in the canopy was positive and significant , so was the correlation between the diameter of old bamboo and individuals of the arthropods in underlayer .Moreover , the forest stand factor of high gradient benefited the development of the phytophagous mites population , and high gradient and covering degree off undergrowths benefited the development of Kuwanaspis vermiformis population , and high gradient , height of old bamboo and Iow altitude benefited the development of Pantana phyllostachysae population .Based on the study results , the measures of regulating stand factors were put forward to control the pest on the bamboo leaves .[ Ch , 8 tab .12 ref .]
Establishment of a model for optimized development of ecotourist resources in Linan and its application
ZHAN Xiao-yun, WANG Sheng-kui, L Xian-zhong, ZENG Yan-ru
2006, 23(5): 570-574.
[Abstract](1330) [PDF](246)
Investigations and analyses have been made by using a complicated systematic theory and an optimized network of status quo of utilized humanistic and natural elements of the tourist resources and potential tourist resources in Lin,an , Zhejiang , based on which a complete set of models for systematic analyses of tourist behavior , comprehensive evaluation of tourist resources , prediction of economic return , planning of scenic spots , etc .has been established and applied to practical optimal development of tourist resources of Lin,an City .It has been tried to suggest the orientation of tourist industry in Lin,an , viz .developing ecotourism that is focused on sightseeing , a life of leisure and health , recreation and holiday making in combination with cultures of the Wu and Yue States , religious cultures , scientific investigations , business and exploratory tourism, taking Lin,an as a backyard of Shanghai and Hangzhou , and constructing Linan into an influential summer resort and a recreation center in the Yangtze delta and an ideal holiday-making resort for people living in the city .[ Ch , 1 fig .8 ref .]
Bonding performance of bamboo plywood improved by O2 plasma treatment
HUANG He-lang, LU Xiao-ning, XUE Li-dan, ZENG Zhi-gao, LIANG Xing-yu
2006, 23(5): 486-490.
[Abstract](1131) [PDF](233)
Bamboo strips were prepared and treated by O2 plasma to study the effect of O2 plasma treatment on bamboo surface performance .Wetting angle was tested to evaluate the wettability of bamboo surface before and after treatment .The results showed that the wetting angle reduced considerably after O2 plasma treatment , especially for bamboo timbers with green coat and yellow endothecium , the wetting angle dropping dramatically from 76.5to 36.0and bonding strength of the flooring increasing by 33 %.Furthermore , the coefficient variances (CV)of bonding strength between the testing bamboo floorings reduced from 39.0 % to 9.8 % after O2 plasma treatment.Bonding strength of bamboo flooring without green coat and yellow endothecium didnt improve a lot but CV decreased dramatically .Therefore , O2 treatment improved not only the performance of bamboo surface but also the quality stability of bamboo flooring .[ Ch , 3 fig .4 tab .11 ref .
Current research situation on Beauveria bassiana and prospects of how to improve its pesticidal effects
LIN Hai-ping, HAN Zheng-min, ZHANG Xin, MAO Sheng-feng
2006, 23(5): 575-580.
[Abstract](1175) [PDF](507)
Beauveria bassiana , is entomopathogenic fungi which applied the most widely presently in China .But the effect is slow and unsteady when it is used for protecting plant from insects in large scope .There are some difficulties in industrialization , standardization and formulation .So , the authors describe the current research situation of Beauveria bassiana about its pesticidal mechanism on three sides :ten phases of infecting course ; function of protease , chitinase , lipase , amylase , etc ;toxins , such as TF1 , TF2 , beauvericin , oosporin , tenellin related to pesticidal effect .The matters of strains degenerate easily and preparations lack of stabilization during storage are summed up .On the basis of these , the authors bring forward the prospects of how to improve pesticidal effects of Beauveria bassiana from enzyme , toxin , strain , production technology and formulation .There are some main measures:obtaining fine strains with active enzyme ;cloning genes of toxins with molecular biological technology , then breeding by genetic transformation ;further research on mechanism of strains degeneration on virulence;improvement and control on reactor of fermentation ;advancing stabilization during storage of preparation , and so on .[ Ch , 53 ref .]
Situation of leisure agriculture in Zhejiang and countermeasures for its development
ZHANG Jian-guo, YU Yi-wu, ZHU Zhi-quan, CAI Xin-guang, YUAN Yi-jun, CAI Bi-fan
2006, 23(5): 581-587.
[Abstract](1177) [PDF](473)
By using the method of industry statistics , documentary investigation and vist on-the-spot , the author makes the study on the situation of the 1isure agriculture in Zhejiang Province and countermeasure for its development.The result showed that the growth of the lisure griculture in Zhejiang Province was based on such factors as the development of economy , the improvement of environment , the demand of market and so on .There comes into being many types of the lisure agriculture , such as recreational farm, agriculture zones , agricultural industry , agri-commercial circulation , agri-park , tourist commities base , tourist attraction and experience in farmers house in the course of development .As a result , there have been lots of features such as the great help to pull the industry , the multi-source of investment , the conformity of different agricultural element and producing style , the effect for farmer to obtain more employment and income .It also brings about new opportunities for the development of tourism .But there still occurs some problems in the course of the industry development .There is no efficient and standard administration department and proper measures .Neither any scientific methodology nor professionals in view of business operation , and therefore the business consumption level is still very low .Finally , the study on basic theory and application techniques is still rare .For those problems , some practical measures must be taken to keep the healthy development of leisure agriculture .[ Ch , 10 ref .]
Viewing Han Dynasty s courtyard plants disposition from its brick and stone carvings
YANG Xu-fei, LI Guo-xin, WANG Chun
2006, 23(5): 588-591.
[Abstract](1342) [PDF](338)
Seen from the images of courtyard plants on Han Dynastys brick and stone carvings , disposition of courtyard plants in Han Dynasty was very unique .There was not only regular disposition of gardening plants similar to the western style but also rich species of courtyard plants .All those plants and the architecture brought out the best in each other .And the most valuable thing was that the disposition of courtyard plants in Han Dynasty was natural , ecological and artistic , which was close to the traditional disposition of Chinese gardening plants .[ Ch , 6 fig .10 ref .]
Scientific notes
New geographical distribution plants from Wenling in Zhejiang
LI Gen-you, CHEN Zheng-hai, YAN Fu-bin, LIN Xue-feng, ZHONG Tai-lin, MA Dan-dan
2006, 23(5): 592-594.
[Abstract](1285) [PDF](243)
Three new geographical distribution plants in Zhejiang Province discovered in Wenling are reported , Rauvolfia verticillata (Lour .)Baill ., Borreria latifolia (Aubl .)K .Schum., Artemisia eriopoda Bunge . Borreria latifolia is probablely brought in when introduced , which becomes a new alien plant in Zhejiang ; Rauvolfia verticillata may be escaping and its source is not clear .[ Ch , 9 ref .]
Preliminary study on biological characteristics and ecological adaptability of Tripterygium
RUAN Xiu-chun, SI Jin-ping, WU Jian, HUANG Wen-hua, GUO Bao-lin, XU Yuan-ke
2006, 23(5): 595-598.
[Abstract](1215) [PDF](305)
The objective is to provide bases for breeding Tripterygium cultivars with high quality and yield . Byinvestigating resources in 27 counties of China , establishing genetic resource nursery , and observing and recording regularly the growth features of the maternal plants and their clines offsprings, the ecological adaptability of Tripterygium plants were studied .The results show that there are differences of sprouting , growth potential and forestations survival rates in different germplasms .T .wilfordii is better adapt to the environment of Lishui .than T .hypoglaucum and T .regelii .This species should be the first selection to culture for medicine in Lishui and other similar areas .The distribution areas of T .wifordii is the main region for highbred selection .[ Ch , 4 tab .5 ref .]