2009 Vol. 26, No. 4

Distribution characteristics of horizontal density of Chinese fir oriented laminated stick lumber (OLSL)
DU Chun-gui, ZHANG Qi-sheng, LIU Zhi-kun, CHEN Si-guo
2009, 26(4): 455-460.
[Abstract](3806) [PDF](215)
In order to investigate the distribution rules of horizontal density in Chinese fir (Cunninghamia lanceolata) oriented laminated stick lumber (OLSL), non-destructive testing was performed by computed tomography (CT) detection. The results were as follows: (1) CT detection could vividly and intuitively reveal the distribution characteristics of vertical and horizontal density in Chinese fir OLSL. The densities in surface plane and bottom plane were higher than that in the central plane, and that densities varied significantly in each joint. (2) Size of wood sticks, combined state in each joint and degree of forming uniformity had great influence on the distribution characteristics of horizontal density in Chinese fir OLSL. Compared with oriented strand board(OSB) and particleboard, the characteristic of stick-shaped structure in Chinese fir OLSL was more obvious under CT detection. [Ch,5 fig. 17 ref.]
Dynamics-based testing method of wire rope’s broken wires
XIU Shu-dong, NI Zhong-jin, YAO Wen-bin, YING Hua-xiang
2009, 26(4): 461-466.
[Abstract](3461) [PDF](112)
The strands are twisted with high quality carbon steel strings and then a number of strands turn around the core to a wire rope. Due to its special structure as well as its unique advantages,a wire rope has better ability in mechanism in functional reliability and structural diversity. Therefore,wire ropes are widely used in various engineering fields,but there are still a lot of technical problems regarding design,manufacturing,usage and maintenance. Even there are no certain safety factors given in the process of application so that it turns out accidents when it comes to structural problems. There were some researches on the issue of non destructive testing (NDT) of wire ropes in this paper,according to the string vibration equation;a model of testing wire rope’s broken wires was established. And an exploratory experiment was made by this equation. The results showed that there was a little influence on fundamental frequency. When the number of wire rope broken wires was less and the loads was smaller. And a greater influence on fundamental frequency,when the number of wire rope broken wires was larger and the loads is bigger. Therefore,this method was certain feasible,and provided a new nondestructive testing means for wire ropes.[Ch,4 fig. 1 tab. 11 ref.
Auxin response factor fragments cloned by cDNA-AFLP during Carya cathayensis grafting process
ZHENG Bing-song, CHEN Miao, CHU Huai-liang, AI Xue, HUANG You-jun, LI Xue-qin, HUANG Jian-qin
2009, 26(4): 467-472.
[Abstract](3306) [PDF](148)
In order to improve survival of Carya cathayensis(Chinese hickory) grafted seedling,a cDNA fragment related to Chinese hickory graft was obtained by cDNA-amplified fragment length polymorphism (cDNA-AFLP)techniques during the grafting process. Analyses were conducted using the National Center for Biotechnology Information(NCBI)homology comparison and Fluorescence Real Time Polymerase Chain Reaction(RT-PCR). The NCBI homology comparison showed that a cDNA fragment,named CcARF,was 81% homologous with a wheat section of the auxin response factor(ARF). Meanwhile,RT-PCR revealed that before grafting,gene expressions were strongly induced both in the rootstock and scion of Chinese hickory and declined sharply at 3 d after grafting. After 3 d,expression in rootstock was weakly induced. However,in the scion,7 d after grafting,expression increased reaching a maximum 14 d after grafting;this was 4.7 times stronger than 3 d after grafting. Thus,when grafting Chinese hickory,the CcARF fragment may be involved in the regulation of gene expression.[Ch,3 fig. 1 tab. 21 ref.]
Expressed salt stress induced full length-cDNA library of Salix matsudana using yeast Invsc1
YANG Ye, JIANG Jing, QIAO Gui-rong, ZHOU Jing, CHEN Yin, HE Zheng-quan, LI Hai-ying, ZHUO Ren-ying
2009, 26(4): 473-478.
[Abstract](3686) [PDF](283)
The studies of Salix matsudana on salt-resistance molecular mechanism and searching new salt-tolerant relation genes are limited at present. It is necessary to develop drought-tolerant gene using this valuable tree resource,so a salt stress induced full-length cDNA Library of Salix matsudana was constructed using Clontech Laboratories,Inc. SMART cDNA Library Construction Protocol. Total RNA was extracted from S. matsudana under 100 mmol·L-1 NaCl stress for 24 h. After synthesizing the first-strand cDNA,the double-strand cDNA was amplified with the long-distance Polymerase Chain Reaction (LD-PCR). The result showed that insertion fragment was about 1 000 bp length in the library by PCR. The full-length cDNA fragment was linked to yeast vector pYES2.1 by pYES2.1 TOPO TA Expression Kit;then the linked product was transferred into yeast Invsc1. Finally,clones were selected by SC-U medium containing 80 - 130 g·L-1 NaCl. The experiment shows that the salt-tolerance of transformants yeast improved greatly compared with the wild-type yeast. The results provide an important tool for the study of cloning new salt-tolerance relation genes and the salt tolerance mechanisms of the S. matsudana. [Ch,6 fig. 17 ref.]
Chlorophyll differences in chlorotic Cinnamomum camphora leaves
LIU Hai-xing, ZHANG De-shun, SHANG Kan-kan, CHEN Xiang-bo, DA Liang-jun
2009, 26(4): 479-484.
[Abstract](3537) [PDF](234)
In the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River region in recent decades,chlorotic Cinnamomum camphora has become more and more serious with urban landscape and greening benefits degraded due to physiological disease of this tree species. In this research,physiological and biochemical properties of chlorotic C. camphora leaves from trees in typical planted areas of Shanghai (botanical gardens,leisure open spaces,and sides of highways) and chlorophyll variation were studied. Results of chlorophyll (Chl) differences in chlorotic C. camphora leaves showed decreases in Chla(91.2%),Chlb(95.1%),carotenoids (82.2%),the ratio of chlorophyll/carotenoid(58.5%),superoxide dismutase(SOD)(46.4%),and peroxidase(POD)(66.6%),compared to the health leaves. Also,the active iron content in yellow leaves was 50%-65% of health leaves,and the chlorophyll a/b ratio of the serious yellow leaves increased 98.7%,compared to the health leaves. The relative increase in carotenoid content could result in chlorotic C. camphora,whereas POD and SOD activity could indicate the degree of chlorosis.[Ch,8 fig. 2 tab. 20 ref.]
Physiological and biochemical substances of four shrubs with drought stress
YU Jin-hui, BAI Ming-e, FANG Wei, HONG Li-xing
2009, 26(4): 485-489.
[Abstract](3699) [PDF](123)
Four shrubs,Lespedeza formosa,Indigofera pseudotinctoria,Cassia corymbosa,Amorpha fruticosa,were studied with natural drought stress(no watering) of four lasting drought stages and subsequent watering,in regards to antioxidant enzyme activity,praline(Pro) content and malondialdehyde(MDA) content. The control was seedlings with normal watering. Thirty seedlings of each shrubs were randomly arranged with three replications. Physical indexes were determined every seven days. The results showed that superoxide dismutase (SOD) activity of L. formosa and I. pseudotinctoria had a significant increase(P<0.05) at the end of the drought stress,and decreased significantly(P<0.05) after watering again. Meanwhile,C. corymbosa and A. fruticosa rose sharply with significant difference(P<0.05) then continually decreased significantly(P<0.05),and after watering again,the former decreased insignificantly while the later increased significantly;changes for peroxidase(POD)activity of the four shrubs almost followed a same trend,that is,after increasing,there was a significant decrease(P<0.05),then increased distinctively after watering again. Pro content kept significant increase(P<0.05)while decreased significantly (P<0.05) after watering again with the most extent of L. formosa and the least of C. corymbosa. MDA content decreased indistinctively and then increased significantly(P<0.05)before undergoing a significant decrease(P<0.05)after watering again. Overall,changes in biochemical substances of the four shrubs with drought stress differed due to plant material itself and C. corymbosa exhibiting the best resistance to drought by comprehensive analysis.[Ch,5 fig. 10 ref.]
Seawater stress on vegetative and physiological characteristics of Photinia glabra × P. fraseri ‘Red Robin’ and Euonymus japonica ‘Aureo-marinatus’ cuttings
SHEN Ya-mei, TONG Zai-kang, MA Jin, , LU Jian-quan, HAN Xiao, BA Lei, FANG Liang-liang
2009, 26(4): 490-497.
[Abstract](3693) [PDF](128)
To study the effects of seawater concentration on growth,osmotic accumulation of antioxidant enzymes,and ion distribution with Photinia glabra × Photinia fraseri ‘Red Robin’ and Euonymus japonica ‘Aureo-marginatus’ seedlings,pot experiments were conducted. A randomized complete block design with six treatments consisting of 0%(a control),10%,30%,50%,70%,and 100% seawater and three replicates was used. Plants were harvested 3,6,9,12,and 15 d after treatment and analyzed with ANOVA and multiple comparison for mean separation. Results showed that 1) when seawater concentration was 30% (pH 8.92) for ‘Red Robin’ and 50% (pH 9.12) for ‘Aureo-marginatus’,the configuration changed. Also,2) compared with control plants,superoxide dismutase (SOD) activity was significantly greater (P<0.05) in leaves of seawater-stressed ‘Aureo-marginatus’,and increased with increasing seawater concentrations. Malondialdehyde (MDA) content in leaves of ‘Red Robin’ increased (P<0.01) with increasing seawater concentrations but with ‘Aureo-marginatus’ MDA decreased(P<0.01). Finally,3) with increasing seawater concentration,Na+ concentrations of the two cultivars increased;K+,Ca2+ and Mg2+ concentrations showed no pattern,but all concentrations were lower than the control. Thus,the present study strongly suggested that the salt resistance of ‘Red Robin’was lower than ‘Aureo-marginatus’;however,because both were alkali-soil plants,they could adapt to appropriate concentrations of seawater irrigation. [Ch,1 fig. 6 tab. 24 ref.]
Physiological,biochemical,and ultra-structures of mesophyll cell changes in a senescing corolla of Lycoris longituba
WANG Lei, TANG Geng-guo, LIU Tong
2009, 26(4): 498-502.
[Abstract](3486) [PDF](100)
The changes of physiological and biological and ultrastructure of mesophyll cell in four different periods during senescing corolla of Lycoris longituba were studied. Results showed that from florescence to senescence,soluble protein content in petal declined gradually,but malondialdhyde(MDA) content and membrane relative permeability increased gradually. There also was a positive correlation between soluble protein and free amino acid. Additionally,an orderly change in death was exhibited:the amyloplasts in parenchyma dissolved,many plastoglobuli appeared,the vacuole happened distinct swallow,the nucleus became depressed,the karyotheca burst,the plastid disintegrated,a great deal of annulate lamellae and phagosome appeared,and plasmolysis occurred. The morphological changes during the death of all the organelles within the cell showed the typical features of programmed cell death,which corresponded to the physiological changes.[Ch,3 fig. 14 ref.]
Resistance and absorbency to gaseous chlorine with 37 young landscaping plant species
DU Guo-jian, MIAO Yu- ming, CHEN Zhuo-mei, ZHANG Yue-xian, CHEN Ya-fei
2009, 26(4): 503-510.
[Abstract](4195) [PDF](148)
With artificial fumigation,resistances and absorbencies to gaseous chlorine (Cl2) of 37 common plant species were graded into five levels:Ⅰ,Ⅱ,Ⅲ,Ⅳ,and V(from weak to strong),using a cluster analysis with DPS software. Results showed that the strongest resistance was with Camellia japonica and the weakest with Manglietia yuyuanensis,Manglietia insignis,and Daphniphyllum macropodum. The greatest absorbency was with Pyracantha fortuneana(8 107.68 mg·kg-1) and the weakest with Manglietia fordiana (0.50 mg·kg-1). [Ch,2 fig. 5 tab. 11 ref.]
Trace elements in kernels of Chinese hickory(Carya cathayensis) grown in limestone and non-limestone soils
QIAN Xin-biao, XU Wen-xin, ZHANG Yuan-yuan, DOU Chun-ying, YE Zheng-qian
2009, 26(4): 511-515.
[Abstract](4210) [PDF](168)
Because of only a few direct research reports,a field survey was conducted to determine kernel quality of Chinese hickory (Carya cathayensis),a reputed healthy food in China,grown in limestone soils,which are believed to be better for the trees than other soils. Soils were divided into two groups,namely limestone soils and the other non-imestone soils. Next,nuts of C. cathayensis with corresponding soil samples were collected. Kernel quality was analyzed for crude protein,crude fat,and trace elements and then compared using a t test. Results showed that the kernels were rich in crude protein (ranging from 90 to 109 g·kg-1) and crude fat (ranging from 665 to 694 g·kg-1),but there were no significant differences between the two soil groups. The kernels were also rich in many nutritional trace elements,especially Zn (30 - 51 mg·kg-1) and Fe (36 - 94 mg·kg-1). However,concentrations of most analyzed trace elements in the kernels were higher when collected from the trees grown in non-limestone soils,whereas Se was only detected in kernels grown in some of the limestone soils. Thus,more effort is needed to develop high quality C. cathayensis kernels rich in Zn,Fe,and Se for healthy and nutritious food products. [Ch,4 tab. 13 ref.]
Seasonal changes of soil and leaf nutrient levels in a Carya cathayensis orchard
TONG Gen-ping, WANG Wei-guo, ZHANG Yuan-yuan, XU Wen-xin, DOU Chun-ying, SHENG Wei-xing, YU Qing-ping, YE Zheng-qian
2009, 26(4): 516-521.
[Abstract](3449) [PDF](144)
To understand current soil nutrient conditions for growth,nutrient status,and relationships between soil nutrients and growth of Carya cathayensis in limestone soils,soil samples and corresponding leaf and nut samples were collected from a C. cathayensis plantation in Daoshi Town of Zhejiang Province,China. Also,seasonal changes of soil and plant leaf nutrients were analyzed. Results showed that leaf N,P,and K decreased(P<0.05) from flowering to nut maturity regardless of fertilizer topdressings. Thus,fruit is a strong sink for N,P and K nutrients. Soil organic matter and N,P,and K accumulated greatly compared to 10 years before(data from the reference). Soil acidification was serious with soil pH decreasing to 4.5. Because of fertilization,soils generally maintained high levels of available N,P,and K,so responses of N,P,and K in tree leaves were not apparent. Also,even though fertilization provided sufficient nutrients,overdoses of NPK could cause detrimental increases in soil acidity and environmental pollution. Therefore leaf N,P and K recommendations for optimal growth and non-polluting,sustained production are necessary.[Ch,3 tab. 18 ref.]
Geographic variation of flavonoid compounds in Cyclocarya paliurus leaves
YANG Wan-xia, SHE Cheng-qi, FANG Sheng-zuo
2009, 26(4): 522-527.
[Abstract](3501) [PDF](128)
To select superior medicinal provenances of Cyclocarya paliurus,the geographic variation of flavonoid compounds (kaempferol,quercetin,and isoquercetin) in leaves of one-year-old seedlings of 11 provenances was studied. Flavonoid compounds were measured by HPLC. Statistical analyses,such as variance analysis,correlation analysis were used. Results showed a close relationship existed among the three flavonoid compounds with kaempferol content greater than quercetin and isoquercetin. Flavonoid content in Shexian provenance of Anhui (6.770 mg·g-1) and Ziyuan provenance (6.494 mg·g-1) of Guangxi were higher,whereas Shucheng provenance of Anhui was lowest (1.230 mg·g-1). Trend surface analysis of geographic variations was made with longitude and latitude being independent variable,the content of flavonoids compounds being induced variable. The kaempferrol showed a center (crossing of 108°E and 27°N)-round variation,with the increase from the center to the west and east ,decrease from the center to the north and south. However,there was no significant trend in the variation of quercetin and isoquercetin. The superior medicinal provenances of Cyclocarya paliurus is Shexian provenance of Anhui and Ziyuan provenance of Guangxi. [Ch,4 fig. 3 tab. 15 ref.]
Morphological differences of Fargesia yunnanensis fibers
WANG Shu-guang, PU Xiao-lan, DING Yu-long, WAN Xian-chong, LIN Shu-yan
2009, 26(4): 528-532.
[Abstract](3859) [PDF](158)
Fargesia yunnanensis is one alpine bamboo that belongs to Fargesia Franchet,which has no reports on variation pattern of fiber properties so far. Morphology of F. yunnanensis fibers was examined and analyzed systematically to investigate the growth change of F. yunnanensis fibers by adopting the method of fiber isolation,so as to provide a theoretical foundation for the rational development and utilization of this bamboo. The results showed that fiber length ranged from 0.50 to 5.18 mm averaging 1.74 mm,fiber width ranged from 5.70 to 52.00 μm averaging 19.98 μm,the fiber length to width ration ranged from 18.86 to 361.71 averaging 92.80,fiber cell wall thickness ranged from 0.80 to 416.00 μm averaging 14.17 μm,fiber cell cavity diameter ranged from 0.30 to 390.00 μm averaging 5.33 μm,and the fiber cell wall to cavity ratio varied from 0.03 to 109.00 averaging 3.11. The change for average fiber length in mature bamboo culms was middle bottom top,and average fiber width showed an analogous rule to average fiber length. Also,the change for average fiber wall thickness in one- and two-year-old bamboo culms was bottom > middle > top and in three-year-old bamboo culms was top > middle > bottom;fiber lumen diameter showed an analogous rule to fiber cell wall thickness. Thus,age and the bamboo longitudinal location had a strong influence on fiber characteristics. [Ch,1 tab. 10 ref.]
Investigation of medicinal pteridophyte in remnant monsoon forest in drainage area of Hongshui River,Guizhou Province
GAO Huan-ye, XIONG Yuan-xin, GOU Guang-qian
2009, 26(4): 533-537.
[Abstract](3509) [PDF](227)
According to the primary statistics on the investigation and identification of pteridophyte specimens,there were 75 species (including 2 forma) of medicinal pteridophyt in remnant monsoon forest in drainage area of Hongshui River in Guizhou province,which belonged to 44 genera in 26 families. This research expounded not only the diversity but also the utilization value of the medicinal pteridophyte in this area. Furthermore,some suggestions for protection and utilization of medicinal pteridophyte in this area were put forward. [Ch,2 tab. 22 ref.]
A survey of invasive alien plant species in Dinghushan National Nature Reserve
SONG Xiao-ling, CAO Fei, HE Yun-he, QIANG Sheng, QIN Wei-hua, JIANG Ming-kang
2009, 26(4): 538-543.
[Abstract](3910) [PDF](198)
The invasive alien plant species in Dinghushan National Nature Reserve were investigated using line investigation and sample plot survey methods. The results showed that the invasive alien plant species were found in all experimental zone,the buffer zone,and core zone. There were 14 invasive alien plant species out of 53 investigated plant species,accounted for 26.42% of total plant species found in the experimental zone. In terms of the comprehensive values of dominance of invasive alien weeds,Ageratum conyzoides and Pliea microphylla were larger than that of other plant species. In buffer zone,there were 14 invasive alien plant species out of 62 investigated plant species,accounted for 22.58%t of total plant species. The comprehensive values of dominance of Pliea microphylla,Ageratum conyzoides and Wedelia trilobata were larger than that of other plant species. There were only three invasive alien plant species out of 24 investigated plant species occurred in core zone,which were clearly lower than those of experimental and buffer zones. The invasive alien plant species accounted for 12.5% of total plant species. The invasive alien plant species with the largest comprehensive values of dominance were Peperomia pellucida and Ageratum conyzoides. The introduction way and effect of the invasive alien plant species on ecosystem of Dinghushan National Nature Reserve were also discussed. The results were useful to reserve biodiversity and manage invasive alien plant species in Dinghushan National Nature Reserve.[Ch,3 tab. 18 ref.]
Inoculation of Acacia crassicarpa seedlings with three rhizobia bacteria
SHI Qian, HUANG Bao-ling, LU Cheng-qun, WU Rong-shan, LI Fei-yu, CHEN Li-hua
2009, 26(4): 544-548.
[Abstract](3375) [PDF](216)
To determine the effect of different rhizobia on growth as well as their influence on soil fertility and soil enzyme activity,three rhizobia(HM4,HO6,HM8) were used to inoculate tissue culture seedlings of Acacia crassicarpa. We use randomized block design with single factor(no inoculation as a control),with three replications. After five months of growth,we measured height,base diameter,biomass,N contents in leaf or soil,soil organic maters,and phosphatase and levansucrase activity in soil. Compared to a control,results showed increases in seedling height 15.1%-27.4%(P<0.05),seedling base diameter 7.7%-32.0%(P<0.05),N content of the leaf 54.7%-84.6%(P<0.01),soil N 21.4%-31.6%(P<0.01),soil organic content 31.0%-38.7%(P<0.01),soil phosphatase enzyme 23.4%-34.7%(P<0.05),and levansucrase activity in the soil 64.5%-178.0%(P<0.05). This study indicated that there were good ecological benefits after inoculation with the rhizobia. [Ch,4 tab. 20 ref.]
Compilation and application of normal bamboo table of Phyllostachys pubescens stump diameter
LIU Cheng-lin
2009, 26(4): 549-553.
[Abstract](4127) [PDF](158)
Quantity of Phyllostachys pubescens(Moso bamboo) is the main basis when deciding moso bamboo cases. Because the method of its measurement is unique,quantity calculation of Moso bamboo by normal bamboo could provide a uniform measurement. If the Moso bamboo involved in the cases has been moved out of the site,the quantity of bamboo can be calculated according to the normal table of moso bamboo stump diameter. Based on the research on the relationship between the stump diameter and breast-height diameter,length and weight of Moso bamboo in Jiangsu Province,the compilation and application of normal table of Moso bamboo stump diameter were studied. The results indicated that stump diameter and breast-height diameter,length,weight of Moso bamboo were significantly related. The normal table of Moso bamboo stump diameter could be made through continuing calculation. When there were only stump left on the site,the table could be used to calculate the normal bamboo of the bamboo involved case,which was convenient for the investigation on the cases.[Ch,3 tab. 12 ref.]
Research on key technologies of GIS-based low hilly woodland management system
LI Yi-ping, XU Ai-jun, YANG Shao-qin
2009, 26(4): 554-560.
[Abstract](4430) [PDF](151)
On the basis of the review of the management status quo of low hilly woodlands,we analyzed the demands for the management system of low hilly woodlands,and designed a corresponding management system. We also analyzed the data process and functional structures of the system,solved some key technological problems in designing and developing the system,for example,data integrated management technique,report forms statistic and query technique,thematic map output technique,spatial analyst and 3D display technique. With the Visual Studio.NET and ArcGIS Engine as developing tools,the research realized six modules including data integrated management module,report forms statistic and query module,synthetic data analysis module,thematic map making module,spatial analyst module,and 3D display module. [Ch,6 fig. 9 ref.]
Community-based management of carbon sequestration and ecological services:connotations and priority research areas
SHEN Yue-qin, WU Wei-guang, ZHU Zhen, LI Lan-ying, WANG Jing
2009, 26(4): 561-568.
[Abstract](3333) [PDF](183)
With the global climate change and the process of the international negotiation,forest carbon sequestration is becoming a pressing issue for the international society. Based on the weakness of the existing research,this paper analyzed the importance of community-based management of carbon sequestration and ecological services as following: ① increasing farmers income by ecological service marketing;②strengthening the mechanism of collective forestland reform in long run by improving forestland management;③ improving the farmers adaptability to changing climate by environment consciousness-raising. On the basis of the research findings,the paper proposed the connotations and research framework of community-based management of carbon sequestration and ecological services. From the perspective of social sciences,it concluded the following research areas on the community-based management of carbon sequestration and ecological services should be given priority to provide researchers with preliminary research framework: ①carbon sequestration market;② SWOT analysis of introduced forestry carbon sequestration projects in communities;③community-based decision-making model;④socio-economic impact analysis of carbon credits activities;⑤policy analysis related to carbon sequestration and its trading. [Ch,1 fig. 25 ref.]
Ecological footprint based sustainable development in Changshan County,Zhejiang Province
LU Xiao-zhen, WANG Yue-fang, HUI Li, ZHANG Da-yong
2009, 26(4): 569-574.
[Abstract](3960) [PDF](156)
Ecological footprint is a biophysical methodology to evaluate regional sustainable development based on biological productive area. The sustainable development of Changshan County,Zhejiang Province,was measured with the method of footprint,to provide theoretical foundations for the development of both Changshan County and peer cities. According to the computation of statistics of Changshan County in 2005,the average per-capita ecological footprint of Changshan County in 2005 was 1.420 10 hm2;the average per-capita ecological capacity was 0.738 00 hm2;the average per-capita ecological deficit was 0.682 10 hm2. The results indicated that the production and living intensity of Changshan County had put it under great pressure and its development was unsustainable. The paper also analyzed the reasons for its ecological deficit and put forward the measures for its sustainable development. [Ch,1 fig. 4 tab. 12 ref.]
Forest recreational value assessment of National Nature Reserve of Mount Tianmu
YOU Jian-lin, WEI Xin-liang, LI Dong, HUANG Jun-zhen, ZHAO Ming-shui
2009, 26(4): 575-580.
[Abstract](3980) [PDF](184)
The travel cost method (TCM) was used to make an assessment of the forest recreation value of National Nature Reserve of Mount Tianmu,Zhejiang Province. The assessment was adjusted in attempting to avoid the two weakness of TCM,namely,closeness to the social and economic conditions and sole application to the utilization of the forest recreation. We introduce of the ratio of the seedtime coefficient and assessment of non-utilization value of forest recreation with the contingent value method (CVM). The results showed that the travel costs were the most important determinant for the tourists to visit National Nature Reserve of Mount Tianmu. In 2007,forest recreational value of National Nature Reserve of Mount Tianmu was 397 274 000.00 yuan,1 805.80 yuan per person;consumer surplus was 85 996 000.00 yuan,390.90 yuan per person. The assessment results were similar to those of the recent studies done at home and abroad,and the process was relatively reasonable and objective. [Ch,1 fig. 1 tab. 16 ref.]
Discussion on design methods of garden revetments construction
LI Sheng, PAN Rui-yan, LI Rong-hua, YUAN Yin-xiang
2009, 26(4): 581-586.
[Abstract](4307) [PDF](152)
In order to better regulate construction design of the garden revetments and enhance their stability and security,and on the basis of the potential threats to revetments,garden revetments were divided into “antiearth pressure revetments” and “antiwater erosion revetments”. The detailed introduction,design and computation methods and processes of the most prevalent “antiearth pressure revetments” in China was conducted on the basis of the relevant international theories on the design of garden revetments construction and domestic practices. [Ch,4 fig. 3 tab. 13 ref.]
MapX-based processing of spatial data inconsistent problems
ZHANG Guang-qun, WANG Bao-ping, WANG Hang-jun
2009, 26(4): 587-591.
[Abstract](3992) [PDF](120)
Data pre-processing is an important step in data mining. Special method is usually used in spatial data pre-processing because complex spatial data easily bring about the case of inconformity and spatial data in different application has its own characteristic. In this paper,an effective method was presented to solve the problem of inconsistent spatial object’s location which was produced in the process of sub-compartment digitalization. The method was based on a referent graphic surface through the two outermost points of intersection,and the subcompartment could be amended at the all intersection points. Compared with conventional methods (point capture),the proposed approach had a better effect.[Ch,7 fig. 10 ref.]
Overview and vision of forestry e-government construction
XU Gui-deng, FANG Lu-ming, YING Hua-xiang, LOU Xiong-wei
2009, 26(4): 592-597.
[Abstract](3309) [PDF](139)
The e-governmental construction in the area of forestry has made great achievements. In order to make a clearer direction of e-governmental construction of forestry,the paper discussed about the overview of forestry e-governmental construction,the existing problems and their solutions. It also made an emphasis on the concept of e-government construction based on the framework of “three-network and one-database” required by the General Office of State Council,with the National Forestry Administration as a core and the provinces including municipalities as the units. The main objectives of e-governmental construction of forestry are to enhance the construction of the internal and special networks,and integrate the existing forestry information achievements. [Ch,3 fig. 16 ref.]
Cultivating Pinus yunnanensis seedlings with bagasse substrates
GAO Yong-qian, ZHOU Yue-hua, TIAN Kun, ZHENG Wan, NIE Yan-li, DUAN Hui, ZHANG Wen-dong
2009, 26(4): 598-602.
[Abstract](3804) [PDF](167)
Pinus yunnanensis is one of the main afforesting tree species in Yunnan Province. Two key factors of determining the growth of P. yunnanesis are provenances and cultivating condition. The aim of this experiment was to select the suitable proportion of bagasse and soil for P. yunnanensis seedling cultivation. Germination rate and seedling growth of the pine were studied by planting in the substrates with 11 levels (the volume rates of bagasse and soil were 0∶100,10∶90,20∶80,30∶70,40∶60,50∶50,60∶40,70∶30,80∶20,90∶10,and 100∶0). The results showed that the germination rate was the highest when the substrate within 40%,50%,and 60% bagasse but when the percentage of bagasse is over 60% the rate dramatically decreased with the bagasse proportion gradually increasing. The growth,including height and ground diameter of P. yunnanensis was the highest when the substrate including 50%,70%,and 80% of bagasse. That indicate the suitable proportion of substrate is 50% bagasse in soils for both seed germination and seedling growth of the species.[Ch,4 fig. 2 tab. 12 ref.]
Regeneration system for Dendrobium primulinum
ZHANG Ying, WANG Yan, LI Zhen-jian
2009, 26(4): 603-606.
[Abstract](4321) [PDF](179)
An in vitro plant regeneration system of Dendrobium primulinum was established using stem sections as explants. Results showed that the optimum callus inducing medium was Murashige and Skoog (MS) + 5.0 mg·L-1 6-BA + 1.5 mg·L-1 2,4-D with an induction rate of 33.3%. Adventitious buds were effectively generated and proliferated on MS + 1.0 mg·L-16-BA + 0.1 mg·L-1 NAA + coconut water 10% with a differentiation rate of 83.2% and proliferation of 3.82 times. Exogenous coconut water promoted adventitious bud generation and proliferation. The best rooting medium was 1/2MS + 0.5 mg·L-1 6-BA +1.0 mg·L-1NAA + 0.5 g·L-1 activated carbon. [Ch,1 fig. 4 tab. 12 ref.]