2009 Vol. 26, No. 5

Spatio-temporal variations and cause analysis of headwater quality in forest area of Taihuyuan
XU Yong, YE Zheng-qian, JIANG Pei-kun, ZHOU Guo-mo, WU Jia-sen, YAO Fang
2009, 26(5): 607-612.
[Abstract](3936) [PDF](283)
The headwaters of Tiaoxi River,located in Taihu Headwaters (THH) Township of Lin’an City,Zhejiang Province,serve as a source of drinking water for people living in the Tiaoxi River watershed area comprised of Hang-Jia-Hu Plain in northern Zhejiang Province and a region along Taihu Lake in Jiangsu Province. Maintenance with high water quality to the headstreams therefore is of great importance. In recent years,however,with the fast development of heavily fertilized bamboo plantations for edible bamboo shoots and flourishing forest tourism,soil runoff and waste output due to improper deposition and discharge have imposed remarkable risk of water pollution. Protection of the headwater quality in the catchment of THH Township has become more serious than ever. This research project is therefore carried out to monitor water quality of the headwaters down to the lower part of the Tiaoxi River in metropolitan area of Lin’an City; sources of pollutants are also under investigation. The present paper summarizes our primary results based on monthly water monitoring from May 2006 until March 2007. The results show that water quality varies greatly over the distance from the headwaters to the lower part. Nitrogen (N) is the most serious pollutant. Concentrations of ammonium,organic matter(OM) and phosphorus(P) in the water also change remarkably over time. The results imply that water pollution is closely related to output of organic wastes including household refuse and human waste where tourism is heavily increasing in the headwaters areas. Additionally,the pollution is heavy in the metropolitan area of Lin’an City and the area of bamboo plantations. [Ch,2 fig. 2 tab. 12 ref.]
Relationship between pathogenicity differentiation and toxin-producing capability of different strains of Botryosphaeria dothidea
WEI Shu-hua, ZHANG Xing-yao, YE Jian-ren, LIANG Jun
2009, 26(5): 613-619.
[Abstract](4466) [PDF](164)
To study the relationship between pathogenic differentiation and toxin-producing capability,thirteen strains and their culture filtrates of Botryosphaeria dothidea (Moug. ex Fr.) Ces. & de Not. from different regions and hosts were inoculated to the 30 cm long cutting of Populus × beijingensis,and we analyzed the pathogenic differentiations and toxin-producing capabilities,as well as their correlation using the degree of pathogenicity and toxicity on 30 cm long cutting of Populus × beijingensis as the appraisal index. Results showed that there were very significant differences (P<0.01) in pathogenicity and their toxin-producing capability among these isolates. According to the disease and toxicity index,the 13 isolates were correspondently divided into 3 groups of strong,medium,and weak pathogenicity and toxicity by cluster analysis. There was obvious positive correlation (r = 0.854,P<0.001) between pathogenicity and toxin-producing capability. [Ch,7 fig. 3 tab. 13 ref.]
Antifungal activity in vitro with extracts from the husk of Carya cathayensis
MA Liang-jin, WU Mei-qing, SU Xiu, CHEN An-liang, ZHANG Li-qin
2009, 26(5): 620-624.
[Abstract](4411) [PDF](186)
Antifungal metabolites from plant,as known to be friendly to environment,have been widely screened for the potential pesticides. In this study,extract from the husk of Carya cathayensis using methanol was tested against Botrytis cinerea,Sphaerotheca fuliginea,Erysiphe graminis,and Pseudoperonospora cubensis on potted plants. Preventive effects and curative effects of the extracts were determined based on the disease indexes comparing to the control. Results showed that the extract from C. cathayensis husk at 0.10 g·mL-1 had 85.40% preventive effect and 36.72% curative effect against B. cinerea,75.00% preventive effect and 66.67% curative effect against E. graminis,62.96% preventive effect and 74.07% curative effect against S. fuliginea,and 56.62% preventive effect and 23.08% curative effect against P. cubensis. The significant antifungal acitivities against these fungi intrigue us to further research on chemicals in the extracts from husk of C. cathayensis.[Ch,4 tab. 10 ref.]
Genetic variation of growth and form in Schima superba provenances with selection for wood processing materials
LIN Lei, ZHOU Zhi-chun, FAN Hui-hua, JIN Guo-qing, CHEN Liu-ying, WANG Yue-sheng
2009, 26(5): 625-632.
[Abstract](4035) [PDF](118)
To aid in wood processing with superior Schima superba stock,provenance differences,geographic variation patterns,and genetic correlation of growth and form traits in provenance trails of five-year-old trees located at Jian’ou,Fujian Province and Chun’an,Zhejiang Province were determined using the variance,simple correlation and genetic correlation analysis. A random block design with five replications was applied in the trials,and the traits survey was conducted in December of 2007. Provenance broad-sense heritability and selection index were estimated with the quantitative genetics methods. Results showed signi-ficant differences between provenances for height(P<0.05),DBH(P<0.05),stem straightness(P<0.05),total number of primary branches(P<0.01) and length(P<0.05),and diameter of primary branches(P<0.05). These traits were under moderate or even strong provenance genetic control with a provenance broad-sense heritability that varied from 0.34 to 0.61. No significant differences for stem bifurcation or maximum branch angle were found. The correlation analysis at Jian’ou (the central distribution area) showed a classic latitudinal clinal variation pattern with main growth and form traits negatively(r = - 0.313 to - 0.534) and significantly (P<0.05) related to seed source latitudes. At the more northern Chun’an the total number of primary branches was negatively (r = - 0.380) and significantly (P<0.05) related to seed source latitude. A significant (P<0.05),positive(r = 0.320 to 1.164) relationship was found for the main growth and form traits in both locations,whereas stem straightness was not correlated to primary branch length. Based on the two selection indexes of:1) equal and 2) growth-emphasized economic weighting,10 superior provenances were selected with most superior provenances for Jian’ou in southern areas and for Chun’an in central areas. [Ch,6 tab. 16 ref.]
A quantitative taxonomic study of Lycoris radiata germplasm sources
YUAN Ju-hong, HU Mian-hao, ZHANG Ming-xia, JIANG Yu-mei, XIA Bing
2009, 26(5): 633-638.
[Abstract](3779) [PDF](165)
Based on a field observation,a Q analysis and R analysis from a cluster analysis of 28 morphological and physiological characteristics for 13 of Lycoris radiata germplasm sources from different localities in China were studied with a quantitative taxonomic study using L. radiata var. pumila,L. rosea,and L. haywardii as the outgroups. Results of the Q analysis showed 16 Operational Taxonomic Units (OTUs) classified as three groups at L1 = 14.12. Group I included L. radiata and L. radiata var. pumila. Also,in Group I,three clades were recognized among 13 germplasm specimens of L. radiata;the outer variation in characteristics of Jiangsu,Jiangning 1 (JS1) germplasm was greatest. The R analysis from the cluster analysis showed that flower part features were important for distinguishing relative species and different L. radiata germplasm sources. There were some differences in outer characteristics,growth and development habit,and galanthamine content of different L. radiata germplasm. Thus,in this study according to its leaf width,L. radiata can be classified as a narrow-leaf type,a broad-leaf type,and an intermediate type. [Ch,2 fig. 3 tab. 13 ref.]
Simple sequence repeat analysis on pear cultivars in Niitaka line
MO Wen-juan, YUAN De-yi, DUAN Jing-hua, ZOU Feng
2009, 26(5): 639-643.
[Abstract](4070) [PDF](135)
In order to efficiently distinguish and use pear cultivars come of Pyrus pyrifolia ‘Niitaka’with a near genetic relationship,the polymorphism and cluster analysis based on genetic similarity matrices of simple sequence repeat(SSR) markers were used on nine cultivars. Results showed that 3 pairs of SSR primes(KA4b,NH013a and CH02D11) produced 22 amplified fragments of which 22(100%) were polymorphic. The average number of alleles per SSR locus was 7.3 with a range from 4 to 9. Using these 3 sets of SSR primers could discriminate 9 cultivars in the study. Also,the genetic similarity coefficients among the 9 cultivars ranged from 0.47 to 0.91 with an average of 0.67,which indicated that the genetic relationships were close between them. The UPGMA cluster analysis showed that the 9 cultivars could be divided into 3 groups and 2 sub-groups. The closest relationship was ‘Niitaka’,‘Whangkeum Bae’,‘Sujeong’,and ‘Huafeng’,whose genetic similarity coefficient is 0.91,while ‘Yewang’ and ‘Sunhwang’ were highly divergent from the other cultivars. [Ch,3 fig. 3 tab. 17 ref.]
Populus leafy proteomics with NaCl stress using two-dimensional electrophoresis analysis
CHEN Guo-liang, JIANG Jing, QIAO Gui-rong, JIN Liang, SUN Yue-hua, YANG Ye, ZHOU Jing, ZHUO Ren-ying
2009, 26(5): 644-651.
[Abstract](3374) [PDF](126)
Salt stress is one of the major abiotic stressed over the world. Most of the researchs were foucsed on improve the ability of plant species living in salt soil. Two-dimesional gel electrophoresis(2-DE)is one of the most useful methods in proteins research. To determine total protein extraction efficiency from Populus cathayana with two-dimensional electrophoresis (2-DE) analysis,three protein extraction methods (phenol extraction,improved acetone precipitation method,and TCA-acetone precipitation method) were compared. Electrophoresis conditions and leafy proteomics of P. cathayana with salt stress were also analyzed. Results showed that the three protein extraction methods generated 437,603,and 721 protein spots with the phenol extraction method more effectively removing salt from the protein sample,generating more protein spots,and giving clearer background for the 2-DE map. The results showed that condition of 300 μg per IPG gel,20 min equilibrium time,90 000 V·h IEF time was the suitable treatment. Also,the leafy proteomics analysis revealed that 10 protein spots was down-regulators,32 protein spots was up?-regulators,and 4 new protein spots was induced by salt stress. These proteins may be important response to salt stress. [Ch,9 fig. 24 ref.]
High temperature stress with photosynthesis in Festuca arundinacea
ZHU Lan, LI Xue-qin, JIA Xiao-lin, WANG Bin, JIN Song-heng
2009, 26(5): 652-655.
[Abstract](3443) [PDF](143)
To uncover the adaptation mechanisms of photosynthesis for high temperature,gas exchange and chlorophyll fluorescence of Festuca arundinacea cultivars ‘Crossfire 2’ and ‘Houndog 5’were tested under control (20 ℃) and high temperature stress (38 ℃) with four replications for net photosynthetic rate (Pn),stomatal conductance (Gs),intercellular CO2 concentrations(Ci),maximum rate of photochemical quantum (Fv /Fm),efficiency of excitation energy captured by PSⅡ(F′v /F′m),photochemical quenching (qP),non-photochemical quenching (qNP),and electron transport flow (RET). Results showed that after high temperature stress,Pn in both cultivars significantly decreased(P<0.05), Gs and Ci decreased in ‘Houndog 5’,Gs slightly decreased,and Ci even increased in ‘Crossfire 2’ Fv /Fm,F′v /F′m,qP,and RET significantly decreased (P<0.05) in both cultivars;and qNP significantly increased(P<0.05). These results indicated that stomatal factors led to the Pn decrease in ‘Houndog 5’,but non-stomatal factors led to the Pn decrease in ‘Crossfire 2’,and that by effectively dissipating extra excitation energy,F. arundinacea can protect its photosynthetic mechanism from high temperature stress.[Ch,3 fig. 16 ref.]
Physiological and biochemical characteristics of four species of Carex with drought stress
ZHU Xiao-lou, LOU Lu-huan, WANG Hui
2009, 26(5): 656-662.
[Abstract](3622) [PDF](165)
To choose drought-resistant plant species for the water-saving gardens plan,four Carex species including Carex nemostachys,C. chungii,C. brunnea,and C. tristachya were as subjects. Changes in morphological index,relative conductivity,soluble sugar,proline,protective enzyme activities of four Carex species were studied under the different content of soil water by artifical controlling in pot,measured every 5 days during the period of 30 days. Results showed that leaves of the four Carex species became curly and yellow with relative conductivity as drought stress increased. After thirty days of drought,the relative conductivity of C. brunnea and C. chungii was 50%,however the one of C. nemostachys was 90%. During drought stress,there were scientific differences in soluble sugars,proline,protective enzyme activities by variance analysis(P<0.05). Soluble sugar,proline,and protective enzyme activities for C. nemostachys and C. tristachya increased firstly and then declined,whereas those of C. brunnea and C. chungii increased continuously. Compared with the antitheses,soluble sugar of C. brunnea increased by 435% and C. chungii increased by 491%,peroxidase activities of C. brunnea increased by 93% and C. chungii increased by 102%,and superoxide dismutase of C. brunnea increased by 82% and C. chungii increased by 79%. Through subordinate function analysis according to the data acquired and combining observation,the drought-tolerance ability of four Carex species was concluded:C. brunnea > C. chungii > C. tristachya > C. nemostachys. [Ch,5 fig. 4 tab. 18 ref.]
Organic acid exudates from Myrica rubra roots with lead stress
ZHANG Li, HE Xin-hua, CHEN Hu, LI Yi-wei, ZHANG Chao-lan
2009, 26(5): 663-666.
[Abstract](3963) [PDF](135)
Organic acid exudates from one-year-old grafted Myrica rubra ‘Dongkui’ roots with lead stress(0,2,4,6 mmol·L-1) was studied using a simple solution collection method to collect root exudates,ion exchange resin to extract organic acids from root exudates,and high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) to detect organic acid types and concentrations. Results showed that tartaric acid,oxalate,citrate,and malate were detectable with lead stress,whereas tartaric acid was only detected in the control(no lead). Malate exudation increased as stress from Pb(NO3)2 concentration increased with a maximum from stress of 6 mmol·L-1 Pb (NO3)2. As Pb (NO3)2 concentration increased,tartaric acid,oxalate,and citrate from root exudation also increased reaching a maximum with 4 mmol·L-1 Pb (NO3)2 and then gradually declining. Overall,lead continuously stimulated malate exudation from M. rubra roots. So,increased malate was probably responsible for M. rubra tolerance to lead stress. [Ch,1 tab. 20 ref.]
Cadmium stress on growth and resistance of hybrid tulip trees:Liriodendron chinense × Liriodendron tulipifera
ZHAO Zhi-xin, QIAO Rui-fang, JI Kong-shu
2009, 26(5): 667-673.
[Abstract](3526) [PDF](147)
To understand the resistant ability of tulip tree hybrid(Liriodendron chinense × Liriodendron tulipifera) under the soil Cd(cadmium) stress,annual seedlings from five families labeled NEF11 to NEF15 of tulip tree hybrid planted in plastic pots with 0,100 and 200 mg·kg-1 soil Cd stress were studied. The results showed that the leaves of the annual seedlings turned yellow and roots rotted as the Cd stress strengthened. There were very significant different among the five families to resistant the soil Cd stress. The membrane penetrability and malondialdehyde(MDA)content in the leaves increased with the Cd stress prolong and strengthened. Change tendency of SOD activities among the five families was different under 100 mg·kg-1 Cd stress,and the SOD activities increased at first and then decreased under 200 mg·kg-1 Cd stress. The SOD activities in NEF11 decreased the largest at last,and its decline rate was 41.5% over the ck(contrasting). Subordinate function analysis for resistant ability to soil Cd stress of the five families was in the order: NEF14>NEF15>NEF12>NEF13>NEF11. [Ch,3 fig. 3 tab. 16 ref.]
Cd tolerance and leaf physiology changes in ten clones of Salix matsudana with Cd stress
XU Ai-chun, CHEN Yi-tai, CHEN Qing-hong, WANG Shu-fen
2009, 26(5): 674-681.
[Abstract](3393) [PDF](161)
It is serious for Cd contamination in environment in currently,there is large potential of phytoremediation of Cd contamination. For provide excellent phytoremediation material,this study focused on willow Cd tolerant heritability,ability of Cd colerance,and changes in leaf physiological characteristics with Cd stress by hydroponics. Ten clones (No.2,No.3,No.4,No.5,No.8,No.9,No.10,No.13,No.16,and No.18) of Salix matsudana were used as the experimental material. Results indicated that when Cd concentration was 30 - 60 mg·L-1,the content,mass,and amount of accumulation in aboveground organs,the mass and amount of accumulation in roots,and chlorophyll all had stronger heritability. For the 10 clones,Cd tolerance was in the order of:No.13>No.8>No.16 ≈ No.18 ≈ No.9>No.2>No.4>No.10>No.3>5. Leaf physiology changes with Cd stress indicated that chlorophyll and dissolubility protein contents as well as conductance decreased,malondialdehyde(MDA) increased,and proline change followed no pattern.[Ch,4 tab. 20 ref.]
Seed germination of Stranvaesia davidiana var. undulata with storage methods and germination temperatures and lighting
JIANG Ting, LIN Xia-zhen, LIU Guo-long, LI Mei-qin, LIU Sheng-long
2009, 26(5): 682-687.
[Abstract](3939) [PDF](144)
To provide a theoretical basis for the introduction,cultivation,and regeneration of Stranvaesia davidiana var. undulata,seed germination characteristics were studied using different methods of fruit stor-age(dry storage indoor at state temperature,dry storage at 4 ℃,and in wet stratified sand at natural temperature) as well as different germination temperatures(10,15,20,25,30,15/10,25/15,30/20 ℃) and lighting conditions(full dark,lighting 24 h,and lighting 12 h). The results showed a highly significant differences(P<0.01)on seed germination percentage for the three different fruits storage methods with maximum seed germination percentage (41.3%) reached using the wet stratified sand at natural low temperature. For temperature,significant differences(P<0.05)on seed germination percentage were noted with maximum seed germination percentage of 45.3% at 25 ℃. For the three different light conditions,no significant differences(P<0.05) were found. Thus S. davidiana var. undulata seed was neither photosensitive or photoblastic. Overall,fruit storage in wet stratified sand at natural temperature with seed germination at 25 ℃ was best with light not a determining factor.[Ch,1 fig. 3 tab. 16 ref.]
ain woody species niche of secondary forest vegetation communities in the limestone area of Xuzhou City
CHEN Ping, WAN Fu-xu, ZHOU Fu-ren, MA Zhan-yuan, QIN Fei, GUAN Qing-wei
2009, 26(5): 688-695.
[Abstract](3546) [PDF](145)
Based on the investigation of the main woody species of secondary forest vegetation communities in Xuzhou,the niche breadth and niche overlapping of the main species were studied. The results showed that the niche breadths of Robinia pseudoacacia,Platycladus orientalis,Pistacia chinensis in the tree layers were 0.762 5,0.493 5,0.418 4 respectively,which were higher. The niche breadths of Robinia pseudoacacia and Broussonetia papyrifera in the shrub layer were 0.735 8 and 0.527 1 respectively,which were higher. The niche overlaps that Pistacia chinensis with Acer buergerianum and Platycladus orientalis were high. And there were no seedling of Platycladus orientalis at the shrub layer,but the niche overlaps of Platycladus orientalis with other species were much less,so Platycladus orientalis,Robinia pseudoacacia and Broussonetia papyrifera were the main species for the restoration in the limestone mountains and hills of Xuzhou City.[Ch,7 tab. 20 ref. ]
Community structure and species diversity of a Quercus variabilis forest on Mount Zijinshan
SHEN Nian-hua, WAN Zhi-zhou, TANG Geng-guo, WANG Chun, CHENG Hong-mei
2009, 26(5): 696-700.
[Abstract](3792) [PDF](142)
Based on quadrat sampling,community structure and species diversity of a Quercus variabilis forest on Mount Zijinshan in Nanjing were analyzed. Results showed that there were 63 families,106 genera,and 127 species of vascular plants. The community could be divided into three layers of tree,shrub,and herb with species richness(S),Simpson’s (D),and Shannon- Wiener’s (H) indices in the shrub layer greatest followed by the tree and herb layers. Shrub indices were S = 16.285 7 ± 1.018 7,D = 0.827 3 ± 0.025 5,H = 2.174 2 ± 0.111 7;tree indices were S = 10.142 9 ± 0.999 2,D = 0.776 9 ± 0.021 7,H = 1.793 9 ± 0.095 4;and herb indices were S = 5.571 1 ± 0.465 4,D = 0.687 3 ± 0.032 2,H = 1.294 3 ± 0.079 5. The evenness (J) indices of the tree layer were largest (0.793 3 ± 0.017 5),while those of the shrub (0.782 2 ± 0.029 3) and herb layers (0.777 4 ± 0.027 9) followed. Overall the floristic interims were obvious with abundant species diversity in this community of mixed vascular plants.[Ch,4 tab. 11 ref.]
Diurnal changes in the negative ion concentration of the air for two Cryptomeria fortunei communities of National Nature Reserve of Mount Tianmu
ZHANG Ming-ru, YU Yi-wu, ZHAO Ming-shui, ZHANG Zhi-pan, DU Qing-zhou, CHEN Jianxin
2009, 26(5): 701-707.
[Abstract](3442) [PDF](151)
To study the diurnal changes in negative air ion concentration and their relationships with environmental factors within two Cryptomeria fortunei communities,growing at Yiliting and Zhuxiang Resort,in the Mount Tianmu Nature Reserve,measurements were made with an air ion measuring instrument,a microcomputer laser dust collecting instrument,and a temperature-humidity recorder. Then,diurnal variations(8 : 00 - 17 : 00) were monitored simultaneously during sunny days in summer of 2006 with a gray sequence analysis between negative air ions and 1)particle matter with aerodynamic diameter<10 μm(PM10),2)relative humidity,3)air temperature,4) wind speed and 5) photons. Results showed that 1) the negative ion concentration in the air for Yiliting was significantly higher than(P<0.001 during sunny days in early and mid-summer of 2006 respectively) Zhuxiang with two or three peaks during a day. Also,2) air cleanness degree for Yiliting was superior to Zhuxiang. Lastly,3) The sequence of the affection on the negative ion concentration by environment factors on a sunny day in early summer for C. fortunei community near Yiliting was air relative humidity>air temperature>wind speed. But in midsummer C. fortunei community near Zhuxiang,the sequence of the affection on the negative ion concentration by environment factors was air relative humidity>air temperature>PM10. For measurements on a day in midsummer,the most important meteorological factor affecting the negative ion concentration of the air in Yiliting and Zhuxiang was photons.[Ch,2 fig. 5 tab. 13 ref.]
Fauna and distribution of amphibian and reptile on Putuoshan Island,Zhejiang
ZHU Xi, WANG Qing-liang, ZHAN Yin-bo, HAN Pu, JIANG Hong-yun, ZHOU Wen, HE Yu-bo
2009, 26(5): 708-713.
[Abstract](4087) [PDF](147)
The fauna and distribution of amphibian and reptile on Putuoshan Island were investigated during May 2004 and June 2006. The result recorded 1 order,4 families and 8 species of amphibian,2 orders,11 families and 20 species of reptile on Putuoshan Island. Bufo gagarizans gagarizans is a new record. Rana catesbiana,Trachemys scripta and Chelydra serpentina are alien species. It is suggested that we should strengthen ecological supervising and controlling on alien species. [Ch,3 tab. 16 ref.]
Dynamics of ecosystem services in China during 1973 - 2003
WANG Bin, YANG Xiao-sheng, ZHANG Biao, LIU Mou-cheng
2009, 26(5): 714-721.
[Abstract](4316) [PDF](125)
With the 6th forest resources inventory data of China from 1973 to 2003 and long-term positioned observation data of Chinese ecosystem research network,this paper discussed the assessment system and method of quantitative analysis of Chinese forest ecosystem,evaluated and analyzed the service value and their dynamic changes about Chinese forest ecosystem. The results showed that the range of the total value of services function about Chinese forest ecosystem from 1973 to 2003 was between 1.940 × 1012 ~ 2.870 × 1012 yuan·a-1,and the range of the value per unit area was between 1.936 × 104 ~ 2.028 × 104 yuan·hm-2·a-1. Before the end of 1970s,wood was the major product from the forest management in China,and the total value of Chinese forest ecosystem services function reduced. The total value of Chinese forest ecosystem services function was increasing after China paid attention to the ecology construction. In the end of 1970s,the unit area value of Chinese forest ecosystems system services function was the highest,then declining,until the end of 1990s it began to restore growth.[Ch,1 fig. 4 tab. 15 ref.]
Carbon sequestration potential with the Grain for Green Program in Guizhou Province
CAI Li-sha, CHEN Xian-gang, GUO Yin, YIN Yao
2009, 26(5): 722-728.
[Abstract](4320) [PDF](148)
To estimate carbon stock changes to the year 2050 in Guizhou Province,area and tree species data from 2000 to 2007 for Guizhou’s Grain for Green Programs(GGP) were collected,and six possible scenarios of annual area for the period 2008 to 2010 were set up. Based on National Forest Inventory data,growth curves for the main tree species planted in the GGP were derived,then growth curves were used to establish calculating model for carbon stocks in combination with biomass expansion factors (BEF),wood density(WD),and carbon fractions(CF). Results showed that carbon stock(in Tg) of GGP forests in Guizhou would be:15.013 ~ 15.585 in 2010,33.421 ~ 41.296 in 2020,40.755 ~ 56.224 in 2030, 41.640 ~ 66.111 in 2040,and 47.314 ~ 71.252 in 2050. Thus,the carbon sequestration potential up to the year 2050 is considerable.[Ch,2 fig. 1 tab. 21 ref.]
Form factor analysis of differential thermal analysis curve for organic montmorillionite
CUI Hui-wang, DU Guan-ben
2009, 26(5): 729-734.
[Abstract](4504) [PDF](155)
Organic montmorillionite(OMMT)was prepared from octadecyl trimethyl ammonium bromide(STAB),dioctadecyl dimethyl ammonium bromide(DOAB),trioctadecyl methyl ammonium bromide(TOAB)and montmorillionite(MMT),and then studied by thermo gravimetry and differential thermal analysis(TG-DTA). Results showed that the intercalation of OMMT was good,and the pyrolysis kinetic equations of MMT/STAB,MMT/DOAB and MMT/TOAB differed because of the different arrangement of STAB,DOAB and TOAB in layers of OMMT. Form factors(Ф) of DTA curves calculated from pyrolysis kinetics of OMMT indicated that the symmetry of DTA curve of MMT/STAB was better than that of MMT/DOAB and MMT/TOAB,and were identical with the DTA curves in TG-DTG-DTA.[Ch,5 fig. 1 tab. 15 ref.]
A review of research on sterol carrier protein-2
CHEN Miao, AI Xue, JIN Song-heng, JIANG Min-li, ZHENG Bing-song
2009, 26(5): 735-741.
[Abstract](3595) [PDF](152)
Sterol carrier protein-2 (SCP-2,also known as the non-specific lipid transfer protein) is an intracellular,small,basic protein domain that in vitro enhances the transfer of lipids and sterol between membranes. It is widely existed in bacteria,archaea,and eukaryotes. The roles of SCP-2 remain unclear owing to its complicated structure and function although there are suggestions that SCP-2 involves in catalyzing metabolism of plentiful matters. The purpose of this review is to summarize our current knowledge about evolution,structure and function of the eukaryotic SCP-2 gene family and discuss potential functions of SCP-2 in vivo or vitro as studied in large numbers of experiments in recent years. Furthermore,the SCP-2 gene and the application of SCP-2 are discussed. [Ch,1 tab. 33 ref.]
Review on modern communication technology and its application to facility agriculture
GAO Feng, YU Li, ZHANG Wen-an, LU Shang-qiong, XU Qing-xiang
2009, 26(5): 742-749.
[Abstract](4218) [PDF](160)
The modern communication technologies play an important role in the development of facility agriculture,and have gradually become the key factor of determining the benefits of the facility agriculture. Based on the classification of transmission medium,the modern communication technologies can be divided into line communications and wireless communications. Certain modern communication technologies for sustainable facility agriculture were reviewed,and the merits and drawbacks of these schemes were analyzed and compared. Then,some optimized combination schemes of communication systems were proposed for the field of facility agriculture to provide reference for the development of the intelligent control system for facility agriculture. [Ch,3 fig. 46 ref.]
Compensation mechanism on the wild plants protection in China
LUO Yan-ping, WEN Ya-li, LIU Jun-chang
2009, 26(5): 750-754.
[Abstract](3753) [PDF](121)
With the deepening reform on the collective forestry rights and further definition of property rights of wide plants by the Real Rights Law,new problems occurred in the protection and management of the wide plants. The interests of those who ran forests business were infringed because of the protection of the wide plants. It was an urgent issue to protect the wide plants resources and maintain the initiative of the forest operators. With the reference to the overseas and domestic compensation systems and on the basis of the theories of externality,Marxist labor value,market failure,opportunity cost and evaluation of ecological benefits,the author suggested that the protectors of wild plants should be compensated with both monetary and spiritual rewards based on the compensation criteria. [Ch,10 ref.]
Situation and control measures of alien invasive plants in Xixi National Wetland Park,Hangzhou City,Zhejiang Province
SHU Mei-ying, CAI Jian-guo, FANG Bao-sheng
2009, 26(5): 755-761.
[Abstract](4195) [PDF](184)
There are 45 species belonging to 20 families of alien invasive plants in Hangzhou Xixi National Wetland Park,Zhejiang Province. The statistic results indicated that preponderant families were obvious. There were 14 species of Compositae,accounting for 31.1 per cent of the total;4 species of Leguminosae and 4 species of Convolvulaceae,accounting for 8.9 per cent respectively;3 species of Cruciferae and 3 species of Amaranthaceae,accounting for 6.7 per cent respectively;2 species of Scrophulariaceae and 2 species of Umbelliferae,accounting for 4.4 per cent respectively;one species of the rest 13 families,accounting for 2.2 per cent respectively. All alien invasive plants were herbs. Of them,there were 36 species of annual and biennial herbs,accounting for 80.0 per cent;9 species of perennial herbs,accounting for 20.0 per cent. Invasive alien plants had significantly threatened the ecosystems in Xixi Wetland and influenced local biodiversity and native plant habitat. The main introduction way was discussed and some suggestions to control these alien invasive plants were also given in this paper. [Ch,4 tab. 13 ref.]
Adventitious bud induction with immature embryo of Carya cathayensis
WAN Jun-li, HUANG Jian-qin, XIA Guo-hua, ZHANG Qi-xiang, HUANG Li-chun
2009, 26(5): 762-766.
[Abstract](3412) [PDF](125)
Developmental stages for explants of immature embryos of Carya cathayensis at 60,75,and 100-day after full bloom,different plant growth regulators,such as potassium,6-BA,and 2,4-D and basic media were studied. All media were supplenented with MT vitamin + 20 g·L-1 D-glucose + 10 mg·L-1 Ad + 500 mg·L-1 CH to induce adventitious-buds. Results of a starting-culture plant growth regulator for adventitious bud induction and regeneration showed that 100-day after full bloom there were better developed stages of immature embryos from induced adventitious buds with 0.01 mg·L-1 potassium + 3 mg·L-1 6-BA considered the most effective. When the concentration of potassium was constant,with an increasing concentration of 6-BA,adventitious buds gradually increased. However in a concentration of 10 mg·L-1 the buds were vitrified. Additionally,2,4-D was detrimental to adventitious buds development,and MS(Murashige and Skoog) was the best basal medium.[Ch,1 fig. 2 tab. 16 ref.]