1999 Vol. 16, No. 2

Preliminary study on effects of electric field on wood-bonding
QIAN Jun, ZHANG Wen-biao, JIN Yong-ming, LI Yan-jun, FENG Zu-qin
1999, 16(2): 109-113.
[Abstract](1177) [PDF](173)
By means of the contrast tests of PVAc bonding to aspen veneer in the electric field , the influence of electric field to wood-bonding was preliminarily explored .The results showed that ①the adhesive strength was sigificantly affacted in intensive electricity .②The good adhesive srtengths potential difference of backing plats was distinct in different glue weight technology .For example , 12.0 % moisture content of the fast poplar veneer , PVAc with 17 %solids content , 6.0 Pas viscosity at 20 ℃, and cold-pressed (0.45 ~ 0.85 MPa)to the veneer at room temperature (17 ~ 24 ℃)for 3 hours , as the single spread 120 gm-2 or 185 gm-2 , the good adhesive strengths potential difference of backing plates was 40 ~ 60 V or around 30 V .
Seasonal variation of endogenous hormones and nucleic acids in female and male plants of Ginko biloba
WANG Bai-po, CHENG Xiao-Jian, DAI Wen-sheng, YANG Fei-feng
1999, 16(2): 114-118.
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The content of endogenous hormones and nucleic acids in the bud tip of Ginkgo biloba , both female plant and male plant , was measured .The results showed that content of GA3 in bud tip of the female was higher than the male by 26 %, at the time of differentiation of floral buds , followed then by a decrease in content which was still higher in the female than in the male .When floral buds differentiating , the female was higher than the male by 71 % in content of ZT , while the male had a content of IAA higher than the female by 25 %.In the light of nucleic acids content , the female was more than the male at the time of differentiation of floral buds .This analysis indicated that the female differed apparently from the male in content of endogenous hormones and nucleic acids .In addition , the relation-ship between plant sex and variations in endogenous homones and nucleic acids was discussed .
Effects of different fertilizer treatments on Chinese fir’s coniferous leaf physiologic characters
XIE Guo-yang, LIN Si-zu, ZHANG Wen-fu, LIN Kai-min, XU Zhe-huang
1999, 16(2): 119-122.
[Abstract](986) [PDF](156)
This paper is about the effects of 9 different fertilizer treatments on coniferous leaf weight and per leaf area of Chinese firs plantation under successive rotation .The results show that leaf weight is decreased by all fertilizers treatments , M , PK , NPK and NP make per leaf area increased .In addition , a new index called available leaf area for leaf physiologic characters is carried out , which is more correlated to Chinese firs growth than above two another leaf indexes .
Dynamic changes of chemical properties of warmer soil covered with different organic materials in Phyllostachy praecox forests
JIANG Pei-kun, XU Qiu-fang, QIAN Xin-biao, ZHANG Rui-hua, YANG Fei-feng
1999, 16(2): 123-130.
[Abstract](1020) [PDF](217)
After analysing dynamic changes of chemical properties of soil covered with rice straw , rice straw plus rice chaff and bamboo leaves (treatment No .1 , No .2 , and No .3 respectively ) in Phyllostachy praecox forests , three points were concluded .①By the day 50 , contents of soil organic matter and total nitrogen had begun to reduce obviously .The first two treatments remained this tend until the end of experimtnt (the total-reduced-values of two contents were 7.28 gkg-1 9.55 gkg-1 and 0.50 gkg-1 , 0.57 gkg-1 respectively).The two contents of the third treatment , however , increased again by the end of the experiment .②The peak value of hydrolyzable nitrogen in three treatments appeared on the day 50 , afterwards , the value began to decrease with day rapidly in the first two treatment (only 57.68 % and 55.71 % compared with the peak value at the end of the experiment).The hydrolysable value of third treatment decreased slowly .③Contents of exchangeable base and pH value in three treatments appeared the same dynamic tends .After the peak value on the day 75 , they went down again .
Application of ABT growth regulator in dual purpose Phyllostachys pubescens plantation
CHEN Long-an, YU Xue-jun, HAN Chun, XUAN Tao-tao, Li Zhong-ju
1999, 16(2): 131-134.
[Abstract](1325) [PDF](153)
It is a study on rate of shooting , shoot yield and new-bamboo-timber yield of Phyllostachys pubescens plantation which are affected by using the ABT growth regulator .The results show that using of 40 mgL-1 of the mixture of ABT 4 and ABT 5 is better than singularly using each of them in improving shoot yield and new-bamboo-timber yield .In this way , rate of shooting is increased by 29.2 %, shoot yield increased 29 %, new-bamboo-timber yield increased 30 %.In a word , shoot yield and bambootimber yield are increased sharply by using ABT growth regulator in the dual purpose Phyllostachys pubescens plantation .
Common species without nodules and their ecological adaptation in dry and hot valley of Yunnan Province
FAN Guo-sheng, DENG Li-lan, CAI Fa-jiang, ZHAO Li
1999, 16(2): 135-140.
[Abstract](1069) [PDF](188)
Forty-six families , 97 genera and 111 species from dry and hot valley (Chinese savanna)of Yunnan Province are determined based on sample site and line survey .Ecological adaptation are analyzed based on their distribution state , resisting dry and poor .According to analyzing results of their ecological adaptation , 10 species are decided as strongest ecological adaptation species in areas too difficult to reforest of dry and hot valley of Yunnan Province .There are Phyllanthus emblica , Ziziphus mauritiana , Bombax malabaricum , Dodonaea viscosa , Eucalyptus camaldulensis , E .Citriodora , Trema orientalis , Vitex negundo f .laxipaniculata , J atropha curcas and Barleria cristata .
Growth characteristics of Chinese fir in pure and mixed forests
ZHANG  Ren-hao
1999, 16(2): 141-144.
[Abstract](1189) [PDF](180)
An analysis on growth characteristics of Chinese fir in pure forest and mixed forest of Chinese fir and Fokienia hodginsii was made.The results showed that the increments of tree height , DBH and tree volume of Chinese fir pure forest were similar to mixed forest in the first 4 years , but those of pure forest rapid fell later on.Compared with pure forest , tree volume increased by 70.10 %when 16-yearold , peak growth appeared earlier , peak value bigger and sustainable time over the fast-growing period longer in mixed forest.
On plantation density models of Taxodium ascendens in Lixiahe region of Jiangsu Province
ZHOU Lin, FU Xian-yi, ZHANG Zheng-yue, MA Yi-xiu, ZHU Guo-shen
1999, 16(2): 145-150.
[Abstract](1180) [PDF](175)
Six planting spacings in Taxodium ascendens stands were tested and their yield and economic indexes were investigated , including average diameters at the height of breast , average tree heights, average volume of single tree , stocking volume increment and commercial volume per hectare and total production value , cost , interplanted crop revenue and total profits.The results from tested 14-year-old stands showed that the stand with a spacing of 1.5 m4.0 m had the highest integrated benefits , about 2 024 yuan (RMB )hm-2a-1 (timber +interplanted crops), which was 5.9 %higher than that in the stand with a spacing of 2.0m 3.0 m and also 23.2 %~ 53.1 % higher than that in other tested stands.
Selection cutting management of Castanopsis fargfesii community in Maobu of Fujian Province
FANG Ru-lang, YOU Shui-sheng
1999, 16(2): 151-156.
[Abstract](1048) [PDF](168)
This paper deals with age structure , growth process and dendrometrical analysis of dominant species with importance value more than 10 in Castanopsis fargesii community in Maobu , Fujian .The results showed that Castanopsis fargesii , Machilus pauhoi , Castanopsis nigrescence , Cinnamomum micranthum ,Daphniphyllum oldhamii , Cyclobalanoposis glauca , Castanopsis juncunda , Phoebe bournei belonged to stable populations , and Cunninghamia lanceolata and Pinus massoniana belonged to decline populations .Castanopsis fargesii had the highest increments in height and diamenter at the age of 30 ~ 36 years and 36 ~ 40 years respectively .The volume growth of Castanopsis fargesii speeded up at age of 26 years , but didnt reach the highest increment before 40-year-old .The volume of trees with the DBH more than 42 cm in this forest occupied the greatest production .The species with the greatest number was Castanopsis fargesii .Pinus massoniana ranked first in volume in spite of fewer number .Selection cutting made little effect on diversity .The rotation period was about 18 years if by selection cutting , and it would be 42 years if by clear cutting .
Investigation of macro fungi resources from Mount Mogan
SU Li-ying
1999, 16(2): 157-163.
[Abstract](1106) [PDF](192)
About 87 species of macro fungi specimens were collected from Mount Mogan during 1993 to 1997 .The Classification revealed that these species belonging to 48 genera 20 families and 8 orders , with 33 edible , 17medicinal , and 5 poisonos .This paper reports the fungus list , economic uses , distribution , and classification index .
Fast propagation techniques of Beltilla ochracea by means of tissue cultures
ZHU Yu-qiu, WANG Xue-gen
1999, 16(2): 164-169.
[Abstract](1183) [PDF](185)
A study of techniques for tissue cultures of Bletilla ochracea was made in terms of basic culture media , hormones and their proportions and the cutting of original bulbs .Its showed that the medium compose of 1/2MS +1.0 mgL-1BA +0.1 mgL-1NAA was favorable to the proliferation of the original bulb , with 4.21 times as many as thd original proliferated in 60 days ;the medium consisting of Kyoto +1.0 mgL-1BA +0.1mgL-1NAA was favorable to the induction of the original bulb to proliferate and differentiate and the growth of seedlings , with 4.79 times as many as the number of buds of the original bulb differentiated and formed within 60 days ;and the medium with Kyoto +2.0 mgL-1BA +0.1 mgL-1NAA involved had a good effect on the bud induction of pieces cut from the original bulb .In the culture of subsequent generations , vertical cutting of the bulb or natural separation of the original bulb should be used .Some suggestions for further studies are put forward meanwhile .
Techniques of tissue culture and rapid propagation for Anoectochilus formosanus
HE Yun-fang, YANG Xia, YU You-xiang, QIU Li-zhen, JIANG Sheng-de
1999, 16(2): 170-174.
[Abstract](1190) [PDF](201)
The cluster shoots and roots induced from stem segments of Anoectochilus formosanus in tissue cultures was studied .The results showed that B5 and MS media , BA , NAA , GA , with the concentrations of 4.0 mgL-1 , 0.3 mgL-1 , 0.3 mgL-1 respectively , and LB were suitable for cluster buds generating and growing .1/10MS medium , 20 gL-1 sucrose and 0.5mgL-1NAA were suitable for roots , and the segments vertically put on the surface of the medium rooted better .
Countermeasures raising wind resistance of street trees
Lin Xia-zhen, ZHANG Tie-biao, WANG Yong-hua
1999, 16(2): 175-179.
[Abstract](1210) [PDF](172)
Based on the investigation about the damage to street trees of Hangzhou in the typhoons in 1988 and 1997 , the damage was mainly caused by the shape of trees , environment and man-made factors .The countermeasures to improve the power of wind resistance of street trees were probed :①to strengthen the conservation and management of street trees ;②to improve the street trees' living environment ;③to continue summarization and the selection of street trees species .
Study on design for garden-courtyards in villages and towns
DENG Yun-lan
1999, 16(2): 180-185.
[Abstract](1207) [PDF](176)
In recent years , with the rapid development of economy in villages and towns and the improvement of standard of living for villagers and townsman , the construction of garden-courtyards is taken attention more and more .Design for garden-courtyards in villages and towns is premise and pledge to construction .Grasp the direction for the development of garden-courtyards in villages and towns , reclaim the space for planting join out and in , take man as a basic , suit measures to local conditions , lay stress on characteristic , produce the excellent ecology environment in the course of design .And raise the planting level of garden-courtyards and improve the ecology environment in villages and towns .
Elegance and daintiness of gardens in the south of Changjiang River
HE Zheng, ZHOU Mu-zhen
1999, 16(2): 186-190.
[Abstract](1247) [PDF](179)
In the art of Chinese gardens , those lying in the south of Changjiang River demonstrate peculiar characteristics of their own .One is the daintiness and exquisteness which is rarely found in any other plastic arts .The gardens , within very limited space , create a boundless visionary scene through contrasts and varieties .The other is the elegant and quiet whitewash .Influcnced by Taoist idea multicolor confuses ones vision , the basic color black , white and grey are applied to achieve an agreement of elegance and simplicity between color and modelling .
Comparative advantage and benefits of carrying out ramous-brand strategy of forestry industry in Zhejiang mountain areas
CHENG Yun-hang, XU Xiu-ying, QIAN Hang-yuan, YANG Fei-feng
1999, 16(2): 191-195.
[Abstract](862) [PDF](173)
Using the theroies and methods of marketing and economics , the paper profoundly analyses the comparative advantage of carrying out the famous-brand strategy of forestry industry in Zhejiang mountain areas .It reflects in details in the following aspects such as naturial resourses , management tradition , brand culture and marketing environment etc .The economic , social and ecological benefits of the famous-brand strategy of forestry industry in Zhejiang mountain areas are evaluated , and that the government should strengthen the behavior of plan-making , mechanism-changing and policy-supporting etc is put forward in the paper .
Placement and recovery tactics of three-point rebounds in the front Court
WANG Jia-yi
1999, 16(2): 196-199.
[Abstract](952) [PDF](164)
The long shot area and placement of 200 missing three-point shots in the experiments and 62 basketball games were analyzed .The results showed that 82.1 %balls were shot from the long shot area formed by two lines connecting the middle point of the end line and two first position points and 95.3 % missing rebounds fall into this area and 90.0 % fall into the are area 1.3 ~ 4.3 m away from the end line .Thus , the coach should pay attention to the development of players consciouness of attack , enable them to stand in the form of triangle , or fan-shape or single-line , so as to scramble for more rebounds .
Scientific notes
Analysis of physical behaviors and nutrition constituents of Phyllostachys hereroclada bamboo shoots
QIU Yong-hua, SHAO Xiao-gen, ZHANG Fa-gen, HUA Wen-li, BAO Li-wen
1999, 16(2): 200-202.
[Abstract](1221) [PDF](179)
From an analysis of physical behaviors and main nutrition constituents of Phyllostachys heteroclada bamboo shoots , the results show their eatable part and their weight of sheaths , without their cattails , are respectively 49 %~ 53 % and 47 %~ 51 %, and the color and luster of their meat is white with a light yellow .The contents of protein and inorganic element are one of the hightest species in all the eatable shoots .The contents of their coarse fiber range from 0.63 % to 0.71 %, while their water content is 91 %.Bamboo shoots are crisp in taste and unique in favor .
Relation analysis on rhizome growth of newly-planted Phyllostachys pubescens
FAN Hui-hua
1999, 16(2): 203-206.
[Abstract](1193) [PDF](184)
Analysis on rhizome growth factors of newly planted Phyllostachys pubescens showed that there were extremely significant differences in end breakage rate , diameter of rhizome , length of rhizome but significant ones in number of rhizome slice among different ages .There were extremely significant relations between diameter of rhizome and length of rhizome slice or ages but no significant ones between diameter of rhizome and number of rhizome slice , length of rhizome slice or end breakage .There were extremely significant relations between length of rhizome and length of rhizome slice or condition of end breakage but no significant ones between length of rhizome and ages .There were no signidicant relations between diameter and length of rhizome .Regression on diameter of rhizome and every year bud length of new rhizome provided direction for a deep study on rhizome growth regularity of newly-planted phylolostachys pubescens .
A preliminary study of forestation test for Schima superba
WU Dao-sheng, WANG Yu-rong, CHEN Qiu-fang, YANG Jian-cun, JIANG Ming-tian
1999, 16(2): 207-210.
[Abstract](886) [PDF](168)
Young growth of Schima superba growing in five types of sites was investigated for 5 years in succession .The results indicated that Schima superba had a resistance to dry and poor fertile soil as well as coldness , and its vertical distribution ranged up elevation 1 100m .In the normal sites , the average height of young growth at 6-year-old reached 3.9m , and the stand had a average crown density of 0.85 . In the south slope with elevation of 1 100m , the average height and crown density of young growth at 6-year-old were 1.68 m and 0.60 respectively .
Processing technology for canned Chinese chestnut in salt solution
WANG Li-xia
1999, 16(2): 211-213.
[Abstract](1056) [PDF](159)
Fresh Chinese chestnut was developed to produce canned food in salt solution .The original flavour of the chestnut was basically kept and the shelf life of the canned food was more than one year .
Effects of form pruning on yield at early stage in Chinese chestnut
SHI Ya-zhen
1999, 16(2): 214-215.
[Abstract](1066) [PDF](211)
A 4-year study on a variety of Chinese chestnut , viz .Maobanhong , shows that there is no difference in both time of fruiting and nut yield between planting with 1-year-old seedlings that have buds as a stock and planting with 2-year-old grafted seedlings , both of which are superior to the young chestnut stand that is established by planting with seedling plants first and grafting in the following year .Toppitching and bud picking are favorable to increase in diameter and number of branches .Top-pitching + bud picking +branch angle enlargement has a great effect on the nut yield at the early stage .
Control effect of fenoxycarb for Coptotermes formosanus
WU Guan-rao, SONG Xiao-gang, RUAN Guan-hua
1999, 16(2): 216-218.
[Abstract](1873) [PDF](179)
By the test of susceptibility and stomach poisoning action of fenoxycarb to coptotermes formosanus , the control effect of fenoxycarb was ditermined in laboratory .The results showed that the contact poisoning action of fenoxycarb emuloid was not obvoous .Fenoxycarb power had a slower action in stomach poisoning .